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Scale up, Mood down

Monday, May 17, 2010

Well, I actually wanted to cry. emoticon

That was the human, the weak side if you will, that felt totally deflated. Situation hopeless. Who you kidding that you can lose this weight? All those negative thoughts persisted when the scale showed a 1.6 pound increase this week. I'm up, then down, now back up again. What's up with that? I'm eating almost 1,000 calories less a day than I used to eat. I admit, I am not exercising for hours, but I put in 30-50 minutes 4-5 days a week. Compared to my pre-Spark period, that is 30-50 minutes more than I was doing. Yes, before I was doing absolutely nothing. In my book, I should be dropping it like it's hot. Instead I weigh more!

Okay, the "Why Me" phase of this blog is over. I'm doing good, though not perfect. I'm committed and staying on track 85% of the time. I enjoy tracking food, though I am not a big fan of rigid exercising. Yet, I do it. So, though I'm not perfect, I'm pressing forward. This is a bump -- just like when you're traveling on a road and everything's going along fine. And every now and then, there's a bump, a traffic jam, construction. Something inevitably comes along that slows you down. But you always recover and continue on your way. I've absorbed this bump. This bleepin' glitch on my journey. It's history and I'm on the road again. Yeah, just like Willie Nelson.

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ME_HERE_NOW 5/19/2010 3:33AM

    keep pushing it out, there are always ups and downs, but if you are keeping accountable to yourself 85% of the time you have nothing to worry about ;) i am contemplating only weighing in once every cpl weeks for a while just to save myself the concern of fluctuations.

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    Yes, it MUST be muscle. The gain is a good sign when you're exercising regularly. Keep up the good work!


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QTCOLEY 5/17/2010 8:55PM

    Perfect! I love your attitude! And your atttitude and strength is precisely why you WILL reach your goals. You are doing exactly what spark teaches us!!! 80/20 rule.. thats the way to live a healthy lifestyle, lose the weight and keep it off! Way to go!! Keep up the fantastic effort and awesome attitude and persistance!!! You ROCK! emoticon

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HIGHLY-FAV 5/17/2010 7:20PM

    lol, dropping it like it's hot, I haven't heard that phrase in a while.
I agree with the others, it may be muscle. At least you have not given in and thrown in the towel. I'm glad you're on the road again. Keep rockin'

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SCHENPOSSIBLE 5/17/2010 3:55PM

    Could be muscle, Jo. Don't beat yourself up about it. Keep the faith and stay the course. Next week's weigh in will be better I'm sure.

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TEXASG-MA 5/17/2010 2:50PM

  I'm glad you aren't letting it stress you to much. You are right to keep on going on track and you will start losing again. I've been where you are. It happens to all of us. So now you climb over the bump and go on. Love your attitude and you dear friend. Mix up you exercise, that's what I do. Maybe go a little less on the calories for a couple of days. You will find out what is right for you.
OH! I forgot Go Willie!

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SPARKYJEANIE1 5/17/2010 1:46PM

    Now, why'd you have to go and go WILLIE on me??? Song's stuck in my head now emoticon

Well, the bumps in life always have a way of rearing their ugly little heads huh. It's just a matter of how we deal with 'em. And you made a HUGE point - you are excercising 30 min or more 4-5 days/wk! That's INCREDIBLE! Now, remember where you USED to be...inactive - and ups and downs on the scale are bound to happen. As long as there's more down than ups - you're doing a fantastic job, buddy. Hang in there. Have you considered bike riding or swimming? I think I need to mix up my game too...


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COCACOLACUTIE 5/17/2010 12:56PM

    I know how you feel. I'm up 1.6 lbs this week too! But this is the start of a new week and you can continue on and have a better week than the last one. I like the mix up calorie consumption idea. I try to do that as well.

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MRSGOFARR 5/17/2010 12:12PM

    "To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality."

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

Think. And it will be.

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KITKA82 5/17/2010 12:03PM

    Despair not! You are beautiful, strong, and amazing! And you will get through this. I agree with the advice about mixing up your calories from day to day.

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STEELETRYING 5/17/2010 11:51AM

    Perhaps your 'bump' is muscle growth. Your attitude is wonderful, though. You'll travel far, bumps or no, with it.


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JERSEYDEBBIE23 5/17/2010 11:51AM

    I realized myself that when I mix it up also that I do better. I was always trying to get all my calories in at the same exact amount each day and was going no where. At least you are moving on and thats all thats important. We all hit bumps in the road just hang in there!

