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EPC 3 - Day 24 & 25 [8/25, 8/26]

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Did you ever have a day where you can't find energy to save your own life? That is what it was like for me....Most of the week I am waking up at 6:45 am to watch kids for 10 hours a day. Once Friday (my day off) hits, I just don't want to do much of anything! I hate that feeling...but that was me yesterday. I literally somehow made my way to my bed to lay down everytime I went to my room. Not good! I have not completed alot of my exercise for this week either. On a positive note, I am eating healthy or staying within range so I doubt I am gaining. Yikes! A run is in order today!

::::UPDATE::: Day24

**Nutrition: Went over my calories by 45. Ooops! But had a delicious turkey burger (no bun) for dinner and strawberry frozen yogurt for dessert. That could have done it right there! Ha!
**Fitness: Week 3 - 1 out of 3 runs complete! Need this to improve!

**Motivation: None.

On a POSITIVE note: I have been drinking mega amounts of water!

I am GRATEFUL for: People recognizing my hard work, determinatin and so far progress!

::::UPDATE::::: Day 25

**Nutrition: 1634 calories...just made it ! It was one of those days that I craved junk food and wanted to be a rebel and not track. However, I didn't let that happen. Do you ever have that kind of day?

**Fitness: Week 3 - 1 out of 3 runs complete! Need to work on this!

**Motivation: Made a to do list and got to pretty much everything on it....organized my coupons, washed my new pillow cases, brought the pillows up from my trunk and put the new water in =)

On a POSITIVE note: I had extreme will power all day. I went grocery shopping and just wanted to buy something to snack on on the way home (ie goldfish, cookies, etc) but instead just took a nectarine out and had that until I got home.
I am GRATEFUL for: my organization skills kicking in before school starts!

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MISSYSTAR1980 8/27/2011 4:28PM

    woohoo for organization!!! I think we have been doing great this summer in the face of 2 months off and various vacations and celebrations. I wonder when we will be going back to school lol. Monday's PD is already canceled.

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EPC 3 - Day 23 [8/24/11]

Thursday, August 25, 2011


**Nutrition: I was good alllll day tracking everything, being healthy and avoiding 'empty calorie' foods, (I am starting to see eating as fueling the body!) But last night I decided to make a DELICIOUS salad and I kind of went over by I think 17 calories, or maybe 77. It was healthy though so I'm not beating myself up! (Parisian Mix, cucumbers, apple slices, rotisserie chicken, croutons, EVOO and balsamic vinegar).

**Fitness: Week 3 - 1 out of 3 runs complete!

**Motivation: Did a load of laundry, still need to fold clothes and put them away, hopefully I can do that during this hurricane this weekend =)

On a POSITIVE note: After my run, my friends asked me to go get a drink at the bar and as much as I'd like that, it wasn't a very proactive choice after running 3.34 miles.
I am GRATEFUL for: School starting soon, as much as I love summer, I can't wait to see the kids from last year!!

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RAINBOWCHOC 8/27/2011 3:23AM

    you are really doing well, congratulations on your progress

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JOSIEISHEALTHY 8/25/2011 11:04AM

    Woohooo! You are doing awesome.

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EPC 3 - Day 21 & 22 [8/22/11, 8/23/11]]

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry Sparkies, I have been slacking here and there. I am so tired at the end of the night that I never get on my laptop to blog. So I am making myself do it first thing this morning =) Here is my update for Monday and Tuesday .....

:::UPDATE::: Day 21

**Nutrition: tracked all, stayed within range... 1367

**Fitness: Last day of Week 3 -- 2 out of 3 runs complete and hiked for 3 hours on the hardest trail at Sleeping Giant, therefore I am counting it as a run for the week....and 2 JM workouts complete! Missed two JM workouts, not good, I think I am getting bored with it, I need to go buy a new DVD by Jillian. Either that or I am just getting unmotivated but the ST is what is best for me! So I did not complete my fitness goal for week 3 =(

**Motivation: If I have a free moment tonight I will start the sorting...sooner I do that I could possibly get money for some of them! Money motivates me =)

On a POSITIVE note: I was going to give myself the day off from exercise but asked Fallon to walk to get SOMETHING active in, and I am glad I did ;)
I am GRATEFUL for: keeping the faith that a job will open up...most of the time I am seeing the glass as half empty ;/

:::UPDATE:::: Day 22

**Nutrition: I went over my calories, about 2,000, because of going out to dinner and having no idea how to track "Veal Ala Mezzo" I tried my best! HAHA However, I must confess that I cut the crust off of Kevin's toast but didn't track that but did track the peanut butter on it...I am so weird sometimes!

**Fitness: Week 4 begins! Run is in order tomorrow after that yummy meal!

**Motivation:Put some clothes away that needed to be hung up in my closet, instead of just throwing them on my laundry basket.

On a POSITIVE note: Things went well with Dr. B, I was nervous for nothing! He is the best!
I am GRATEFUL for: the kids behaving for the hour my sister had to watch them, because usually they are DEVILS for me! Ha!


EPC 3 - Day 20 [8/21/11]

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wow! I can't believe week 3 is almost complete! I just need to get in my last 2 JM workouts in to complete my weekly fitness goal!


**Nutrition: tracked everything and stayed within range...1630 calories

**Fitness: Week 3 started! 2 out of 3 runs complete and hiked for 3 hours on the hardest trail at Sleeping Giant, therefore I am counting it as a run for the week....and 2 JM workouts complete!

**Motivation:I need to clean up all these clothes soon...cant bring myself to, I have been so tired!

On a POSITIVE note: We killed it on the Blue Trail and of course got lost! But it was definitely a great time!
I am GRATEFUL for: Having the opportunity to drop my resume off to Dr. B tomorrow and hopefully make an awesome impression so he remembers me when a job arises ;)

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THREADS3 8/22/2011 9:19AM

    Good luck and congratulations on all points! :)

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EPC 3 - Day 17, 18, 19 [8/18, 8/19, 8/20]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here is my update for the past three days....I got a little behind but am doing well, staying motivated..

Days 17-19 :::UPDATE:::

**Nutrition: tracking everything except Day 19's dinner. Ate clams, a few pieces of sushi, some crab rangoons, and ice cream...not too bad but could have avoided eating out all together. Other than that, I have stayed in my calories and tracked all my food.

**Fitness: Week 3 started! 2 out of 3 runs complete. 2 out of 4 JM workouts done!

**Motivation: Havent done anything else yet, tomorrow I plan on figuring out which clothes I want to keep and give away and put them away.

On a POSITIVE note: I had the best time at BAR last night, of course being the only girl out with 4 guys LOL!
I am GRATEFUL for: This last week of summer :)

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RAINBOWCHOC 8/22/2011 3:42AM

    Just adding my encouragement to you, it seems a long challenge and you are sticking to it well.
I hope you are getting results either from the scale or the tape measure!
bestg wishes, Sandra

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