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Day 17 of 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey Guys! Sorry this is going up a little late. I was waaayyy tired last night and couldn't stay awake to write it. So here goes...

My Goals & Update

Nutrition - Stay in my calorie range on the weekends / drink atleast 10 cups of water on weekends

Fitness - Continue to run 3x a week for atleast 30 minutes

Motivation - Organize my room/clothes and get rid of the clothes I won't wear anymore / Chalene 30 Day Challenge with Sparkgirl32


Nutrition - stayed within range and drank TONS of water although it was not a weekend
Fitness -Decided to change it up a little, did 1.5 min intervals on the treadmill ( for 40 min ) since I have 1 week til Biggest Loser is over...need to kick start weightloss again
Motivation - keeping up with Chalene Challenge and definitely doing some Summer cleaning this weekend! My weekdays are too busy

Mini Challenge #9 Description: We officially over halfway through the challenge! It's time to check in with where you are and how you are doing! What are you doing well? What do you deserve credit for? What could you do a little bit better? What has worked for you? What hasn't? What have you learned about your goals? Reflect on what you've accomplished so far and what you think you could do a little bit better.

Mini Challenge #9 Answer: Well I think so far I have been doing well with my nutrition goal as far as staying in range, can probably drink more water (I don't know why that is so difficult for me on the weekends, I do so well during the work week). The Fitness part of my goal is also going well. I am running 3x a week and trying to increase my time. (I can now run for 40 min non stop.) I could be doing better on the Motivation part. I haven't cleaned out anything so far and I cant stand the clutter/mess anymore. I really need to do this this weekend (kind of hoping it rains so I can!) I always put it off or say I will do it later. But it is later and it needs to be done. I am so much happier when I have a clean room and am more organized. I have learned so far that I am a determined person and more motivated than I thought. Ha! Sounds crazy, I know. I sometimes cheer myself on in my head at the gym or ask myself 'how bad do I want this?' and it keeps me going. I feel so much better about myself and have so much more energy which is nice. I don't feel like a lazy bum after work and I now enjoy staying busy.

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 17 Description: Fill out this worksheet here:

The only way to achieve success is to make and keep a plan.

Today weíre talking about reverse-engineering your goals. Think of the goal and every little thing itís going to take to make it happen.

Start with the questions that will clarify if it is even the right goal for you! You want to make sure the goal fits with your priorities before you get too far into it.

Now brainstorm every question you have. Answering these questions is going to take research and the research can be steps on your To-do list.

Todayís worksheet shows an example of a business idea reverse-engineered to the smallest detail. Getting the questions and tasks out of your head and onto paper elevates stress and inspires action.

Any goal can be broken down this way, whether it is health related, financial or a relationship goal. Anything you want to do can be planned out in a way that guarantees success.

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 17 Answer: The worksheet is not working for me so I will have to come back to this challenge.

*One positive thing I did today: Weighed in and lost 4.75 lbs to tie it up in my Biggest Loser contest at work. Say a prayer Sparkies I really want to win this!!! =)

*One thing I am grateful for: the trainer, Rob, at my gym.. He has been super helpful and motivating.


Day 16 of 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Goals with an Update:

Nutrition - Stay in my calorie range on the weekends / drink atleast 10 cups of water on weekends

Fitness - Continue to run 3x a week for atleast 30 minutes

Motivation - Organize my room/clothes and get rid of the clothes I won't wear anymore / Chalene 30 Day Challenge with Sparkgirl32


Nutrition - stayed within range and drank TONS of water =) (weigh in is tomorrow) - although not a weekend
Fitness -Runing tomorrow, today was just a gym day
Motivation - keeping up with Chalene Challenge and definitely doing some Summer cleaning this weekend! My weekdays are too busy!

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 16 Description: The Internet is an amazing resource. Everything you need to develop the skills that will get you ahead is at your fingertips. You get the edge by learning. I devote a significant part of my time and resources towards personal development.
I invest in myself and I encourage you to do the same.

You can learn from people who are experts in their field how to improve your skills and increase your understanding in any area of your life.

Remember, we are whole people. We need balance. If your finances are out of shape, your whole life will be. If youíre not taking care of your body, you canít thrive in business. If your family life is suffering, every other area of your life is going be effected.

Think about the things you need to master to be the person you want to be. Consider your family, your household, your finances, health; every aspect of life plays a part in your ability to function optimally. What do you need to work on?

Begin a search today, for blogs, articles, audio programs and books that might be helpful. Research, research, research!

Become an expert at finding solutions. Continually invest in personal development. We never stop growing as individuals. We should be always learning, always striving and always seeking truth.

