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Feeling Dumpy Today!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm in an inbetween stage. One size is so large, slacks don't stay up, the next size down is still a smidge tight. One of these days, I'll get a full length mirror so that I will know what I look like before I leave the house! I feel chunky and dumpy today!

I started the day off with a bang. Two glasses of water before I even left home and a brisk walk before I started work. At lunch, I took a shorter walk than usual, but I walked MUCH faster! I still felt like a turtle because some guy was walking normally ahead of me and the gap kept widening! But I definitely got my heart rate up! I also continued yesterday's use of the stairs. Amazingly, not much pain at all today! I am thrilled!

I got really hungry about an hour before lunch. Before SparkPeople came into my life, I would have shoveled crackers or some other carbohydrate in my mouth without thinking. Instead, I drank a little water (didn't help) and stayed busy. Then I took my walk and, by the time I treated myself to a frersh salad at the cafe (measured and I brought it to my desk and used my almost-free dressing), my hunger level had decreased considerably.

My life is going to become bifurcated by SparkPeople! Me before SP and me with SP! I am still at the beginning of this journey and I continue to marvel at it. I love seeing my points grow, I love seeing how close I can get every day to the midrange of my nutrition and, amazingly, I have exercise minutes!

Most of all, my SparkFriends keep me honest, keep me invigorated and keep me moving forward!

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LETIHANA 2/25/2010 7:55PM

    Good for you!!! I too think that SparkPeople is AMAZING! Very empowering, right? Keep it up (you can do it)!

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IXCHEL23 2/25/2010 5:14PM

    I hate that in-between size stage but that just helps you push a little harder to definitely fit in those smaller size clothes!

That's great you're so motivated, keep it up girl!


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MEGANC1988 2/25/2010 4:15PM


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KKLENNERT809 2/25/2010 4:11PM

    Keep motivated, being in between means you are making some progress. And progress is good! Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!

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GOING2LSEITNOW 2/25/2010 4:00PM

    I seem to always be between sizes. Maybe one of these days I will be a size that I am comfortable with.

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Potpourri of Thoughts

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding balance in food is sometimes a challenge. A friend wants to go to one of our favorite restaurants Friday night and this is a minefield of overload in every category! I went to their website and downloaded the nutritional info. I do have choices (very few) as long as I am mindful and don't eat a lot earlier in the day. I am mentally bracing myself for the temptations that I know are there. My other thought is, by my choices, I can be an example. She had lost over 100 lbs before I knew her and, since she came to take my old job at the company, the weight has started coming back.

I skipped the noon Toastmaster meeting today and had a great walk. I did a lot of walking today, but not all at once. I used the stairs a lot, so I may pay for it over the next few days. We had a company wide meeting in the afternoon and a couple of people commented about seeing me walk. I am surprised how, in such a short period of time, the walks have become a part of my day. Now if only that will happen with strength training...!

One of my Spark teams has a goal for each member to do something for themselves every day. Today, I actually did two. One was not having any snacks at the afternoon meeting. The other was going up to school tonight and dropping the class that has been such a struggle. I passed the midterm, but barely. Mathematically, there was no way I could get an A in the course. Most people don't understand how important this is to me and I cannot articulate it except to say I was an A. mostly B and always one C student in my previous life. My company is reimbursing me for this wonderful educational opportunity, there's a chance for some bonus money for a stellar transcript and there is pride. Yes, pride. At this late time in my life, for me to finish the program with 4.0 is something I REALLY want. I have worked very hard to carry that this far. I do feel a bit the failure for having to drop the class, but I also knew that not doing so would eat at me even worse. With my test anxiety in the class and the fact that the final exam is the only chance to get a better grade, I had no hope of getting the grade I want...

Doing something nice for myself does not come easily and, most days, I either forget about it or, if I do something, I forget to note it in my other goals. This again highlights the wonder of Sparkpeople - restoring all these aspects to my life is already making me a better person!

And I am already looking forward to stepping on the scale on Sunday and pulling out the tape measure! Even if the numbers are not what I want or expect, I know this has been a good week. My self esteem is not measured with inches and pounds. BUT the self esteeem is increasing as those others decrease, so the link is still there a little. The other part of that is that walking, eating a more balanced diet, getting water and being able to move and wear looser clothes are a wonderful motivation for keeping on track. (How's that for a run-on sentence!)

I usually post at lunch time, but it is the evening and it has been a full day. I hope everyone else's day has been just as varied, just as interesting and even more fun!

