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Up Stairs!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Today's WWAW meeting gave me some food for thought. Talking about old vs new thinking about food. I shared that I no longer view food as "good" or "bad",
that food is neutral. I have replaced those labels with "healthy" or "better" or "unwise". Subtle difference, but the terms are not so emotionally charged.

Still thinking about some of the other things we discussed. Exercise is still a hurdle for me.

Speaking of which, I can now walk up four flights of stairs without pain. I cannot do the same walking down the stairs. A small improvement, but I will take it!

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LIBBYFITZ 1/6/2012 7:16AM

    emoticonI loved those word changes about food.

I find I hurt my knees if I go downstairs, much prefer upstairs! 4 flights is great!

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_LINDA 1/6/2012 12:38AM

    That is fabulous news Mali! Going up four flights of stairs is huge! Its great cardio! Going down is easier in that you have gravity, but it much harder balance wise and puts more pressure on your knee. If I had my druthers, I would run up the stairs and take the elevator down!!
Great attitude to with the food! That is the way it should be!
Keep up the great work!

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RJFERRARO315 1/6/2012 12:29AM

    Sounds like your overcoming some mental & physical hurdles.


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Exercise Day 3

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I walked and did some upper body strength training today but it was not very much, certainly not enough to make up for the excess food I ate.

My triggers? Yes, plural.
Lot reinspections. My to do list is not finished (can't afford to finish yet - what I have done so far has cost more than a paycheck) and the likelihood they will give me a new list! The usual pressures - an old car, not enough money...And, late last night I leared my "adopted" mom was back in the hospital. The email contained two other facts. They all anticipate that this year's family reunion will be Mom's last and Mom is already mentally ready to die at home. The reunion will be in late June in the southeast. I wish I had identified this trigger before I started chowing down!

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STAROFD00M 1/5/2012 10:18AM

    I'm so sorry about your Mom :( That really stinks.

As for the food, YOU have control over each day. Having a bad food day sucks, but you can always have the next day be full of healthy choices.

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LIBBYFITZ 1/4/2012 9:05AM

    Sorry to hear about you mum. A sad time for you all. emoticon

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_LINDA 1/4/2012 12:13AM

    So very sorry about your Mom :(( Make every effort to go see her and say your goodbyes so you can be at peace. Cost should be no object, just find a way..
Just keep moving, one foot in front of the other. You can survive this because you are strong..

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JUSTDANCEGIRL 1/3/2012 11:47PM

    I'm sorry to hear about all the things you are going through.


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NONIE_C 1/3/2012 11:33PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, but I'm glad you identified your triggers. Better late than never at all. Now, at least, you can do things to prepare, so it doesn't get you again. Personally, I am trigger "happy" lately, but at least I'm getting in my exercise.

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Exercise Day Two

Monday, January 02, 2012

Today was the last day of vacation. Tomorrow, work begins again. I have LOVED having this time off! I really needed the break. I did not get as many things crossed off my to do list as I wanted, but I am very proud of the work I did get done around the house.

As I have been doing things today including getting ready for tomorrow, I think that returning to the routine will be helpful. Oddly, I am better about drinking water at work than at home. I need to be more diligent about getting the exercise in. I need to walk in the morning (that would be new) or brave our tiny gym (I am intimidated by the fit people who use it - I would be much more comfortable by myself!).

I want to lose 5 pounds a month this
year and would not turn down more than that. Today was day 2 of my new resolve to get 10 minutes of exercise in. Yesterday was exactly 10 and it felt a lot more than that. Today was 42. I walked to the neighborhood store and stopped at another store enroute. I bought some new arch supports and my feet are much happier! On the way back home, I found a credit card in the garden center of the hardware store. I turned it in at the service desk. I hope the person and their card get reunited. I was glad for the extra steps, even though my right foot is still sore.

I had planned to do some kettlebell workouts today, but I can hardly lift my right arm so I decided that was unwise. I think I slept wrong - the back of my shoulder is really sore and I can't think what else could have been the cause.

At the moment, my food tracker says I need to eat more, but I am not hungry. This year, my focus is less on food and more on moving.

Today was a good day.

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LIBBYFITZ 1/3/2012 6:58AM

    emoticonWell done on the walking!

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_LINDA 1/3/2012 1:13AM

    Well done!! It may take time for your feet to adjust to the supports and may be sore for a while -way to work through it! Morning exercise is a great idea -you get it in and done before the day's excuses build up -you have long, stressful tiring workdays -I can't see wanting to exercise after that!
Having a gym at work is great -is there any time its not busy? Can you take a fitness break when you want to and sneak a quick workout in? Or are your lunch and coffe breaks all at a fixed time? A quick, 10 minute workout wouldn't be too hard to squeeze in..
All the best with it!

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MISSY455 1/2/2012 11:48PM

    It sounds like a very good day! If you have been doing some things around the house, you may have used some muscles in a different way than normal. I know after I move furniture, or scrub the cupboard doors, my shoulders hurt for a day or two. I think it is the angle and the pressure.

It's funny I also have no problem drinking water at work, usually get 10 cups in that day, but struggle at home. Maybe we have too many other choices at home? I have put the tea on the counter and am going to try to drink warm tea at night. Trying to break my diet soda habit too!

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BMI Down 1.5 (2012: It is a journey)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

In my last blog, I commented that I felt I had wasted 2011 because my weight was up and not down and nowhere near my goal. There are other reasons for that statement, but this blog is about today, about tomorrow and this new year. In that same blog, I said I had not updated my weight because I did not want to face that higher number.