Keep up the good work and have a great day!

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 16 Answer: Well, I think the biggest thing I need to work on or I should say keep working on is my health. I am eating healthy and exercising regularly, I just need to keep this up and not fall off like I have done in the past. (Although, I have faith in myself with the help and support from Sparks). Also, with the family aspect, mine is a bit dysfunctional. HAHA. But I make the best of it and am getting along with my sister (which is a good thing!) I also really need a job, like a permanent one! I need to stop being such a procrastinator and get my stuff out! Ugh. I guess I am just starting to lose faith since this is my second year of college. I will add that to my to do list =) Ciao for now!

*One POSITIVE THING I DID TODAY: Drank a TON of water (probably like 7 liters) because I have to weigh in tomorrow.

*One thing I am GRATEFUL FOR: Determination. I can put my mind to something and just do it.

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FIREMERMAID 6/9/2011 1:07AM

    You are doing so great, keep up the great work emoticon Remember, don't put TOO much pressure on yourself to loose weight fast girlie, you are gorgeous and perfect NOW :) Keep doing such an amazing job, and the weight loss will happen when your body is ready. You are an inspiration to me, great job with the challenge!!!

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Day 15 of 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge - Half way there!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I am now half way through the challenge! WOO HOO! Here goes..

My Goals and an update..

Nutrition - Stay in my calorie range on the weekends / drink atleast 10 cups of water on weekends

Fitness - Continue to run 3x a week for atleast 30 minutes

Motivation - Organize my room/clothes and get rid of the clothes I won't wear anymore / Chalene 30 Day Challenge with Sparkgirl32


Nutrition - went over by 1 calorie...yes, one! - although not a weekend
Fitness - Ran my first 3.5 miles for the week...2 more to go!
Motivation - keeping up with Chalene Challenge
MINI-CHALLENGE #7 Description: Since starting my journey, I have become a firm believer in the power of energy. Which is funny, because when people used to start talking about things like the Law of eyes would glaze over and I'd tune out. New Age stuff just wasn't my thing. haha, I was conditioned to be pretty cynical growing up (always expecting the worst in people). So if you are one of those people who don't believe in the power of on!! This is VERY important!! In fact, in my's going to be the first topic covered in pretty much every single book I write...THIS IS HOW IMPORTANT I THINK IT IS :).

I don't care if you want to believe in the Law of Attraction in its entirety (like attracts like...negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive). This challenge is going to be a reflection on your attitude and how it affects your life.

For example, Sparks is a phenomenal example of what positive energy can do! Obviously, there are many reasons why Sparks creates success story after success story. The positive community/teams, the HUGE amount of resources we're given on absolutely every health related topic possible, all of the trackers/tools, and the fact that it is completely FREE are the four main ones. In my opinion though, the thing that keeps people coming back from more is how POSITIVE it is. Most people probably find more positivity in Sparks than anywhere in their daily lives. It's no wonder why so many people lose weight and keep it off with the help of the site!

Can you think of times in your life when everything was going right? What was your attitude like? How about a time when you seemed depressed or like absolutely nothing was going good? How long did you stay that way? Do you think your negative situation could have been better if your attitude was better?

How do you think having a more positive attitude would affect your life? What would be easier? What would make being more positive easier for you?

MINI-CHALLENGE #7, Part B Description: Also, think about the types of people YOU like to be around. What are these people like? What are their attitudes like? What qualities do they possess that you want to work on having?

MINI-CHALLENGE #7, Part A Answer: I have to admit, I usually have a pessimistic attitude towards most things. I think it had alot to do with me not being happy with myself. I always saw the glass as half empty instead of half full. Well, you get the point! I feel like this negative attitude reflected how I felt due to being overweight and unhappy with myself. I just figured losing weight would take too much time, effort and I couldn't be bothered. I even started to think, "well if you don't like me like this, oh well". Almost as a rebellion, but not quite. Ever since I started Biggest Loser at my school and started to lose weight, look thinner, etc, I gained confidence and energy. This also made me a much more positive person. I fell so much better about myself and find that I am in high spirits more often than not. I like being a positive person. I feel like I can accomplish so much more and my relationships with friends/family is even better. I would have to say I am more positive -36 lbs than I was in January when I started this journey. It is definitely a better way to be/look at things.

