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Another Coachable Moment

Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday morning! I am really tired because I stayed up too late and then did not sleep well. Tonight and tomorrow night are long because I have classes after work. Normally, I would dread the rundown feeling. I love school, but I have reached the burnout stage and am ready to graduate...

However, I have a brighter perspective. It is not the pound plus a smidge that I lost last week, it is not the fact that I can walk just a little farther every day with just a little less pain. Nor is it the fact that my mind is swirling with SparkPeople because I LOVE the site, love the spirit, people and energy. It is also certainly not because my circumstances have changed (they have not).

It is all these things together. I am moving toward something - I want to be the aunt to my nieces and nephews who is involved in their lives and shares in their lives and hope that I can be healthy and long-lived enough to see them grow up! Along the journey, thanks to SparkPeople, I finally am not walking alone! I had not realized what a difference that would make.

I also had not realized that the loose structure coupled with the freedom of SparkPeople would be just the right balance for me. By myself, there's either too much or not enough structure (and no fellowship) and were I to join one of the many weightloss programs out there, it's a one-size-fits all and this-is-the-only-way mentality that makes me balk. I also, quite frankly, cannot afford the money that those programs cost. For some people, these programs (or going solo) are fine, but not for me.

Even the act of blogging is new to me, though I am a lifelong writer. This morning I debated about soy milk or half and half in my coffee while at the cafe. I knew 1% is too light for my taste, but I was not sure which of the other options was the best. Coming back to my computer and adding the half and half to my log was an eye opener. What's different is that I am not berating myself for making a "bad" choice, I am taking this as a coachable moment, a chance to educate myself and to grow from it. A small step, but I find the nutritional information in the world is far too overwhelming so, as with many things, I will learn what I need to as I need to. Then as I use the information, I retain it and build that internal knowledge so that, when I am apart from my tools (computer, label or whatever), I can make intelligent choices.

Knowledge is power and using that knowledge is freeing!

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TESHIE4ME 2/8/2010 12:36PM

    I feel the same way. I'm so grateful for SP and the fellowship and the freedom to add in as much or as little structure as I need. It changes over time you know. Keep moving toward your goal and congratulations on your progress!

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Digesting Measurements

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Today, I weighed in and the scale moved in the right direction! I also decided to measure myself, something I have not done in years. As Dr. Phil famously says and has been used used ad nauseum, "it is what it is." There's no point in attaching any emotion to the numbers. They are a starting point. I'm not even surprised. If I dwelled on it, I'd be embarrassed. That would be the wrong focus - looking back instead of looking forward.

I wish the energy scale had a little more granularity. I feel more energetic than I did, but not enough to raise my rating on the scale. Intertwined with that energy is the attitude adjustment. I feel more positive, even though none of my other circumstances are changed. I have to attribute it to the contribution from the SparkPeople community. This is living proof that "it takes a community."

We do not live in a vacuum (or we shouldn't). It is incumbent on me to pay it forward by sharing my story, encouraging others, doing whatever I can to contrivute to the success of others. It does not matter that I am still in the beginning stages of my journey or that I don't know it all - there is still value to be shared!

Go Saints! Go Colts! I can't decide! But I will exercise BEFORE the game1

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SHERRY666 2/7/2010 2:26PM

    Your certainly thinking the right way...... and moving forward is the best thing we can do for ourselves.... Keep on this path...... Good luck........ emoticon

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Putting it Together

Saturday, February 06, 2010

I joined SparkPoints on 01/27. but didn't weigh in until a few days later. Very slowly, over the days, I've poked around on the website. I've learned from the articles on the site, from the SparkFriends...The friends and teams have provided encouragement, not always directly, but also by sharing their stories, posting their experiences.

I have been surprised by the consequences of some of my food choices - coachable moments! I know I have a very long way to go with respect to exercise, but the beauty of SparkPeople is that, with the nutrition and fitness tabs, I can't keep putting on blinders.

Tomorrow morning, I will step on the scale. I have no idea what the result will be. I had a few days when I was over calories or over fat (or both). I also had several days of getting the water in. The exercise is still not where it should be, but, at this point,moving at all is progress! Regardless of the number on the scale tomorrow, I won't be elated or disappointed. It is only one metric. More important is the lifestyle change because that is the path to the the end result - a happier, fuller life with (I hope) enough lenghth and quality to see the next generation grow up!

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KATHYGBENNETT 2/6/2010 10:37PM

    Congratulations for your attitude!!

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A Ten Minute Start

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last night, poking around on the SparkPeople website, I decided that, today, I was actually going to exercise! Exercise has always been painful, boring and a four letter word that got stretched. But I chose to walk to the corner store and back, wearing my fabulous MBT shoes. I was disappointed that it was only 5 minutes each way. (I did not count the time walking in the store, that was too slow to raise the heart rate!). I know I need to do more, but I did the roundtrip without lower back, hip or leg pain and I think I did manage to get the heart rate up, even if just a notch! It was a positive experience! Imagine that! emoticon


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