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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This has been a busy week! Went to the Dr.---she wasn't happy with me since I was without meds. I'm biting the bullet and getting back on!
DH is better. He goes back to the Dr. Tuesday. Hopefully, he'll get a good report. Will be anxious to find out what she says!
Hope you all have a great week!

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DEB2448 5/21/2010 12:15AM

    Keeping you both in my prayers.

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DEE107 5/17/2010 8:16AM

    praying for you and hubby and please take care my friend hugs

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LKWQUILTER 5/17/2010 6:40AM

    Glad you are back on your meds. I won't "fuss" or play "mother". Take care of yourself and your dh. ((HUGS))

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NEW-CAZ 5/17/2010 3:42AM

    Oh dear, you got a slapped wrist but at least your doc has your best interests at heart.
Hope all goes well for DH
Stay healthy!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 5/17/2010 12:57AM

    Keeping you both in prayers...

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DEVORA4 5/17/2010 12:43AM

  Let us know how DH is doing, Take care and feel well.

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Update on DH (and more!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We got DH into our Dr. yesterday. He was in pretty bad shape. Her gut feeling is this is not an allergic reaction but not real sure what's going on! Gave him a shot of cortizone and put him on prednazone! (not sure I spelled then right!) Today he is much better! The blood work yesterday showed his kidneys not working up to par and will recheck him in a week! After he is healed, she wants to do a biopsy on his leg to see if that will tell us anything.
The And more---tomorrow I have an appointment I'm not looking forward to because I've been a VERY naughty girl.--I've been without 3 of my meds for about 2 months!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 5/17/2010 12:56AM

    Praying for you and your DH...

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DEE107 5/15/2010 11:52PM

    Judy you cant do that dont want anything to happen to you sweetie hugs

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HEYRED221 5/12/2010 11:54AM

    Glad your DH is feeling better. Hope all goes well with you as well :-)

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CATHY629 5/12/2010 8:26AM

    I hope all goes well for both of you,take good care of each other

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LKWQUILTER 5/12/2010 7:15AM

    Sure hope all works out well with your dh. Also, Judy you know to take care of you. I will play mama--make sure you keep your meds and stay on schedule with them.

One good thing--my dh is on predizone and he calls it his little miracle pill. He is now on a very low dose (only 2 mg/day) and is does the trick. He has some type of arthritis that is really painful for his joints and muscles.

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NEW-CAZ 5/12/2010 4:43AM

    i hope all the test results are good and nothing serious shows- a stressful time I know.

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DEVORA4 5/11/2010 11:59PM

  Hi, Praying for good results for both of you Your pal debby akadevora4 emoticon

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DEVORA4 5/11/2010 11:56PM

  Hey Judy, I am praying forgood results for both of you. Your pal, debby aka devora4 emoticon

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GUCCI-MOMMA 5/11/2010 11:31PM

    You both take very good care of yourselves. I hope all the tests turn out not to be serious. Love and best of thoughts going your way!!

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ROWINGPRINCESS 5/11/2010 11:01PM

    Stressful I'd say hope they figure it all out. So are you going to go get those meds?

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XHASTEDMOMOF2 5/11/2010 10:42PM

    Hugs for you while you worry over your DH and then 40 lashes with a wet noodle for not taking your meds!! (Only cuz I care about you!!)


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USFBULL 5/11/2010 10:37PM

    Hope all is correctable and will be soon. emoticon

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    I hope everyone feels better soon! emoticon

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Instead of are usual Mother's Day with dinner out, we ended up in Urgent Care! My dh has cellulitis. Went to the Dr. on Tuesday and since he is having a reaction to the antibiotics! His body looks like he has a sunburn! He's bright red! The Dr. at Urgent Care didn't seem to take this too seriously. Said to get an over the counter med for the reaction--no new antibiotic! Tomorrow will be another trip to our Dr. emoticon

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DEE107 5/15/2010 11:51PM

    my mother just had that and ended up in er and a stay in the hospital tooo

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MBSKIT 5/10/2010 4:01PM

    I hope that you DH is better. Seems to me like he needed more than OTC meds.