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LAURAFRISCH 5/17/2010 11:45AM

    Good Morning. Boy have I so been where you are at. You just have to hang in there. My advice is to mix it up. One of my sparkfriends told me that her Dr. said to mix up your calorie consumption every day. Lower end one day, higher end the next for a few days. I know that I was eating the same thing and doing the same exercises every day. The shaking up will help.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This word was said to me recently by a well-meaning friend regarding when I would reach my goal weight. Eventually. At the time, I think I did a slight eye roll and thought, pffft, whatever. It got me thinking later about words and their effect on our psyches. One thing I know for sure, I'm not feeling that word as it relates to my weight loss efforts. Eventually literally means 'at an unspecified later time." Can you be more vague? When you combine the impatience of a delusional dieter who thinks they should be losing 30 pounds a month with the word 'eventually, ' well, that's like throwing water on a grease fire. The resulting combustion will let you know that wasn't the way to go!

The word eventually is the abyss between me and my goal weight. It's like a black hole which sucks in my motivation, enthusiasm and will to go on. I think that along with the dreaded word 'plateau,' eventually is responsible for countless failed diets and lost hope. Eventually is something you say to a 1st grader who asks when they won't have to go to school anymore. It's something a husband tells his wife when she asks when he's going to organize the garage. It's a time waaaayyy off into the future and since the same word could be used in answer to the question, “When will they put a man on Mars,” I think it's clear why this is not a word offering much comfort to me on my weight loss journey.

Please, hubby, do not say, Eventually...

Do you have a word you'd rather not hear on your own weight loss journey?

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JOKNOWS 5/17/2010 8:22PM

    This is the first time I've commented on my own blog, but I thought I should clarify what I meant in the blog. It's kind of just a dig on the word. Eventually is really harmless, it's just one of those words that an impatient dieter doesn't want to hear. But the logical JoJo knows that all progress will come....EVENTUALLY. Thanks for all your encouraging words.

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LBSSLAYER 5/17/2010 5:00AM

    lol at the Mars remark. I have a dreaded phrase -- you can't have that. I makes me cringe ever time I hear it. But we'll get there....eventually. emoticon

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INFLATED 5/17/2010 2:23AM

    I liked your thoughts about the word "eventually." "Try" may be another word like it. I am doing things to change my response to food. I am doing things to work in exercise more often than ever before. Sometimes the events of life throw a curve, we could not foresee or plan for. That which we are working on may be delayed because of lack of opportunity to pursue those changes that will cause us to meet our goal. I know what I want for myself and I am going after it.

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BUSYMOM22 5/16/2010 7:57PM

    I don't have a 'word' . . . I've worked very hard to not take people's comments 'personally' . . . many people speak before they think.

People's favorite thing now seems to be telling me I've lost "too much" weight.

*rolls eyes*

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ANGELAT125 5/16/2010 7:26PM

    This too shall pass, eventually we will be thin and what does that mean we are right now? I want to love myself every step of this journey...I'm just not feeling the love right now....

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QTCOLEY 5/16/2010 5:50PM

    Okay, first of all.. let me address your word. Eventually. Lets look at a couple of your examples... The hubby organizing the garage and the guy at the desk with a loaded inbox. LAZZZY! Come on.. you can tell the guy at the desk with his feet propped up doesn't plan on putting much effort into anything and a hubby cleaning out the garage, tackling that honey do list.. lol.. yeah.. EVENTUALLY they'll do it! If you're lucky!! lol

BUT are you lazy? Are you taking a kick back approach to your goals? Sitting around with your feet propped up? NOOO!

You're also not a child or trying to acccomplish the impossible. I think the reason why the word eventually comes into use with weight loss (which I know I'm guilty of using myself, lol) is to OVERCOME those plateaus and moments of feeling let down by falling short of what we hoped.

Our bodies are complicated. You may burn enough calories and eat well and for every reason under the sun should have lost 5 lbs, yet the scale only reflects 2. That doesn't take away from your hard efforts. The good choices we make are benefiting our health whether the scale shows it or not.

The second reason I often use the word eventually (and also relates to the words I hate to hear people say) is because this is a lifestyle change.

The words I hate to hear more than anything are when people say things similar to "For as long as I'm on this program" "Until I reach my goal I'll.." and the dreaded "D" word.

They're indicating its something they're only going to do til they lose weight. And then what? If they don't plan on changing their behavior permanently then they'll only gain it all back.

