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Nobody On and Two Outs (8th Inning Thoughts)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today was a better day. It was peppered with coworkers making comments about last night's Giants' win in Game 1 of the World Series! That was fun! Yesterday was a day of bouncing between fires or alligators or other analogies for urgent/hot tasks. I was busy all day but did not have much to show for it.

This morning, I walked in to find a couple of the alligators had grown overnight. My boss, bless his heart, sent an email to me, copying his boss and my supervising attorney telling me the priorities he wanted me to touch. That took some of the pressure off, not a lot, but it did help me focus. I made significant progress on the first alligator. There are some frustrating bits of data that I can't marry up and need to do so because this is a project in preparation for an A133 audit.

The second alligator, though smaller, is just as time-consuming. It involves an IP search in preparation for a release into public domain. I was given this task about a month ago and got only part of what I needed. It was back-burnered and forgotten about until another email surfaced yesterday. I still don't have the other pieces and the fact that this multi-sectored project is very late actually has very little to do with me. Someone forgot about the IP review until very late in the process. It usually occurs in the spring, so, while it was embarrassing that I had forgotten it, it was already late by the time it came to me. Still waiting for the other pieces...Such is my life!

I intended to go to yoga today, having turned down the chance to work with the new Toastmaster club at the VA. I had forgotten that a new leadership program was having its kick0ff meeting at the same time. As the program is getting extremely top drawer visibility, I chose to go to that. I had forgotten the kickoff included pizza.
Pizza is something I don't miss if I don't have it but have a hard time holding back if it's available. I had two pieces and easily could have eaten twice that. I had my lunch with me! (Yummy leftovers). The smell of the pizza coupled with the awkwardness that the host had purchased about 3 times as much pizza as there were people made me set aside my leftovers and chow down. I should know better. It did not taste as good as it smelled. I had the opportunity to take some home, but did not. I ate the leftovers for dinner.

But, as I was walking to my car this evening, I thought about the pizza. Instead of beating myself up about it, I am calling this "life" and "human". I will do better!

So what does the title have to do with today? When I started this blog, the Giants were in the midst of a big inning. After two men were out, they scored 7 runs, partly with good hits, but also with the generosity of the Rangers pitchers who donated four walks. That just shows life. I was down for those two pieces of pizza, but I am not out. I have the opportunity to start fresh tomorrow. I know, it's a weak analogy, but...it works tonight.

I need to think more about how that happened. Tomorrow is the Halloween party at work. I am on the Legal Department committee, so I will have to be out and about with all the costumes and candy and chaos. I need to plan my day carefully! It includes a potluck, and I am bringing a crockpot of chili.

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CARRAND 10/29/2010 9:13PM

    I loved your analogy. Your team is really doing well, and so are you!

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LIBBYFITZ 10/29/2010 2:07PM


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CHAOTIC-KITTY 10/29/2010 12:47PM

  I loved your analogy. It is very true though. Tomorrow IS a new day. A day in which one can start all over again! :)

Wow... Chili. Love the stuff. You should share your recipe on here. ;)

emoticon Hope you are having fun with the Halloween Party at Work!

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JHADZHIA 10/29/2010 1:06AM

    sigh* I never even get the opportunity to have pizza, and I do miss it.. Good control actually. You could have kept on scarfing it down. I understand about things getting 'lost' I had forgotten I was supposed to have researched through ten years of meeting notes and get all the charities we have supported, then choose one each year and rotate through them. We were supposed to have had picked out new charity this month. OOPS!
I find Halloween the most fun time of the year, but have had no opportunities to dress up as my building dance was on Wednesday, the night of my rookie master bridge game at the club. This year my Curves is not having a prize for best dressed costume :(( I can actually stay away from the candy (I don't like it), the chips would be hard if there were some. But the only chocolate I like is 90% cocoa and they never give that away LOL.
I wish you all the best with it! be strong! You have it in you!

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Tony Bennett, Giants Baseball, Toastmasters and Work (WHEW!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As I write this, Tony Bennett is singing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch at Game 1 of the World Series (AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants). How surreal! His voice is still smooth! The Giants always play his "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" when they win at home. What a geat way to exit the park! But I digress. The Giants are leading!

