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EPC 3 - Day 3 [8/4/11]

Friday, August 05, 2011

Did great today! Here are my results...(and my mood is a bit more positive as well!)


Nutrition: Stayed wthin range 1403

Fitness: Running 2 out of 3 completed! I need to do atleast 4 Jillian workouts by the time the week is over!

Motivation: Rewrote my cover letter specific to the job! Cleaning is in SERIOUS order this weekend!

On a POSITIVE note: Went for a looong run with Mike. I love friends that help motivate me to succeed.
I am GRATEFUL for: having supportive friends that want me to get a job and help me in any way possible. Oh yea, and Jersey SHore started last night...some ridiculous entertainment in my life!:P

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OJIBWEEQUAY 8/5/2011 11:08AM

    emoticon emoticon

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EPC 3 - Day 2 [8/3/11]

Thursday, August 04, 2011

SO here is my update for day 2...did well until dinner time (although didn't think I was doing so bad.


Nutrition: went over my calories by (1764) so over my highest by 64...not really bad but will burden my weightloss journey over time so I need to not do this any more. I ordered Chinese food (but the healthy diet menu which was steamed white rice, steamed chicken and mixed veggies, also I used the brown garlic sauce and probably shouldnt had eaten those fried noddle chips that I unusually bought --which I NEVER DO -- so the rest of the week by meals will be all made/prepared at home instead of eating out.

Fitness: Running 1 time so far this week.

(Took yesterday off bc I got depressed about this job search...I know, probably shouldve just did the 20 min Ripped workout [since it was raining and I couldn't go running] but instead I showered and went to bed.)

Motivation: I applied for another job. SIGH!

On a POSITIVE note: Umm since all I can reflect on is the negative in this blog....let me think....I am getting better on tracking everything, whether it is measured, on a plate and part of my meal or not.

I am GRATEFUL for: having a supportive mother, telling me not to worry [about a job]. I guess she is right.

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LEKLOV 8/4/2011 10:09AM

  Hey, on the bright side, you ordered healthy Chinese food. I NEVER could have done that! That is an accomplishment all in itself!! I am sorry about the job thing...that's rough. Your Mom sounds amazing and very supportive! Keep your chin up! Things will work themselves out.

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MISSYSTAR1980 8/4/2011 10:01AM

    It sucks that getting a job is so hard right now. At the very least I am fairly sure you will still have a position in Middletown to fall back on. Chin up chicky! Instead of letting your blues affect your exercise, let exercise be the thing you rock in the face of the depressing job search. "Well, I don't have a job, but my body is kicking ass!"

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EPC 3 - Day 1 [8/2/11]

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Well I am 1 for 1 ! Did great yesterday! And didn't even really miss the junk I had eaten this weekend. I know I put as my status that I was getting scale but I haven't yet. I need to do that asap so I can start tracking my weight again. I go by how my clothes feel and the exercise I do, but I know the scale keeps me accountable too, I need to SEE the numbe (haha). Here is an update for ya for Day 1:

::::::MY GOALS::::::
Nutrition - Stay within calorie range of 1400-1700 and track everything! (Even those little handfuls of cereal can add up!)

Fitness - Run 3x a week for atleast 30 min and a Jillian workout atleast 4x a week (I am going to get No More Trouble Zones)

Motivation - Here is where I always slack....SIGH -- I am going to go back to the cleaning/organizing things so I am ready come September (fingers crossed, I will have a job) So my goal is to clean and hopefully by the end of the 30 days my room will be organized. Also, to keep applying for jobs!


Nutrition: stayed within range 1503 and even tracked EVERYTHING I ate!

Fitness: Ran for the first time this week...2 more runs to go and 4x Jillian workouts.

Motivation: There is always where I fall into trouble.... well I applied for another job yesterday (5th grade) and will start to clean maybe tonight, atleast unpack my things!!

On a POSITIVE note: I didn't put off running yesterday and got everything I had planned to get done, done. FELT GOOD!

I am GRATEFUL for: having will power. I have to keep reminding myself how bad I want this [healthy&fit lifestyle]

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RAINBOWCHOC 8/4/2011 5:51AM

    you are doing well, let's hope that new job is right around the corner!
best wishes, Sandra

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SHERRI-21 8/3/2011 11:31PM

    Hey Girlie! Welcome back!! Great goals- Let me just tell you about your motivation- You motivate me all the time! You are so beautiful and strong and you do some kick ass workouts and do so great with staying within your calorie ranges- Plus you have come so far- Keep up the awesome work girl because from the outside looking in- you are a machine and doing all the right things. (maybe im misunderstanding your motivation goal.) Im so glad the EPC is back on so that we can cheer each other on! :) High Five to you girlfriend!! :) emoticon

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JOIE501 8/3/2011 9:17AM

    Not yet! Hopefully tonight!

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MISSYSTAR1980 8/3/2011 8:57AM

    Good start Joanna! Did you get NMTZ yet?

