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Who Knows Best? I Do!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I am learning to trust myself, my feelings and my intuition. I am learning to be confident in the fact that more often than not I know what’s best for me. Call it intuition, or a gut level feeling, it is the knowledge that I have inside of me, everything I need to be a successful and well balanced person. That’s the easy part. The hard part is putting it into action. Being overweight creates a confidence crisis all its own and the longer I am overweight the deeper that crisis becomes until I begin to doubt my ability to do anything well. I have found myself on more than one wild goose chase. I have fallen prey to those “get thin quick schemes.” They are the ones that promise health happiness and a brand new car in about thirty days if you promise to do one simple thing --- never eat again. They also issue you a thirty percent discount coupon on a funeral. I have been mesmerized by the photos of men in Brooks Brothers suits gazing smugly at me as if to say “Uhm, John, this isn’t for you.” The list goes on.

Who do I listen to? Who has the wisdom and knowledge to know what’s best for me?

I do. I do if I take the time to listen to that voice inside of me that slowly and gently guides me towards health.

I do, when I put my life in focus and in balance and do the hard work up front it takes to get a good picture of myself, what motivates me and what brings me success. It happens when I believe I am worth all the effort, whether its successful at first or not, I am painting a very clear picture of who I am and where I am going.

I do, when I put on blinders and just for a little bit block out even the most well intentioned friends. I look deep into my soul and I see a clear vision or picture of myself and where I want to be and then I act on those positive urges that move me towards health. It means I may never run a marathon, participate in a triathlon or swim the English Channel. It means I probably won’t be invited to sit with the cool kids at their lunch table. So maybe I start my own lunch table and re-define cool.

I do, when I finally look in the mirror and acknowledge that I deserve everything I have ever dreamed of and that I have the intelligence and the ability to go out and get it. Not tomorrow, not next week but RIGHT NOW. It happens when I have enough faith in myself to claim my spot.

I am not advocating that you live on a mountain and refrain from taking any advice what so ever. I am suggesting that you and I decide when that advice is right for us. So many times we defer to people, not because we believe they are right but because we don’t have the faith and confidence in ourselves to say otherwise. It’s as if we look in an emotional mirror and see all the spots and warts we have and decide maybe someone else knows better.

As I learn and grow I am finding I know best. It doesn’t really matter what you think of me whether you love me or not. It matters what I think of me. You may argue with me that I am learning to lean to heavy on emotion and feeling and not enough upon intellect. I am happy you have come to that realization in your life and that you believe that is what works best for you.

In my top ten favorite things about Spark, right up there, close to the top, is the exhortation for me to be myself, travel my own path and find others who feel like me.

Folks like you!!!!

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MARCYNA 3/23/2011 4:18PM

    You're the best emoticon

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IFDEEVARUNS2 3/22/2011 4:02PM

    Love it, John! But I'm willing to bet you will run that marathon some day..... emoticon

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LINDAJ0621 3/21/2011 10:17AM

    Another great blog, John. I agree with you that we should learn to be happy with who we really are and whatever works best for our own selves! As to the nay sayers..."forget about'em"!!!

emoticon emoticon

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SILLYHP1953 3/20/2011 7:16PM

    Do they teach self-esteem classes in school yet? I hope so. Your mention of lunch tables brought up memories of school.

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ANEPANALIPTI 3/19/2011 9:50AM

    This post shows such STRENGTH. Once I heard a saying that the mind is worked like a muscle and you've got that John, you are like a top top top personal trainer of the mind.

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SANDYJAS 3/18/2011 11:06PM

    Heck yes! Can I sit with you at the New Improved Cool Kids Table? .... gosh now I am remembering that the kids who weren't cool were queer! Way back when.

And he title of your blog .."Who Knows Best?" just shows what a long way we have come. Back then, it was Father Knows Best. Now it's I know best. And to trust yourself is the best thing you can do. Out of all those voices, it is indeed you that knows best!

So happy you discovered this :)
You are the cool kid and you know best!


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ERICASB 3/18/2011 10:59PM

    such beauty in words

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TIME4AFITME 3/18/2011 10:52PM

    I agree! Great blog!