Today was my day to deliver CC #2 (Organize your speech). The goal of the speech is to present a speech that has an opening, body and conclusion. The speech was about my experience taping the tv show Toastmaster meeting. I wrote it on Friday and practiced it about 3 times - not my usual work. I was supposed to deliver this speech on November 17 and was asked late last week to fill a spot in today's agenda. I wrestled with the opening and changed it several times.
I left out a lot of information and I had time to have included it. (The speech has to be between 5-7 minutes) I forgot to look at my speech today, did not bring it with me, so I was really winging it. I was not proud of this speech.

This is my 3rd time through the CC manual. I did it many years ago while in Alaska. Back then, it was called something else and took 15 speeches to complete. I was the youngest member of my club and completed them in the shortest time that club had seen. I started working through the new manual a few years ago and dropped out of the club, disgusted with the lack of care the club demonstrated. I rejoined and decided to start over because I felt so rusty!

We are having a grab bag meeting on Nov 15. This means no one knows what their role will be until we get there. So I need to work up another speech!

The district president asked me to be an evaluator for a new club they are trying to launch at the local VA hospital. The problem is that their meeting conflicts with my yoga class! I turned her down for tomorrow and thought that would be that. She emailed me back and asked me to do the same thing on the 18th. That's the Thursday before Thanksgiving so I could not say no. I hate to say no to the vets. I always wanted to serve, but cannot pass the physcial. I tried every branch of the service 5 times and was unanimously rejected. I have always said that, when I can get my life together, I would like to volunteer at the VA. This is a way to contribute and support.

So how can I balance my need for exercise (yoga at work is really cheap) and growing as a Toastmaster, expanding my heart by giving...I am already struggling with the yoga and Toastmasters at work because I don't get my steps in on those days.

I have not eaten dinner yet, but I think I will end the day within range...!

Work has been just crazy busy! I felt as if I were spinning my wheels today. I touched a lot of things but did not get to finish anything. One step forward, hold while I wait for information, start on something else and another thing crops up urgently. I feel absolutely overwhelmed and hopeless! ACK!

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MYSTERY4EVER 10/28/2010 10:54PM

    There is an old saying that if you want something done, ask the busiest person. I think the world has you pegged. It is important to take care of yourself however. It is the bottom of the 8th and the Giants are still ahead. So enjoy the game. Hopefully tomorrow will be a calmer day for you.

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CARRAND 10/28/2010 9:27PM

    I'm watching the ball game again tonight and SF is ahead again.

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LIBBYFITZ 10/28/2010 1:43PM

    Hope you have a better day at work tomorrow! Sounds very busy! emoticon

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JHADZHIA 10/28/2010 1:57AM

    Wow! Another thing we have in common! I tried to join the military as soon as I was old enough, at age 16, while my RA was in remission, and I felt good. But alas, I failed the physical. The reason? The RA had damaged my wrists so they could not bend the required number of degrees!!! This was a uniform requirement, so there was no trying elsewhere. I even went to a plastic surgeon to see if he could do something with my wrists. He said no it would be a mess and I would not like the result. As he was the top surgeon around, I took his word for it.
That is unfortunate the Toastmasters is conflicting with your yoga :(( You will just have to decide what is more important to you :((
Unfortunately, you have chosen for yourself a very busy frantic career.. I hope you can see a way to organize and get the most important things done first (but naturally, they would all be vital I am guessing). Good luck with it..

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NANCYRUBIO 10/28/2010 12:49AM

    Sounds like you are balancing too many plates at one time. Stick with Tony and sleep peacefully tonight. Giants won~~

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JAKEANDNELLIE 10/28/2010 12:22AM

    I wouldn't worry about your steps on those days - you're getting the physical activity with the yoga and you're getting enjoyment from the Toastmasters. Both are important to maintain a balance in your life.
I hope things settle down somewhat for you at work. It sounds extremely stressful.
Stay positive!

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ACIMPEGGY 10/27/2010 11:02PM

    Baby, I've had those speeches before...it has ALWAYS been when I pick a topic, research it (use facts, figures, statistics, definitions and stuff) and memorize...(or almost). It seems to fall flat to me.

