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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today was my first full 8 hours of work and boy do my feet and body ache. I am so worn out, so I skipped exercise today but for sure I can't miss tomorrow. I hoping to do a 3x a week schedule for a couple of weeks and then work up to 5 days. I only could do 20 minutes yesterday but at least I got started again.
I've bought lunch stuff for my work so I don't have to get the fatty stuff there. Today's stuff was pretty good. Ok so I am off to get some much wanted/needed rest. Goodnight ZZZzzzz

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THOMS1 9/25/2008 11:51PM

    20 minutes is great. I am on a tight schedule also and most often I can only get in about 25 or 30 minutes a day. I pack my lunch to. I can't be trusted to not take the cheetos instead of the apple.

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TRACYZABELLE 9/25/2008 10:51PM

    Awesome! Congrats on working and packing lunch! Keep your motivation!

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TXMOMY929 9/25/2008 10:55AM

    Hey 20 minutes is a WHOLE lot more than no minutes. You are doing great!

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CURVY1955 9/24/2008 11:56AM

    20 mins is better than nothing. Little at a time and you'll get there. I have just got over a 2 week plateau. I thought I was never going to do it, but I changed a few things around and it worked. Yeah!!!

Resting your body is also so important. I should practice what I preach. I sometimes think I am invincible, but, guess what? I'm not. LOL. I forget to slow down and pace myself sometimes and my body gives me a kick in the butt and slows itself down for me. I then can't so anything for a couple of days.

You've had such a tough time and I really can empathise with you. I lost my first husband and baby when I was only 17 years old and I thought the world would stop. That was 36 years ago and I am still here. If you want to know more and talk more, please don't hesitate to mail me. Take care and keep going the way you are and you will certainly achieve what you set out to do.


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MZSASSY 9/24/2008 11:18AM


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SUSIE531 9/24/2008 8:36AM

    emoticon on getting through your first day, by this time next week you will be 'into' it and feel better.

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So good to be home :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We had a great weekend visiting friends in NM and participating in their cultural traditions. I am so ready to go back next year, but with a big weight loss, I say this because this year we did a lot of walking. I was able to keep up,but boy do my leg muscles ache now. It is really good to be home, in my nice cool home, and my own bed, so I am off to have a good nights sleep and with one more day off from work tomorrow I will have one more day of rest. Also to get started on a planned week of healthier eating and exercising.
You all have blessed day with your families.
Joanne, mom to Angel RILEY

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KLOBLONDIE 9/21/2008 11:26PM

    Have a great night sleep - - - and some relax time! Take Care!

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Plans & stuff

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I've had 3 days off of work and I didn't do any minutes of exercise. Yes, I do feel guilty, but Monday starts a new week and I am planning to start then with a minimum of 15 minutes daily. I have to work tomorrow and then I am off of work for a full 7 days, with plans of weekend travel with my family. Yes! road trip. I feel I need a break, a vacation from this town.

I read the Woman's World magazine and there was a story about taking/making lunch box daily. It was so simple, I think I'm going to try it, even while traveling. Well thats it for updates, Blessings to all :)

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    Good for YOU! A break is always good. And I just love new weeks, new months, new years - we have the opportunity to keep on facing our challenges and reaching for our goals! Go for it, girl!!

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CURVY1955 9/14/2008 6:58PM

    Hi there. Guilt is a waste of energy. Put that energy into something positive. What happened is past and gone and you can't change it. i realised that today when I discovered to my horror that I had gone over my daily calories goal for the second day in a row. I grimaced for about two seconds and then said, what the heck, it's not the end of the world. I have training tomorrow, so I will work a bit harder. Good luck with the exercise. Keep it up and you will feel really great afterwards. Hope you have great vacation.


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LISA32989 9/14/2008 12:29PM

    I've had lazy times like that, too. Sometime you just need it! Then you start from where you are & move on. Can't do anything about the past

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BOUNCY2 9/14/2008 7:40AM

    that is ok, get rid of the guilt and move on like you are....good for you on getting the ideas from woman can do it......good planns on monday starting your go girl...


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Remembering 9-11

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I know where I was when I saw the towers fall. I remember hearing others say why? Why would God let this happen? My thoughts are, he did it for a purpose, that these people did not die in vain and to this day I still believe it. It is Gods way of telling the world that the U.S. is Gods country and that we can with stand what comes and is yet to come. Also it is for other countries to show their compassion and help in whatever way they can. This includes the things that have happened during the hurricanes, fires, and tsunamis.
The only thing is that in my own tragic events that I still question GOD. My pain is still fresh and I can't find peace. I know I need to trust Him and hold on to hope that things will get better. Everyday I wake up and I see clouds and I wonder, is this day GOD will call us all home? Oh how I wish that time would come. "Mirantha"

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SLAYINGDRAGONS 9/11/2008 11:13PM

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Life is not what we imagined and it is harder because our sons were taken from us. The one to whom we prayed to take care of them did yet not in the way we'd prayed! It's too hard to see from His perspective and it just plain hurts! Oh that noone would ever feel this pain again, the pain that the Father knows too because His Son was also taken in death.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My house is fully renovated and we have sinced moved back home. I thank God for the blessing He has provided forme and my family.
My prayer now is to get a new computer because this one is on it's last bytes. It works for now and I am grateful for at least that.
As for my weight, well I kinda slipped with that and have gained about 6-8 pounds. I've had so much stressful events and the worst being that my only brother passed away, but I know he is resides in heaven with the rest of my family. If it was for GODs mercy I probably be insane right now but I know I am needed much.
Well I hope to get things back on track this week especially with the exercise and healthier eating which I know takes planning. So off I go to a healthier me. Blessing to you all emoticon

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    You always put a positive twist on your situation! I am amazed that you put your best foot forward and just keep right on doing your best! I am sorry to hear about your brother's death! What a blessing to have moved back home into a renovated house!

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