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SKYGLIDER1 3/18/2011 10:50PM

  Great blog John! You expressed your honesty well. I believe it is the 1st hurdle many have to face thru this journey to good health,including myself. Although we diet & exercise, sometimes we may have a wondering "eye" for a quick fix. Realization-there are no quick fixes to a healthy lifestyle.

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CARTOONB 3/18/2011 9:35PM

    I agree with John.

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NJMATTICE 3/18/2011 9:24PM

    Way to be the "boss of your ownself".
Enjoy your weekend.

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KSGROTHE 3/18/2011 5:19PM

    emoticon blog! I'm still learning this and finding that it takes some work to build up the faith in myself.
Keep up the good work! emoticon

- Karen

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    Yep, there is no one size fits all in life. We each have to make our life fit us.

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NUTSNUTSGETEM 3/18/2011 11:07AM

    Great stuff!

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MARATHONMOM26.2 3/18/2011 10:56AM

    Isn't that the truth? Until and unless we believe in ourselves and trust that we are worth having our dreams come true it won't happen. No one else can do that for us...

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PGNBRI 3/18/2011 10:15AM

    Well put! I'm slowly learning to have more faith in myself instead of doubting all the time.

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MADKAPKID 3/18/2011 10:12AM

    I LOVED this one. And, good for you on trusting yourself. I have come a long way with this one but still have a ways to go. For me, when eating and living healthy I just plain feel better. My mind is more clear and I have real focus! Knowing me is okay! And, I am now listening to me and trusting me more. Have a joy filled day, Karen

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TRIPLE_EMME 3/18/2011 9:45AM

    I'm glad that you are learning to trust yourself to know what is best for you!


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    Well put, John! I am a big proponent of doing what is right for you, no matter what anyone else says, and who best knows what is right for you? You do!

Love this, thanks for sharing these thoughts with us this morning!

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HDHAWK 3/18/2011 9:42AM

    This is a tough one, but I'm getting better at it all the time. You are too John!

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QTEALADY20031 3/18/2011 9:36AM

    This is a wonderful blog and so very true.....we need to listen more often to that little voice inside us that tells us what is right for us. I liked your comment on starting your own lunch table. Have a great week-end!! emoticon June

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GEEMAWEST 3/18/2011 9:27AM

    Well said!

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GETFIT2LIVE 3/18/2011 9:24AM

    Yup. Learning to listen to our own bodies, to get in tune with our own hearts, is one of the keys on this journey. Some days it's harder than others to tune out the voices clamoring to tell us what to do. It's up to us to evaluate all the options and find what's best for us.

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DDOORN 3/18/2011 9:18AM

    Always great when we can become mindful enough to tune into what "works" or DOESN'T work for ourselves!


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DOLLBABE56 3/18/2011 9:01AM

    This is so true. Not just in our health journey, but in every aspect of our lives. Good on ya.

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WALKAWAY 3/18/2011 8:58AM

    emoticon for the reminder that I do have the wisdom inside me. Some days we just have to dig deep to find it.

Have a great Friday.


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Update On My Back

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Many of you inquired about how my back is feeling. I thought I'd give you a quick update.

It hurts, LOL

I have most of my range of motion back without uttering words not printable on a family web site. The pain has diminished. I have not taken any of the pain pills (I dont believe in narcotics) nor any of the muscle relaxants. (I had to work.) I have been getting by on Aleve. I ran into my doctor at the grocery this afternoon (It's a small town!!) She said it looked like I was better. No running for at least two weeks and no strength training for thirty days. She told me that as long as the pain is diminishing every day there should be no permanent damage.

It only bothers me when I am up and moving for any length of time.

Thank you all for your concern and your love

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SILLYHP1953 3/20/2011 7:12PM

    Yes, ask your doctor about doing Yoga like ANEPANALIPTI suggested.

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MOMONTHERUN1 3/19/2011 10:17AM

    Get better soon and take it easy. You don't want to be out of commission for too long... emoticon

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ANEPANALIPTI 3/19/2011 10:16AM

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LYNMEINDERS 3/19/2011 3:21AM

    So Pleased to hear that is is slowly getting better....

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TRIPLE_EMME 3/18/2011 9:42AM

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a little better!

While you have to take some time off from your fitness activities, I hope that you manage to make your self care a priority.


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ACIMPEGGY 3/17/2011 10:59PM

    SO glad you're better!