Now...when I speak from the heart about subjects dear to me (ACIM, love, forgiveness, friendship, etc.) the speeches always turn out wonderfully and go over well with my audience, not to mention pretty good evals...

Steps? I have over 10,000 today...9300 at work alone.

Practicing speeches while walking is a fav of mine.

I love your work at the VA! I'd like to do that, too... emoticon emoticon

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Soup is a Wonder Food!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When I woke up this morning, I did not want to get out of bed, but I felt ok, so I eventually dragged myself up and out the door for work. I had not felt great yesterday afternoon but I thought it was just the soreness from the yoga. A few years ago, I fell down two flights of concrete stairs (no broken bones!) and have had problems with my neck ever since. I had to undergo physical therapy afterwards and learned some great exercises that have helped. Before the fall, I could not sleep on my back because, in that position, I would feel nauseated. That nausea hit me this morning after threatening yesterday.

I took the afternoon off (vacation time as I have no sick time left), came home and slept and slept.
BF fixed a great soup for dinner and I am feeling much better.

Yesterday, I was over in calories. Tonight, I end the day under in almost all metrics and I am ok with that. Tomorrow will be a much better!

I have to give a speech tomorrow and I have not practiced enough. I hate "winging" it. Perhaps inspiration will come. The intro is weak. The content is ok and the conclusion ties in nicely with the title of the speech. The speech is about my experience taping the toastmaster show.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ULEWIJ 10/28/2010 2:50AM

    haha, I read the title to your blog and thought about my GI who told me to have a cup of soup before every meal to feel satisfied and fill up

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JAKEANDNELLIE 10/27/2010 10:30PM

    I hope the speech goes well.
I also hope you're feeling much better soon.

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CARRAND 10/27/2010 9:37PM

    Good luck with your speech tomorrow. You are so brave to do that. I hate public speaking, although I will talk your ear off in private.

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LIBBYFITZ 10/27/2010 1:00PM

    emoticonThe speech will be fine. You have compassion for it as at least you are worried about it .Hope you are feeling better! emoticon

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JHADZHIA 10/27/2010 2:01AM

    Glad you are feeling better, was it chicken soup? LOL.
As you are speaking about an event that really moved you, you should do well, as you will be speaking from the heart with sincerity about your experience..

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EMPTYNESTER60 10/26/2010 11:49PM

    Glad the soup helped and you are feeling better. Glad your BF fixed it for you. Good luck on your speech tomorrow. Be sure to post tomorrow night & let us know how it goes. emoticon

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TURTLERAE55 10/26/2010 11:27PM

    Yes, soup is a wonder food. Just keep and eye out on the sodium amount.

Keep up the good work.

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Orange Monday and Yoga!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I wore my new Giants gear to work even though Monday is not casual dress day. I got lots of positive and envious feedback! it was fun! Orange is not a color I would wear except in support of the San Francisco Giants because orange is a color that was never meant for me!

Over the weekend, I dug out an old but seldom used pair of sweats and tried them on this morning. I had not been wearing them because they were so tight. But they were not tight today! Woohoo! I wore them to my first ever yoga class! The company allows this lady to come in twice a week during lunchtime to lead the class. The first class is free and it's $5 per class after that. I don't know if I can afford that, but I used the coupon today.

I was pleasantly surprised that I could do about half of the exercises/moves and was able to modify some of the others. Attempting to do one position, I rolled over but I was not even embarrassed! Imagine that! Wow! I ended up not doing some exercises, but, over all, I was really pleased with my first class.

I am sore in odd spots but very relaxed and feel great! Marti said that Monday yoga is harder, I forget the terms she used, but the Thursday class is more relaxing, I guess. The breathing was amazing! At some points during the class, it seemed to last forever and other times, the time flew.

We used a chair for some of the exercises and some of the exercises are things I can do outside of class and without the mat, strap, block and blanket.

I liked her comments about using some of the poses to open the heart, to share kindness (including with oneself) and so on.

