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Friends are so important.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Today my son Shawn went to a birthday party for his friend Hope. This is a remarkable thing for my son, because he is Autistic it is very hard for him to make friends. But this little girl is a one in a million, she sticks by him no matter what and encourages him to play with the other kids, she helps him in school too. I thank God everyday for sending her into Shawn's life- she makes school bearable for him. He misses her when school is out and her family says she thinks of him as her best friend. She's a little angel.

I love the phrase- friends are the family you choose. Some of my family dynamics are really lacking, the way my mother taught me to relate to my own body and food left a lot to be desired. She forced me to get on the scale everyday and told my (step)father and sister my weight, she constantly made comments about the size of my chest, and called me chunky, even when I was 18 and weighed 118 lbs. I think the reason I avoided the gym so long even though I have a free membership to curves is because she worked there, a couple weeks ago I went over to her house to visit, she hadn't seen me in over 2 months and she asked"so are you stll losing weight?" I had lost about 20lbs. during that time, and you could tell. I think she wants me to fail, which makes me more determined to succeed. Even my (step)father said to me privately " I really hope you prove her wrong".

Anyway this was not supposed to be a bash my mom session, I love her anyway. This is about friends: you guys and my other friends. I love you all and your support is invaluable. So my sparkpeople "family",remember to hug you friends this week and tell those who support you how much they mean to you. In the words of Blondedog YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!

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CINDEELOU 11/3/2009 1:33PM

    Thanks for sharing this. I am so glad your son has a best friend. He already has more in his life than some people will ever know.
We will be your chosen family and we are proud of you. You have accomplished a lot. Remember that you are beautiful just the way you are.

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TRIPLE_EMME 11/2/2009 2:52PM

    I agree: friends are the family that you choose.

I'm glad that you have such positive chosen family in your life. We are here to help each other succeed.

Be healthy!


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BLONDEDOG 11/1/2009 9:03PM


Are you sure we aren't related?


Maybe our Mom's are related? :)

Yeah, I love mine anyways too...

Let's give a hug to all the Hope's of the world!!!!!!

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HARVESTHILL 11/1/2009 8:58PM

    Thanks for a great blog. I am thankful every day for my Spark friends. This is my second try with SP - the first time I didn't bother to "socialize" here at all. What a difference this time! I agree with Blondedog - You all rock!!

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GRAM4FUN 11/1/2009 8:18PM

    you know i have a friend that had a mother that constantly put her down about being heavy and it still affects her today and she's 57..i was very fortunate to have a very supportive mom (she's been gone 2 years now)who taught me that you are what you are and if people don't accept you the way you are then they aren't worth worrying about. she would be really proud of me that i am on this program and doing well. on another note i have an autistic grandson who is 14..he had some really good friends in elementary school and now that he is junior high not so much..we pray that he will find that one special friend as we agree how important that is......well anyway have a good week

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DHOLLOWAY60 11/1/2009 8:09PM

    Very nice post.
I thank God for all my Spark friends.
emoticon emoticon emoticon


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RUNDISNEYMOM 11/1/2009 8:06PM

    I am thankful that you have such great friends!

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It's my "Dina's Stool" (Biggest loser reference:)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am a faithful watcher of the Biggest Loser and if you are too then you remember Dina and the stool. For me it symbolizes a mental block, a fear that holds you back. Well I have a "stool" too. I am afraid to run on the treadmill. First because I am seriously uncoordinated, second because I am abundantly blessed in the bust region, and lastly because I never have. I want to run a 5k next year and pretty sure that I'm gonna have to start running at some point, somewhere. And truth be told inside my spirit I want to run. My mind is stopping me. Every time I step on that treadmill I think today will be the day, then i think, what if I fall, what if everyone stares at me- I haven't run since I was like 12. I will conquer this fear? will it be today??????

What is your stool? When will you defeat it???

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JOLIEYOUNG29 10/29/2009 12:12PM

    My stool would have to be swimming. I want to swim but I get scared when I think of being under the water especially if its deep. My palms are getting seaty just thinking of it as I type!

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BLONDEDOG 10/29/2009 11:18AM

    I love this blog!!!!!! I fear the unknown. I am going to a concert with my sister in downtown Indianapolis. Usually I'd do something like that with my husband who would do the driving. I used to live there, so I used to drive there...now, I'm scared. And I'm not just scared of the driving. I'm scared of going somewhere I've never been. I won't go in stores I've never been to by myself...even a grocery store. I just feel like everyone's looking at me. I'm particularly bad with bars...ugh...makes me puke just thinking about it.

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KNITTERGAL73 10/29/2009 10:40AM

    I would also love to run on the treadmil, and I too am top heavy. I only use the treadmill at the gym, so I am very self-conscious about trying something new in front of people I fear will judge me. Or at very least look at me. I would love to have a treadmill at home that I could work on in private. I also would love to run in a 5K. Good luck - you'll get there just like Dina.

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RMREEVESOLIS 10/29/2009 10:31AM

    I can relate to running. I was so afraid to run, that was about 5 years ago. Then I thought, why am I so afraid to give it a try? I started off with only being able to run for half minute to a minute then have to walk 5 to 10 minutes, then I slowly builded myself up. I now love to run. You can get there, if you want. It is definitely a mental block and you can overcome it! Also, invest in a good sports bra for running. It will definitely make a world of difference and make it a more enjoyable experience. When I did have larger breast, I really liked the Moving Comfort Fiona style. You will pay $40 or more, but WELL worth the comfort.


Good luck with signing up for a 5K next year. Are you trying the Couch to 5K program? I've heard good things about that program. I'm running my 2nd 5k next month and very excited.

