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Back again and starting all over again

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Well, I am back, after a few months of health issues and time commitments that have undone everything I had accomplished - except my knowledge that I can get back to where I was and eventually reach my goals because I got there before and I know how I got there.

A few months ago I started a very time and stress intensive job 2 (full time, just like job 1). At the same time I got sick and did not feel that I could get do my walking during lunches because the weather was starting to get nasty as well and I didn't want to make myself more sick. In about 2 months, even though my eating habits stayed approximately the same I regained about 35 lbs. It felt even more sudden. I was wearing my size 10 and 12 jeans to work and suddenly they just didn't fit and neither did the 14s or even really the 16s. I'm glad I didn't get rid of my favorite size 18s. They've had a lot of use lately. I'm also glad I didn't get rid of the nicer clothes in my 1X and 18 sizes (I had just taken in the waists of the favorite skirts, so I let them out again). It is very discouraging, but I keep remembering I CAN do it again and I will.

I left that job 2 in late November and am at a new job 2 that is still full time, but a lot less stress and a completely different culture. I'm back to taking walks during lunch and going up and down the stairs (10 flights up, 10 flights down and a walk around the building) during breaks. Or at least I was until I got hit with a case of whooping cough. I was vaccinated for it before I started this job, but must have picked it up before then or just after, like 2 of my coworkers also did. Suddenly 1 flight of stairs, or even just walking across the room has me wheezing and coughing so hard I can't breathe. I keep walking though. I refuse to stop. It has been, thankfully, a fairly mild case and I think I'm on the recovery side.

At any rate, I intend to take back my health and return to my tracking. I will be using my breaks and lunches on both jobs for exercise or mindful eating. Although I only have 5 to 6 hours each weeknight for sleeping I will use it as best I can and will take what extra rest I can on the weekends (I slept for nearly 12 hours straight last night).


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MNJONES2 1/5/2013 11:52PM

    Thanks for sharing your struggles - you have helped me share mine and I am going to blog it in a minute. I hope you are on the mend from whooping cough and feel better every day.

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Statistics - Finishing one year and Starting the Next

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome to 2012. Today I celebrate both my birthday and the start of a new year with new possibilities. To set the stage for this new year it is time to deal with some statistics and look at where 2011 started and where it ended.

January 1, 2011:

My weight was approximately 225 lbs.
My waist was approximately 36". ( I didn't record the measurements, but couldn't get a standard 36" belt around my waist enough to buckle it)
My hips were approximately 46" (again, I didn't record measurements but can get a good idea from the clothes I was wearing).
My thigh and arm measurements were at least 27" and 14.5" respectively since that is the measure I started with when I started SparkPeople in April 2011.

I wore size 20 jeans and generally bought clothes in the 2x-3x range. I could wear a 1x in most cases, but felt it was too "clingy" or tight, although it was probably just a good fit.

I had been going to the gym off and on over the course of 2010, but would get into the swing of it and then get sick or injure myself and stop. I was also pretty haphazard about other exercise. My eating habits weren't horrible, but they weren't great either. Although I was good at portion control, most of the foods I ate had a pretty high fat content. I also frequently ate foods that I am sensitive to and that help to keep my weight high. I was on regular small doses of corticosteroids for allergy issues (exacerbated by eating foods that I am mildly allergic to) and that also kept my weight higher.

I felt FAAAAAT and pretty hopeless about it. When I looked in the mirror I saw rolls starting to form around my waist, which had always been pretty well defined and "roll-less" even when I weighed over 250 lbs. When I took my long hot baths the pad of fat on my stomach floated up out of the water and I couldn't pull it under even when I sucked my gut in as much as I could. I went on a major sugar binge the week after Christmas 2010 when I bought a bunch of candy on sale and sat on the sofa eating and eating while reading and reading.

January 1 2012:

My weight as of this morning is 184. It was down to 179, but a few injuries, a sinus infection and very bad cold and lots of comfort food combined with little exercise during the illness brought it back up a bit. The weight WILL go back down again.
My waist is at 29.5 inches.
My hips are at 40.5 inches.
My thigh and arm measurements are 24Ē and 13Ē respectively.

