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Blood results and a bouncy house accident

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I got my lab work results in the mail today. I'm not surprised to see that both my B12 levels and my iron levels are low.... I've been treated for pernicious anemia off and on for years. It also explains my dizzy spells. Hopefully resuming medication therapy will help. I'm actually relieved to see that's what it is, and not related to my activity level or diet.

I also chuckled to see that my cholesterol is 108, Triglycerides were 58, and LDL 53. I may be obese, but cholesterol numbers simply don't get much better than that!

This morning we went to a community event with a bbq and bouncy house. My daughter was having a BLAST on the bouncy house. I told her she could go down the bouncy slide one last time before we left. After 2 hours of incident free playing, her last slide ended with an awkward bounce that tossed her right off. She landed on her head on the asphalt. Screams, tears, and blood everywhere. Thankfully the cut wasn't bad enough to require stitches once we got the bleeding the stop. But it scared years off my life! However, my little princess was screaming and crying MUCH more in anger over mommy not letting her back into the bouncy house than over the cut. She was, however, pleased that her pathetic little pout earned her candy from two random strangers who saw the accident happen. To a 3 year old, a lollipop solves nearly all problems... even a bump and cut to the head.

Food wise, I did great at the event. Took one tiny bit of my daughter's cotton candy and found it overly sweet and not at all appealing. Passed on the buttery popcorn. I did have a cup of diet coke and one bbq'd hot dog. It was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed every single calorie. Then came home and logged it. Tonight is Mom's Night Out with friends. My plan is to order a large salad and bring my own dressing. emoticon

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PRAYING4THIN 3/13/2012 9:02AM

    So glad the accident wasn't any worse! Glad you found a reason for your health issues, I hope the meds work!

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2BFREE2LIVE 3/11/2012 11:48PM

    I can't believe how fast she is growing. I remember when she was tiny. Great job on what you had to eat at the outing, very good self control. Have fun on Mommies night out. Sandy

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STACIA_ANGEL 3/11/2012 4:52PM

    Aw... poor little girl! I hope your dizzy spells get better and whoo hoo for the cholesterol! I hope you had a great night out with your friends!

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Stress, Stress, and more Stress

Thursday, March 08, 2012

What. A. Week. SO THANKFUL today is my Friday.

There are some financial stressors / job issues coming up for us. And my job this week encompassed the fall out of a murder on Tuesday (I'm a mental health case manager). I have been overwhelmed and over-stressed.

On the positive side, I've kept at or slightly under my calorie range all week. I've burned about 5,000 calories this week between work outs and 5 hours of painting my house.

I'd like to say that is a guaranteed loss coming up, but I know that stress has a powerful impact on weight loss. I DO know that I gave this week 110%. I am drained emotionally and physically. Tomorrow my daughter has off from preschool, and it's my day off from work. So I'm taking a rest day from the gym to do something FUN with my girl. Maybe go to the park and play or feed the ducks. I desperately need that.

I worked out with my trainer tonight and she kicked. my. BUTT! Had me boxing, lifting, and doing wall squats until my arms and legs were shaking. She was laughing at me tho when I was boxing and my pants kept slipping down. She is so quick to remind me to ignore the scale and focus on the changes to my body... they are numerous right now. I also spoke with her about the real possibility of no longer being able to afford seeing her. I have 6 more sessions pre-paid, and then we will take it from there.

"For I know the plans I have for you", says the Lord........ that keeps running thru my head. I believe it. I just need to learn to rest in it.

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BLUEROSE73 3/9/2012 9:28AM

    I wish you luck on the scale. But keep in mind, if you don't see the results you want to, you have done everything you could this past week. It's not on you. It's on the stress. Next week will be better.

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    I am sorry your so stressed. I hope you have a wonderful day with your girl and enjoy! I agree with the trainer it is so good to focus on other things than the scale though I for one know that is hard!!!! Take care!

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CCASKEY37 3/9/2012 5:55AM

    Enjoy your fun time with your girl.

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STACIA_ANGEL 3/8/2012 9:16PM

    You are incredible!

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40BY0830 3/8/2012 8:21PM

  I hear you about the stress! Hope things get less stressful for you soon!

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30 minutes on the elliptical.... then 4 hours of painting

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

That was my work out yesterday. I. AM. SORE!!!!

I wasn't PLANNING to paint my dining/living rooms, but the stars aligned so I was dog & child free for the afternoon, with no clients booked, so I dove right in. But I am so sore today!!! Up and Down the step ladder a thousand times, rolling the paint roller... yep, it was a work out.

Wish I could log fitness minutes for that! Too bad "painting" wasn't in the fitness minute database, lol

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MSDIAMOND600 3/6/2012 10:58PM

    If you go to self fitness magazine online then go to "tools" then "calories burned"...they have painting as a workout. It calculates your calories burned for you. Give it a try because painting is definitely a workout.

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TARAFROMTX1 3/6/2012 4:11PM

    emoticon I agree defiantly a work out!

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    THANK YOU Mennoly!!!!!

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MENNOLY 3/6/2012 2:27PM

    I would say it is analogous to heavy housework or light gardening. Actually it is in browse section of the cardio section of your fitness. Go to Fitness then to cardio click on browse. Then click on Home activities. Painting is listed in alphabetical order.

Comment edited on: 3/6/2012 2:32:15 PM

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CCASKEY37 3/6/2012 12:16PM

    Sounds like good work..