I like to take as few drugs for my knee as I can, too, but today I succumbed to my first ever cortisone shot. Dr. says knee replacement... emoticon

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CARTOONB 3/17/2011 10:29PM

    Give G-Ma the muscle relaxers and I'll take the pain pills! LOL! emoticon emoticon

Glad you're feeling better.

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GEEMAWEST 3/17/2011 10:15PM

    Can I have you pain pills and muscle relaxers? emoticon
Sorry, but I'm a wuss when it comes to pain, don't like it one bit. Glad you're feeling better.

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NASFKAB 3/17/2011 9:28PM

  Get well soon. Take it easy.

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MADKAPKID 3/17/2011 7:39PM

    Juat try to relax and take it easy so your back totally heals. Glad you are doing better though. Have a joy filled day, Karen

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LUVMYK9S 3/17/2011 7:33PM

    Glad to hear that you are getting better. Take the time, rest and heal. I too do not like to take any type of pill, especially pain killers, even when I broke my jaw and when I broke my back I would not take pain meds. Take care of yourself and you'll be back to running in no time.

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CATHERINEL66 3/17/2011 7:28PM

    Ugh. This is sad to hear you're out of commission right now. I'm glad it's improving.

I encourage you to grab hold of the tracker and your diet and take the opportunity to continue losing weight through careful management and non-food "rewards" and really conscious self care. After being laid up for almost 17 weeks (yep, it was that long) I really had to work at this -- and did so happy to not gain any weight back. You can too :)

Get better soon!

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HDHAWK 3/17/2011 7:13PM

    Glad to hear you're healing. Patience my friend.

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KELLY40222 3/17/2011 7:02PM

    I hope you are back up and running soon. There is nothing worse then back pain.


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GETFIT2LIVE 3/17/2011 6:47PM

    Back pain is one of the worst, ugh! Kind of hard to get away from it, to put it mildly. Glad to hear that you are getting better and it doesn't look like you did any real damage. Take good care of yourself--but that doesn't mean sit and eat cookies and ice cream to feel better . . . that's my tendency when I hurt!


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I Dont Know About You................

Thursday, March 17, 2011

About four times a year I get a chance to spend two days with a group of managers and their labor counterparts. The purpose of the meeting is exploring common values and makes their companies stronger in the marketplace. I really enjoy these occasions because I get an opportunity to lead a group of people who are steeped in tradition using nontraditional methods. On one occasion I split them into groups of five, gave them a huge piece of poster board and each a box of crayons and I asked them to draw an image of their perfect company. If they had to sell the idea to a group of investors what would it look like!! I bring this up because when I got out of bed early this morning I was still searching for a theme for my next encounter. (I have until Monday!!!) Then it hit me. We spend a lot of money and a lot of time in many ways accenting how different we are. We could probably spend a fraction of that resource exploring how much we have in common.

I don’t know about you, but every time I meet someone I do a real quick evaluation and comparison of myself to them. Are the more attractive than me? Are they smarter? Are they lighter or heavier? Usually I come up on the short end of the stick when I play this game. Being overweight for the past ten years has taught me that if I am not careful I can end up having an exclusive pity party for one. I can fixate on how different I am from other people, how much better they are, how much more together they are from me. The list goes on and on.

I don’t know about you, but when that happens to me the inevitable occurs. I feel like giving up coz after all, I’ll never be you. I know, I know, why would I want to be you? But I still play that game from time to time. You are brighter, more energetic and happier………. Just ask me!!! I examine myself and I come up lacking.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a good deal of time looking at other peoples weight loss tickers and exercise programs and beating myself over the head and making really silly and unfair comparisons between myself and you!!! It’s insane isn’t it, the amount of resource I invest in determining how different I am for you? Instead of really being sincerely joyful about my differences I usually find a way to turn them into yet another reason for me to get down on myself.

