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Sunday, October 08, 2006

If anyone is interested in the Christian based weight loss & bible stufy of the FIRST PLACE program, you can find information here.
It is an internet based program where there is a wonderful group of christian women, and the fellowship is great. There are group programs at mostly Baptist churches throughout the U.S., but just so you know it is not specific to Baptist only.
I had just started the Bible study with them (online) when, my son journeyed to Heaven so I know GOD had led me to that place when I would need it most. The group that I am in is BAQ, Begin Again Quicker for those who need to lose 100+ or more.
Tomorrow starts the first week of the Bible study and I am so excited to get going. Also as I had mentioned before the program uses the Diatery Food exchanges but if you want to use WW or a different one that is ok too.
Well I am off to bed, as I have much homework to catch up on tomorrow, and then a presentation also tomorrow night.
GODs love and Blessins to you all.



Saturday, October 07, 2006

I want to say thanks to all those who have commented, and posted to the threads. I know I am in need of support, so I will be back here often, and I hope someday I can help you all as well.

Today, I had a relaxing time just being with family and watching movies, but when that carb craving hit, I was bad. I had popcorn, and snowball cakes, and that led to pizza for dinner.
I know already that I will have swelling tomorrow, I can just feel it. I think I'll go to be early so I won't be tempted anymore. I think I'll make some sugar free jello to so if I want snack tomorrow then I will at least have that.
Anyway thats it for me.
Goodnight and GOD bless



Friday, October 06, 2006

I want to thank ya'll for adding me as friend :) I will do my best to give you support and encouragement.

Today has kinda been an off day, in everything and I think it's because of the rain. I love the rain but it changed most of my plans for this morning. Anyway I will be in better control of my eating or at least get on track.
If doesn't raint this evening, I am hoping ot get in a 20 minute walk.

Thats it for now, see ya'll lighter



Thursday, October 05, 2006

Actually I restarted last week, but with a 2.5 gain I restart SPARK today.
Since I went to my diabetes checkup and was given a "verdit" of getting my blood sugars (A1c) down in two or else I go on insulin.
So this is week I have really been tight with my eating choices and have done 3 days so far of exercise. I am only doing 20 minutes at a time but next week I will increase it.
I know a lot of this has to do with stress but I am slow trying to get ahead (school stuff) so I don't have to stress all the time.
Anyway thats it for me, I'll be back lighter.


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