Eventually is simply an unspecified time in the future. You determine when that future will be! However, we can set all the goals in the world. Falling short of goals is sadly just part of life. It's our attitude and how we cope with that which will help us presevere and EVENTUALLY meet our goals. lmao Sorry had to do it! (Ducks and runs....)

emoticon emoticon

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TMBTTLES 5/16/2010 2:52PM

    I agree some words are unpleasing to hear while trying to lose weight! Great Blog! Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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CINDHOLM 5/16/2010 2:25PM

    My favorite saying is I'll get a round to-it and do it..

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Winners Don't Always Win

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winners don't always win, but they never quit.

I've always been curious about why people do what they do. So I've read a lot of Spark success stories to see what these people have that others may lack. I've learned that while everyone's journey is different, successful Sparkers had one common trait: they never gave up. They were determined and they were persistent. Did they ever stumble? Sure. Did they ever feel like giving up? Absolutely. But they didn't. They followed through on reaching their goal and didn't let minor defeats knock them off course. They forged on in spite of [insert 3000 excuses here]. Some achieved their goal quickly, others took years. Each one kept plugging away until they succeeded -- re-adjusting, re-evaluating, and re-starting as necessary to get to that final prize.

History also teaches us a lot about success. Thomas Edison, so the story goes, had 9,999 'failed' experiments before he perfected a more economical and longer-lasting electric light bulb. Edison persisted and learned from each 'failure.' What if he had given up? I mean would we be able to tell a joke like this:

How many Psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb ?
- Just one. But the bulb has to really WANT to change.

Or take the case of Derek Redmond. He was a track and field star who in the 1992 Olympics, pulled a hamstring muscle as he was leading in the 100m dash. He fell to the ground and helplessly watched his Olympics hopes go sprinting by. But he pulled himself up, and literally hopped and struggled to get to the finish line. He was finally assisted by his dad who had run down from the stands and helped him across the finish line. He didn't win, but in my book, he is a winner. He had a dream to finish his Olympic race and he did it.

At 15, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. He went home, locked himself in his room and cried. But soon after that, he decided to keep working on his game. He turned out to be one of the greatest professional basketball players of all time. Jordan once remarked, " I've failed over and over in my life. That’s why I succeed."

Another young man was fired from his newspaper job. His bosses told him that he “lacked imagination and had no original ideas.” Several years later, that young man came up with a business idea and took his proposal to over fifty banks. He was turned down by all but the last bank. That young man's name was Walt Disney.

I'm sure you can guess who this is: He started traveling by car to different restaurants and cooked his fried chicken recipe on the spot for restaurant owners. Legend has it that Colonel Sanders was told, “No” more than one thousand times before he heard his first, “Yes.” He was 65 years old at the time and wasn't satisfied with retirement.

History is replete with stories like these. Stories about ordinary people just like you and me who did one extraordinary thing: they never gave up. Every one of you is a Spark success story waiting to happen. We just have to keep plugging away -- day by day, week by week, and month by month until all our efforts produce one thinner, fitter smoking hot bod!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Quotes about persistence
Fall seven times, stand up eight." -Japanese proverb
Saints are sinners who kept on going. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. ~ Unknown
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius
Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.
~ Brian Tracy
The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that will inevitably come. ~James W. Riley

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SMILES90 5/18/2010 1:15PM

  hi there, i have been a spark member for about one year now, and haven't done much with it. i decided to get back on track and reading your words of wisdom has helped me to pursue this further.
THANK YOU. emoticon

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SCHENPOSSIBLE 5/16/2010 5:22PM

    Just when I lose faith, I turn to spark success stories and my spark is reignited. One thing I'm finding out, any journey worth traveling ain't easy and it comes with up and downs. Getting to the end is all that matters. Thanks for sharing Jo.

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TMBTTLES 5/16/2010 3:06PM

    Thanks for the inspiration on persistence! I agree with you persistence is a key to success and achievement! Great job! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing!

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LBSSLAYER 5/16/2010 4:27AM

    You are so right, persistence is the key to success.

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QTCOLEY 5/15/2010 8:10PM

    I second that!

AWESOME BLOG!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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ME_HERE_NOW 5/15/2010 7:44PM

    there are always ups and down on the road of life, its coming thru the struggle that enriches our lives! :) have a great weekend!

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CINDHOLM 5/15/2010 7:23PM

    Amen another great blog.. You go girl!! spark on

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DAQUI26 5/15/2010 6:24PM

    i really enjoyed reading this and it was exactly what i needed today. i was so close to giving up and settling for the weight loss i have so far. thank you for taking the time to write this.

