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Still doing fine :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All is well. Spent a lot of time today doing family history--had to reorganize my family tree as I had copied the wrong information over. Dang. But it's all sorted now. Went to lunch today with a friend at Olive Garden. Had a bowl of minestrone soup with two heaping helpings of the salad with just a bit of salad dressing (had ordered it on the side). Dinner was lean ground beef, sliced avocado and oven fries. I wanted to eat more tonight but there's nothing in the house to binge on. So settled for a large can of La Croix sparkling water.

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TRAVELGRRL 3/31/2014 6:39PM

    WTG on good choices at the Olive Garden! Sounds like you are doing great.

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BARBSIDDIQUI 3/26/2014 6:34PM

    So glad you're back to taking good care of yourself! It sure makes you feel better, doesn't it? After two months of it, I just don't want to do without my aerobics now. I really notice a difference when I don't do it! Congrats on getting ahead of the curve, Val.

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KALIGIRL 3/26/2014 8:14AM

    Ah the reward of water 'with gaz'!
Reminds me of Paris...
Excellent day emoticon

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A good week!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Golly it's nice to look at that Nutrition Tracker and see that I have tracked the last 7 days! And that it has been a very successful week emoticon

I want to thank my blog responders for their encouragement and tips. Especially about getting up and doing mini exercises once an hour when I am on the computer. It really does work!

I am off shortly to a half day substitute job. I love when I have a half day assignment. Just wish there were more of them. It gives me a bit of pin money and I don't get so tired.

My goals for this week are just to keep doing what I did last week. Especially with the exercise and being mindful. Oh and to continue to stay away from the scale. I feel so, so much more positive about how I look when I know that I am eating and exercising but I don't have the scale to tell me that it's not showing--yet. I will weigh myself and measure myself April 1st though.

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TRAVELGRRL 3/25/2014 7:44PM

    Great news about your successful week! Success breeds success!

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KALIGIRL 3/25/2014 9:39AM

    Here's to keeping up the emoticon work and another successful week!

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SLENDERELLA61 3/24/2014 10:00PM

    Great job, Val!! Tracking for 7 full days is a big accomplishment! You deserve some sort of non-food reward. Really. I love that getting up every hour. It does help! Keep up the great work. You're on a roll!! Or maybe I should say a SparkPeople streak! -Marsha

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Cole slaw vs french fries

Saturday, March 22, 2014

This is actually an observation from yesterday. I went to lunch with dd at an old-fashioned diner in Bisbee. Most of the menu was fried, gravy, hamburgers, heavy breakfast--the usual diner food. I decided the least "dangerous" choice was a plain roast beef sandwich on sourdough. The waitress asked "fries or cole slaw?" Now anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE french fries. But I chose the cole slaw and was relieved when it came that it wasn't loaded with mayo. It was chock full of cabbage, carrots, celery. As I ate it, I thought, "Yum, this is actually more delicious than the fries." A lesson. Today I went to lunch with a friend (yes, my non-restaurant friends, I eat out a lot.) We went to Subway and I realized that I actually wasn't hungry. So I had a simple turkey salad.

All of this good eating and exercising the past four days makes me FEEL like I am getting thinner. But I know how delicate my motivation is right now. If I get on the scale and it doesn't show a change, that could deflate me. So I am NOT going near the scale until the end of the month. I have said it before but I need to keep reminding myself--no weighing.

I had a stressful afternoon. More paperwork required for the condo sale in Santa Fe and of course dh is unreachable in Baltimore. The man doesn't believe that anyone needs him outside of work hours. Sixteen years, he hasn't changed in that regard at all. So I was stressed and at first I thought "Well, I will just have to go ahead." And then I thought, "Wait, a few weeks ago, he was hugely upset that you made a decision, so cool your jets." And I talked to myself that it is HIS decision (it's about some maintenance issues the prospective buyers would like seen to) and if he is unavailable until Monday, the sky will NOT fall in. Right now, I need to be looking after myself. So I took the dog for a strenuous 30-minute walk, then came back and started shredding years' worth of paper. I overheated the shredder after 3 hours emoticon but it kept from eating and it DID involve exercise as I had to keep bending down and emptying the shredder, carting the bags to the garage….

It's now 11:30 and I am tired. But it's been good. A long overdue clear out and although my bedroom still looks like it's been ransacked, there are three huge bags of shredded paper in the recycling bin that are a testament to the work I did.

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BARBSIDDIQUI 3/22/2014 1:32PM

    Sounds like a very productive day. Wish I had that much paper shredded!

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TRAVELGRRL 3/22/2014 1:01PM

    Great job!! You were so right not to stress over DH's disappearing act. The sky will not fall in before Monday!

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WATERMELLEN 3/22/2014 12:37PM

    Good for you. You're sticking with the program and you can't do more than that!!

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KALIGIRL 3/22/2014 6:36AM

    emoticon on all fronts.
So glad you waited on the condo decision. I've found 'good things do come to those who wait'
Excellent eating and diversion tactics too. Nothing like being productive and beating stress @ the same time!

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NASFKAB 3/22/2014 5:40AM


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Exercise and hobbies

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Exercise and hobbies. Sometimes the two conflict. I have a rather odd hobby: I transcribe inscriptions from photos of old Irish headstones. A friend of mine who is a moderator for an igp-web project for Northern Ireland got me hooked. I am actually pretty good at it. I use my iPad and my computer–I can look closely at the headstones on my iPad and then transcribe what is written into a text file on my computer. When I have finished transcribing all of the headstones for the cemetery, I attach the text file to an e-mail and send it off to my friend in North Carolina.

