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Halloween Strategy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I have been thinking about Halloween and trying to read other bogs, articles, tips, etc. on how to avoid the candy this weekend. I am still not sure if it is better for ME to just not have ANY altogether, or should I allow myself to just have one small thing. Looking at my past history with temptation, I think it would work better for me to just not let any candy pass my lips and bring a lot of fruit or crunchy things that night, since usually once I get the taste of the tempting candy on my tongue, I end up going nuts after that.

Afterwards, I plan to sit down with my son and pick out the "good stuff' that he can keep and toss the stuff that's not work it, like lollipops and sticky stuff that will stick to his teeth (we're having cavity issues with him anyway). then I will aloow him to take one treat with him every day in his lunch box. Maybe if there is a lot of it, I can bring it to my office

that's another issue - the office treats. thet are having some sort of potluck here on Friday, where I'm sure there will be a lot of candy as well as home made treats. I woudl like to try to avoid it, but usually the potluck spread is laid out very close to where I sit. I can either bring in something healthy myself, or just avoid the potluck and make sure that I cook up something for myself for lunch that I know I will look forward to. A can of soup is just not going to cut it and will make me move towarsd the potluck, so I found a yummy sounding recipe from Chef Meg on here today for Parm. Chicken with Tomato Basil Salad that I think I am going to make special for myslef to bring to work on Friday.

I will be strong this time and I will make it to my 12/31/10 goal!

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BROSEQUILTS 10/26/2010 12:03PM

    I'm with you! I plan on avoiding the candy altogether this year. Once I have some, it's super difficult to stop for me. I don't want to mess up the progress I've made so far this month.

You can do it!!!

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Fall - Fresh Start

Friday, September 17, 2010

I am so glad that I logged onto Sparkpeople today because Iíve been kind of off and on for a little while now and havenít been very consistent with anything, but I read a blog by Coach Nicole about reasons to make a fresh start this Fall, reevaluate your goals and plan, and try some new things. I too have always felt that Fall was a magical time of year and perfect to start over, which is what her blog has inspired and motivated me to do. She mentioned that it would be good to blog about your goals and reasons for wanting to lose weight, especially now that the body baring season is coming to a close. So here I goÖ

Starting weight on Friday, September 17, 2010 Ė 169 lbs, size 14 pants (So embarrassed to even type this and this is heaviest weight I have ever been at)

Goal Ė Lose at least 30 lbs to get to 139 lbs, by losing 1 lb a week

Reasons for wanting to lose weight:
ē My 3 yr old son. I feel so lethargic most times and sometimes too tired to play with him the way he wants me too. I also do not want to ever feel like I canít take him somewhere because Iím too embarrassed about my weight, too tired, etc.
ē Yoga. I am currently finishing the last 2 months of my yoga teacher training (I will finish in November) and it has been a longtime dream of mine to be a yoga teacher. The training has helped me learn so much about myself and who I want to continue to strive to be, but my weight is holding me back from exploring all my options. I feel like:
o 1) I canít do some of the poses to my fullest potential because my weight and rolls of extra fat around my belly keep betting in the way.
o 2) Lack of confidence in my appearance when other people watch me practice. I sometimes feel like people will not want to take a class that I teach because physically I am not pleasing to the eye right now, which is making me doubt my ability to teach, and if lack the confidence I need to get up in front of people, maybe I shouldnít teach at all.
ē Health. Last year I got sick an awful lot and almost ended up in the hospital. Thank goodness I didnít, but I donít want to end up in that position this winter. As a single mom, I canít afford to get sick and possibly end up getting my son sick too.
ē Doing more. There are so many more things that I want to do in my life and try. Losing weight, getting fit, and eating healthier will definitely help me experience my life more fully Ė no question.

How am I going to do this?
- 30 minutes cardio dvd, at least 5xís per week. I plan to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning, but if things donít always work out the way I plan I need to remember not to give up on everything and try to do something I night, no matter how tired I am.
- Weight training 3xís per week. I will use the weights in the gym at my workplace on my 30 minute lunch break. I should be able to do this no problem. Itís the cardio that I hate right now.
- Yoga practice, at least 15 minutes each day, even if it is while I am watching tv. It really does help me to sleep and I know all the benefits for my mind and body. I feel yoga is necessary to my survival!
- Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetable per day.
- Knowing that I will probably fail if I go on a super strict ďdietĒ, I will practice thinking more about making recipes and meal plans for my week using healthier, and fewer non-processed foods, but not to give up again if I fall of the wagon for 1 or even 2 meals. I will pick myself back up and try, try again.
- Knowing it is okay to snack, but in moderation and think of why I am eating before I start a binge.
- Consistency, consistency, consistency. So many times I give up on everything if things donít work out exactly the way I plan. I cannot do this if I want to succeed this time.
- Having support. I know that I need to log onto SP daily for little bursts of motivation and to get the support I so desperately need right now.