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ROCKYCPA 5/15/2010 5:42PM

    Boy another great blog - I really enjoy reading what you have to say.

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TRIGFROST 5/15/2010 4:28PM

    I agree, w/you....100%

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    You're exactly right! emoticon

Remember to take time for yourself this weekend, too, emoticon !


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JPVALPO24 5/15/2010 3:50PM

    Great blog jo emoticon

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I've Got the Secret and So Do You

Friday, May 14, 2010

I don't know how many people exactly there are on SparkPeople, but the common thread that holds us together is the desire to live a healthier lifestyle. Most it seems, want to lose weight, while others are here just to maintain. One thing I've learned in reading other people's blogs and pages, is that losing weight is a real struggle. Or maybe challenge is a better word as that implies something difficult, but attainable, whereas struggle denotes something unpleasant and to be avoided if possible. On the face of it, losing weight should really be an easy process. Burn more calories than you consume. Sounds like the simplest thing in the world, yet you just have to read any random few SparkPages to know that it's not. People come and go here, and come back and go again. Think in your own journey, how many times you have stopped and re-started. I don't even care to count my past efforts, it would just make me sad. emoticon

So the other night, I was just reviewing my day, analyzing things I'd done right, and things I could improve. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks
ouch, realizations can hurt, man! Though losing weight is perhaps one of the hardest things a person will ever have to do, it is doable. And not only is it doable, IT IS TOTALLY WITHIN YOUR CONTROL. That's right, the secret's out: everyone on SparkPeople has the ability to reach their goal because IT IS TOTALLY WITHIN YOUR CONTROL. I don't think you heard me: IT IS TOTALLY WITHIN YOUR CONTROL.

I thought of all the problems we can encounter and how many are not within our control. You're looking for a job and you can only do so much. I mean you can get your resume together and learn all the right answers to possible interview questions, but the final decision is not in your hands. You don't have the control to hire yourself, someone else does.

Or what about natural disasters like the recent oil spill in the Gulf. Totally out of your control. World peace -- ha, good luck with that. We can't even control peace on our own block!
We can't even really control the actions of those we love like our children and spouses.

But, the ability to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise regularly IS TOTALLY WITHIN YOUR CONTROL. You CAN eat within your calorie range. You CAN exercise regardless of mobility. There are chair exercises and senior exercises and simple low-impact exercises. So what is all the hub bub about? Perhaps it's lifelong habits that are hard to break. Perhaps we don't really believe in ourselves to succeed. Perhaps we don't know how to go about it. All of these things may be true, but it doesn't change the fact that every single Spark member can do it -- they CAN lose weight. Period. End of story. SparkPeople gives you the tools. It provides a Nutrition Plan when you enter your current weight, your goal weight and the timeframe you want to do it in. It provides a Fitness program for you to follow with all levels of exercises available. It provides about a gazillion articles on everything: nutrition, fitness, motivation, health & wellness, and family. There are tons of success stories to give you inspiration. Teams to join based on your interests. And 1/4 million nutritious recipes. And just for fun you've got goodies and SparkPoints and SparkFriends to keep it interesting. And it is all free!

So though there are various reasons why we're overweight, there is not one good reason to remain that way. Not a one. I challenge you to look in the mirror at some point today and tell yourself: IT IS TOTALLY WITHIN MY CONTROL TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT. And don't just say it, believe it. I just did it and I believe it.

hmmm hmmm

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ACLUBB5 5/17/2010 9:04AM

    great blog

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    THANK U!!! Your so right emoticon emoticonBlog!!!

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TMBTTLES 5/16/2010 3:15PM

    Thanks for the challenge! We all need a little guidance once in a while and my time is now! Thanks! emoticon

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A10TIVTRTL 5/15/2010 8:58AM

    Jo, this is THE BEST blog I've read in ages - so empowering!

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LUNADRAGON 5/14/2010 10:24PM

    Quite true!


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JPVALPO24 5/14/2010 10:20PM

    Thanks for saying how it really is!

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CINDHOLM 5/14/2010 8:03PM

    So true, I love the blog..Spark On..and on and on!! emoticon

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ROCKYCPA 5/14/2010 6:31PM

    What a great blog and so true!! We are all in control of what WE do - no one else is. We all need to remember that.

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ME_HERE_NOW 5/14/2010 5:04PM

    yes, taking control of your life is the most empowering thing you can do. i am excited every day to have the opportunity to strive and succeed in my own little world where i am in control!

