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Beyond the Scale 1

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I was sitting here beginning to write a blog about how disappointed I am with my results for round 1 of the BTS challenge. I maintained. I was two sentences in when I found myself ruminating on the words 'Beyond the Scale'. emoticon
Um, hello, Heather... this challenge was about making steps toward good health by focusing on areas OTHER than the scale, not that number that flashes at me in the mornings.
So... here's to focusing on the good while being aware of areas I still need improvement on. I have made strides toward reaching my healthy goals:

• Gold medal - 60k steps or more - 6 outta 10 weeks – 60% emoticon
• Silver medal – 40 – 59k steps – 4 outta 10 weeks – 40% emoticon
Reaching Silver medal status even on weeks when my sciatic was acting up and when suffering several winter viruses. (woo hoo)
• No less than 30 mins of fitness 6 outta 7 days a week for all 10 weeks emoticon emoticon emoticon
• Only missing my 5+ fruits/veggies 2 days outta the 10 weeks emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
• Learning more about my issues with stress eating and binging – the more I learn, the better equipped I become at making positive changes, recognizing my triggers and making steps to STOP!!
• And I have made progress towards ending my negative self-talking ~ this is HUGE for me. emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am so thankful to my fellow Pink Pirates, for the support, laughter and encouragement but also for the motivation to keep on keeping on.
I’m looking forward to the 3 week break, I need to regroup and make some new goals. I’ll be ready to push hard in BTS2.

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DRADDIE 3/18/2014 10:43PM

    Yay- fabulous successes!!!!!!

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FITLIKENIC 3/18/2014 2:39PM

    emoticon So happy you SAW Beyond the SCALE! We are more than a number!

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VISUALLYRICS 3/18/2014 10:27AM


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Desire vs Decision

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Been struggling with the dichotomy between my desires and my decisions.

My desires: (not all but a few)
*To be healthy
*To be strong
*To fit back into my size 4 pants
*To be happy with myself

My decisions:
*Workout 5-6 days a week
*Strive for 10,000 steps a day
*Eat healthy foods at work
* Eat unhealthy foods - binge - on unhealthy foods EVERY night

I sabotage my hard work every day. And I'm tired of it. I read this today from the Daniel Plan:
Everyone wants to be healthy, but very few people choose to be healthy. It takes more than desire or a dream to get healthy... it takes a decision. You won't change until you choose to change. You don't get healthy by accident. It's intentional. It's a choice. Actually, it's a lifetime of choices, but it begins with a decision.

Well, today, I made a decision to make healthy choices. I know I can't beat my unhealthy habits on willpower alone. I need God's help and the support of my family, friends and Spark buddies. I need to figure out the root cause(s) of my choices and work on those areas, the healthy habits will follow.
So here is my plea for support and encouragement... here is my first decision, my first choice.

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DRADDIE 3/4/2014 4:35PM

    Oh I am so right there with you! Sigh- why can't I just choose it all the time instead of letting other things dictate my choices in directions I do not want! Bah! *hugs to you*

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A lesson in Self - Control

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I had a virus 2 weeks ago, and have finally recovered, well, everything recovered with the exception of my voice. I've had laryngitis for 2 weeks.
I've struggled with working these two weeks, trying to squeak my way through meetings and conference calls. After 10 days of not getting any better, I went to the doctor and got an inhaler with steroids to coat my vocal cords.
The doctor told me 3 days with no talking!!
OMGosh!! Holy cow!! 3 days - NO talking!
I never realized how much I LOVE to talk! How much I miss interjecting into conversations around me, how much I enjoy telling my hubby 'I love you'!
This is day 2 of my non-verbal world and it has taxed my self-control beyond words (haha - get it)
Its been very introspective for me though. I've been using a wipe-off board to make notes in meetings, I email & IM my co-workers, text my hubby. But all that typing and note writing is not the same as speaking out in the moment. So its made me really think about what I feel is important enough to say, so to speak. Is it worth writing. Its amazing how many things don't make the list.
I wonder if I will carry this through when I can talk again.
I can't wait to sing & chat. Say a prayer for my hubby though. His ears are gonna take a real beating when my voice comes back.

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JAZZYFROG333 2/27/2014 7:32PM

    Feel better soon!
I love the part about your hubby's ears. I love too talk too so I can't imagine how I would survive three days without talking.

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WATERDIAMONDS 2/27/2014 6:13PM

    I hope you feel better soon.

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LJOYCE55 2/27/2014 2:30PM

  Hope you feel better soon.