I don’t know about you but I believe we have a lot in common. You faithfully log in each day and you do the things that are necessary to create a healthy life style, for you!! You are a kind, caring and supportive person who would drop what they are doing to help a person in need by a supportive Spark Mail, Goodie or blog comment. You think nothing about sharing your time with other Sparkers. You know the successful journey is a slow one, and it’s full of hills and valleys, triumphs and failures. You never fail to provide a moment of joy or tenderness for someone else who is in need.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s silly sometimes when I look the tremendous amount of love and encouragement I have the opportunity to provide for other people and instead I focus on how much more attractive or smarter they may be from me. I worry about our differences instead of learning form what we share in common. If you took our collective paths and drew them on a sheet of paper theyd resemble a three year old gone mad with a marker. They are so very different yet so very much the same.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time I concentrated more upon the things that you and I share in common rather than the very few differences that separate us. In the long run me and you will be much more successful.

Have a great Thursday and help me celebrate US!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SMARGED 3/20/2011 10:42PM

    Great blog! I really enjoyed it! You are so right.... we do tend to compare ourselves to others.... instead of focusing on our own gifts and talents.

You seem like a great person to me! And thanks for sharing so honestly!

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LYNMEINDERS 3/19/2011 3:19AM

    I am going to say AMEN to your blog....I am trying to change comparing myself to others and learning, like you and the rest of people, that i am unique.....

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CARTOONB 3/18/2011 10:44PM

    I really don't think the world could handle two me's. I don't think I do the comparison thing. I notice things that are different and similar, but I don't think I compare in judgmental way...I don't think so, anyway. I'll have to pay attention from here on.

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DUTCHIEKIWI 3/18/2011 8:20PM


I agree with John ;0)


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TRACEY5280 3/18/2011 3:04PM

    Exactly what I've been doing lately and have just recently started working on turning it around. Come on along!

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REGINA100 3/18/2011 9:37AM

    Thanks for the blog. I do the same thing and miss out on all kinds of opportunities to enjoy being me. I am going to exercise all sorts of restraint now and not go check out your weight loss ticker since mine flatlined 3 months ago... emoticon

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GEEMAWEST 3/17/2011 10:18PM

    I don't know about you, but I do believe you're right, my friend!

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SNOWANGELDIVA 3/17/2011 9:55PM

    You are the best you in the entire world and no one compares to the you that He created for you.
I appreciate YOU!

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RODYANNE 3/17/2011 8:37PM

  I've learned that it is identifying how we are alike rather than comparing myself with another. When I do that someone always comes up short in one way or another. I usually begin putting myself down once again.

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MADZOE 3/17/2011 6:27PM

    Thank you so much for the fantastic reminder!

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DANCINCAJUN1 3/17/2011 6:21PM

    emoticon emoticon

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MOMKAT4310 3/17/2011 6:14PM

    I really like this. Thanks

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NANNAMOM60 3/17/2011 4:14PM

    How's your back?

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DAWNEBLUNDA 3/17/2011 4:13PM

    Well, let me just compliment you on your wonderful, eloquent, thoughful and thought provoking blogs. You are much better than me. hahahaha! emoticon
Seriously, great thoughts. And, they hit home nicely. Hard to remember that we are all beautiful and wonderful and if we were all the same how boring the world would be when you feel like you aren't as good as the next person.
When my oldest daughter was a tweenteen, I used to tell her "there is always going to be someone you see as better than you and someone you see as worse than you." Accept who you are, because you are one of a kind and fantastic just the way you are. Too bad I can dish this sage advice out but not take a bite, isn't it?! Thanks again! emoticon

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DMSGLASS 3/17/2011 4:07PM

    A great message and one I am as guilty of as the next person. Thank you, John, for being so open and honest in expressing your thoughts that mirror the thoughts of so many of us. We are all part of God's creation and we need to love ourselves as He loves us, not constantly degrade what He created.

Praying for many blessings upon your day.


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MARATHONMOM26.2 3/17/2011 3:57PM

    I only stumbled on your page because of your March 3rd blog, and I like that one so much that I decided to see what today's was about. Holy cow! You so eloquently put into words what I was trying to share with a Spark Friend not 10 minutes ago!

You write beautifully, you are insightful and succinct, and I'm so happy to have had the chance to read your blog! Thank you JohnTJ1 for sharing!