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HAPPY1049 5/10/2010 3:50PM

    It seems a shame that our doctors don't seem to show much concern for us a lot of the time. I thank God that my husband now has a very caring doctor who even comes out to the house to visit him if needed.
I sure hope your husband does not get worse. You won't forget this Mother's Day! Hope he is well soon.

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FORMERTEACHER 5/10/2010 12:11PM

    Wow! My mother was just diagnosed with cellulitis a week ago. She was in rehab and they moved her back to the hospital so they could give her 3 antibiotics introvenously. Hope urgent care is treating your husband correctly.

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TASOGAREBAN 5/10/2010 12:00PM

    Wow. Maybe on Father's Day you can pull something like this on him (fake it, pls. Don't actually get hurt!) and then you both can appreciate each other all the more! :)

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HEYRED221 5/10/2010 11:42AM

    Hope he is doing better today.

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NEW-CAZ 5/10/2010 3:52AM

    Hope DH is better soon Judy

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RURAL3 5/9/2010 11:21PM

    a mother's day you will always remember. I pray DH is doing better.

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DEVORA4 5/9/2010 9:17PM

  Health is the main issue. Hope your DH is on the mends by now.

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    Sometimes I wonder about the Urgent Care places. My daughter took her boyfriend to one a couple weeks ago because he was having so many problems with hives and allergic reaction. They basically just sent him home and told him to keep an eye on it and take some OTC Benedryl. A little over an hour later he was four times worse and in the ER. He was having a bad allergic reaction and it took them several hours and IV meds to get it under control enough to send him home.

Keep an eye on your hubby and if he doesn't seem to be getting better--or is getting worse--take him to the ER. Better safe than sorry. Allergic reactions are nothing to mess with!

Hope that you had a great Mother's Day (other than for this!)

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Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 08, 2010

To all my spark friends -- I want to wish you a very happy Mother's Day! You may be a Mom or a Grandma or as all of us, we have a mom!
Enjoy your day tomorrow and I hope you can celebrate with your family! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PHYL220 5/9/2010 6:55PM

    Happy Mother's Day!!

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MIMIKK7 5/9/2010 9:32AM

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!! emoticonMay your day be very special.

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ENAS38 5/9/2010 8:28AM

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 5/9/2010 3:53AM

    Right back attcha hun emoticon

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DEVORA4 5/8/2010 11:17PM

  you too Judy. emoticon emoticon

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NANALD 5/8/2010 10:10PM

    Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely ladies in this group! emoticon

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GEODAWG 5/8/2010 9:51PM

    Celebrate! HMD to you too!

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DEE107 5/8/2010 9:33PM

    Happy Mothers Day to you too my friend

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ELLFIN3 5/8/2010 9:10PM

    Back at you!!!!!!!!!!

emoticon emoticon

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NELLIEC 5/8/2010 9:05PM

    Happy Mother's Day!

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PERSISTANT123 5/8/2010 9:04PM

    Thank you, and the same to you!

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1THING 5/8/2010 8:57PM

    thank you!

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MNABOY 5/8/2010 8:48PM

    Without mothers we would not be here!

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Sunday, May 2

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Another busy day! So what's new? Went to Church and Sunday School this morning. Then we went and found some more plants to get in the garden--dh planted some of them.
It was a nice, sunny day so walked about 3 miles.
And when we went to WalMart to get flowers I bought a new netbook--or I should say I ordered it! I got a purple one--my favorite color. Can't wait to get it!
Tomorrow is another busy day--and so is Tuesday!

Need to finish "sparking" and get to bed!
Night all!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GABY1948 5/3/2010 6:12AM

    Great day, Judy! Have a wonderful week too!

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NEW-CAZ 5/3/2010 3:41AM

    Sounds like a productive day Judy emoticon

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DEVORA4 5/3/2010 1:17AM

  sounds like a perfect day emoticon

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