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Soft foods

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Soft, foods that can basically be swallowed without chewing is what I get tonight.
Had what I thought would be a simple, pain-free visit to the dentist. Need a filling filed down to be replaced with a crown. Bottom molar, no worries, right.
Welp, that's NOT what happened.
The dentist (who I really like and have never had issues with) needed to give me a novicaine shot in the very back corner/seam of my mouth. I have a small mouth and held it open as far as I could. It hurt like, well, use your imagination!! Then he seemed to take offense at my pain and blamed me for tensing and not opening.
Having total laryngitis, I couldn't even speak up for myself.
I couldn't keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks.
So to add to the physical pain, now I have the pain of embarassament.
My tongue feels so swollen its basically gagging me. I'm still 100% numb and I'm already hurting at the injection site.
And to top it all off... I'm STARVING. I ran during my lunch break and only had a salad afterwards.
So, I'm about to raid the pantry for filling, soft foods. Yogurt. Scrambled eggs, ice cream??
Hope everyone else is having a better day than me!!

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JAZZYFROG333 2/27/2014 7:43PM

    Oh I'm so sorry. I am so nervous about my upcoming appointment with the oral surgeon but even more nervous about how I'll manage the extended period of soft foods I'll be forced to eat. Doc said it may be a week before I can even manage a banana without mashing it up. Ugh!

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WATERDIAMONDS 2/27/2014 5:57AM

    I'm so sorry about this, Heather. I hope you feel much better today. emoticon

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VISUALLYRICS 2/26/2014 9:57PM

    Oh Heather, ...:::HUGE emoticon coming your way emoticon work can be unbelievably sensitive. emoticon

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FANNISHMOM 2/26/2014 7:53PM

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I just had an extraction and prep for an implant done on a back molar so I completely understand. Baked sweet potato is a nice, healthy soft way to get some veg in. I hope you feel better soon.

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UMBILICAL 2/26/2014 7:30PM


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Poor me

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm having a 'poor me' day, well, let me rephrase that... I WAS having a 'poor me' day

I've been fighting a virus for 10 days along with battling piriformis and sciatic issues. Laryngitis for 10 days is no fun. Everyone including myself is fed up with it, especially my boss. Do you know how difficult it is to participate in 5 -6 meetings/conference calls a day when all the questions are directed at you and you can't talk??? Talk about frustrating!! Right in the midst of a very major, very high-profile project I'm hit with this.

As I was headed into the doctor's office this morning I was struggling with the 'why mes', the 'haven't I had enough God', the 'why is my life so hard' feelings that we all have from time to time.
I walked in the office and another patient was standing at the counter. From behind she appeared to be in her 50's and a little wobbly. I then noticed her cane. She was talking with the receptionist and I heard her apologize for being unbalanced. In a very friendly, pleasant manner she laughed and said, 'I'm not drunk, really!! I have MS and today is just a bad day.'
No 'poor me' tone. No attitude except for positive.
She then turned and shared her radiant smile with me.
And instantly my insides burned with shame and thanksgiving all at once.

I have NO reason to wallow. I have a very healthy body. I may be dealing with some annoyances, but nothing debilitating. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with good health, a strong body, a strong mind.
No more wallowing for me!!
I lifted weights and ran this morning... she struggled to make her feet lift up to walk across the room.
I need to stop focusing on the wrongs in my world and focus on the good. And truth is, I have A LOT of GOOD. (thank you, Lord)

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WATERDIAMONDS 2/26/2014 4:51AM

    emoticon This is a lovely tribute to perspective and regaining emotional "balance."

Have a great day.

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PRESBESS 2/26/2014 1:39AM

    It's is so easy to look at our situations and grumble and frown, I do the same sometimes. However, I'm with you. My problems are minuscule in comparison to the lady you describe and many others.

I'm blessed and grateful!

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STEVEN_D 2/25/2014 4:28PM

    I know, right? Sometimes we miss our blessings until we see someone else's struggles. I hope your throat clears up soon. I have not been sick all winter, but left work today because I think I might be catching cold. I hope not!!! Good luck with doctors appt.

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VISUALLYRICS 2/25/2014 3:29PM

    Oh my goodness....Heather, emoticon I needed to reads this today. I can just SEE her radiant smile. What a sap I have been today ( my complaints, son has asthma, still haven't moved, 2 roofers were underfoot while I was trying to teach my children, the phone rang 7 times in an hour....etc. ) My woes are NOTHING compared with that precious lady.

emoticon emoticon emoticon Thanks Heather for beinging it all into perspective!

Hang in there, my friend! We shall prevail...LOL!! emoticon

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