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KSGROTHE 3/17/2011 2:54PM

    Wow, you have this problem, too? I thought I was the only one! emoticon

Seriously, though, this is so true, and thinking about the things we have in common with others may help us get past our insecurities.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

- Karen

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CIERAPOET 3/17/2011 2:00PM

    Wow John! I felt like you were in my living room talking just to me. I love it! Have to add you as a friend if you don't mind. Need to print out this blog. Thanks for being honest with us. The Truth that we know sets us FREE! Thanks for helping me see things more clearly today!
God Bless You Richly!
emoticon emoticon

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GIRANIMAL 3/17/2011 12:57PM

    My uncle used to say something like "We all put our pants on one leg at a time." I was SO fixated on the differences between me and everyone else that I could never help but to think, "I don't! I stick both legs in at the same time!" LOL - the dangers of both comparison shopping and being too darn literal.

One of my original goals on my Spark page was to stop constantly comparing myself to others. I think I've gotten a tiny bit better about it now that I have a tiny bit more confidence, but I do indeed still have a long way to go. I don't know why this is so hard for so many of us, especially when most of us understand that you cannot fairly compare apples and oranges. I mean, look at that - there are like a dozen cliches about it! Clearly the idea is embedded in our collective consciousness. So what gives? Why can't more of us seem to actually live it?

Besides, I can't count how many times people express genuine disbelief when I share an insecurity about myself. Others just do not usually see us in the harsh light in which we view ourselves.

So thank you for another great reminder!

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GETFIT2LIVE 3/17/2011 12:36PM

    I can SO easily get caught up in finding all my faults and how I am 'less' than others (except in weight!). Comparing ourselves to others is never a good idea; we each have our own unique paths to walk, but there is so much more we share in common than the differences we seem to focus on. Yup--let's celebrate us today! Hope your back is getting better, it sounds like that was a nasty fall you took!!

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TRIPLE_EMME 3/17/2011 11:44AM

    This is an emoticon blog entry!

Yes, let's celebrate US!!!


Now, for my totally crass words of wisdom. In conversations with others, if they compare themselves to someone else and start feeling inferior, I like to remind them: we all poop on the toilet and that other person's poop isn't gold!

There you have it!


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KLONG8 3/17/2011 11:42AM

    Thanks for today's motivational message. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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EMTFF376 3/17/2011 11:39AM

    I am working on this too!

How's your back?

Big Thursday hugs!

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GOLDCOOP 3/17/2011 11:03AM

    Sometimes I think we size ourselves up in comparison to someone else just to beat them to the punch. We can't be blindsided by a snide remark if we've just said it to and about ourselves! It's a form of self-sabotage. We should be anticipating what someone else might most appreciate about us and try to emphasize that particular strength. How much more confidence would we give off?

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    Great blog! I have a stupid problem with jealousy and comparisons. I have a friend who is heavier than I am who is losing weight at a rapid pace. I was so happy for her until I found out she is catching up to me! "Oh snap! I've gotta ramp it up!" And then the jealousy monster (was going to say bug but it's so much bigger than a bug) comes up and I start to get hateful. I've decided to make this friend a special prayer concern of mine and I'm only allowed to pray for success and health for her. I figure it's pretty hard to be mad and jealous of someone you are praying for!

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GREENCAT1 3/17/2011 10:28AM

    Great blog! I agree with you!


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RICHARJ 3/17/2011 10:19AM

    Great motivation! Thanks Being overweight, we are all so used to looking at the differences (the negatives) Why don't we begin to look at the likenesses (the positives). We deserve to, don't we. I guess we are programmed to a certain extent, with the constant disappointments of when the scale doesn't move or we eat itesm that we swore off. I think we can make a major turnaround if we begin to celebrate that we do help others whenever we can and on and on.

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NDKARIKARI 3/17/2011 10:18AM

    thanks for this blog post. I find myself constantly and unconsciously comparing myself to others. It's counterproductive and exhausting.
you are so right about finding things that are in common, rather than differences, as a key to success.

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MADKAPKID 3/17/2011 10:01AM

    I am with you in celebratng US. Have a joy filled day, Karen emoticon

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AMICHT 3/17/2011 9:59AM

    I think if we could learn/try to be HALF as kind to ourselves as we are to others, we'd go a long way toward healing what hurts us. Another wonderful blog, John. Thank you!

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MIZZLE2105 3/17/2011 9:42AM

    Thank you for sharing this. I was having a conversation with one of my friends yesterday about how I feel like my circle of friends is much more pretty than me and I feel like the fat friend that tags along with them. Even though they don't make me feel like this. This is how I feel about myself. But I need to stop comparing myself to them. Thank you for the reminder.

