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I'm not "skinny" but I am FEELING sexy

Monday, November 10, 2014

so I am only 10/15 lbs or so from my goal weight.
I am stabalizing at present. and since I noticed under my chin was getting a little wrinkly. I figure my skin needs to catch up with my weight loss.
So I am taking a break and trying to just stick to within 2 or 3 lbs of my LIDW.
I feel absolutely fantastic.
I finished sewing a dress for myself, and had to take it in, I was going by my old pattern!
I was so proud of my zipper skills, LOL I will have to take a photo of it.

I will never be SKINNY, but I am OK with that. my husband doesn't like SKINNY. he likes healthy.
And is proud of me for sticking to it. He has been so supportive, and jumped on the "no complex carbs or sugar" wagon right along with me. He never has had a weight problem but did drop a few lbs. I tell him all the time I HAD to get sexy just to keep up with him. LOL

So this week, I have really FELT sexy. Who would have guessed at 50, I would get my sexy back! I wish I hadn't procrastinated and got my BUTT in gear and on this protocol YEARS ago.
Better late than never.
After Christmas I am going to shoot for GOAL weight!

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SNS1968 11/10/2014 3:25PM


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ARNETTELEE 11/10/2014 2:20PM

  Happy sparking!

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Down another 2 lbs

Thursday, October 09, 2014

I am at 184.6. at 5'10" I LIKE IT!!!
I haven't been under 190 since my 20's
I am feeling awesome!
Taking the stairs is so much easier now.

Oh and HOW DO people who have atheritis put on support hose.
OMG I worked up a sweat putting those darn things on. I got some because my Dr. recommended them for my nerve pain in my ankles and left leg. they take at least 15 min just to get up!!!

My legs feel great but I nearly pulled out my back putting them on!!!

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JIBBIE49 11/2/2014 12:17AM

    I am SO happy for you. You are lucky to be tall. I'm 5'4" and all my fat is in my gut, so I just have to get the rest of this weight off. Need to do some more rounds of hCG.

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ALOOGOBI 10/9/2014 12:12PM

    You look great, congratulations on all of your hard work!! You and I are about the same height so you are right around my goal weight now, I will have to work hard and meet you there as soon as I can! emoticon

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QUEENMARIE2 10/9/2014 10:59AM

    Great Job!! Keep it up

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DAVISM6 10/9/2014 10:59AM

    WAY TO GO! Keep up the good work! It feels good, doesn't it?!?


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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Non-Scale Victory today. I can wear the awesome Boots my Husband bought me in New York 2 years ago.
I tried to wear them a few times before, but my calves were too fat for them, and they HURT to wear. I was so sad, so put them in the back of the closet.
Today I am WEARING THOSE BOOTS!!! and they look and feel great.

I got a cute skirt and put them on with it. LOV'N it!!!

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MIAMUSE 10/2/2014 11:12AM

    Sometimes these kinds of things feel better than the scale. :)

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JAB2010 10/2/2014 10:59AM

    emoticon Nothing better than wearing something you love that didn't fit a last time you tried it on emoticon ! For me it is better than seeing the number on the scale go down!

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Down to a size almost 10. LOL

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

emoticon I was stressing that I was going to need to buy new clothes, I work in an office for a VP. so I can't continue to try to sinch in my dresses and pants. long jackets hide alot, but I have a mirror... I know some of my clothes need to GO! but buying a whole new wardrob isn't in the budget right now.
So my Mom was mentioning that she had a bunch of pants, suits and blazers in her storage closet; some of them almost brand new. I said "come on Mom I will never fit in a size 10 or 12!" (which is what she is) She was like....just TRY some of them on, at least the blazers, they should fit...to my amazement everything, except some of the pants (which were too SHORT), fit me!!!
I can't tell you how surprized I was to find out I can wear a size 12. and some of them are a bit BIG.

I now have a whole new business wardrobe!!! 8 pairs of pants, 3 skirts, 6 blazers and about 10 shirts. ALL OF THEM look awesome. I thought for sure I was still in size 14. I could ALMOST fit in some of her size 10 pants and do fit in one of the skirts.
emoticon Gotta LOVE my Mom for seeing in me what I couldn't, that I really have lost alot of weight. emoticon Good thing My Mom still wears HIP and Modern clothes at 74!!! LOL

I was so excited I went and pulled EVERYTHING out of my closet and tried them all on, anything that looked too big and dowdy on me, went into the bin that I will be donating to charity! I even have some SHOES that have gotten too big.
whaaaaa??? I lost weight in my FEET??!!! Wow. emoticon

So of course once in motion I didn't stop, I have a few bins of clothing I had stored in the basement. my "skinny" clothes. I went thru and tried them on...and they fit! And the ones that were out of style or too big also went into the charity bin. Maybe someone will like that RETRO look. LOL

My closet now has room for my "new stuff" and is so nice and neat. and I have 2 empty "fat clothes" bins. I decided I am NOT ever going to be in a size 18 or 16 again. if I get rid of that stuff, I won't have the excuse that I CAN get fat again.
So liberating to let that stuff go!!! emoticon

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KAMELIA71 9/30/2014 11:21AM

    That's great! I'm still a long way from a 10 but I recently got some hand me downs from my Mom and it's a great feeling. emoticon I'm very frugal so "shopping" in someone else's closet is extra fun for me.

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ALOOGOBI 9/30/2014 11:14AM

    Yes!!! This is great! I love that your mom can see the changes in your body better than you can, that is classic. It was so kind of her to share her clothing with you, too, and I LOVE that you are getting rid of everything that is too big because you will never need it again. Just stick with your plan, and you will continue to have good results. Best of luck to you!! emoticon

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MCFITZ2 9/30/2014 11:14AM

    emoticon emoticon Super Great emoticon

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I have lost 50 lbs!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Since the start of this journey I have had ups and downs, but as of today...I have lost 50 lbs.
Woot Woot!!!
I am still considered Overweight, just shy of obese according to BMI

BMI can kiss my BUTT!!!

I am going for my goal of 170 - my weigh in for this photo is 191.6.
I'm 5'10" so I can carry some "extra weight" But damn...I am obese??? really?
DON'T realy on BMI or anyone to tell you WHAT you SHOULD be.
Be the best YOU that you can be.

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KABOOPER 9/23/2014 2:50PM

    Joanne - 1964 yes it is an AVON outfit, right down to the shoes! LOL

I figure I turned 50 this year, I should be a FABULOUS 50!

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LADYGSC 9/23/2014 2:45PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

You look marvelous!!

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EVRLNGFOO 9/23/2014 1:03PM

    way to go! you look great!

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FORZACHANDMATT 9/23/2014 12:30PM

    You look amazing - congrats~!

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VIVICHAMPERS 9/23/2014 11:36AM

    50 LBS!!!!!! That is AMAZING! emoticon

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JOANNE-1964 9/23/2014 10:51AM

  Congratulations on the huge loss! You have every right to be proud of yourself!! You look fabulous!

Oh, btw, I really like your outfit. Avon?

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BRAINBENTT 9/23/2014 10:40AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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