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Taking the baby to the park - in utero!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just finished reading the latest blog post from Katy Bowman of Aligned and Well www.alignedandwell.com/?p=3994&optio
It was so inspiring! Especially when I topped it off with her previous post, Walking, with kids. I figure if I start taking the baby to the park now, I'll be in the habit when it's born!

I *had* to get some extra sleep this morning so I missed my prenatal yoga class, but now I have time for a walk! I'm fortunate to be close enough to a park that I can do the hanging exercises she talks about as well. I can't do a pull-up yet, but just hanging my body weight from my shoulders has had a big impact on my range of motion in that joint! So here I am, promising to go for at least one walk today, with stretches!

One more day to ultrasound.... emoticon



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can't believe I'm in my fifth month already! We get to see the baby and find out it's gender on Thursday and I will be exactly half-way through my pregnancy. It's been a long time coming - maybe after that ultrasound it'll seem more real!

The holidays through me off a little; I had just gotten my first-trimester eating under control at Thanksgiving, but by mid-December all the extra treats and parties got to me and I finally developed sugar cravings. My doctor isn't concerned about my weight gain so far, but encouraged me to be as cognizant as I have been, but stop the holiday pattern. I've gained 15 pounds by my home scale and I would like to stay within the 25-35 pound range at delivery. Right now, it's just really important that I get back to my 90% high-nutrient diet and get more walking miles in!

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THATGALNIKKI06 1/25/2012 1:39AM

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I wish you the best in everything. It sounds like you are doing great diet wise...so for sure you will have a happy, healthy baby soon. YAY! emoticon

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LJVANHORN10 1/25/2012 1:17AM


I was working on losing weight when I was pregnant and thankfully only gained 16 lbs for the whole thing. After giving birth, I lost 11 right away! My son was 7lb 2oz. (he is 13 now and will have a b-day in April!)

Keep up the good work and have a safe and healthy delivery! emoticon

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Another new pound gone!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lost a pound this week (woo-hoo!); apparently this is the time of the month when I lose weight. I'm glad I've been journaling my weight and inches with monthly commentary because it became very clear after looking at three months of records that I lose weight right before pms, then there is some fluctuation before the next pound comes off. The only sad part is that if I'm right about the pattern, the one pound I lost this week will be the only pound I lose all month! But that's ok, because the inches keep coming off regardless.

I've been able to work out with my friend this week and I learned that I can push myself much harder on the elliptical than I realized! I also started getting a little (just a little!) more serious about using weights for strength training, so I'm hoping that has a positive effect on my shape and strength. I started with an easy fundamental workout, but then started popping in my circuit training DVD 10 minutes at a time. That definitely made me sore, so I know that it's more effective and the great part is that I can count it as cardio as well.

I have to mention this: I have been ravenously hungry all week and ate a colossal 1000 calories over maintenance in one day. This was accompanied by a 2-pound DROP in weight (!) and about three inches lost.Since that day I have been furiously trying to burn it off with cardio and keep my munchies for the rest of the week in check. (As the week progressed, the weight came back up slowly) This means that I haven't counted any of my cardio for the week toward my time goals - more on that in a minute - but have only counted it toward the extra food I've been eating. As of yesterday, I had almost gotten things evened out when I had a tiny piece of cake which caused my blood sugar to crash hard, resulting in an extra couple of snacks before bed. The snacks were quite necessary, but it was too bad after all that careful planning and eating all day! Just skipping the cake would have prevented the whole thing. In any case, I decided none of it mattered anyway because I did maintain a weight loss and inches loss for the week! Now, to try to stay under calories today...

My current goals for the next week:
Finish my 10 1-mile runs -- 6 left, no problem!
Finish my 6 10-min weights sessions - 4 left, no problem!
Finish my 30 20-min cardio sessions - 26 left, yikes! I better do some hiking next week!!

I'm trying out this time-based system rather than calorie-based for the cardio. I think it will make me more motivated to make my time count and work at a higher intensity, but we'll see. Today's really the first day doing it that way because I was only counting my cardio toward offsetting food intake all week, and I worked out at my highest intensity yet.

Next Saturday is the end of my two-week goals and I'll probably do a month next time. I like that better, it allows for more ebb and flow to my energy levels.


What a nice surprise!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I finally got a catch-up-on-sleep day today and when I weighed myself at noon, I was back down to 158.5! We'll see how it goes next week, but it was definitely encouraging after the big workouts I've done this week and how careful I've been with tracking my eating.

I'm going to keep up with the 700-calorie workout days as much as I can, move my jogging mileage from 4 miles a week to 5 miles a week, and stay in my sparkpeople calorie range. I love what a fellow sparker said, "I finish what I start, unless God has other plans". So this is what I'll do unless God has other plans. Otherwise, I'll get it all done!

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DOTTIEJANE1 8/20/2011 4:12PM

    Congrats on the weight loss and getting sleep. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Stayed within my calorie range!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I burned so many calories yesterday, and got so little sleep, that I was SUPER hungry and ended up eating some extra healthy snacks. I was sure that I had used up my lovely calorie deficit for the day, but I didn't! I was actually still within my calorie range! It was really encouraging to see that, especially since the scale is going up instead of down. *sigh* I guess I'm busting my butt for another 1/2 pound of weight loss every two weeks. At least it IS going down! I will not be defeated.

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JSMILE50 8/19/2011 1:34AM

    Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

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BABYBY2012 8/18/2011 5:12PM


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LYNXSPOTS1108 8/18/2011 3:46PM

    Way to stay positive! Also, way to go on the healthy snacks. Most people would turn to ANY snacks, but you stayed focused to have snacks that were better for you! emoticon

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