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EDWINA172 3/17/2011 9:41AM

    Love this John! You always make me feel so much better about myself. Our thinking is so similar. Why do we compare ourselves to others? I've really got to get a grip on that. I keep telling myself that I've just got to better than the ME of yesterday. "...the race is long and in the end its only with yourself."

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MOMMABOF7 3/17/2011 9:28AM

    Great Blog John! Your a GREAT MOTIVATOR!! Your blogs always make me want to be a better me! THANKS!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
APRILJOY1000 3/17/2011 9:27AM

    I absolutely agree!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
HDHAWK 3/17/2011 9:24AM

    So true!

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Do They Call It Your Back Because It's Behind You?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SILLYHP1953 3/20/2011 7:11PM

    I'm sending you love, light, and healing energy!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHUEYSMOM 3/18/2011 9:58AM

    I hope by now you are feeling better. Take care!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LYNMEINDERS 3/17/2011 5:24PM

    Praying for you and trusting that oyur back is feeling a lot better

Report Inappropriate Comment
GIRANIMAL 3/17/2011 12:40PM

    So glad you're feeling a little better! The hot tub was a brilliant idea. Sorry about the 5K, but do continue to take it easy or you might be out of commission even longer. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

  Love and compassion for others leads to love and compassion for may be different paths....but we're all climbing that same mountain.
Blessings. emoticon

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4DOGNIGHT 3/17/2011 9:06AM

    If you continue to have pain, try a chiropractor. They really do work!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TOTHEFUTURE1 3/17/2011 4:05AM

    Get better soon meantime take care
And Happy Saint Patrick's day emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANGELSANDYBABY 3/16/2011 11:57PM

    So sorry to hear that. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CARTOONB 3/16/2011 11:53PM

    Dang! Glad you're feeling better and hope you continue to keep getting better.

Report Inappropriate Comment
GEEMAWEST 3/16/2011 8:35PM

    Take care and feel better REAL SOON!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
EMTFF376 3/16/2011 4:18PM

    OWWWWW! I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you are doing all the right things though and not overdoing it too soon.

Hugs and a heat pack!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MADKAPKID 3/16/2011 3:43PM

    Oh John, Ouch! Sorry you slipped and hurt your back. Back injuries take time. Go slow and heal! I hope you feel better soon. Sending you healing thoughts, Karen

Report Inappropriate Comment
ALLISON145 3/16/2011 1:56PM

    Dang! Well I hope the hot tub helps (sounds heavenly) and you start feeling better soon. If not, by all means go get some muscle relaxers! I know they can make people feel loopy and tired, but it beats the heck out of sore and tense. :( Best Wishes!


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SNOWANGELDIVA 3/16/2011 11:43AM

    Joan~great idea gettin' those water shoes.

OW! John, I hope that you heal quickly. That is so terrible.

Katie~ You are a terrific daughter. I hope my Katie is as sweet as you. Someday, not today. I don't think 11 is a good age to drive.

Muscle relaxers+Safety training=great You Tube video footage

I really hope you heal quickly, John. This is a sad set-back, but, I think that you taking it easy will give it the time it needs to heal from that jolt.


Report Inappropriate Comment
TRIPLE_EMME 3/16/2011 9:57AM

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling a little better.

Please be kind to yourself and don't overdo anything. Your recovery is important.

Get well, soon!

Big, big emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
HDHAWK 3/16/2011 9:53AM

    Bummer John! Let it rest and enjoy the hot tub. There will be other 5ks that you can run in. I'm glad to hear it's improving this morning.

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better, hope the hot tub helps as well! Shame on that restaurant employee for showing so little concern with such a huge safety issue.

Get well soon!

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MOMONTHERUN1 3/16/2011 8:56AM

    OUCH! Glad to hear that you are feeling better this morning, but I hope that all of the soreness and tense feelings go away soon.

Sorry to hear that you are not participating in the 5K.

Get well soon.