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IMATALOSS 5/14/2010 3:55PM

  Great blog! I knew I joined your team for a reason. I always find inspiration here. Thank you so much for posting!!!

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TRIGFROST 5/14/2010 2:50PM

    emoticon I'm doing it...

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AMBITION14 5/14/2010 1:42PM

    Great blog! I guess there are no excuses now!

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GROGGYFROGGY 5/14/2010 1:16PM

    Wonderful! Great Blog!

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SCHENPOSSIBLE 5/14/2010 1:16PM

    I need to take control of my weight loss goals and stop feeling sorry for myself. Old habits die hard and are oh so hard to break. But once you get the momentum, whoa, watch out now!

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MOONSWEEPER 5/14/2010 1:04PM

    Thanks for the great blog, you always have such great pictures to go along with it too! We can do it!

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SUNSHINE634 5/14/2010 1:02PM

    loved the post!

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IMAVISION 5/14/2010 1:01PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon for reminding us of that truth!

It is indeed totally within our control to drop the pounds we desire or to maintain!

It all comes down to choices we make!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAMAWEIDLER 5/14/2010 12:52PM

  Well put!

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AXISLADY 5/14/2010 12:43PM

    Fabulous Blog! Thanks for the message.

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Can you write a profound blog everyday?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Answer: No, I can not.

Once again, the desire for 3 SparkPoints trumps rational behavior....

Shakespearean blogger

Doggie bloggie

Spell check is not always enough

Blogged Down Planet

Baby Blogger

tsk tsk

The do anything for 3 SparkPoints Award

Hope I made it before midnight!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

WIGIME 5/17/2010 7:42AM

    You are too funny! I hope you enjoyed your 3 points!

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LBSSLAYER 5/16/2010 4:29AM

    hahaha thanks for the great laugh

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SPARKYJEANIE1 5/14/2010 12:16PM

    LMAO!!!!! It never fails, I can ALWAYS count on you for a chuckle or two! You are the best - and laughter is the BEST medicine of all! Get those 3 points, girl!!!

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SARACITA1 5/14/2010 7:56AM

    ha ha ha love the doggie cartoon especially. I think my neighbors dogs just gave up blogging this morning! emoticon
have a great day!

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JUSTFOXXY 5/14/2010 7:42AM

    Too Funny! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
FEEDIGGA 5/13/2010 10:56PM

    CTHU (cracking the heck up) !!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
IN102WIN 5/13/2010 12:41PM

    I LOVE THIS!!! So true, thought I was the only one who got to the point of wondering what to write about to get the 3 points!!!! Very funny post!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DKWP614 5/13/2010 12:02PM

    I'm a writer, and i can not write witty repartee every day, either.
Some days I just have to accept that my Muse went dancing with someone else.

Loved the dog blog! I laughed out loud at that one!
Thanks for the giggle.
Diana Kathryn

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ELAINESHAFF 5/13/2010 12:00PM

    I surely can't write a profound blog everyday. Sometimes it is just idle chatter.

Cute blog and great pictures.

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ROBIGG 5/13/2010 11:33AM

    Loved the blog! So funny!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PLAYBLUES22 5/13/2010 11:04AM

    Love it !!!!
Keep blogging

Report Inappropriate Comment
CINDHOLM 5/13/2010 10:56AM

    SPARK ON!! I loved the blog... and for 3 points you deserve it!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TMBTTLES 5/13/2010 10:56AM

    Thanks! I really needed some good humor today! Have a great day!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FOCUSEDDIANE 5/13/2010 8:45AM

    I can barely be profound once a week, much less every day!

LOVE IT! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LIL-VIXEN 5/13/2010 8:39AM

    Hey girl,

Love the blog. I try to blog everyday but it don't happen. It's hard to find inspirational things to blog about.

Report Inappropriate Comment
INFLATED 5/13/2010 4:39AM

    Lol! I like the cartoons, I don't have to read so much!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LUNADRAGON 5/13/2010 12:13AM

    Hey, I just did the same thing, had to get in my daily blog.
This was fun. Thanks!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SUSIE85251 5/13/2010 12:10AM

    At least you're getting your Spark Points for the day. I haven't even been blogging much. Not much to say either I guess.

Report Inappropriate Comment
KSHELTON21 5/13/2010 12:09AM

    Very cute! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
FIT_BY_2012 5/12/2010 11:59PM

    LOL~ Yep, you made it before midnight!

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