Problem is, some cemeteries contain as much as 175 headstones. It can be painstaking work if the headstones are very weathered. If they are, I will sometimes try to pick out a name and then try to find that person on a genealogy website like I am often successful–that will give me their birth and death. It may seem an odd hobby but for a genealogy buff like myself, it is very peaceful.

The downside is that I end up sitting in front of my computer for hours. And I need to exercise. Exercise also makes me feel good. And exercise burns calories, builds muscle. So this morning when I was tempted to spend an extra hour on my hobby, I pushed myself away from the computer, grabbed the dog's leash and went for a brisk 45-minute walk. Felt really good. It isn't too hot yet and I didn't have to wear a baseball cap as the sun isn't fully “up.”

I also had a healthy breakfast with two servings of fruit–strawberries and half a banana. It feels good to be “taking care” of myself. For so many years, “taking care” has meant cocooning with food and doing mindless things. But now that I am in my 60s, it is especially important that “taking care” be moving my body in a healthy way, building muscle strength, etc.

Also looking my best. I got my hair cut yesterday. In a kind of “cap” style. I really like it. I took a photo of a time when I was in a good space physically–weight at a healthy level–and asked my hairdresser to cut it like that. And she did. So I can now visualize that I am on my way to that healthy person again.

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MT-MOONCHASER 3/27/2014 11:48PM

    Like your hair cut (of course I do -- it's a lot like mine...). I really like the fact that I don't need to do any styling with it, in fact I don't even have to use a blow dryer (but I usually do).


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NASFKAB 3/22/2014 5:43AM

  interesting hobby but do stand up every 45 minutes & move your legs

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KALIGIRL 3/21/2014 1:58PM

    Love your haircut and what a fascinating hobby - hope you have an alarm set to get up every hour - just standing helps!

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WATERMELLEN 3/20/2014 9:03PM

    Very pretty hairstyle, it just suits you!!

And it's amazing what a lift that can give us. Sounds like you're moving steadily to a good place with your nutrition, exercise and hair cut!!

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SLENDERELLA61 3/20/2014 5:54PM

    Love the haircut, the way you look, and the way it symbolizes you at your best!! Your hobby is great! Just set a clock and make sure you get up and move 5-10 minutes every hour. That way you can have it all. Add a few longer cardio sessions per week, (at least 3; up to 6) and you've got fitness! It is wonderful to take care of yourself; fresh fruit is a great way to do that!! You are on your way. Keep up the great work!!!

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SKYEDIVE 3/20/2014 3:55PM

    What an interesting and unique hobby! I'll bet it is really fun at times, too!

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Groceries and making meals

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

After my last post two weeks ago, I was hit with another bout of depression. Depression--when all energy gets somehow pressed out of me. I only want to do what is easy. I seem okay to people because I go through the motions in public. But at home I am like a balloon that slowly deflates. No matter what good intentions I had for cleaning house or working on my blogs or even reading, I gravitate toward my computer and iPad, simultaenously watching cop shows or mysteries and playing computer games. I eat whatever doesn't take a lot of effort to prepare.

Getting groceries and actually preparing food fills me with dread. I need a simple, healthy eating plan for this period while I am climbing back out of the blacks. I feel deeply that some of the reason why I am feeling this way IS that I am somehow not eating the nutrients I need but how can I change my attitude/behavior so that eating well makes me feel good about myself? Although I feel so frustrated I KNOW I have to keep trying because doing what I have been doing isn't helping me to feel good mentally or physically.

So I have started well today. I had a good breakfast of Kashi cereal, fresh strawberries and milk. I picked up my dog from the kennel--I was away a couple of days with my family--and will be taking her to the park this afternoon after a healthy lunch, probably at Chipotles. And after the park I WILL go to the grocery store and get chicken and vegetables--simple food that I WILL eat. And I WILL read books and articles that encourage me to dig out.

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TRAVELGRRL 3/19/2014 5:33PM

    I'm like Pickie-- I always have something in the freezer that can be microwaved. Most of my meals are simple and quick, but we are not fancy eaters.

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KALIGIRL 3/19/2014 8:02AM

    Sounds like a emoticon start to a super day.
Good luck - we're rooting for you!

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BARBSIDDIQUI 3/18/2014 8:24PM

    Sometimes we have to bend if we're carrying a heavy load. Look for one small achievement a day. Just one thing, then another. They'll grow. Like seeds.

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WATERMELLEN 3/18/2014 7:12PM

    That Marsha is a wise gal . . . so, what Marsha said!

And: good for you celebrating the victory of getting a good breakfast today. Good start.

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SLENDERELLA61 3/18/2014 6:29PM

    Depression is difficult, Val. You are very smart to keep trying. I truly believe as long as you keep trying, you'll find a way to get to where you want to be. That said, would a doctor visit be in order? or might a bit of therapy help? Perhaps that would help you get there sooner and with less pain. Take care. Know I'm thinking of you and wishing you well. -Marsha

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PICKIE98 3/18/2014 5:19PM

    I always batch cook: I overlap things so there is always something in the freezer to just heat up. My reason is different, but I still always have a go-to nutritious meal right under my nose. NO restaurant food.. make a pot of veggie soup, freeze in margarine containers, one cup servings.. Grab an apple and peanut butter, glass of water..

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