Anyway, thanks for reading and letting me just put it all out there. I need to take all the little steps every day to really accomplish all my goals Ė I feel strong in motivation right now, but I think this will help me in a few weeks when the new, fresh feelings may start to wear off a little bit.

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MICHCLEARY 9/17/2010 2:14PM

    Sounds like a good plan! Post on the Twilight challenge team wall everyday! We want to see you active.

We have a virtual journey thread that you can post your mileage on if you'd like to join us.

Best wishes for your fall makeover!

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LADYSHERRY 9/17/2010 11:33AM

    Sounds like a great plan.I'm rooting for you!

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ANNAMAENATOR 9/17/2010 11:29AM

    These are all solid, do-able goals. Way to go! I just started taking yoga classes this week and I'm finding it does wonders for my mood and stress reduction. It is a great practice for learning patience and understanding your body. I look forward to hearing about your successes in the very near future!

You can do it!

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How to Stop from Feeling Like ďThrowing in the TowelĒ on Myself?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Have been of SP for a couple of months because I felt overwhelmed and depressed with how my life is going and just felt like I couldnít focus on one more challenge, like my weight loss. Unfortunately, I have now gained back all the weight I lost, plus some, and am at the highest weight I have ever been. I know this is probably a common story for other members on here, so I am asking for help, advice, etc., how do you get past it? How can I not feel like itís too hard and just give up? Because right now, these feelings are overwhelming me and I feel like crying constantly. I have no one to help me watch my son and not enough money to pay a babysitter in order to make the time for myself to sort things out, talk to someone, exercise, whatever. I do try to give myself pep talks everyday, but they feel phony, like I am lying to myself, and I can hear the other voice in my head that is sad, angry, etc. I try to plan out my time and something always seem to pop up and take over anything good that I had planned to do for myself.

I am hoping that someone here will tell me something I havenít already heard and strike a chord in my heart that will motivate to take charge of my life and start really paying attention to what I am doing to myself, rather than eating or drinking away my feeling. HELP!

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JUS911 9/3/2010 12:07PM

    Thank everyone for making me feel supported! I really, really appreciate it emoticon

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IZZYBEBOP 9/3/2010 9:56AM

    I completely know and understand how you feel. I had such high goals for September and haven't followed through with one of them yet. I think sometimes when I think "I'm going to have to do this for the rest of my life" that's what really makes me think that I can't. But I read somewhere, "if I can do just ONE thing today, for 30 minutes, and not have to do it for 24 hours every day, then i CAN DO IT." Not the exact wording as I don't remember it, but something along those lines. I think what it means is to not focus on the WHOLE, but just tiny parts of it. Here I am preaching, and what I need to do is practice. Why is it easier to GIVE advice than it is to DO the advice I give and get. But maybe this will help you to know you are NOT alone in this, and that we all struggle no matter where we're at in our lives, weight or fitness level.

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SPELLKAST 9/2/2010 4:59PM

    Please don't give up! I sympathize with you, and I give you credit for being on this site and posting this! :) As a single mom, you need to be healthy for your son. A lot of people on this site have struggled with yo-yo dieting- I'm notorious for it, believe me. But you need to stop and take the time for yourself. Little things count. Even if you just get up 20 minutes earlier while your son is still sleeping, and do a quick workout video, or take a walk at lunch. You can eat better even if you have no time. Instead of grabbing pizza at lunch, you can get a turkey sub for instance. All this stuff adds up, and this is what keeps the weight off in the long run. When we jump in to everything full steam ahead, we lose that steam quickly. But if we're sensible about it, and make small changes that we can stick with, we start to see results, albeit not as quickly as the full-steam ahead diets/exercising, but eventually you'll start feeling better and seeing results. And remember, exercise releases endorphins! I used to suffer from severe depression, but since I've been working out consistently, it's very minimal now! :) I really hope things start looking up for you!



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THEATRE1SM 9/2/2010 1:43PM

    First of all - here is a cyber hug for support emoticon

2nd - try doing little things like simply drinking more water. You may not lose LOTS of weight but it will help. Even when I gain weight, I have to remember that I am still getting healthier - albeit slowly - and the weight will eventually follow. Don't forget that exercise doesn't have to be a controlled class or workout - cleaning you house with a little extra stretching or moving is still exercise. Playing catch with you son also counts.