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IRIE_KEY 2/25/2010 11:21AM

    What wonderful gifts you are giving yourself! I love the lead by example for your friend too.
Have a wonderul day.

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Newfound Courage

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday, a friend showed me her pedometer and it's the same model several SparkFriends have recommended to me. I had hoped to buy it from her, but she recently started using it again...I can't afford one in the foreseeable future so I was selfishly disappointed at her rededication to losing weight. Note to self, invite Renee to join SparkPeople!

This morning, after mulling it about for a few days, I emailed a coworker who recently made a Toastmaster speech about the start of her running career and completion of her first marathon. We're going to have lunch together next week and I'm hoping to get tips from her about getting started. The nay-saying has already started. BF doesn't think I can do it. I am not sure, but I haven't tried yet. My goal is to participate in a relay race to raise money for organ donation. That race happens in early April 2011.

THEN, I sent a note to the lady who posts the employee newsletter with a "Wanted" notice for a pedometer. First time I've been ready to broadcast my getting fit intentions, though I am sure people see me walking around the campus now.

It's raining today and that made my lunchtime walk wonderful! It's the slow, drippy, steady, small raindrop rain as I was used to in soggy Juneau, so I thoroughly enjoyed it! But it was not as long a walk as I wanted because I chose to go up the longest part of the hill. I read this morning that walking uphill constitutes a load bearing exercise if you're trying to build bone density. I walked faster than I have, so that contributed to the shorter time and may have contributed to my being winded far earlier than I anticipated!

I have been surprised by the speed of the changes since I joined SP on 01/27/10 - no other program has helped me move so far so fast in pounds and inches lost, energy increase, lifestyle change (exercise) and attitude. I always tried to reduce by cutting food and avoiding movement!

As with many other areas of my life, I am loving the journey and part of that has to do with the
childlike curiosity about what is around the next corner. Who knows what impacts SP will have in unanticipated ways? One of those has to be the cyber relationships that are forming!

My cup truly runneth over!

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ARCHIMEDESII 2/24/2010 4:18PM

    Have you checked your local Walmart, Sears or Target ? All of those stores sell reasonably priced pedometers. Here's a list of the pedometers Walmart carries on their website.

here's a list of pedometers that Target has.


You should be able to find a decent pedometer for under $20.

Also, you don't need a pedometer to measure your steps. You could also track your distance via google or yahoo maps. Example, use your house as the starting point and pick a place you'd like to walk to. Input your starting point and destination into google maps and that will tell you how far the distance is.

In general, a person should do their best to walk 10,000 steps per day or 5 miles. If you can't do five miles just yet, that's okay, walk as far as you can even if that means you only walk for 10 minutes. Three ten minute walks through the day still adds up to a 30 minute total walk.

Also, why not take a walk at lunch ? do you get a 60 minute lunch break at work ? If so, eat your lunch in 30 minutes and take a walk for 30 minutes. that's a great way to get in some extra exercise.


-- karen

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CGRESS2 2/24/2010 10:50AM

    Thankful that you worked up the courage to post the bulletin for a pedometer. Keep on trucking and good luck with the marathon. Please remember that walking part of the way and coming in near the end of the pack is still a victory for you. You did not quit and you made it to the finish line. Only one person can win a marathon in front of the others, but everyone can WIN THEIR OWN RACE!!!

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IRIE_KEY 2/23/2010 6:15PM

    Your walk in the rain sounds lovely. I can almost smell the fresh rain as I read this blog post.
You have a wonderful attitude about the new changes with Sparks. I wish you well as you start your running journey.

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Balance is Everything

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, George Washington! (I just had to say that - I'm still not used to the consolidation for Presidents Day of Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays...)

Yesterday, I logged in very little exercise. I was still sore from earlier in the week. I did go shopping and was actually in turbo mode, walking very fast, which, I think surprised my partner. I felt very negative towards me because I didn't get the energy going. But, I did find one of those fitness balls at a huge discount. Now I have to inflate it.

As per usual, I was within range on most of the food metrics, but just a hair below in two. It is hard to find the right balance. I was thrown off by the values of my breakfast.

I went to bed hungry, but not starving.

Today, I was measuring my breakfast at work and two people commented that they needed to do that and that I was an inspiration. Me! What a great way to start the day!

Despite being discouraged about the nagging pain, I have walked today and am no worse for wear. My morning walk loosened things up, I think. The lunchtime walk was interesting. I walked the same circuit around campus except I added time and distance. I did not feel my heartrate climb until later in the walk, my lower back did not hurt until just about the end, but I was still embarrassingly winded! Again, I was reminded that, as it starts to warm up, I will need to walk early or late or bring a change of clothes. It gets warm up on the hill in the late spring, summer and fall.