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MSDIAMOND600 3/6/2012 11:17AM


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Ok! Fine! So Crystal Light does NOT count as water!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I saw my Dr today (Yes, on a Saturday! Wierd, I know). I've been having some dizziness with posture changes, seeing "stars" at times during cardio, and my trainer said my lips look a bit blue when starting a whole body work out (like boxing). Due to a seriously complicated medical history, I decided to be safe and see the Dr.

Good news is that my Dr is 100% supportive of my program, calorie plan, and fitness plan. She agrees that due to my surgical history (7 major abdominal surgeries in the last 11 years) that having a trainer is essential to avoid doing serious harm and damage. I told her my goal is to lose 100 lbs this year. Her response?

"That would be great. But I'd be just as pleased if you came to see me at the end of the year, regardless of the amount lost, and were able to say 'I ate healthy and worked out consistently all year'. Because if you do that, the weight loss will happen." Food for thought.

Bad news: blood pressure is a little low, and with my history of anemia and heart murmur, I'm not set for a TON of lab work and a check up with the cardiologist.

But I had to laugh when we were discussing the possibility of something as simple of dehydration. I told her "I drink at LEAST 60 oz of water a day, plus another 20-30 oz of crystal light a day". She laughed and said "Yeah... that doesn't count". Apparently all the chemicals in it dehydrate more than hydrate. And since I've had so many surgeries, and my nutrition absorption is compromised, she reminded me that we don't know how much of the water I'm actually absorbing.

So... my health goals: Drink MORE water. Drink LESS crystal light. Get my labs done and see if I need to resume meds for anemia. Follow up with cardiologist just to be safe. Eat well. Exercise. Love myself.

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ZEBRA508 2/1/2013 11:40AM

  Thanks for sharing.

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LILWASPUD 3/5/2012 10:25AM

    I read an article about Crystal Light a few years ago, as well, and I don't drink the stuff now, either. But, I also read an article just last week about how some doctors are now saying the "8 glasses a day" rule is out, and if your diet is full of fruits and vegetables, you are getting water from them. It was one of those "Yahoo News" articles.

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2BFREE2LIVE 3/5/2012 3:07AM

    I'm glad you shared with everyone about Crystal light, as I discovered through an article a few years back about the chemicals they use in the product and that is when I stopped using the product. I think anything processed has things that are there we should avoid.
I agree with your Doctor eat fresh whole foods and no processed foods, you will drop the pounds.
It takes time to lose weight and one pound at a time over a period of time is the best way to lose.
Love the lemon water idea, I like to use lemon in Perrier water for a treat.
Best wishes on your journey. Sandy

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QUILTINGBUDDY 3/4/2012 10:06PM

    Wow, thanks for sharing that. Who would have thought? It's certainly something I didn't know!

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CCASKEY37 3/4/2012 6:44AM

    Dang about the crystal light. Some days it's the only liquid I drink. Thanks for the info.

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    Mennoly - I'm going to go buy some lemons. My trainer suggested slicing some lemons and throwing them into a pitcher, adding water, and just leaving it in the fridge. I do drink water (for the past 2 months. Before that I didn't drink ANY water), but with my issues I just have to up it. :)

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MENNOLY 3/3/2012 8:48PM

    Great going! You know you can eat healthy, move more and slowly lose the weight. As for the water if you need a bit of flavor squeeze a lemon or a lime or an orange into a pitcher of water. Just good juice no chemicals! emoticon

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    Oh My I would die of thirst without my crystal light, I literally drink a gallon a day, I am totally addicted to the lemonade.

But water is good too, I just add a few drops of lemon juice to give it a little more flavor.

But that is definetely food for thought about the dehydration because of the chemicals in the CL.

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Sore but PROUD today

Friday, March 02, 2012

I have burned 3065 calories so far this week... PLUS have had 2 strength sessions. I worked with my trainer in the gravity gym yesterday and I am SORE today. But proud. I know I worked my body hard this week, but I survived and know that I'm stronger for it. I plan another work out tomorrow, so should have burned enough for a pound!!!

After the gym, I ran to do our weekly grocery shopping. It's such a nice feeling to not be ashamed of what's in my cart anymore. Today's trip included some Easter goodies for my daughter, but it was also full of veggies, fruits, whole grain items, light dairy, etc. Pride. Again. I don't remember a time in my life that I have felt proud as often.

And to top it off, today was my reward day for losing the first 20#. I picked up my daughter from preschool and stopped at a nail salon. She chose a lovely glitter pink for her fingernails, and a sparkly blue for mommy's toes. She had a great time, and I loved watching her feel pampered. And boy did my feet love the special attention after putting in about 12.5 miles on the elliptical this week!!!!

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HICALGAL 3/4/2012 4:37AM

    congrats on losing ur first 20 pounds and for treating yourself..thats soooo important on this journey!!! keep it going sis!

and thx for your support on 'in 30 days i want to see changes'..i appreciate it a lot! enjoy ur sunday and have a great week and successful month! emoticon emoticon

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2BFREE2LIVE 3/2/2012 11:11PM

    emoticongirl days are always fun, I'm glad you enjoyed yours together.

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CCASKEY37 3/2/2012 5:37PM

    Sounds like an AWESOME day.

Have a nice weekend.

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STACIA_ANGEL 3/2/2012 5:00PM

Great job! You deserve it!

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