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Big Payoffs...WORK OUT!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here it is finals week for Winter Quarter and I am getting to see all kinds of payoffs from hard work in all my classes. As the final projects are returned and the test results roll in I am feeling really great about the A's that I am getting, but more important was the little unofficial test my nutrition instructor snuck in for me between English and Nutrition final exams.

The title of my spark page is Jude's PE Project. I started with Spark People at the beginning of Fall Quarter as I was beginning my last PE class. I wanted something to keep me inspired to stick to the exercise regime and help me earn my PE 'A'. Spark people did more than that. Spark People kept me working out through the tough first few weeks with the accountability that the logs added. Soon the hard work was paying off with stronger back muscles and less pain. Then the exercise was paying off with greater endurance and energy. Always it paid off with stress relief.

Stress relief was one of my top three reasons for continuing with the exercise even after the class ended. I was in fulltime classes, I had two kids at home, a hubby that was underemployed due to the poor construction economy in Washington State, and a foster son that was VERY hard to parent because of behavioral issues. I quickly became addicted to the great relief from stress that my workout gave me. I didn't like to miss more than 2 days workout even when sick. It was the thing that I was doing for me each morning before everyone else started wanting things.

My biggest payoff came this morning when my nutrition (and last quarter's pe) teacher allowed me to come do one last body fat test. I had started Spark People at 33% fat, but by the end of the quarter I'd dropped to 31%. For my age and height I needed to be 27% or less. I wanted to see if all the exercise I'd put in was paying off in actual fat numbers.

I was sure I would see a drop because my clothing size was dropping even though my weight was staying steady - telling me that I was adding heavier muscle and losing bulkier fat.

So...when I stood on the metal scale and I saw that my percentage was 25.9 I was elated. I work out for how great it makes me feel but what a huge payoff! Better health and a better shape!


Plugging Along

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am nearly halfway through winter quarter classes already - time is zooming by. That is probably because I am so busy my head is dizzy. School and homework typically keeps me fully engaged from 8am - 8 pm with a 1 hour break here and there for sanity checks. This quarter I am taking history of religion, English 103 and Nutrition...full load and tons of reading/writing. I also am pretty heavy into volunteering at church as I am involved in the leadership for our 2-12 year old kids group...primary. We are still doing foster care, but since our house is empty, except for our two, we have been focusing on respite which is weekend care for other foster parents who need a break.

So, with all this going on how do you find time to exercise, eat well balanced meals (let alone fix them for the fam) and get online to keep tabs on facebook and spark people? When I find out I will let you know!

For now I am just in the plugging along category. I wake up at 5 and by 6 try to ply myself out of bed to go work out. Sometimes I don't make it, but so far I've been successful 4 days a week. I feel so great when I work out - I just keep telling myself that and it makes mornings easier. I still work out to the 3 mile weight lifting Leslie Sansome video. Once or twice a week I have notes in front of me and study while I do the workout. I also still get to go to my yoga class - that is major for me. I love the sore muscles after a great yoga workout - it really makes me feel like I am making changes and it helps that each time the poses are easier to hold.

The weight is just hanging steady right now, but I continue to feel great and am happy just to be hanging on the the wagon and running with it.

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EUNIQ3 1/27/2010 10:10PM

    stick to it. It may be hectic, but you will find time. what about the weekends? do you have free time then? even just 5 minutes is good. emoticon

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SHRIMPCHIC 1/27/2010 9:40PM

    take 1 day at a time. :o) emoticon

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It's a Wonderful Life

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Today was the last day of my PE class. I went in and had my fat percentage tested, turned in my final essay and my fitness log.

It was a happy day! I showed the 6 pound loss in the last month and a 3% body fat percentage drop!!!

I am eating pretty much like I always did - on my healthier days...low sugar and nearly 0 junkfood. The big change in these numbers is related to my exercise. 50 minutes of Cardio walking every morning Monday through Friday and 90 minute yoga class each week. I have missed at least one morning exercise each week this month, but the inches/pounds/fat still came off.

I am going to keep up the exercise - not because I look much trimmer... but because I feel years younger! I love my new health and endurance! It's a wonderful life!

Thanks Spark People & Spark Buddies for your incentive and encouragement!

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TLB1630 12/3/2009 9:44PM

    emoticon emoticonon a job well done!! Keep up the motivation, which equals "maintenance"~~

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LITTLEWIND53 12/3/2009 8:03PM

    emoticon Keep up the good work!

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SAWYERLONDON 12/3/2009 4:48PM

  Awesome, keep up the great work!