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SLM1988J 9/2/2010 1:24PM

  So sorry that you are feeling this way.. It can devestate a whole "diet-life changing "plan. I know that it simply easier to throw in the towl... but dont. Things may look bad and probably the worst for you now...
I have done the diet yo-yo thing for years. I too, am at my highest weight. I have surpassed my prenancy wt by a few pounds. Let me tell you what I have learned and what works for me.
1.I have found this site benefical to logging my food. I was amazed at how food adds up so quickly.looking at amounts daily I have learned that grabbing that cookie in passing a few times is just no good and that can ruin a day of numbers for me..
2. My downfall is exersice. I hate it, I still have physical pain with anykind of movement at this time. I have learned that I am never at this time going to be able to do any kind of long endurance stuff.. so little steps for me. I park my car further away then need be. When cleaning, moving things room to room I take one item at a time and try to get as many steps in as possible.
3. I think first and formost you need to be mentally ready to make these changes and that can be the hardest of all. forgiving yourself and letting go. I have done that many times in my life.. always comparing myself to others and setting my self up for failure.. sometimes writing a journal helps with alot of emotional sorting.
I am a single mom of a young son myself. I work 3rd shift. So my day/ night schedule is always screwed up..
Little steps and stay positive.. try to release guilt. Let things go that are in the past. Find something in you life everyday that gives you joy, that makes you smile.. no matter how little it is.. emoticon

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329109 9/2/2010 1:20PM

  You posting your feelings shows that you have the committment and motivation to do what you need to do. The dr. told me to start small lift weights while i was watching tv, don't eat after 7, drink plenty of water. I am and have been where you are losing and gaining but I think if we know what are triggers are whether they are boredom, anger etc. we can learn to control them. Work 15 minutes into your day for exercise or do three ten minute bursts. I wish you the best. Remember to look at what you have accomplished each day and not look at what has happened in the past. I wish you the best.

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AEFILK 9/2/2010 1:15PM

    I don't know if these are any new words of wisdom or not, but I'm in the same boat. The highest weight of my life. For a while I was depressed and angry about it, but then I just decided that those feelings didn't help at all, I needed to take action. So I started with something small. I have a tendendency to dive in over my head and then fail completely because I'm overwhelmed. I ditched P90X. The time committment just isnt' right for me right now. I def am going back to it, but I need to get my mindset right. Small goals for me work better and then incorporate more of them. For me it was cleaning up my diet, logging EVERYTHING and drinking more water. Then I added the 20 minute video 30 day shred in the mornings. I figure, what's 20 minutes? As soon as I'm comfortable doing that, I'll add more goals in.
Good luck to you! I know you can do it!

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Managing Time

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Managing my time is going to be the key to my success or failure over the next several months with all the goals I need and want to accomplish. I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew (and I hate to admit that), however I have made commitments and refuse to quit now.

This weekend will be my 2nd intensive yoga teacher training weekend. When the group last met 2 weeks ago on Jan. 23rd we were give a list of homework we needed to complete before the next weekend (this weekend). I am no stranger to homework as I frequently juggle college classes along with being a full time working parent, but the amount of reading and writing papers was almost unmanageable. Since it was assigned, I have tried to do a little chunk everyday, usually taking some of the reading down to the gym at work on my lunch break and read while I do the elliptical and then reading some more at night when I get home. Most of the reading is done, but I still have 2 essays I need to complete tonight, typed up to have printed out to bring this weekend.

I am also taking 1 college class on the Physiology of Wellness which I thought would tie in nicely to the yoga training and my weight loss goals I am trying to achieve this year. But it is still work on top of more work, even though so far it does not seem to be a difficult class.

On top of all that, I am still trying to squeeze in work outs in between work and caring for my son, which has been a challenge, but again itís all about time management. I try to always make time on my lunch break at work to utilize the gym downstairs, even though my break is only Ĺ -hr and I canít get too sweaty because there is no time to take a shower before I have to get back to work (eewww, I know). I have been setting my alarm for 5am everyday to try to do some strength training or something else, because I think early morning would be the best time for me and I can get it over with but it has been a struggle to actually get up. Actually, truth be told in the month I have been trying to get up at 5am, I have only been able to do it twice, which stinks I know.

So apparently I need to recommit myself again to my goals and insist that I get up and get my workout in. No excuses. This is the best way to manage my time and myself.
Anyone have any thoughts of how to get up and not hit snooze so much?

