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Rock It!! Week Two

Monday, July 09, 2012

We are to schedule an Active rest day this week.(Oxymoron) This is something that I can do on Saturdays since it usually is my active rest day for me. I normally walk one of my dogs on a serious walk and we have fun since he likes to walk to this park near our house. I normally can't go there since my other pup is not well. I work up a sweat and by the time I get home and relax for the rest of the day.

S - 8 min warm up (Zumba) 17 min Zumba Ab routine in the morning
50 min Zumba 10 min Ab workout emoticon
M&F - 30 min Hip Hop Abs emoticon - 100 Crunches on Ball / 40 push ups(100 really) emoticon
W - 23 min Zumba Abs - 60 Crunches on Ball /40 push ups emoticon
T&TH - 45 min Turbo Jam Body Sculpt - 60 Crunches on Ball /40 push ups emoticon
S - Walk George - Active Rest Day! emoticon

For Bonus points (20) I need to share 2 secrets to my success.

I am not sure you can call this a secret. I work out in the mornings and do so w/a great deal of zeal. I have Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam. I have others also. I love these so much. When I work out I get into it so much and put so much into it. When I finally got my act together, I did a challenge for one month of 100 crunches a day in May and since then I have done at least 60. I also did a jazzercise cardio emoticon routine that really worked to get me into the start of good shape. I graduated to my hip hop abs emoticon and this week I am going to add in my turbo jam body sculpt. I am going to hurt by the end of the week, I know it. Hmmm? Secret, 2? Well let's just say it is that I consistently work out everyday! Accountability is my next "secret". I work out better when I know there are people that are aware of what I am doing. I am going to think more on this as the week progresses. I hope to have something more substantial to reveal by weeks end.

7/11/12 - This is a really good week. Only prob is Turbo Sculpt, that workout has burned my butt!! I have workesd out really hard and I am so sore!! I am doing all these millions of squats and my butt feels it. I am sitting on my couch and normally this is a comfy seat, well not tonite!! emoticon

7/13/12 - Today is Friday and the soreness is almost gon e!! I have worked out successfully everyday this week. I am not going to promise I will do something tomorrow(Saturday) since I normally don't aside from taking a brisk walk w/my little Georgey. I still need to get in more fitness minutes though. I am going to add that to my goal for next week. I want to end next week at 750 fitness minutes. I am working my way up to 1000 p/week.

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ELLEJAY7 7/10/2012 7:36AM

    Sounds like a great plan! Good luck. Hip Hop abs just sounds painful! emoticon

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Rock IT! Make it count!! Week One

Monday, July 02, 2012

Our assignment is to blog our workout plan for this week. Well I am not a very good blogger. I am excited about this challenge since I am starting at week one. I want to do my team proud!! Let's get it on Sparklers!! We are going kick butt, better yet we are going to LOOSE some BUTT!! YEAH!!! emoticon

" The main challenge this week, plan 3-5 workouts through out the week and complete them."

S - 50 min Zumba 10 min Ab workout
MF - 23 min Cardio Ab routine - 100 Crunches on Ball - 40 push ups(100 really)
W 30 min Hip Hop Abs 60 Crunches on Ball - 40 push ups
T TH 45 Hip Hip Abs - 60 Crunches on Ball 40 push ups
S Walk George and whatever else I can do. Saturday is just a busyday and then again not a busy day.
**7/3/12- Well so far I have been true to my plan!!! I hurt but it is a good hurt! I forgot that the 45 min HipHop Abs is a 35 min sculpt and 10 min cardio. I did it and my crunches and push ups. If I were a puppy, I would get a pat on the head emoticon Good Girl!!
**7/5/12 - I am still doing good. I actually added a 17 min ab routine from Zumba and was totally loving it. I am so going to add that one in where ever I can since it is so much fun!! emoticon
**7/7/12-Wow!! This was a great week. Ilost "3" pounds!!
Chest - 47"
Upper Arm - 16 1/2"
Waist - 45 1/4"
Hips - 52"
Thigh - 30 1/4"

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SEXYSLIM78 7/7/2012 7:56AM

    emoticonfellow sparkler emoticon

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    What a great plan!! Hope you have a great WEEK!