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CRANBYRRE 12/3/2009 3:13PM

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Is Candy Corn a Veggie?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Turns out that even with all the exercise and good intentions I still don't have any self control with candy. I must have put more candy corn in my mouth this weekend than real vegetables. I tried to make up last night for it by eating a really great dinner, but then still ate some cc just before bed.

I was very happy to see that the balance of exercise still won out when I stood on the scale this morning. That is the best thing about my program - if I stick with the workout it will balance out the indulgences.

There are three things that I try to always do...
1. Work out for 45-50 minutes each AM...taking Sunday morning off.
2. Buy healthy foods so that I am not tempted to eat junk when hungry. I even make smaller cakes for birthdays and buy sugar free ice cream for those special occasions when I want to participate.
3. Drink my water

I guess those things help. The weight isn't pouring off, but it is slowly and surely going away. I have lost 2 inches in waist and thighs since I started Spark People - I think that and my much more muscular body is well worth the trouble!

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GOSHEN56 11/3/2009 4:51PM

    Good blog Jude. What is there abt evenings that make you think that you have to have something?

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LITTLEWIND53 11/2/2009 8:23PM

    I never eat candy corn. not even interested. But Chocolate is another matter. I did indulge in two chocolate covered cherries that my sister offered my from the box her husband bought her. I also ate a few low sodium chips, but otherwise I was pretty good.

It may have been a different story had I been home alone though! (lol)

At least you are still going in the right direction. emoticon on your inch loss. Every bit counts.

Have a nice evening.

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CATHEITE 11/2/2009 3:54PM

    I have a bag of candy corn at home which I haven't opened yet, because in the past I always had such a hard time limiting myself to just one serving. I'm not sure how I'll react now that I'm on Spark People and doing so well tracking my food. I soo love that delectable, sweet smell!!

Congratulations on dropping 2 inches... that's awesome!

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TENAJ99 11/2/2009 3:04PM

  Try limiting to only a couple. If you find that this is harder to resist than none at all, ban them completely! It should be easier to avoid as the candy will probably be changing to non-fall stuff soon. :)

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Did I Eat That?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One of the biggest motivaters for me to stay on track is the Nutrition page.

I am not a big eater, in fact, sometimes I don't eat enough calories or carbs. Often my multiple food allergies are the root of my not eating enough. I am allergic to most grains, nearly all of the legume family and the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers). So, after a few days of being sick from eating the wrong food, I will endeavor to stay on track with non-allergic foods only, but then it is hard to eat enough. Of course this deficiency boomerangs (as it did last night when I OD'd on pizza) in overeating the next day to catch up. It is a vicious cycle.

Anyway, since I've been putting foods into the nutrition page, I have been thinking a little more about what I put into my mouth. For instance, after eating the pizza last night I had to record the nasty total. I know pizza is high calorie, but seeing it on the log is different. Today when I came home hungry from school there were two pieces left over. I warmed one up and ate it, then I came and logged it in...340 calories. I really really wanted that last piece, but I started thinking about those 340 calories. My workout this morning burned about 380 calories. Did I really want to undo that calorie burn? No. I walked away from the pizza.

Then, later, my hubby made some molasses sprint cookies. The recipe wasn't too unhealthy. They were very tiny. I ate some. I logged them in before eating any more and discovered that those tiny cookies were 40 calories each. It was much easier to say no to eating any more.

I think it will always be hard for me to maintain an even diet. I will always have to weigh the need for a food versus the reaction it will cause for me. I probably will always have times when I stay on track and then nose dive. But in the last 3 weeks that I've been on sparkpeople I've seen an improvement in the extremes. Because I can see the numbers and know when they are too low or heading to far up, I can try to adjust before it's too late.

Hopefully this recording will lead to healthier eating overall.

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LITTLEWIND53 10/15/2009 7:59PM

    emoticon and emoticon in using the nutrition tracker.

Some people will plan thier meals for the next day or two, or even the next week, and then they can see where they have room to play with the numbers (like the pizza or cookies.) Then they become planned indulgences and therefore guiltless.

Just something to thing about.

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PAIGE1023 10/15/2009 11:03AM

    It certainly is a lot harder to justify those indulgences when you see that it's not as "little" as you thought.
(btw, my bingo wings are sore too ;)

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NANCYBFULLER 10/15/2009 12:23AM

    I too have grown to like the nutrition tracker. I have become facinated not only with the calories but the nutrition of each food item. I read all the reports and I am learning how to tweak my diet to make it healthier and I feel better without the cravings.

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