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Ugh, weather

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I REALLY dislike the lack of sun here in Scotland. It just bums me out all of the time. Today is particularly bad because I slept HORRIBLY last night so I feel tired and have a headache, but if I want to get to dance class tonight I have to leave in a little over an hour, just as the sun is setting and the temperature is dropping. And then I have to kill two hours in a pub or somewhere till ballroom starts. After ballroom I think I'll let myself take a cab home just because a)it's not the safest of walks by myself at nighttime since Kelvin Way is really dark, not super busy that time of night, and runs right between the two halves of the park and b)it'll be about 9:20pm by then and I'll be exhausted and it'll be freezing out. But I'm NOT allowed to take one there. It's too short of a walk to justify it. But then that leads to the temptation to take a long nap and just not go to dance tonight, period...but I know I'll be missing a class at the end of the month due to the Iceland trip, so I'd rather not skip out unless I'm really, REALLY ill.

Fighting temptation...ugh. But I WILL PREVAIL!!!


February restart

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The hardest part about moving to Scotland? Eating. Restaurants here rarely give complimentary salads or water (half of them not even if you ask for water will give it to you for free because they don't do "tap water"), so eating healthy when you're out can be really difficult. Plus they like their carbs, sauces, and cheese here, so that doesn't help much with eating out and pre-made meals. Add in the fact that I don't have half my cooking stuff with me (like my rice maker, my crock pot, my big stew pots, extra skillets, etc) and limited storage space (one freezer drawer that is ALWAYS full, one kitchen shelf that I have to fight for anyway, and if I'm lucky I'll get one spot for my milk on the door holder, plus one cabinent for nonperishable food), and even home cooking gets to be a challenge, especially since the nearest DECENT grocery is a 40 minute walk each way and the nearest grocery, period, is 15 minutes...it's just limiting as to what I can get and carry back home each week.

Anyway, somehow I managed to maintain or maybe even lose a little weight over the first term, even though I wasn't trying to eat healthy so much as AT ALL...probably because of all the walking I've had to do (I'm walking something like 2 miles a day just getting to and from class and errands!). But over my birthday I pigged out and of course this week I've been having trouble fitting into my clothes. Not a lot, but enough to make me go, "Meh, time to see what I can cut back on to minimize this."

When I put in what I was already planning to eat this week on the food planner, though? I didn't have to change anything except what I was planning to eat when I go out. I've been eating "healthily" and "balanced" without thinking about it. How cool is that? So for now, February's goal is to not eat out except when I'm on vacation (like the 13-14 when I'll be in the Highlands and the 24-26 when I go to Iceland) and Wednesday nights when I HAVE to eat out because of work hours; to get back to drinking enough water because I'm SO not doing that right now; and to get back to actively exercising. I have a gorgeous park 10 minutes' walk from here and spring is coming, I might as well start walking or running there, right?


Scotland Woes

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I keep trying to lose this weight so that I'm healthy by the time I leave for Scotland (mostly so I have a little bit of leeway till I get used to the new schedule and food!), but other things keep conspiring against me. Like getting my visa application returned, for starters.



Mmmm, delicious experimentation

Friday, May 15, 2009

This week I was a bit limited in how much I could spend on groceries since I still don't have my checkbook back and almost maxed out my credit card last month paying for housing and visa application stuff in Glasgow, so I decided this was going to be the experimentation week. Instead of picking a bunch of recipes to make over the week and buying all new ingredients for them like I normally do, I looked over what I had in the house and what was on sale at the store and just played around with what I could make from that. My first attempt at a dinner, chicken and spinach over whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, kind of flopped...it was good and fast to make, but nothing stellar and it tasted AWFUL the next day as leftovers. My "breakfast" dinners went over a little bit better, since it made sure I got in all of the important food groups and lots of fresh fruit. And then tonight's dinner, which I put in my bento to take to work, was EXCELLENT. I had a bunch of leftover strawberries still to use up and some spinach, so I cut up some strawberries, added some walnut chunks, and mixed it up with some of the spinach. Even without dressing, it was a DELICIOUS salad, since I let it sit for about four hours after making it and the berries seeped into everything and made it nice and sweet. I whipped up some tamagoyaki and cut up a hot dog into cute shapes to complete the meal, and voila! Delicious, fast, yummy dinner for about 400 calories ^_^. (412 if you want to get technical, but meh)

This was fun and WAY cheaper than usual...my groceries normally run about $50 a week and this week was $35. So I'll have to try this again soon!

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    Thanks for sharing, I love spinach salad but haven't thought about adding fruit. My favorite fruit is the blueberry so I will mix mine up now and hopefully by dinner it will be soaked in and ready for me!

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Moving forward and then WHAMMO!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So about a month ago, I was riding my bike to work and got hit by a car.

Yeah. Ow. Needless to say, this has been a major setback in my weight loss and health journey. I only gained back 2lbs, thankfully, but I couldn't exercise or buy my own groceries for weeks and...yeah. But today I got the okay to get back on track, so wish me luck! I'm going to shoot for eight full wees where I meet my goals:
-Exercising every day (except Monday, my one day off)
-Tracking my food every day (ideally I'll eat within my caloric intake range but I think it's more important that I track everything even if I over/undereat)
-Getting in 8 glasses of water each day

That's it. Three doable goals. If I can keep those up through the end of June, theoretically I'll be in the habit for the rest of the summer. In July and August I'll add on some more detailed goals to meet for those two months (like eating within my calorie range every day, burning a certain number of calories a week, etc...things like that), and hopefully this will get me through Stage 3 at long, long last, and down to a healthy weight by the time I leave for Glasgow in September!

Wish me luck!


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