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Sharing Part of Us

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have spent the last eight Monday evenings with a very special group of people. Like me, each of them has devoted their lives to helping people in some form or fashion. Through the marvels of Go To Meeting. com I have been able to listen to and share with people in Europe, Canada, South America and the USA. Each of us took turns sharing our journies and our experiences. Rest assured that I was so proud to be able to share some of you and how you have impacted my life in such a postive and very loving way. We stayed together much longer last night then we had planned, close to three hours, and when I woke up this morning I wrote them each an email. As I wrote it, many of you, paraded through my mind and I felt the same warmth and love. Below is the text of that email. Many of you already know this is my mantra or creed, but to honor you today as well I thought I'd share with you.

"Dear Friends

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat bittersweet. It’s the kind of feeling I always have when a good friend comes to visit for an extended period: You know the day will come when they have to leave for home, you just never believe that day will come. How do you thank such an amazing group of people for sharing the most precious commodity they have, the gift of themselves?

The only way I believe I can honor each of you collectively is to tell you I believe that as I have gotten to know you that you embody my core values. With each person I coach I share the following thoughts with. Thank each of you for proving me right!!

1. “You are who you hang around with.” – Successful people find other people of the same mind set, heart and spirit to associate with. They are people who share the same values and thought. They are people who will challenge you to grow in ways you never dreamed you’d grow in.

2. “You are worth all the effort you put into yourself.” – All the blood sweat and tears, the angst, the indecision and every “icky-sticky” thing that goes along with our personal and spiritual development is worth the effort simply because you and I are were created by a loving God and we are the reflection and embodiment of that great love.

3. “You deserve to be successful.” – Never let anyone hold you back from reaching out to grab hold of what you want from your life. It may be difficult and at times you end up wondering just how you’d get there, but it is your right to be successful, regardless of what anyone else tells you. You are an amazing collection of thoughts, emotions and dreams. WE deserve to be exposed to the amazing wonder of creation that is you.

4. “You are what you believe you are.” – AA says “Fake it till you make it.” This is a variation on that theme. If I believe I am powerful, wonderful, loving………. You fill in the metaphor, then I indeed am.

During the course of our time together I have come to learn how much each of you is a perfect example of these principles. I have shared your journeys with people as a sign of hope that they too can be everything they want to be and so much more.

As feeble as it may seem this is my attempt to say thank you to each of you for the warmth, joy and love you have brought into my life.

Blessings to each of you

Much Love"

I hope your day is full of love and blessings my good Spark friends

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SILLYHP1953 3/20/2011 7:04PM

    I don't remember now how I found you here on sparkpeople...I think you had replied to the blog of one of my friends, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm sure glad I have your blogs to read.

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FELICIA1963 3/19/2011 1:11PM


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LYNMEINDERS 3/17/2011 5:18PM

    This is are all your blogs.....
Thankyou for sharing this....i will be sharing it with a lot of people....

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NANNAMOM60 3/16/2011 5:05AM

    It is always said when someone you visited with you has to go home. Just remember you always keep a part of them with you just as they have a part of you. Enjoy the time you had together and keep in contact with them.

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CARTOONB 3/15/2011 8:54PM

    I'm generally not a perfect example of something good! emoticon

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GEEMAWEST 3/15/2011 2:53PM


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MISSROCKABILLY 3/15/2011 12:50PM

    I love this, and I am so happy to count you as a friend, and be counted among yours. Have a beautiful, wonderful day today.

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GETFIT2LIVE 3/15/2011 11:39AM

    Technology is an amazing thing; I've been in 'classes' with people from around the world, too, and I am reminded each time that regardless of where we are, we all share many of the same hopes and dreams. Great blog, John, and your core values come through loud and clear even when you don't state them--that's when you know they really are your values. Thanks for sharing your journey here; it has made a positive impact on my life.

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LUVMYK9S 3/15/2011 11:11AM

    Great blog! I am very fortunate to be counted as one of your friends.

Have a blessed day!

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MADKAPKID 3/15/2011 11:08AM

    John, I am just plain happy to be among your many friends. Have a joy filled day, Karen

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TRIPLE_EMME 3/15/2011 10:07AM

    I am honored to be your friend, John!

Have a beautiful day!


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HDHAWK 3/15/2011 9:35AM

    Wonderful! So glad I can count you among my friends!

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JPRICE217 3/15/2011 9:03AM

    Great blog

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    Really great blog!!

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DOLLBABE56 3/15/2011 8:57AM

    I feel honored John. Simply honored to be counted as your friend.

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