My Dina's stool is swimming! I would love to try a Tri-Race, but my swimming is really bad. I enjoy being in the water, but my swimming skills are horrible. It holds me back for even looking into doing a Tri-Race. I don't like water on my eyes or nose. I am saying, I can't even stand it in the shower!

Thank for blogging about this. I think I will have to start with just letting the water run over my face in the shower to overcome that. Then maybe I will have to look at signing up for swimming lessons next year. Will I be in the children's class? LOL

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When you're dieting you can smell M&Ms

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So today was the Halloween party at Daniel's preschool and he looked so cute. He got a treat bag to take home and in it were some M&M snack packs, ( He is a total chocoholic like his mom). He wanted a bag so I opened them and then buckled him into his car seat, as we drove toward home I could literally smell the chocolate ( isn't the candy shell supposed to protect me from that??) I did have two pieces that he dropped on my seat- they were yum, I don't think I ve had an M&M in 6 months. Now I'm trying to decide where to put the candy so I don't eat the rest. Seriously did you know M&M's smelled????????

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CINDEELOU 10/29/2009 3:23PM

    Gosh can I relate. Your awesome for going that long without an M&M. That,s a hard situation to be in, but as the mom, I bet you can figure out a great way to not let the M&M's tempt you, but still have them around for your son.

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LIQUEURLADY 10/29/2009 2:43PM

    oh yes oh yes...and I can smell a baked good at 20 paces; even rice has a smell... emoticon

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MICHCLEARY 10/28/2009 7:56PM

    Funny story! I bought candy that I don't like to give away for Halloween. It's been on the shelf in my closet for two weeks and I haven't been tempted. Put it in the freezer. It can't smell from there.

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HARVESTHILL 10/28/2009 4:04PM

    I think we can definitely detect smells like that. I no longer put sugar in or on anything I make and I try not to have any sweets. But I do use stevia to sweeten my coffee and tea. Not only can I smell the sweetness, tiny particles of the stevia become airborne and I can taste it. Heightened senses or something!
M&Ms are a huge weakness of mine. I allowed myself a small bag of peanut M&Ms from a hotel vending machine when I was at a business meeting. I had just logged all my food and found, at 9:00pm, that I was 200 calories away from meeting even the low end of my calorie goal! So I got the M&Ms as a treat. It was heaven!! I savored each one individually. The alarming thing was that when I was done I found myself thinking that I could easily eat 5 or 6 more bags!! Which is what I used to do, but not anymore. It was distressing to feel the old craving monster rear its head!
Thanks for the great blog!

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JESSYVIRGINY 10/28/2009 3:25PM

    when you are dieting you can smell anything from a great distance. i have no idea why.

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BLONDEDOG 10/28/2009 2:43PM

    mmmm....join the ranks...I had a small bag of m&m minis today and they were terrific! Now, how on earth am I going to get thru Halloween!?!


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WILLRUN4DISNEY 10/28/2009 1:43PM

    Oh yeah I can smell me some chocolate. You're not crazy!

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WILLIN1768 10/28/2009 1:31PM

    They definitely have a smell.

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SASKATIA 10/28/2009 1:24PM

  Oh yes. I can smell any chocolate from across the room.

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CHELLE1230 10/28/2009 1:18PM

    Hahahaha! This blog is hilarious! emoticon

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Creativity is good for the soul!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This weekend my dear friend Maryjo hosted an all day scrapbooking event. She has one of these every October and every year it is so much fun. I love being around all those other creative women, it is so inspiring to see the projects they are working on and the new supplies they have discovered. Plus there is just something about being around all that pretty paper and glitter and ribbon ( don't let me get carried away). The creativity is contagious!!!!! Even though I do scrapbooking as a job, I still love it as a hobby. Making something for yourself and others to enjoy is really good for the soul, it always reminds me that there is an artist in every one of us.

Have you let your inner artist out to play lately??? If not go create something today, It's good for the soul!!!!!

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BLONDEDOG 10/27/2009 2:33PM

    That is the most fantastic job in the WORLD! I am SO jealous! :)

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JULESANA8818 10/27/2009 12:00PM

    Yes, I work at Jo-ann Fabrics, and I am a certified SDU Scrapbooking instructor. I also teach cardmaking, and Cricut classes. I also occasionally make scrapbooks for other people as a side job. So crafts are a HUGE part of my life!!!

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BLONDEDOG 10/27/2009 8:29AM

    I'm going to let mine out this week to modify a dress for Halloween! I wish I had time for scrapbooking. I didn't know you did it for a job, that is FANTASTIC! How does that work? Do you have a product or do people hire you to make scrapbooks for them? I'm so curious now! :) I love being creative so I agree with everything you have to say, as always!


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Heart Chart Update.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's been a while since I posted a picture of my "heart Chart" where I daily log my weight loss. It givces me a visual reminder of my progress and I think it's kinda cute too. Ahhh the things you can make with a Cricut die Cutter.

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CINDEELOU 10/27/2009 12:17PM

    This is such a great visual motivator. Keep it up. You motivate me.

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BLONDEDOG 10/26/2009 11:49AM

    I just love this! Look at all those hearts! WOOT!!!!

Great job girl!


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WILLRUN4DISNEY 10/25/2009 11:37AM

    Oh I love this. What a cool idea!

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JESSYVIRGINY 10/25/2009 11:22AM

    that is so cool. i'm going to do one to...if you don't mind..

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ROCKYCPA 10/25/2009 10:49AM

    I love your chart - what a neat way to track your weight loss. Keep up the good work.

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MICHCLEARY 10/25/2009 10:34AM

    What a cool idea. I would have to do mine weekly. I try not to weigh myself everyday or I go psycho over the little ups and downs.

I had a goal in mind for New Moon and have already surpassed that. Can't wait for the movie!!!!

Keep up the good work you're doing!

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