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MOM2FAB4 7/2/2012 9:11PM

    You are so awesome! The Sparklers are going to totally Rock It!!! emoticon

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WUBBY82 7/2/2012 5:59PM

    This Rock It! season has got me so excited and motivated! Can't wait to cheer you on, girl! This Bahama Mama wishes you luck!! *hugs*

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Dancin' Is Fun!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

I have found that w/my new found desire to get up off my seat,(how polite) dancin' is a great means of movin'. I walk in the morning and if I am really tired I talk myself out of exercising. Well to make up for that after I get home from work, I do a little boogie! I use the steps that I learned from the different videos that I use and even some movies. My dogs look at me like I'm nuts, but that's cool. I dance "at" them and they eventually move out the way. I get alot of sweatin' in and it makes me smile. I have my ipod and this set of music I call "sweatin' music" andit's FUN!!! This is mood elevating, foot stompin', bootie shakin' music. emoticon

I have a way now to have fun and not be so structured when I work out if I don't do the scheduled/structued stuff.

By the way I did some Bollywood dancing today and really looked like a dork, but a happy one!! emoticon

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OAKLEYAJ 4/13/2012 5:44AM

    emoticon you go head and work your body, and have fun and lose weight. enjoying yourself !!!! emoticon

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JLDACQ 4/9/2012 12:10PM

    Remembering the moves our bodies know how to do comes with even a small amount of weight loss. I've never liked walking, ever, but when I found some walking videos and I could do all the moves, including upper body, while walking, it suddenly made the time spend with my MP3 player quite enjoyable. :-D

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AKRONEWITTER1 4/7/2012 5:41PM

    I know what you mean I love to dance too. It doesn't even feel like exercise.

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Impossible, I Don't Think So!!

Monday, April 02, 2012

One of my challenges: Consistency!!! I was about to give up, then I realized I have not really utilized Sparkpeople to the fullest. I have looked at different teams to see what they are about. What I have found are some teams that I can work with and will work w/me.

I have the desire to loose this weight but I "claim" exhaustion emoticon" . Well no more. I found this quote on Pinterest andI have made this my background. When I am claiming that I can't. I have this quote in my head and at my desk (home and work). I'M POSSIBLE!!! emoticon

I am friends w/so many on Sparkpeople, People that really care, really want the same things I WANT!! One team has daily birthdays and we give out B'day wishes and it is so cool to give warm fuzzies. I love it!! I enjoy giving kudos. emoticon

I can do this and I am working thru my laziness or whatever you want to call it and AFTER I get thru a month I will be on the road to "watch out here I come"!!! emoticon

I want to succeed. I need to succeed. I WILLSUCCEED!!! emoticon

Time for bed so I can get up in the morning andwork out!! emoticon

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JSELLINGTON 4/3/2012 6:45PM

    This morning I was not feeling the energy to do my workout. As I was walking over to feed my dogs, I remembered what I said in my blog. Well too bad if you don't feel like it, go do something and I did!!! I did my burlesque jazzercize video(20min). I felt so good and I knew I had to share. YEAH I DID IT!!!!!

Thank you SparkFamily!!! emoticon emoticon

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JLDACQ 4/3/2012 12:55PM

    Oh I love that quote!! And it's plastered all over the background on your Sparkpage too!

Consistency is what will make this work for you. Apparently that's been the big secret all these years that I didn't know.

Spark on!

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I Did Something which is better than nothing

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Just a quick word here, I overslept but I did not let that stop me. I went to the On Demand menu and found a 10 minute exercise and completed that. I am proud of myself. I did not say anything negative to myself and I worked it. HAPPY DANCE TIME!!!! emoticon

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SHAWNEDA 8/4/2011 10:25PM

    Happy dancing with you! emoticon Keep sparking!

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FITFABJENN 8/4/2011 8:55AM

    Yea, 10 minutes of something is always better than nothing. Good for you!

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CATREB 8/4/2011 8:39AM

    emoticon you should be proud of yourself, that is awesome!!

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