I ended the day slightly up in calories, within range for everything else but low in fat. Ugh! All I can do is laugh!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JAKEANDNELLIE 10/27/2010 5:54PM

    Good for you! I've always been curious about yoga but never brave enough to try it.

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JHADZHIA 10/27/2010 1:57AM

    Glad your first class went so well, and way to go fitting the old sweats!!! Lucky you, getting the harder class first LOL. Orange and pink are colors I would not be caught dead in.. Unfortunately, its means I can't show support for breast cancer research because I really can't stand the color and it can't stand me!
Keep up the great work! Mixing up your exercise is a great way to go!!

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JGINTX 10/26/2010 11:38PM

    I haven't tried yoga yet, but am wanting to really bad! Everyone I know who does it regularly swears by it. I am bad about not stretching after exercising and it's taking its toll on my muscles.

Way to go!! I hope you are able to continue it!

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LIBBYFITZ 10/26/2010 4:53PM

    Glad you enjoyed the yoga. there are so many different variations around it can be quite confusing. There is yoga on u-tube. emoticon

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 10/26/2010 8:34AM

  that is awesome that you at least gave yoga a try! :-)


Comment edited on: 10/26/2010 8:39:52 AM

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EMPTYNESTER60 10/26/2010 7:45AM

    I haven't really tried a yoga class but my daughter does yoga & has several DVDs that we have done together (she has done well & I have tried to do). It is something I enjoyed when I did it and have thought that now that I have lost some weight I should pick up some beginners DVDs just to try to relax. emoticon on taking that first step!

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MISSY455 10/26/2010 12:11AM

    Sounds like you did awesome in the class!!! Congrats! There was a lot in the class I took that was way out of my scope of doing. At one point the instructor brought over a yoga brick and suggested I "try" with that. She was very nice about it, but I definitely could see I was in need of much work!

I felt muscles the next day that I didn't even know existed, so be prepared.

Sleep well!

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I Did My Part for the Local Economy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank you, everyone, for your comments on my blog from yesterday. It was a really low day. Today was not a stellar day, but it was, in terms of choices, better than yesterday.

I did a lot of standing and walking today. It was rainy but that was welcome! We have needed it. I did not bring my pedometer, so I had to guess steps and time.

We went to the Giants Dugout store to get some National League Championship products. I was astonished to see the line! It was down almost the entire length of the shopping center! They allowed only a few people in at a time. We stood outside in the drizzle and chatted with the other fans. We waited two hours and the last 45 minutes were stressed because the clerk came out and announced that they were out of one shirt design and color and had low stock and sizes on the others. I was so afraid they would be out of everything!

I bought
and a couple more that don't have pictures. They don't have pins yet. I collect pins, so I was disappointed. I did get some pins, but not specific ones for the NL championship or the World Series.

This week, I will be going in to work early, especially on Wednesday and Thursday so that I can be home in time for first pitch!

I'm going to do a yoga class tomorrow - a first.

Thanks, everyone, for sustaining me through yesterday! I cannot do this journey alone. I look for opportunities to "pay it forward".

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CARRAND 10/25/2010 9:46PM

    I'm doing yoga Tuesday night after work. I love it.
I love your excitement about your team, too. Good luck in the World Series.

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LIBBYFITZ 10/25/2010 8:56AM

    I wish you well with the yoga. I love it when I get round to doing it! emoticon

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JHADZHIA 10/25/2010 12:47AM

    Good luck with your yoga class -it may be just the thing to relax you and loosen you up! I envy you being able to try it! Its not even on the page for me as I can't get up and down off the floor or put any weight or pressure on my hands and elbows :(( I have heard from many others how much it benefited them..
Enjoy your ball games! Playoffs are always so exciting.
Keep up the great work!!

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MISSY455 10/25/2010 12:35AM

    Ohh let me know if you like the yoga class. I took a beginner's class before I went to Montana this past summer. It was tough, but I would like to try it again soon. I see my Dr. mid-November, so will ask him then if he thinks my back is up too that type of regular exercise yet.

You are a much better fan than me! I would never have stood in the rain for gear. I am glad you weren't completely disappointed after your wait.

Hope you enjoy the coming games and they go your way!

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