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A walk to remember

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yesterday I walked on the trail that runs along the river in the Ferndale part of town. Those of you from this area may be familiar with this trail. It runs along the river on an old railroad track that runs from Moxham to Riverside. The trail is 1.2 miles each way and we usually park at one end and walk down and back. I try to walk at a quick pace but sometimes am distracted by my surroundings. This trail is shaded in a lot of spots so it is cool to walk on. There are lots of birds and animals that scamper across the trail. Last night we saw rabbits, a ground hog and several kinds of unusual birds. As you walk you usually meet up with other people walking, running, biking and dog walking. Last night there was a dad and little girl riding as we walked the first leg of the trail and on the way back we saw them pushing the bikes. I said to them, "Did you tucker out?" The dad responded "She did". The nicest thing about this walk is that you are getting a workout and don't even realize it. Before you know it, you are done with the hike. Give it a try. It's something different and it is free. My family and I have been doing this for years. They are always making improvements to the trail and it is well maintained.

PS: while they are working on the Ferndale bridge, it is hard to find parking. That end of the trail is closed to parking but you can park at the Riverside entrance.


The Moonwalk Workout

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday was a fun day for me. I went to a soccer tournament that my grand daughter Jylian was playing in. She is ten going on 18. I love to kid around with her. While she plays, the other kids entertain themselves and us. I decided to take along some moon shoes to let them try. (for those who don't know what these are, they are a shoe that is suspended on large rubber bands that are on the inside of a platform. They are strapped to your feet and it is like walking on a trampoline. It is hard to balance.) They had a blast with them and all the kids around tried to jump and walk in them. They were all trying to get the adults to try them. There weren't too many takers. One brave sole tried it but I am not sure she counts since she is only 18 years old. I told the kids that if Jyl won their last game (the championship game) I would put them on.

Guess what, they won! emoticon So I had to put on the moon shoes. Keeping in mind that I am 49 years young, I strapped them on and off I went. My daughter thought it was really hilarious and whipped out the camera. I actually did pretty good on them. I jumped, walked and hopped in them. Everyone got a good laugh.

After I took them off, I could really feel the burn in my abs and calfs. I think this would be a really great workout. I don't think you would have to be on them too long. It would be something different and fun. I am not sure how I can count the calories. It is not really walking or running. I wonder if there is a category for "Moonshoe Walking" under the cardio section? emoticon

Pictures to follow


"Scratch my back with a hacksaw"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For those of you who are Pittsburgh Penguins fans, you understand what my title means. For those of you who aren't, it means something good has happened. This and many other sayings have been coined by an announcer for the penguins. I use this saying today for several reasons.

First, the Penguins won last night and have forced a game 7 for the Stanley Cup. emoticon

Second, my granddaughter's soccer team won their game last night and she scored 3 goals. emoticon emoticon

Last but not least, I weighed in today and lost 3lbs. I am pleasantly surprised at this since I have not been really exercising the last few weeks. I have been maintaining my calorie/nutrient intake and that has really made a difference.

I am going to motivate myself this week to get back to the exercising. I have been taking it easy to try to let my foot heal but wonder how much I am making excuses. It is hard to get back on track when you have been off. I am talking with a friend about joining a gym together. It is always better to have someone to motivate you.

Today is a good day. I am almost half way to my weight loss goal.
I have reach my goal to fit into my jeans again. They are even a little too big now. My next step is to get down to a size 8. That is not that far away but
I haven't been there since I was in high school. (I don't want to even talk about how long ago it was) lol

Go Pens! emoticon


One is better than none!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been some time since I have been able to sit down and add to my blog. I have been busy running with the grand kids to sporting events(Grandson t-ball and granddaughter in 2 soccer leagues)and graduations. ( Grandson from pre school and granddaughter from kindergarten)I haven't been able to focus very much on my exercising. Besides running in all directions, I am still having some soreness with my foot. I have been able to get shoes on now and the swelling has really gone down. I think when I over use it, it lets me know. (Or maybe that is my excuse.) I thought I would give it some rest and they try it again. I did work out on the elliptical the other day and I really liked it. There is not so much impact on my foot.

Anyhow, it was weigh in day. I was a little nervous because of all the functions and the eating that goes with them; not to mention the holiday. Although I have not been doing what I want with the exercise side, I have really focused on the eating side. I was at two things last week and they served donuts. That is my BIGGEST temptation. I am proud to say that I didn't eat any!!!!! At our picnic, I made some desserts that I knew I could enjoy without the guilt. (Any one who doesn't take advantage of the recipes on this web site should.) I found them at spark recipe . I ate a little pasta salad made with low fat dressing and had a turkey burger instead of the hamburger. Just as good!!! I even left room for my 92 year old grandmother's apple pie. (Just a small taste to satisfy) I still stayed in my calorie count. My daughter made the comment that she just loves to eat and can't see how I can deprive myself of food. I don't look at it that way. I choose to eat healthier and I am rarely hungry. I sometimes find myself eating things just to get my nutrients in. Anyhow, much to my surprise, I lost 1 lb. I know it could be more if I was more able to exercise. But every little bit counts and I will take the 1. emoticon

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PAM19681 5/29/2009 2:14PM

    emoticon emoticonYour doing great. I love the recipes here on SP. Way to take care not to overdo it with the foot.

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I can eat at parties!!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This weekend was a challenge for me because my granddaughter made her first holy communion and with that comes celebeation and FOOD. Since I was making some of the food items, I decided to make them healthy and low cal and not tell anyone until they ate them and decided that they liked them. I found several recipes on the website and cooked my heart out. Everything was a hit and no one could believe that they weren't loaded with calories. I satyed within my calorie/nutrient count and was very proud of myself.

Tomorrow presents another challange. My department is an "eating department". We make up excuses to bring in food just to eat. In fact this one tomorrow is called "We haven't had a food feast for a while so we are going to have one day". During Christmas, we had a 12 days of Christmas and people volunteered to bring in food every day for 12 days before Christmas. This did not include our "Christmas Party".

So now I will find some more goodies to "fake everyone out". I have them all teasing me about eating.(All in fun) I am always pointing out how many calories are in something they are eating. I am sure they want to slap me but we all get along very well and maybe they will actually listen some time.

We have a restaurant here that offers a giantic hamburger meal that comes with fries and a dessert. I think the burger is 5 lbs. If you eat it all (including the dessert) you get your meal for free. I had to figure out how many calories there were in the meal. There were nearly 4,000 calories. No one tried it.

I am proud of myself for staying with this program. There are so many destractions that can knock you off. I just keep saying that I want to be healthy and treat my body with respect. It really is a life style change. Some times the stresses of the world take over us and make it hard to stay focused, but my motto is "Don't sweat the small stuff!!!"

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GAOWYN 5/5/2009 9:33PM

    Well done! I saw the title of your blog and had to take a look, since I had a bit of a similar experience this weekend.
Also, the other day my daughter (7) had a small party at school where parents were asked to bring something in. She looked at me with dismay when she saw me coming in with a dish of carrot sticks and fat-free hummus (fortunately, I could reassure her: there was a bag of 'goldfish' in my bag too). Eventually, my healthy goodies were gone completely, and a bunch of brownies, cake and cookies were left (I have to admit: the pizza was gone first emoticon ).

It looks like you're doing great with your program. Keep up the good work!

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