Today was the first time I noticed how many exercise SparkPoints are possible! I have 8 so far! A landmark day! I almost feel silly making the observation when I read what other SparkPeople can do...

Midterm tonight - I hope the post lunch fatique doesn't strike. It's hard to strike the right balance for lunch - fuel for the day but not nap-inducing.

I felt really clumsy yesterday and did not realize until this morning as it continued that this is the center-of-gravity shift that happens when my weight changes. After I lose about 2 more pounds, that stability will return until I lose about 10 more.

Already I wish I could hug some of my SparkPeople friends! They are always right there with the encouragement, support and wisdom I need. I am humbled by this whole experience. Besides everything else, I find myself wanting to do the same, not just with them, but everyone. It is as if my rough edges are being polished.

Still on the hunt for a pedometer. I found one I like, but am not willing to pay the $$$!

I'm going to gather my courage and ask a coworker about starting training for a marathon. Maybe tomorrow...

Have a Marvelous Monday, Everyone!
emoticon emoticon

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CGRESS2 2/24/2010 10:46AM

    I am hoping your midterm exam went well.
Great job on exercising! I desire it, but I haven't got back into walking 1.5 miles a day. Hoping that once I get started again I won't quit until it becomes a habit.

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ANDASI 2/22/2010 6:16PM

    Happiness wears away the rough edges that sometimes we didnt evern realize were there.

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JAKEANDNELLIE 2/22/2010 5:07PM

    I use an Omron pedometer also. I've tried several different ones and I did pay a little more for this one, but it works better than any of the others.
It sounds like you are definitely making progress in all areas - nutrition, food, and motivation.
Keep up the good work.

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GAILRUU 2/22/2010 4:56PM

    Good luck with your exercise. I have an Omron pedometer that works very well. It seems to be quite accurate.

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Focus: How to Manage a Lot of To Do Items

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Now that I am exercising more, my energy level and attitude are sustainable in an UP mode, which is something I had not anticipated this early in my SparkPeople journey.

grocery shopping on a shoestring
do my 2009 taxes
study for my Monday night midterm
strength training
laundry (I WISH for the zillionth time that I had facilities at home - laundromats get old!)
prep food for the week
get in the water and food

Set some longer term goals and some medium goals:
I want to run a marathon or half in March 2011
(I am not currently a runner and my partner doesn't think I can...)
I want to wear a swimsuit this summer so I can swim
(I don't have illusions about appearance in a suit, so it's not ego driven)

I can't figure out how to set my Other Fitness goals so that it reflects calories, if any, burned. I am not yet able to use the SparkPeople fitness plan. So I guess I need to increase my walking on those days or I won't burn enough calories for the daily or yearly goal.

I want to get a pedometer, an exercise mat that's thicker than my Pilates mat, some exercise DVDs but all those desires are on hold for the foreseeable future. The money situation is actually more depressing than the health/fitness situation! That's actually funny!

Making Progress:
I lost 1.8 lbs and 2.25 inches this week, slower than I want, but still moving the right direction. The disappointment is minor and I suspect I'll move my target date out because it's not about the number, it's about the life changes. Imperceptibly, my energy level and attitude have gone up and stay that way. What a wonderful feeling!

I'm actually looking forward to moving today - I might take a walk AND do some strength training. No danger of overdoing it, however. LOL!

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CGRESS2 2/24/2010 10:42AM

    I used to be a laundromat girl, too. If the one you go to isn't crowded, it makes a great indoor track and exercise station. You never know when someone might join you. Turn on your music and get working out.

Not sure what type of community you have, but I could walk a few blocks outside why my laundry was going.

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NONIE_C 2/21/2010 7:39PM

    I too have a similar to-do list, and I am so inspired by seeing yours out there, and written with such determination!!! You Rock!!!

You will do this...ALL OF IT!!!!

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SHERRY666 2/21/2010 2:20PM

    Great motivation........... I think you should try the marathon....... why not you never know...... Your positive thinking....... and staying on track will work for you.... I mean you already lost 1.8 lbs.....and inches....... Whoohoo keep moving forward.... emoticon

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RBRUNER 2/21/2010 1:07PM

    Wow! Your motivation inspires me! My to-do list looks very similar to yours but I will probably only accomplish 1/4 of it. I'm a HUGE procrastinator! Keep it up!

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