MINI-CHALLENGE #7, Part B Answer: I like to be around FUN people. =) I also like to be around non jealous/competitive people. People I can be myself around and that aren't always 'one up-ing' (SP? IDK.) Their attitudes are mostly positive and make the best of every situation. They don't hold grudges (which I have a huge problem with!) and I would like to become a more laid back, relaxed person. I often find I am too uptight about things and very stubborn, which is not a positive quality of mine. I would like to let things go quickly, not hang on to last words and sometimes be the 'bigger person' or apologize first (even though it may not be my fault). I also worry/stress over little things. I hate that about me. I need to sometimes rethink the situation and realize it isn't that big of a deal! Wow, I really liked this challenge. It helped me realize what traits really need work...HA!

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 15 Description: Curing the disease to please.

You have been doing a great job of keeping your To-do list. You're getting more done. You're being more accountable and are remembering the things you promise to others and best of all you're making progress towards your goals every single day.

By breaking down your goals into small steps and adding those steps to your To-do list you've already begun to feel the momentum of progress. We discussed that most goals will require learning new skills and you've also broken the steps to mastering these skills into little steps and are beginning to make progress on becoming an expert in your field.

Imagine you have accomplished your goal and work backwards. What did you have to do to get there? What have other people done to achieve similar goals? What little steps do you need to do to make the significant progress you need to make?

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 15 Answer: Well seeing that my PUSH GOAL is to eat healthy and keep exercising aka continue this healthy lifestyle I got myself into 6 months ago =) I would have to be conscious of what I am eating and how much. I would also have to keep on my daily to do list some sort of exercise and make sure I fit it in, whether it is 10 minutes or an hour. People that have achieved these goals have a positive outlook and believe in themselves. They have motivation and determination (which as do I). I know I need to keep tracking, continue spending time on Spark and reading blogs, success stories and staying active in the Spark community. I know I can do this, I just need to change the way I feel about food and realize we need in to live and not otherwise.


One POSITIVE thing I did today: pushed myself to do extra (and by that I mean a half mile)...I am trying to increase my distance for running and not so much racing against the clock anymore!

One thing I am grateful for: it almost being summer! I can't wait to go to the beach/ start my nanny job!

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MISSYSTAR1980 6/8/2011 4:27PM

    You are on fire! I can't believe it's been 36 pounds since January! That is so good! And all that without even owning a scale, lol. You look hot!

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Day 14 of 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Monday, June 06, 2011

As you know I am doing SPARKGIRL32's 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge....

My Goals & an Update

Nutrition - Stay in my calorie range on the weekends / drink atleast 10 cups of water on weekends

Fitness - Continue to run 3x a week for atleast 30 minutes

Motivation - Organize my room/clothes and get rid of the clothes I won't wear anymore / Chalene 30 Day Challenge with Sparkgirl32


Nutrition - stayed in my range - although not a weekend
Fitness - Went to the gym today for a LEGS DAY! My fav =) Running tomorrow!
Motivation - keeping up with Chalene Challenge

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 14 Description: You have determined your priorities and developed your goals. You're keeping a Carefully Crafted and Diligently Maintained To-do list.

Now, we're going to address the issue of time. I know it never seems like you have enough time. Some of you are scattered all over the place, working multiple jobs, raising children supporting your community. You're busy. There is hardly enough time to get the essentials done and it seems like adding anything to your day will break you.

But that is not the way it should be.

Today, I want you to track the way you spend your time. Seriously clock yourself. You can use an app such as timejot or you can use a pencil and paper and a watch. But be honest and don't skip anything!

I want you to track your time, because I want you to become aware of how you use it.

The way you spend your time should reflect your priorities. If your time and energy are out of balance with your priorities there are many ways to adjust. Many things that we do are far less necessary than we think. This challenge isn't about being busy it's about optimizing results that are meaningful to you!
If today is an ordinary day and you feel you can get an accurate read on how you spend your time be carefully tracking every single thing you do all day, then just keep track of today. But, if you think you're going to need two or three days to get a good read on your time and the way you spend it, commit to that.

No matter what, I want you to write everything down today! How long do you spend drying your hair? How long does it take to get the kids to soccer? How many hours do you spend on the computer socializing? Working? How is your workday spent exactly? How long does it take you to make dinner? How long do you spend sitting at the table eating with the family?

In some cases, you're going to want to decrease the amount of time you spend on certain activities. In some cases you're going to want to remove entire activities from your life and in some instances you're going to want to increase time invested in things that matter.

The first step is to track the time you spend and pay attention to how you invest your energy during the day. I look forward to hearing about your results!

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 14 Answer: I will track everything I do tomorrow. I already know I waste waaayyyy too much time on the computer HAHA when I should probably be sleeping!
But it is pretty much the same routine Mon-Fri.

