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Toxic Energy ... (With a Happy Ending!)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

You know those people, those comments, that draining energy... I fell victim to it again today. I wasted a good three hours of my life today reliving the conversation in my mind and composing a response, only to conclude that this is a waste of my time and energy. I am NOT that person. I CAN brush this off and move on and not let another person's bad vibes ruin my day EVER AGAIN!

Ah, liberation!

The good news is that I had a lovely lunch with some dear friends, and they showered me with undeserved gifts emoticon

Focus on the positive!

AND in all my hyperfocus on the unpleasant situation, I actually forgot about food. (How is that possible???) When I finally had a bite for supper and tallied it in SP, I was under 1300! I usually have a hard time staying under 1550, so this was a pleasant surprise! It's quite nice to get through the weekend without overindulging on something. I used to have quite the weekend routine of eating breakfast out; my favorite thing was scones at Panera. SCONES, I miss you, but I traded you for the yogurt parfait and my body says THANK YOU! emoticon

So, in the HOUR I have left before bed, I *will* finish decorating the tree and do my toning exercises. I will!

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SPARKLY-BEAR 12/5/2011 8:00PM

  emoticon :)

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My Clever Invention: The 5-Minute Workout

Saturday, December 03, 2011

I basically quit toning and weight-lifting 6 months ago and haven't felt like doing the Cybex equipment at the gym again -- just got bored with it. I also got bored with counting repetitions. I do so like to measure my progress. So I decided I would do 5 minutes of 3 basic categories: abs, upper body, and lower body. Start with 5 and go from there.

I've been doing this, so far, only 3 days, and let me tell you 5 minutes is enough to kick my butt! My abs and legs are so sore! I love that muscle soreness! It tells me it's working!

For anyone who thinks they don't have time for exercise, this is a great way to squeeze it in! I take 5 minutes, start the stopwatch on my phone, and get to work on just one category. I still can't believe how sore my legs are from just 5 minutes of squats and leg lifts!

So there's my awesome tip for the day. You can do anything for 5 minutes, right?

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ROSALIEESTHER 12/13/2011 12:44PM

    This is tough - but at least it's only 5 minutes at a time. I think it's just brilliant!

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MELLYBEANS0919 12/6/2011 6:53PM

    5 minutes of squats and left lifts would make me unable to move haha. Good for you! So true, 5 minutes is not much to ask in a 24 hour day.

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SPARKLY-BEAR 12/3/2011 10:52AM

  emoticonthat is pure awesomeness! way to go! :)

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My December 5k

Friday, December 02, 2011

I signed up for a series of 3 5ks this winter -- on the treadmill (HURRAH!), and I completed my first one tonight. I was aiming for under 40 minutes, and I just squeaked in at 39:30, and that was PUSHING it. I could see that I was a little too slow to hit my target, so I huffed and puffed and "dug deep" (I *get* that now) and skipped my walk breaks and made it in just under the wire. HURRAH!

Did I mention there's a PRIZE if I improve my times over the course of the 3 runs? I like prizes! emoticon

LOVE LOVE LOVE having goals and meeting goals and proving to myself that I CAN DO IT!!!!!

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MOTIVATED@LAST 12/2/2011 11:00PM

    3 runs over winter? Sounds like a great goal. And well done on beating your target time!

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SPARKLY-BEAR 12/2/2011 10:43PM

  emoticon best of luck on your goal ... you can do it! :)

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ROSALIEESTHER 12/2/2011 10:35PM

    Congratulations!!!!! That is emoticon You have the greatest attitude. emoticon

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

I'm on a roll! Today is Day 4 of sticking to my workout routine and eating within reason. It's amazing what a difference it makes, so quickly. After packing on a few pounds from vacation-style eating (i.e. too much), I'm right back down again. Hurrah!

I love it when I can get into this "Nothing Will Deter Me" frame of mind. Scheduling conflicts? No problem! Hubby shoving spoonfuls of some yummy dish he made in my face ("try this!")? NO PROBLEM! I will not be deterred.

It's amazing what a difference 4 pounds makes. You wouldn't think so. But I really did feel pudgier around the middle, and it was bumming me out! How can I be that much fatter carrying just 4 extra pounds? Well, I guess you can!

Onward and (scale) downward!

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SPARKLY-BEAR 12/1/2011 11:58AM

  Congrats! And, love your attitude!!! I am hoping some of your positive vibes can jump onto me ... LOL!! :)

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ENGLISHWIFEY 12/1/2011 11:41AM


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Birthday Eats

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm relieved to see that my weight is coming back down after spiking from the holiday over-eating. It shot up 4 pounds, but now I'm back down 3, so I guess it was just temporary. Thank heavens. I'm eating within reason again and tracking every morsel as honestly as I can.

Yesterday my coworkers took me out to lunch. We have this wonderful restaurant nearby with the best soup and salad bar. So I had a big salad with all the toppings I love, and, though I knew I shouldn't, I had one of their really amazing breadsticks. (I think I know why they're so amazing!) And then I went back for a cup of soup. The only choice for me, not eating meat, was the roasted potato with cheese. When entering all this food in Sparkpeople, that was the one that was tough to guess about. A little cup of soup... 277 calories??? It didn't seem super cheesy -- it wasn't all that thick. Anyway, I gave it my best guess, and sometimes that's the best you can do!

For supper, my family left it up to me, though I think they would have preferred eating out! I knew I'd have a harder time finding a low-cal, filling meal at a restaurant, so I chose to eat at home. Hubby made tacos for the family and my preferred Brussels sprouts with pecans. Mmmmm. I could eat that every day, and I often do! Here's my recipe:

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ENGLISHWIFEY 12/1/2011 9:14AM

    You are doing so well. I'm so proud of you!!
Happy Belated B-day!!!

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SPARKLY-BEAR 11/30/2011 2:28PM

  Really nice of your co-workers to take you out to lunch! :) I am off to check out the recipe you posted. :)

Hope your birthday is (or was) [whenever it is!] great!!

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