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    As I see it - if you HADN'T set the alarm clock, you would have missed 2 mornings where you were clear enough to work out. Another thing I read somewhere, that some of the most ambitious sports people, when they hit the wall and cannot get any better, faster etc and try and try with more and more exercise, what normally does the trick is to take them off some of the training hours and add more sleep to their life. Then results again jump forward. Why should it not be the same here? Why do the spark page here and there point out that 8 hours of sleep is important? Probably because nobody can function without sleep. So continue to set the alarm. Evaluate if your body is still exhausted from that extreme program you are having, if it is - then send loving thoughts to your body for telling you so and go back to sleep. At the end of each month enjoy if it was possible to put in a couple of workouts and congratulate yourself for the ones you did, instead of focusing on the ones where the body and mind was worn out.
This reply I would obviously not have sent if it seemed like you were lying on the couch and had gotten into the habit of not getting up and exercising. But you do not seem lazy, rather close to the limit.
Respect the signals the body send to you, and remember, the glass is always half full, not half empty! emoticon

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ALISHAB3 2/4/2010 2:48PM

    How about doing the cardio at home, like an aerobics tape, and do the strength at work? Also, you can alternate between your yoga practice in the AM and a strength session. You don't have to do everything at once. Maybe the physio class is one too many things to do.

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PEGGYMAS1 2/4/2010 2:00PM

    try sleeping in your workout clothes. It make for getting up early easier since you already have the clothes on and can jump out of bed and work out. Then again I don't really have that problem I'm a morning person.


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1st Yoga Teacher Training Weekend

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I had my very first yoga teacher training this past weekend, both Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm. It was a bit of a challenge to get someone to watch my son but Iím thankful to say that my sonís father stepped up and volunteered to do Ĺ the day wile my mother and stepfather did the 2nd Ĺ. The trainings will be held one weekend a month throughout the year, up until November 2010 when I hopefully graduate. I feel confident after this last weekend that both my sonís father and my parents will be able to help out for at least that one weekend.

I have to say, it was the most wonderful weekend Iíve had in a long time and I wish I could have more time like that! The theme of the weekend was a yoga immersion, where we practiced yoga for the majority of the time by going into actual classes being held at the studio and then going back to another room as a group to practice together. There are two directors/teachers of the program and I could tell right away they are very passionate about what they do and will be very supportive throughout the training over the next year.

My body and mind felt so wonderful after all that yoga; calm and somewhat healed. I knew that I loved yoga practice but after my experience this weekend I feel with all my heart that this is something I know I will devote myself to for the rest of my life, even if I only end up teaching 1 class per week while I have my regular full time job. I feel that if in some small way I can give this to other people and have it make them feel the way I feel after I practice and help people on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, that this would be my privilege and gift to others who chose to receive it.

I do have a lot of homework to do for this training. One hour of practice per day, a review of a yoga DVD, attend a different yoga teachers class and observe their style, language, theme, etc., and lots and lots of reading. And the next weekend is only 2 weeks away on Feb 6th & 7th! I am also taking one college class online this semester Ė Physiology of Wellness Ė because it satisfies my remaining Science requirement and I think it will tie in nicely to what I am studying with the yoga. Some people look at me like Iím crazy and have taken on too much and then I start to doubt myself, but then I calm myself and remember I am used to multitasking, Iím happiest when I go after what I want, and that I am no stranger to deadlines and a lot of hard work! I also think because the topics, wellness and yoga, are both something that I am deeply interested in that I will be even more motivated to complete the assignments as soon as I possibly can.

I canít wait for the next weekend in Feburary!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ZUZUBEE 1/29/2010 9:36AM

    That sounds like a great weekend! I am wondering - what was your yoga level to start this training? Also, is the class focused on the physical aspects of Yoga, or does it cover philosophical aspects/lifesyle also? I'm am currently rereading the Yoga Sutra (as translated by Barbara Stoler Miller) and am very "into" the subject. I've been a casual practioner of yoga for several years now and, like you, love the way I feel- spiritually as well as physically- after a class. I've considered pursuing the idea of getting certified as an instructor, but I can't stand on my head, or anything like that yet... Anyhow, I'm glad to see that your program got off to a good start and that you'll have support from your family!

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SPARKLINGDAWN 1/27/2010 10:04AM

    That sounds just wonderful - and great that the family were there for you and your son

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TRACEE5 1/26/2010 4:05PM

    I love yoga!! I am a newbie at it though, but I love how I feel during and after! A yoga instructor would be an awesome job! You do sound very busy, but you seem able to cope with it all well!

Sounds like a perfectly calm weekend! Keep us updated!

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