Today I am (literally) wearing size 10 jeans in the same brand and style as the size 20s I used to wear. I can wear tops that are size large and even sometimes size medium. They fit comfortably, although I still mentally have to adjust to no longer wearing plus sizes.

I gave up my gym membership because I didnít see much point to it. I exercise every day and with the SparkPeople videos I can do a variety of workouts in my own home. I also do my Leslie Sansone videos every day. The only time I broke my exercise routine, even while working double full time jobs, was last week when I was very ill and running a fever while coughing up nasty junk. I didnít want to make it worse by overdoing it on the exercise. As of this morning I am nearly fully recovered and back on the exercise track.

My eating habits are better, with more of a mix of fruits and vegetables. I still have some issues with craving high fat content and I still do some sugar binging, but overall things are better. For 2012 I need to keep working on reducing the problem foods and replacing them with healthier options.

I know I am still overweight, but I no longer feel fat and bloated. I enjoy my nice new clothes and how they look on me. I stand up straight and those rolls of fat are just bulges, not rolls anymore. I can take a bath and at my normal water depth my stomach no longer floats to the top of the water. It is underwater even without sucking in my gut Ė YES!

I think Iíve made progress.

Here, for the fun of it are the pictures- one of me at my top weight in around 2000, one of me with my cousin at a friendís wedding on 1/8/2011 and one taken today. Even without a full length shot from last year I see the difference and I far prefer the look for today. I look forward to seeing even more results this time next year.

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HMEGLI 1/4/2012 7:06PM

    AWESOME!!! What a great comparison! I am so inspired. And your attitude...boy, you go girl!

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What WAS I thinking - parts 1 and 2

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Not much on any import, obviously. But I now have a few potential lessons learned.

Part 1:

I did my daily bootcamp exercises - 1 from the 28 day bootcamp workout series and 1 from the New You bootcamp workout series - and did a 4 Mile Walk Away the Pounds Express walk from my Leslie Sansone DVD collection. As I often do after a long workout, I headed outside to do a couple turns around the house to cool off a bit. Only I didn't just walk up and down the driveway a couple times, I headed up the driveway, just as I was, in leggings and a T-shirt drenched in sweat and just kept walking. At first I didn't notice that it was really cold out. I was still hot from the workout. By the time I had gotten far enough around the route I had picked to realize, it was further to go back than to go on. So I went on, getting colder and colder despite picking up the pace more and more. As I got home I saw the thermometer on the house read about 45 degrees F and it was doing that heavy mist thing we get here in the Pacific Northwest on autumn mornings, making it even colder feeling. I was so chilled that the hot shower didn't even seem to be enough to warm me up. I'm feeling better now, but it took a while, several layers of clothes and a hot drink.

Lesson learned - no matter how warm I think I am, I should grab a jacket on the way out if I'm going to leave the driveway, even if that means going back in to get it. Just consider that a few more steps on the step meter and a bit of prevention. I can always wrap the jacket around my waist if I'm still too hot.

Part 2: I decided to go back out this afternoon for another walk, this time off to the library to drop off some books. The Interurban Trail runs near my house and goes most of the way to the library. At the point where I get onto the Trial I saw a family coming up toward me and an unleashed dog trotting ahead of them. I figured it was their dog and didn't really look on it as a problem. A lot of people walk with their dogs unleashed. As the dog passed by me it sort of sniffed at me, then it went on, then turned around right at the junction point and just watched me walk away. I didn't think any more of it until I had done my errand and come back.

As I neared the junction there was a group of boys hanging out there on bicycles and skate boards. They moved off down the trail towards me as I neared that point. The last one of them was being followed by the dog I had seen before. One of the boys yelled back to that last one "Look out! A pit bull is following you!" and I realized that the dog was indeed a pit bull. I'm not one of the "all pit bulls are evil" believers, and he didn't seem to be chasing the boy. He was just sort of following along behind him meandering with a little curiosity just like when i first saw him. I figured the dog and I would just pass each other like before and that would be that.


