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Oct. 28th.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where has the month gone? I'm sure glad time still flies. Hope the winter goes as fast. Finished harvest now but have some tillage to do. Corn yields were the best ever and whether almost perfect. The Lord has been good to us. The down side to all this is our input cost are skyrocketing up. Oh well ,the life of a farmer, never satisfied. Hope to see you in church. have a good week. I almost forgot, I still maintained this week. Thank you Chris. Skeeter


Sun. Oct. 21st.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

One more farm done yesterday, we are getting close to being done. We went to Galesburg , 112 miles,Tues. to babysit our two GK, it rained , had not been there for two weeks because of harvest. Yields still great, the Lord has really blessed us this year. Took off yesterday morning to get our flu shots, you know your old when they highly recommend people my age to receive them. And yes I'm still maintaining, Life is great. Let's all go to church today. Skeeter


Oct. 14th. Sunday

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Had a good week of harvest, we did get more fall like tempt. We finished one farm last night, thats a sign we are ahgettin there, [farmer term]. We are getting lazy and older, I only emptied out my bin once refiled again, the rest my wife runs the grain cart direct from combine and loads on trucks to go direct to elevator. One cart holds 900 bu. plus so is a load. Corn is so dry that it wouldn't pay for me to dry in my bin. We were blessed this summer with perfect growing season. Another hard work week I guess I maintained a little too well. Skeeter


Sun. Oct. 7th.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

As I type this blog at 7AM the temp. is at 65. what a fall. Beans went well at just under 60 bu. corn so far is harder to calculate, I don't have one of those fancy and expensive field tractors that tell you the yield as you go through the field. Beans went straight to the elevator so know the yield. Did have a rain last Sun. night, it sure was welcome, too many field fires, I had to help my neighbor out with one, I felt very useless with a 3 gal. water jug and just my big feet a stomping the smoldering bean fines out. I sure was glad to see the fire truck come for the second time. The wind was so strong I thought I had it out and it would start from a spark another 5 feet away. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and it will be welcome again. Just so it doesn't last all week. This dry corn is abegging to be harvested. Had to eat some high calorie food this week to keep my weight up, too much exercise. Managed to get back up to 184, don't you just hate me? Time to get ready for church. Skeeter


Sept. 30th.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where has the month gone. It seems only a short time ago I was wondering about corn emergence and a good stand and now wondering how much longer these many plants will stand with the high big ears and constant winds everyday. I changed heads on the combine late yesterday and will try beans today. Not looking forward to it , with the green steams , some leaves still on and being down, they are creating problems with those who have already started. Still maintaining, it feels great, the Lord is good to me and my family. Time to get ready for church. Skeeter


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