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No Foolin'

Monday, November 28, 2011

The scale does not lie. I lie. I tell myself just a few bites of this or that (more likely AND that.. and that and that and that) are so puny and inconsequential that they won't hurt my efforts. Really? That bite and another bite and another bite of pumpkin pie won't hurt? The small muffin right before bed didn't hurt?

I don't usually all-out lie to myself (like I "forgot" to log the TWO pieces of veggie chips I ate last night). Where the lie comes into play is logging it and having no clue of quantity or size. Yes, I ate a couple slivers of the mini pumpkin pie we got at the 5k. But how much? Is that .25 piece? Oh gosh, it didn't seem that big! Hm..... The problem is wild-ass guessing how big something is and wanting it to be smaller than it was. It's a vacation from work and a vacation from true accountability with food.

Today I'm heading back to work. Back to my routines. Back to the routine foods I have often. I KNOW those quantities. I will not lie.

Someday I will get through a "vacation" without taking a food honesty vacation too. This is a skill I must learn if I am ever going to be able to maintain a healthy weight!

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ENGLISHWIFEY 11/29/2011 9:04AM

    It takes time, but you can learn how to properly estimate calories.
Hubby and I have learned from several years of tracking just how much actual calories taste. Which is key to being successful in keeping the pounds off for good.

Yes someday you will get through vacation without gaining a single pound, and won't that be cause for a victory celebration!

I enjoyed this blog :)

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Turkey Trots

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I ran my second 5k (a local Turkey Trot). And then Thanksgiving morning, we did a 2-mile Turkey Trot. Both of these run/walks were entirely different from my first 5k. I put a lot of pressure on myself for that one. You can read all about that here:

I knew I wasn't as prepared this time, as far as running goes, and more importantly I was running with my kids. I wanted more than anything for this to be fun for them. My younger son seems to have lost interest in sports this year, and I'm looking for ways to help him regain some of that interest and really enjoy it.

Right from the start of the 5k, my older son took off running and was gone. My younger son and I also started off running (too fast!), but we slowed to a walk before the first mile marker. His feet were bothering him, so we ended up walking a lot. I wanted to keep it fun, no pressure at all to be faster. We ran short bits, nice and slow, and finished by running. Our time was 43 minutes. My older son finished in 35 minutes.

Thanksgiving morning, we did the 2 mile. Again, the goals were to be active and have fun. The best thing about that run/walk was that my son's feet weren't bothering him this time. He ran ahead of me and actually proclaimed, "I'm starting to enjoy this!" I was so glad! My older son finished in 20 minutes, my younger son in 27, and me in 28.

I signed up for another 5k next weekend. This one will be interesting because it's on the treadmill! I train on the treadmill, and I LOVE to be able to control my pace on the treadmill. So this should be fun to see how I do on my own, in a more controlled run. I've run 5ks on the treadmill before, but never for an official race. This is a series of 3, and they're giving prizes if you improve your time from race to race. I love any incentive! emoticon

More than anything, I know that I need to get back in a good running routine. Over the last few months, I start running again regularly, making some small improvements in pace and distance, and then I take too many days off and backslide a bit. So, this week, I am bound and determined to stick to my runs.

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HOAGIE22 11/27/2011 11:55AM

  Git Er Dun!!!

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What's the Day After Black Friday?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Purple Saturday? Yellow? Green? To me, it feels more purple today, but the day is young -- it could turn any color.

My Black Friday was awesome. I did exactly what I set out to do -- got a few things done around the house and relaxed too. Hurrah! I even napped.

Lest you think my day was all roses and lollipops, there were some low points:

a) I went to put a t-shirt away in my son's room and discovered a disaster. This kid likes to convey an "I'll take care of it" attitude every time I get after him about his room. He'll do a minimal tidying up, and I'm too busy or forgetful to stay on top of it regularly, so it falls back into shambles. This time -- OH BOY. Dear Old Mom decided enough is enough. I'm not a fan of John Rosemond, not so much because of what he preaches, but his arrogance grates on me. Anyway, I couldn't help but think John Rosemond would be proud. I disconnected the Playstation (which is NOT in the bedroom) and hid it. The entire downstairs, which is mainly the kids' hangout area, was a disaster, not just the bedroom, but the TV/game area and the bathroom. Awful, awful messes. So, when my guys got home from their Black Friday shopping, arms full of new treasures, including Playstation games, the kids wandered downstairs, no doubt to immediately play the new games. I hear a quick pounding back up the stairs: "Where's the Playstation?" I explain the New Rules. You'll get it back when the entire downstairs is clean and you've practiced piano. I couldn't believe it, but those kids got to work. Hours and hours of dusting, dust-mopping, picking candy wrappers up off the floor... In the end, they got their Playstation back, with a new understanding of expectations. (Now I just need to stay on top of this every day! Dirty socks left out couch = MY Playstation!)

b) After eating within reason on the actual Thanksgiving Day, I overdid it yesterday. Man, I felt like crap by mid-afternoon. Sugar-loaded coffee after sugar-loaded coffee, snack after snack. Maybe it's good every now and then to fall off the wagon like that -- it makes you remember why you don't eat like that all the time. Not only did I feel like crap, but I gained 1.5 pounds according to the scale this morning. That just pisses me off. Why did I do that to myself after having such a good week? Well, back on track today. Logging food and running.

Happy "Purple Saturday" to you!

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1CRAZYDOG 11/26/2011 10:29AM

    1.5 lbs. . . . you cah get rid of that! Focus on today, not yesterday or tomorrow, because you can't do anything about either one.