As I came up toward the junction point the dog suddenly started to growl and bark. I stopped right where I was and tried not to display any fear. I talked quietly and calmly to the dog. He got nearer and nearer, still growling and barking. He wasn't entirely aggressive, it was more like he was trying to tell me something VERY important and this was the only way he knew how to do it. I never did figure it out, though. At one point he started to back off and I slowly moved forward. He rushed forward at me again, but didn't try to bite. He just kept barking and growling. All this while, a lady with a large rottweiler on a leash and a young child on bike and another young one in a wagon were coming up the trail towards the junction from the other side. "My" dog was suddenly distracted by the other dog and I was able to move away towards the junction with the street. I warned her that the dog had been scaring me and I could tell she wasn't sure how to respond either as she didn't know how the two dogs would interact. Just then, thankfully, an older kid on a bike came up the street with another unleashed dog that joyfully started frisking around "my" dog. The boy tried to herd both dogs away. He said it wasn't his dog but he knew it and who it belonged to. The poor lady had sent her little boy on the bike off down the street away from the scene, but was having trouble coping with both the wagon with her other child and the Rottweiler at the same time. The Rottweiler kept trying to jump at the other two dogs and she was having to keep it on a very short leash. I took the wagon handle so she could concentrate on her dog and we both moved away as quickly as we could without appearing to rush or run. A block further on I gave her back the wagon and we parted without any further issues.


I was definitely sweating when I got back from that walk, but it wasn't from the exertion. I've never been in that situation before or felt nervous about any dog I've encountered on that street or on the trail before, except when I've been walking my Aunt's Japanese Chin, At those times I head in a different direction if I spot ANY unleashed dog, no matter what size, because I don't want trouble. In this case, though, I was as nervous for the other lady and her kids as I was for myself. It was just one of those situations that could have very quickly gotten nasty.

Lesson learned - actually carry that pepper spray I keep in my tote bag for emergencies and maybe the airhorn as well. I stopped carrying the pepper spray in my purse when my work took me into courthouses on a regular basis - I didn't want to forget it was there and have it found while going through security. I've never even really thought to carry it with me when I'm walking. But, next time it could BE a truly aggressive dog or an aggressive person and I need to remember that and not just trust to luck.

I guess I got off with warnings this time. I'll pay attention to them and be more careful of both my health and my safety in future.

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HMEGLI 10/9/2011 10:24PM

    That is scary. I've only been really scared by a dog once, and that was enough! I should carry pepper spray. But I do carry a jacket!

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Walking with Mom and Dad

Saturday, October 08, 2011

As I was starting my morning Walk at Home session (the Leslie Sansone DVDs) I happened to look out the window and noticed that it was shaping up to be a beautiful day. I was wondering where I would take my outside walk when I remembered that it is Dad's birthday next week and he likes to do "together" things for his birthday. So I paused the DVD (I was only a few seconds into it anyway) and called him to see if he and Mom wanted to go out somewhere for a nice walk. He pulled out his handy dandy Volkssport flyer for the month (he and mom like to do a lot of the Volksmarch events in the area) and found that they were doing a 5/10K event at the Weyerhouser campus which is fairly close to where I live. He checked with Mom and she agreed, so they said they would head my way after breakfast and off we would go. I finished my Walk at Home (a 3 mile, a 1 mile Gentle Walk with Aunt Bonnie-that's another story-and a 1 mile Super Walk because she wanted to watch me do it and see how difficult that would be for her), had breakfast and waited for Mom and Dad.

When they arrived, we drove on over to the Weyerhouser corporate center and found the check in point for the walk. The walk took us through some wooded area with well defined trails and over to the Bonsai Garden. Part of the route actually went through the Bonsai Garden displays and we enjoyed that. I've meant to go see the Bonsai Garden some time, but have just never done it despite it being so close to home. My loss. It was really nice.

