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Self-talk keeping me going

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OK. I talked myself into my Fitness exercise class and Water Aerobics today. I am really sore from the exercise CD and the one mile walk I talked myself into yesterday. I really over did it so I am going to cut down a little and walk the 30 mins. and see if I can increase my distance in the 30 mins. on the days I don't do the exercise classes. I really enjoy the walking with my little dog and enjoy the weather we are having here in South East GA.My eating plan is going very well.I just feel that I need to find an activity to do, as well on the days that I am not at an exercise class. So, I guess that I will put in walking only for right now. If weather does not allow walking then I 'll put in the Exercise CD. I had to have a little talk with myself and tell myself that not too much on that day even though I had been exercising for about three months or more. I started feeling better with the pain in the lower back,so I put in walking and felt even better, but when I put in the CD exercise and walking," Boy!" I really felt bad the next day. So I will listen to my body not my mind this time. Well, think I will take it easy for the rest of the day and hope I am recovered tomorrow. Got to do exercise classes all over again tomorrow.


Today I won the head battle

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ya! I did it today. I really completed my plans for my new addition to my exercise plan. Man! it was hard,but I spent time on here and read some blogs that really got me going. So thankful for Sparkpeople out there. I had to really do some tough self talk to get going. I feel so much better after I got it all done. Hey, if I did it today I can do it Friday which is the next day that I have to go through the "added exercises" to my program. I am already talking myself into it now. LOL It will take that long to get me to ready do it. LOL I will be doing a fitness exercise class and water aerobics tomorrow. I have been doing that for about three months now and got that under control. So I can cool it with the self-talk for tonight. whew! LOL Hugs everyone.

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JUDY106 9/11/2012 10:37PM

    love the quote:
If you want to change your BODY, you first have to change your MIND.

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SH9719 9/11/2012 7:11PM

    Congrats! Your toughest enemy can be yourself. Every vicory over self doubt is worth celebrating.It is one more barrier down.

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MAGGIEVAN 9/11/2012 7:08PM

    Yes, you can do it. I am glad you know the battle of the bulge and everything else is won or lost in the mind. Good on you!

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A better morning pain wise

Monday, September 10, 2012

Well, this morning got up feel a little less pain. I can see where the strength training exercise class this really helping with pain in my blower back. It seems as if I do some low impact exercisers at home with a CD I even get to feel a little better. see that I need some kind of exercise every day, even though I really work around the house cleaning on the days that I don't go to the exercise classes. i lost 2 lbs. of fat since last Monday's weight in. I think putting in just a little more exercise did that for me. Now, I need to work on my arms by lifting weights and doing toning exercises. OK, this week need to work on arms and walk on days that I don't do exercise classes. i am getting ready for the exercise classes now. i will do 45 minus. of Fitness exercises (low impact) and 30 minis. later go to Water Aerobics for 60 minis. I do this three times per week. I am feeling so much better health wise and pain is really less than before doing this. Everybody have a good day.

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WONDERFUL2BME 9/10/2012 4:45PM

    It sounds like you have the exercise thing down. I have been dealing with a swollen knee from exercise. As soon as it lets up, I will get with it again. I am soaking it in epsom salts and eatting potassium rich foods so it should begin healing pretty quickly.

I added you a a friend as well.

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WELLNESSME09 9/10/2012 8:20AM

    emoticon on your weight loss ! emoticon

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Yay! I did it!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ok I really did go for the walk. I walked for 15 mins. one way and then 15 mins. back. I was able to walk a little farther this time in the 15 mins. going and made it back in the same time it took to get that distance. I feel really better mental and physically. I knew that I would but will not do this for myself every day. I need to do this for me because this is one good thing that I can do for me and it does not cost me a cent. My little dog loved it. You can see she feel so BIG walking with me. she sees the other BIG dogs and she thinks she is just as big. LOL i am now going to do some arms toning excises with 5 lbs. weights. i wanted to put this into my workout plan because my arms are not going not as fast as the rest of my body. When I measured the arms they were not going down as much as the rest of me. I guess you could say my arms are at a stand still. LOL so I am going to add some weight lifting toning exercises on the days that I walk. Wow! the Sparkpeople site is really a good thing for me. i am doing better than ever before because of the Blog entry, even if no one reads it. I read my last blog and see what I told myself that I am going to do and then it gets me moving. Thanks Sparkpeople!!!

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 9/9/2012 9:25PM

    Keep up the good work!! You're doing good!!

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KALLIE1958AR 9/9/2012 12:39PM

    emoticon emoticon

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PURSUEJOY 9/9/2012 11:12AM

    Well done, YOU!!! I find it hard to get out for my walks, too ~ so your post encourages me. Glad I spotted it!

I'm with you on the arms issue too...I should add some strength training, but I have recurrent tendinitis in my left wrist and makes holding and working with hand weights nearly impossible - unless I just do it one sided.

But ANYWAY ~ glad you posted - and isn't SP just an unbelievably great site??!!! I LOVE it!!

Have a great day!

emoticon emoticon

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Keeping "ME "in CHECK

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tracked my breakfast, just re-read my blog from yesterday to maybe get me going on the walk. OK still not moving. I well get up and put outside clothes on and get out the door when I finish the last sentence Will report later.


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