GOOD FOR YOU for doing the "tough parenting" thing. Lord love a duck (to quote a dear spark friend), these kids honestly think Fifi the Maid lives here!

I got so fed up with it that I wrote a note and taped it to the bathroo mirror (the only CLEAN thing!)

Dear John & Clara:

Fifi the Maid has retired . . . gone forever. So that means clean up is up to you both. I do not care who does what but these are the chores that I expect done daily, and the chores that can be done weekly.

Fifi loves you both dearly, but is tired of the chaos, so sadly, that's why she left and put ME in charge of getting things done. That means making you responsible for doing the chores listed.

Fifi says she'll miss you dearly, but won't be back.

>1. Rinse out sink DAILY.

2. Rinse out tub/shower DAILY.

3. Swiffer bathroom floor DAILY. (**DD has long hair that is all over the place! Drives me nuts!)

4. Swish and swipe the toilet at least WEEKLY.

5. Beds made DAILY.

6. All clothes off floor, NOT under bed or ON bed. (**With DD the consequence is if she leaves clothes on the floor or stuffs them under the bed, they become mine . . . and we wear the same size!!! Boy did HER lil teen age eyes bug out when she saw me wearing a favored blouse one day! Yup, sure did! Now the deal with her is she can earn the clothes back IF she consistently hangs up/puts away clothes.

7. Laundry is done once/week and clothes folded and put away. (**Taught them both how to use the washer/dryer).

8. Leave the front room (living room) in the condition you found it in!

There is no food, drink or wrappers in the bedrooms as we live too close to a country-ish area so bugs and vermin are easily attracted. Been there, done that. NEVER AGAIN!

I am glad your sons got the message. Good for you and them!

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BTVMADS 11/26/2011 9:49AM

    Good for you in taking a stand with the kids! Sounds like you've got some pretty level-headed teens, actually -- how refreshing that they just took responsibility instead of yelling! Good on your family :)

As for what day today is, it's Small Business Saturday! I mean, it can be purple too... like the bruises some of the crazy shoppers got yesterday because they don't know how to prioritize.

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My Kind of Black Friday

Friday, November 25, 2011

I love my family. I really do. I know that I am a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful family. Still, when I get a chance to be home alone and do WHATEVER I WANT, I really enjoy it! Today they all wanted to go shopping -- the Black Friday madness. Go for it, I say! I'll be happy at home, listening to Christmas music, maybe watching a movie. tidying up the house a bit... who knows! It's such a treat to just do WHATEVER I WANT. Maybe I'll bake. Maybe I'll go for a long walk. Maybe I'll read! Maybe I'll NAP! Remember naps???

These ME days seem essential to getting recharged. Life lately has been NUTS. I've been stressed out and struggling to get "above water" for MONTHS. (YEARS?) I'm tired of living in a mess. I'm tired of feeling like I don't get any time to relax. So that's what today is for. Relax. Unwind. Recharge. I desperately need this.

Every weekend I think I'm going to do this. In my head, weekends exist partly to get caught up on stuff you couldn't squeeze into the week (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) and partly to relax and recharge. But I end up getting almost ZERO of the latter. It's all go-go-go, and before I know it Sunday night is staring me in the face and I think, "I DID IT AGAIN!"

I used to be an Expert Relaxer. I used to nap. I used to read more. Somehow, I need to relearn this. My sanity probably depends on it!

So, off I go to relax, unplug, unwind, recharge.............. Aaaaaaaahhh.....

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MRE1956 11/25/2011 10:06AM

    I don't do the Black Friday thing (mainly because I HATE TO SHOP!) - so I'm gonna do pretty much the same thing as you.....enjoy your day!

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A Digital Diet

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm reading this book called The Digital Diet, all about stepping away from all the technology that rules our lives -- well, for some of us. I've had a sinking realization lately that I am spending way too much time on the computer. I wouldn't go so far as to call it an addiction, but just too much time online.

Maybe you know the feeling. You get on the computer to do something official -- some actual task that matters for some reason, maybe balancing the checkbook or ordering a birthday present for a distant friend. And before you know it, you've dinked around for an hour on Facebook, SparkPeople, email, and who-knows-what-all and still haven't accomplished that actual task you got online to do.

I'm cutting back. I'm not going cold turkey. I'm minimizing the time-wasting activities. And one of those is all the extraneous stuff that I was "exploring" on SparkPeople. Don't get me wrong. I love SparkPeople and would gladly dwell within it 8 hours a day if I were actually employed by SparkPeople. Alas, I am not, and so what am I doing spending so much time on here???! Yes, I want to count calories, track fitness activities, read educational articles, find community and support on teams and boards... It's all so much fun and educational and motivating. My whole point of coming on SparkPeople, initially, was to help me lose weight. Suddenly I'm spending all this time on SP playing around with different features to earn more points! POINTS?!?!?! How does earning points help me lose weight?

So, like I said, I'm cutting back. I need to refocus and get myself motivated for the right reasons again. Get off the computer and go to the gym or spend time with family and friends. Technology is useful to a point, and then you need to back away and live life.

And so now I am stepping off the podium (and shutting off the computer) and resuming life..... I'll be back, just not so much.

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ENGLISHWIFEY 9/21/2011 8:58AM

    Learning to strike the balance with everything is another great healthy choice you've made!
I spark a lot when I'm at my job, but on the weekends when I'm home I get on log in my calories & fitness and then get off. My weekend time is to precious to waste on the puter!

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TIMOTHYNOHE 9/20/2011 11:23PM

    You'll have to blog everyday to tell us how this Digital Diet is working out for you.

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