Here's one of the many beautiful displays.

And here's another

After the Bonsai Garden the route wound through the Rhododendron Species Garden, which was lovely despite the fact that the rhodies aren't in bloom just now. Well, one was, but it was just one little spray of sad looking yellow flowers. I'm going to HAVE to go back next year during bloom time. The rhodies aren't the only plants in the garden, though. There are LOTS of different kinds of trees, small ground cover, and a few flowers still in bloom (and even being pollinated - see)

There was a pond with some pretty landscaping, a gazebo with benches where you can sit and look out over some of the greenery and and greenhouse building with a rock garden, waterfall and several other plants.

As we left the garden areas I got a good chuckle at the site of a tree being moved. Maybe you'll see the humor in it too:

The route continued to wind through several trails, with twists and turns on the way. The Weyerhouser campus sits in the corner of land bounded by Interstate 5 and Hwy 18. Although we rarely saw the traffic, at times the almost ocean-like sound of the cars and trucks constantly moving by created its own sound atmosphere. In other places it was difficult to hear the traffic even if you tried to listen for it. They have done a good job of making this plot of land into a nature preserve of sorts. Here's one of the travelers in among the trees.

After a good bit of woods walking the trail suddenly opened on a meadow area and the lake at the back of the headquarters building. It is quite a lovely view, although the picture can't quite do justice to it.

Eventually we worked our way back around to the parking and sign in/out area. Mom hadn't slept well and had creaky hips today, so we did the 5K instead of the 10K, which would have taken us through more of the trails. It wasn't quite the cardio walk I normally do in the neighborhood around home, but it didn't have to be. We still kept a pretty good pace except where got distracted in the gardens and Mom didn't want to push it any faster because she was hurting a bit. We completed the whole walk in just shy of 1.5 hrs. All in all, it was a very good walk and I had a good time out with my parents.

Here's us at the end of the walk.

I hope you've enjoyed sharing a bit of my day.


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BBBARBOUR 10/12/2011 11:41PM

  Liked your description of the walk and enjoyed the beautiful pictures. Those folks look familiar!!!

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I threw away some chocolate today

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Today is garbage day (well, really tomorrow is, but I put it out tonight since they come by early) and I threw away some chocolate.

OK, it wasn't very good chocolate. That's why I hadn't eaten all of it. It was several partial bars of chocolate in various flavors that have been sitting there for quite a while. It has been just waiting. Just in case. For years in some cases.

And...I don't really need it. Even if I ate it, it would just be calories, not a treat.

So I let it go. All the bits and pieces sitting in the crisper of my refrigerator taking up space that could be used for more fruits and vegetables are gone now.

Wow! That felt good.

Now to work on some of my non-food hoards.

Little by little...('Cause little by little is a lot more than nothing at all)


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SMORECAMPING 10/8/2011 7:44PM

    Wow that was a big step...not sure I could do that. I do limit the amount of chocolate I bring into my house ...most of the time emoticon

Happy Fall...Smorecamping emoticon

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NED333 10/6/2011 5:38PM

    Wow! Good for you! That's a milestone in itself! Keep up the babysteps :)

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PLAYFULLKITTY 10/6/2011 4:01AM

    Isn't it liberating to be able to finally stand up to the clutter, in this case chocolate, and say nope you're outta here :) i think double liberating because it was clutter AND chocolate. I am so proud of myself when i can say goodbye to it :)

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HMEGLI 10/5/2011 11:39PM

    Awesome! Doesn't matter if it's bad chocolate, throwing away food is hard. A good time of year for this!

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GETSTRONGRRR 10/5/2011 10:09PM

    Great job....especially if it's old, bad chocolate! good on you...tough to do, but oh so worth it!

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MISSLISA1973 10/5/2011 9:35PM

    emoticon GOOD FOR YOU! emoticon

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MIPALADY23 10/5/2011 8:24PM

    Chocolate, wow!

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