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30 Day Extreme Push Challenge - Round 3

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I am starting this challenge for the third time now. I must say that these mini challenges have kept me on track for the most part, this whole summer. (Which is exactly what I needed! Thanks Laur!) I am starting a day late since my birthday was yesterday and I was in the Cape this past weekend. I am not stressing on the ice cream I ate or stuffed shrimp, I am going to move forward and continue to maintain this weight, (or even lose if possible!) I have two concerts coming up next week - one country one, Rascal Flatts - which are usually drinking fests but I am going to drink in moderation. So I have thought about my goals and here they are...

Nutrition - Stay within calorie range of 1400-1700 and track everything! (Even those little handfuls of cereal can add up!)

Fitness - Run 3x a week for atleast 30 min and a Jillian workout atleast 4x a week (I am going to get No More Trouble Zones)

Motivation - Here is where I always slack....SIGH -- I am going to go back to the cleaning/organizing things so I am ready come September (fingers crossed, I will have a job) So my goal is to clean and hopefully by the end of the 30 days my room will be organized. Also, to keep applying for jobs!

I will update tonight as to how I did, TUESDAY AUGUST 2 is my official first day of the EPC round 3.


Eat to Live or Live to Eat???

Saturday, July 30, 2011

So today I didn't track and I must say I haven't done that in a VERRYYY long time. I went out for an early birthday celebration at the casino and we ate at the buffet. (Hey, 3 out of 4 ladies not living my 'healthy lifestyle') needless to say...they choose the place. So for whatever reason, I felt compelled to 'treat' myself. Although, keeping Sparks in mind, I didn't let myself finish anything in its entirety. Even the small piece of salmon I took, I didn't finish. I really get so annoyed that I can't control myself fully in situations like these. I know living a healthy lifestyle can't work miracles but I really wish it would miraculously change my mindset about food. On a regular day I treat food like it is fuel for my body, when I am around unlimited, available, delicious food, I feel like I want to eat it all and portion size is forgotten about! Why is that??!! I want to be one of those people who "eats to live", however, I feel like I will always (at heart) have a "live to eat" mentality. Is there anyway to control this better? Am I the only one? Please share if you feel this way also.
Tomorrow I am going with my boyfriend to Cape Cod for the long weekend and my birthday (which is Monday). I am worried because I won't be exercising as much (or as hardcore I should say) and probably eating out for several or ALL my meals. Blah! I will indeed drink all my water which I think will help (atleast a little!) and my bf being the seafood fanatic that he is will probably want to eat it every meal. Which is okay because I don't eat the fried stuff, I like it broiled or grilled. But then again, I am nervous about tracking, etc. I mean I guess life has to go on through this and situations will come up but I get so anxious over it. (That is my perfectionist attitude taking over...) Like seriously, I am stressing over nothing I guess. But I don't want to get out of control, eat 'empty calories' or go over. Therefore I am promising myself to stay within range and drink all my water. I will exercise when I get back and definitely make it a point to run 3x next week. I just bought new shorts from Forever 21 and if I gain a pound (in my legs especially) I will no longer fit into them haha! No bueno! I have faith and will update you guys when I get back, also I will start the EPC challenge a day late but I am excited to see what Lauren (Sparkgirl32) has in store!

Ciao! Everyone have a GREAT weekend!!

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LAURALOU882 8/2/2011 8:39AM

  BAH! I feel like this all the time - not even when I go to a buffett, but just in general. I always make good choices for breakfast, but then right after lunch I start going downhill and don't know how to stop it. It's so frustrating!

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ASHWILLDOTHIS 7/30/2011 7:37AM

    I definitely don't know how to control what I eat a lot of the times. If there's food, I feel like I have to eat it all. I'm slowly understanding aout portion control and controlling my hunger cravings. This has been the biggest struggle for me.
And enjoy your birthday celebration. Don't stress over counting too much. *HAPPY BIRTHDAY*

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NICKYLUKE 7/30/2011 5:05AM

    Hi there
2 points - Like you, I am a live to eat at heart - the way I manage buffets is to take my own food along (if it's a work situation) and ignore the buffet altogether.
In other situations, I choose to fill the plate with the bits I know are low in calories, like vegetables and crudites etc and then pick the lean meats - or in this case, would have chosen the salmon. Filling the plate and limiting it to one plate makes me feel satisfied and I can come away and track without fear.

Secondly, I have downloaded the Sparkpeople app for my blackberry - you can get it on i-phones too - which means I can track anywhere anytime. Maybe this is the mobile tracker you need?

Good luck and remember that phrase Kate Moss used (stupidly once, since she is too thin) 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'.

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RAINBOWCHOC 7/30/2011 3:01AM

    A birthday weekend should be about celebration and not be a nightmare about tracking. If you overindulge for a day or two it will not kill you! You will have a good idea about the fish portion resembling a deck of cards so go for that. The veggies are always difficult to predict but you should be able to get fresh fruit at breakfast, make sure you have a couple of servings.
I agree it would be nice to change our mindset forever but we can only do what we have tools to deal with. I'm sure next year's birthday will be easier because you will have much more experience to draw on.
best wishes, Sandra

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