Today I stepped on my home scale and updated my tracker with that number. I did not knock off a few ounces to account for the light clothes I was wearing. I usually weigh after the shower, but it was too cold this morning for that!

One of the articles I read today on SP contained a link for updating your BMI. I know what the numbers are and I know I am still in the obese category. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see that my personal BMI number is down 1.5! So last year was not a waste!

It was also not a waste in that my relationship with food is different. It is a journey and I have not "arrived", but I did make strides. My healthy food choices are more automatic. My home is full of healthy food and that reduces the opportunities for me to make poor choices. My food scales and measuring tools are right at hand. I seem to need to measure - eyeballing does not work for me. That being said, I eyeballed my portions today. Incremental changes....baby steps...take time to choose...take time to measure...It is a journey.

I reset all of the articles etc. I changed my "other" goals. This is my year. My choices are going to be what's right for ME. This is very new territory for me.

So - how did today go? A mixed bag. I did not measure my food, but I did not eat anything completely unwise. I just completed a ten minute walk. I spent most of the day on my feet doing chores instead of on the couch.

I am not going to focus on the scale this year or even get wound up about my food. What I am going to do is emphasize exercise. "Don't let what you cannot do deter you from doing what you can do." Coach John Wooden (paraphrased).

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_LINDA 1/3/2012 1:07AM

    This is an absolutely great way to go about it. You can try to micromanange your weight loss journey all you want, but, in the end, its the day to day choices that really count, getting exercise, making healthy food choices. The weighing and measuring are a good yardstick, but are not the be all and end all. Its the getting of good habits that is critical. And you are on your way! You CAN do this! And congrats on the BMI!! Downward and onward!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MISSY455 1/2/2012 12:55AM

    It is a journey, and you are making huge strides in the right direction. This is your year!

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WONDEROONA 1/1/2012 11:10PM

    I know what you mean about not wanting to step on the scale and I did that today. I was not nearly as heavy as I thougth I was. We didn't waste a year. We spent a year learning. It may have not been learning and doing, but we learned more about ourselves and more about our relationships with food and exercise.

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SHERRYJVP 1/1/2012 10:41PM

    what a great and positive way to start a new year! I am praying it is a blessed one for you!

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LIBBYFITZ 1/1/2012 9:49PM

    emoticon emoticon A great blog.

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December 30

Friday, December 30, 2011

In terms of healthy living, I feel as if I have wasted this year. I weigh more than my tracker says - I have not wanted to update it. The weight watchers program at work has not worked for me, but that is not completely the fault of the program, I own the lion's share. The responses by the person weighing me in each week triggered emotional eating for me. This is not his fault, it is mine for being unable to deal with it. I thought I was past the issues of emotional eating, I thought I was comfortable with losing fractions of pounds. But I failed on all accounts.

Until the last few months, food was less an issue than exercise. I have yet to win the battle with exercise. I have really great days followed by "oh screw it" days and none, not even the great days, have enough exercise.

What a downer blog this is! Not the way I was thinking when I started!

2012 is for ME. I bought Coach Nicole's 28 Day bootcamp dvd at Target today. Let's see how long it takes me to break the seal and then to put it in the player!
I have been, for the most part, walking 10 minutes every day, but.........I know I need to do more.

I have been overwhelmed with house issues (lot inspections, a fix-it laundry list and the money it has taken to resolve most of those issues - an ongoing situation). My car needs thousands of dollars of work. I love this car! I cannot afford to repair or to replace it. Even if I found an inexpensive and reliable car, I still could not afford the insurance increase. Then there is the ever and always looming promise of layoffs at work

I'm mulling over some goals for the new year. Nothing grandiose - achievable and sustainable...

There's more to say, but I am out of mental energy!

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CARRAND 1/1/2012 4:07PM

    Sometimes we just have to start all over. I'm going to commit to getting more exercise in the New Year. My yoga isn't enough calories burned and my weight is starting to creep up. I'm back on the treadmill again.

I hope your New Year is all you want. You can do it!

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JUSTDANCEGIRL 12/31/2011 7:23PM

    The NEW YEAR is nearly here.... time to say 2011 is in the past and look toward the future. 2012 WILL be better. This is OUR year. WE will succeed. You and Me. :) I had a not so good year myself... ended up gaining and like you .. not changing my tracker because I was ashamed. :(

Bring on 2012!! :)

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_LINDA 12/31/2011 11:46AM

    You have had a really rough emotional year with so many deaths of people you care about, adding to the high stress of your job security, house and car issues, I would have to say its easy to understand you throwing up your hands and giving it up and/or giving in to the emotional eating monster :( I am hoping things will turn around for you for the New Year and that things will only get better for you. You can't do anything about what life has thrown at you, but you can do good things for yourself, by eating healthy and restarting your exercise. It will make you feel better and be better able to handle the curveballs life keeps throwing at you. All the best with it. I am here for you..
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MISSY455 12/31/2011 1:03AM

    I have been reminding myself, several times in the last month, that Rome was not built in a day. I had an injury set back a few months ago, which lead to a pity party of one and a weight gain. I feel like I am finally making headway again. By no means am I back to where I was, but I know what I need to get there, and so do you. It starts with recognizing the pitfalls and finding our way around them. You are on the right track with making achievable goals.

I wish you much success in 2012!


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WONDEROONA 12/30/2011 11:35PM

    take it easy....don't be so hard on yourself....as for the money issues, I wish I could send ya a money tree but I just planted the last one in my back yard and it promptly died. So, no seeds either.....lol. I hope that you can take a breath and get things in order to start the new year off right!! I wish you all the luck in the world, my friend!! emoticon emoticon

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