*One positive thing I did today: an extra leg exercise, I was just going to do machines but managed to get in squats too =)

*One thing I am grateful for today: my students who said they are going to miss me next year. I love them even though they drive me crazy some days!

Night Night Sparkies xoxo

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LUCKEE40 6/7/2011 10:36PM

    My sister is a teacher and she said the same thing as you!

Good job on the extra exercises! emoticon

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Day 13 of 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I can't believe it's the 13th day already! WOW! I am soo committed to this challenge (which is usually rare for me!) So proud that I stuck with it!

As you know I am doing SPARKGIRL32's 30 Day Extreme Push Challenge....

My Goals & an Update

Nutrition - Stay in my calorie range on the weekends / drink atleast 10 cups of water on weekends

Fitness - Continue to run 3x a week for atleast 30 minutes

Motivation - Organize my room/clothes and get rid of the clothes I won't wear anymore / Chalene 30 Day Challenge with Sparkgirl32


Nutrition - stayed in my range [1380] but had like one big meal (not on purpose, just how it worked out) and various snacks
Fitness - Took a walk around the neighborhood today. My hip was hurting from my run yesterday so I took it easy.
Motivation - keeping up with Chalene Challenge

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 13 Description: Who are your friends? Are your relationships encouraging or discouraging? With true friends, you can be yourself. Your true friends are genuinely happy for your success. Your true friends believe in you, they encourage you and they always challenge you. A true friend won't sit back while you nurture bad habits. You don't have to impress a real friend. You don't have to be anything other than who you are, because they believe in you and love you!

Today, I want you to consider your relationships. Do they incite drama or encourage progress? Do your friends suck your energy or ignite your passion? Can you really talk to your friends? Do they encourage each other? Do they focus on the positive or do they gossip and envy? Are they honest?
Think about your closest relationships too. Have you developed bad habits? Are you encouraging to your partner, spouse or children? Do you help them to be their best and share with them your aspirations and ask to share theirs?
Be honest with the friends when you need to do some work on the relationship. You're changing and your relationships will have to accommodate these changes. But, your spouse and friends need some warning. If these are true friendships, they are going to be thrilled for you and will embrace your determination to focus on positive change and on accomplishing your goals.

I think you'll also become aware of some friendships you would be better off focusing a little less energy on. The Real Housewives are funny on TV, but I have no interest in living with that kind of catty drama.

If you are part of a negative friendship and you don't see change as possible, begin to step back from the cycle of negativity and instead invest your energy and time on relationships that are supportive and positive.

We don't need hundreds of friends. We each need a few people who will see the best in us and with whom we can build an honest and supportive relationship. Our social relationships are important. We should feel better when we have had the opportunity to be close to someone.

For a true friend, it is a privilege to help in times of need. We are blessed to have amazing people in our lives. I ask that you invest your time in the relationships that are good for you. Be open to new friends as they come into your life and be available to new positive ways of interacting.

Chalene Johnsonís 30 Day Challenge, Day 13 Answer: This is a funny challenge because I definitely have had some "hater friends" in the past. You know the ones that try to compete with you but deep down are really jealous of you? Yea, them. I am always way too nice and in the past few years have weeded those people out of my life. I don't need them. They bring "nothing to the table" and most of all are constant negative energy. I love my life and don't need jealous people trying to bring me down. =) On the other hand, I definitely have some stellar friends that I know are true friends and want to see me succeed. They don't try to compete with me, they are positive encouragement. This challenge is great because sometimes friendships are so fake and I think some people aren't aware of those certain negative people in their life. I know who my true friends are and who I can count on and who is positive energy. The rest are history ;)


Mini Challenge #7 Answer: My insecurity I would have to choose is my nose. I have always been self-conscious of it since probably high school. I am Italian so it is big but it matches my face. I've thought about getting a nose job before and have a few friends that got them done but I feel that it totally changes your face. I like my face and don't want to not look like me anymore. So I have learned to accept it. Everyone has something they are self-conscious about or that they don't like about themselves. Nobody is perfect ;)

*One POSITIVE thing I did today: took progress pictures for my Sparkies ;)

* One thing I am GRATEFUL for: this new found energy :)

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DIZZYDOC 6/6/2011 8:27PM

    You certainly seem to have it all together! Keep up the Great Work! emoticon

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JOIE501 6/6/2011 11:07AM

    thanks ladies!

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KRITKRIT 6/6/2011 10:42AM

BR>I went thru my closet this weekend and got rid of a lot of stuff! Trip to goodwill tonight to donate it!!! It felt great!!!

Keep it up're doing amazing!

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CARRES1973 6/5/2011 9:55PM

  Great job! Sounds like you really have your plan dialed in.


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