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Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Insulation going; Cold weather coming!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Brrrr! North Carolina is cold right now and will be for the next week. I have been thinking that this cold has not bothered me so much in the past and have begun to wonder why it is so pesky this year.

Could it be that less insulation translates to a need for a warmer coat??

I am gratefully down ANOTHER POUND today! I kissed my scale! That makes TWENTY FOUR big ones!! I think about that and imagine myself lugging in the 20 pound tub of kitty litter, or the 25 pound bag of bird seed, or those 6 four pound logs for my fireplace that I bought this morning.

WOW ! I have lost that much weight! Who would have thought that back in July when I started on this path?

Down 2-3 sizes in my pants; in REAL blue jeans; living with less aches and pains and much more energy!

Has it been worth it? Yes, every minute! I never dreamed I would achieve this. And to not have any problems over one holiday...I am now confident I will make it through Christmas without any gain!

Life is good!

My walking buddy is in surgery this morning (the dreaded neuter job) so we will be out of commission for a few days. Keep the poor litttle guy in your thoughts! Thanks!


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FARMERGIRL2950 12/10/2009 10:16PM

  I agree

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BKNOCK 12/8/2009 10:26PM

    JOyce, I am much colder this year too. I don't remember having this much cold and rain so soon before! Your poor little guy, I hope he is going to be okay.

Take care, and stay warm!

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A Higher Power Helps To Burn Off Melting Pot Calories!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Who would have thought that I would spend the night bounding up and down my stairs, resetting my security system and talking to my now new friend, Cary, at CPI Security??

Shortly after midnight the fiasco began. My house was filled with beeping and blaring noises. NIce to wake up to. Touching the bedroom door and finding it cool I proceeded past the noise eminating from my hallway ceiling and from the downstairs hallway and reached my panel about the same time as the booming voice inquired, "Do you need the fire department?" over the speaker in my hallway.

Well, Cary and I become close friends after multiple alarms during the night. I finally told her I would be taking a shower, and to give me 10 minutes...not to call the FD if it went off again. It was getting pretty funny since she gave up answering over the speaker and just phoned me after the phone line released each time. We were considering breakfast together except she is located 150 miles away!. Darn!

So, I am on "PRIORITY" for a maintenance call ...

Just had 2 more alarms and I have now met "Misha" the 7-3 shift!

So, the upshot is this...there is definitely a higher power that wanted me to work off those Melting Pot calories! I am sure I have done that now.

Oh, and the weight is the same... so....... guess it's all working out ok!



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GALLYGIRL4LIFE 12/5/2009 2:13AM

    Great story Joyce!!

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BKNOCK 12/4/2009 8:47AM

    Joyce, I like your attitude! Please take time to take a nap today when this is all over!

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HELGA1958 12/4/2009 7:31AM

    You have more patience then me. I would have ripped the thing off the wall.

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ANGELREIGNS 12/4/2009 7:13AM

  Well what a wakek up call for a Friday morning! I hope the weekend allows you to sleep in a bit to make up for it!

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Melting Pot Special and the Jean's Strategy!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Today was a day of eating. I had lunch with my realtor (I was her first client 10 years ago!) at Capri. The Italian food was great! I chose the Chicken something (can't pronouce the Italian name) that was terrific! Prepared with mushrooms and capers in wine, it was served with fresh steamed veggies. The salad was baby spinach with a slice of tomato. The dressing was on the side and I had a tiny amount. The homemade bread - I only took a half piece.

Now, somehow I had forgotten that I had made plans with a couple of friend's to go to Melting Pot tonight! Two meals out in one day. Uh oh... It was their Christmas Sweater Special - you wore a Christmas sweater and they gave you dinner for $35 of which $5 went to St. Jude's Hospital. So, here is my strategy...I wore my tightest jeans (I have bought a newer pair a size down from what I bought 2 weeks ago to "work into"...) I figured I would eat less as I felt the beltline tightening! Let me tell you how yummy the cheese fondue was, followed by the meats in broth and of course the chocolate turtle fondue! I made a deal with my friends and I got the cheescake, a pound cake square, two marshmallows and a banana slice. They got the rest! I was SO happy with that cheesecake...what a treat!

The jeans worked! I definitely ate less than I would have normally eaten when I go there!

We'll see how I feel about things in the morning when I visit my friend the scale! emoticon


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BKNOCK 12/4/2009 6:28AM

    Sounds like you had fun! Where is Capri? I want to take my friend to the Melting Pot because I have not been in years! Good plan with the jeans!

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GALLYGIRL4LIFE 12/4/2009 3:02AM

    I like this Jean's strategy...I'm going to have to try it out.

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SMARTIEBEE 12/4/2009 12:08AM

    It sounds like a wonderful day! Good for you for making good choices with the food too! At least you got to taste the stuff you really like! The thing about eating out that gets me is the salt! We use very little salt as a rule, so it doesn't take much for me!

Way to go on the Smaller jeans too!


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Sometimes Life Surprises You!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time goes on with this journey of better health style. And now with my new buddy I can really see that it is SO much easier to keep on track. He keeps me going outside about 5 times a day and we try to take a good walk daily or go out and mix among people.

I have been "preoccupied" with Wiley the past 2 weeks and was not sure that I was continuing to tend to my eating habits as well. But when I looked at my calendar posts of my weight I am still losing a pound a week! That was a pleasant surprise because I have not been as "fixated" on the numbers and logging foods, etc. I have tried to sty on the program of stability - pretty much eating the same foods that I know work well within my daily requirements.

Now, we'll see how it goes over the holidays. I don't expect big problems and would be happy with just holding until after Christmas. We'll see how it goes.

Wiley and I visited the Assisted Living Facility Sunday where I used to be the Director of Nursing. It was wonderful to see all of my residents and staff again. And Wiley was such a hit. The stories about everyone's own experiences and memories of their own dogs came out. Two hours passed before I knew it! They asked me to please come back again so we will make that our "practice" grounds for his training.

It feels so good and so right to have a pup again!


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PAMG415 12/2/2009 10:25AM

    Awww, so sweet. He seems like a precious pet. He keeps you on your toes and such a good companion. That was great of you to make the trip to the Assisted Living, I know it was treat for them to have such a loving adorable little thing coming to visit. Keep it up.


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SMARTIEBEE 11/24/2009 10:39PM

    Way to go Joyce! It is such a great feeling, and then when you realize that healthy living and eating has actually become a habit you don't have to think about that much it just makes it better! I am glad you are enjoying that little cutie so much! He is adorable!


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CAROLJ35 11/24/2009 8:40PM

    I'm glad Wiley has become such an important part of your life. He is really keeping you active. I think it would be great if you take him to the Assisted Living Facility on a regular basis. Both of you would be so welcome.
Did I tell you our grandkids got a new black Pomeranian puppy? I am anxious to see him, but do get photos via emails. He joins an older dog in the household.
Glad you continue to lose weight on regular schedule.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BKNOCK 11/24/2009 5:43PM

    Fantastic news Joyce! I am glad that you are staying on track and that you are having a great time with Wiley! Happy Thanksgiving!

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LINDA25427 11/24/2009 4:58PM

    He is beautiful .Hope you have a great Thanksgiving . emoticon

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