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The Down Side of Blood Letting

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Let me start by saying I've been turned away the last four times I tried to give blood due to low iron. I tried it again today and was able to donate. Hurrah. I actually thought about skipping because then I wouldn't be able to work out tonight... but the Good Samaritan in me made me do it.

Let me also tell a little story about one time when I gave blood and was so happy it went well (former needlephobic) that I kinda forgot about it and proceeded to do a light workout and have a glass of wine and ended up passing out and being so completely drained of all energy that I couldn't get off the floor for hours. Yeah...

So today I did it. It was fine. And then... I was ravenous and a little woozy to boot. I ate and ate and ate and slept and ate some more -- about 700 calories over my limit for the day. Jeepers.

I don't want to discourage anyone from giving blood. I wish more people would so I didn't have to :) Seriously, I think everyone should unless they can't. If I can overcome needlephobia (actually fainted many times just from the fear of it), anyone can.


Run Like the Wind, Bulls-Eye!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I ran my first 5k April 30, a huge, ginormous, big deal for me. I actually overdid it, I'm quite sure, because I developed this weird little asthma-like cough and then had the darndest time running the whole month of May. Ok, maybe I *am* a hypochondriac regarding my little cough (could be allergies), and maybe the fact that I tried to switch to early morning workouts would explain why I couldn't run as well. Still... May was a month of Runner's Self Doubt.

Or it could have been just relief and a celebratory relaxation period. WOW, I accomplished a huge thing. Now... collapse! I didn't do it intentionally. I just scaled back, relaxed my careful eating standards, gained a few, lost a few, ran less, relaxed more.

I lost a grand total of 3 pounds in the month of May and, not wanting that trend to continue, I jumped back into running and better eating. I was nervous about the running. How far back did I slide? I ran 35 minutes straight in the 5k. Could I even run 10 or 20 now?

I decided to take a different approach. Rather than obsessing about my numbers, try to run well and walk some. I found an 8k running plan, not that I'm planning on doing an 8k. I just loved how week 1 of the plan was run 7 minutes and walk a minute (repeat). I thought, "I CAN DO THAT!" And I did! It may take me a while to bump up to the next week. But I'm so happy to be on a plan again! And I felt good running again!


No Pain, No ... Pain?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Over the holiday weekend, my husband and I tackled a landscaping project. Truthfully, he did 90% of the work. Sunday he worked on it all day. I spent maybe 5 hours on it. Shoveling and hauling rocks... squatting and bending over in awkward positions.. It was grueling. Much as I like a good workout, I've never been a fan of the hard manual labor so many home renovation projects require. After an hour, I just want to quit. But we had to get it done, and we did!

We both knew that we'd be in agony the next day. I was worried about his back. The next day he said he was a little sore, but I wasn't sore yet. Then I remembered: these things always hit me two days later. So today I should have been all aches and pains. But I wasn't! I'm trying to decide if it's because I'm in better shape now or if it's this miracle Chia seed I've been eating. Either way, I 'm glad I don't hurt!

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BEEBEE1936 5/31/2011 11:58PM

    No pain is something we all would like to be able to say. Especially if you have artritis or fibro or many other things that cause us pain.

Good for you.

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PROFKORI 5/31/2011 11:54PM

    pain free is definitely good!

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High Calorie, No Satisfaction

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I just realized something today. I've been really struggling to get back to "light" eating... basically going a little or a lot over for the last 3 weeks or so, after 4 months of serious dedication. I cut myself some slack, thinking it was okay if my weight plateau'd for a short time, but then I'd get back on track and lose the rest that I need to lose. Alas, it's been harder getting back on track than I would have hoped.

So today was the day. After 3 days of not even bothering to keep track of food here on Sparkpeople, I started again today. Yes! I can do this!

I was meeting friends at 9:30 at Perkins. Great. Problem is, I usually eat breakfast right away in the morning. Sometimes I can hold off until 9:30, and sometimes I start feeling sick if I let myself go hungry for those 3 hours. So I ate a light and very healthy breakfast at home. I knew that I could sit there at Perkins and just order coffee. I had done it before. Or maybe I could get a muffin and just eat half. Whole muffin = 550-580 calories! I didn't really have a plan.

We met at Perkins. I kind of wanted something. I figured I could eat something now and just eat less the rest of the day. Yeah, that's a good plan...? I ordered the muffin. I ate the muffin, remembering vaguely something about only eating half. But it was like eating air -- very tasty air, mind you, but at no point did I feel like I had eaten anything substantial. 580 calories and no "full" sensation!

I went to work. We have the luxury of actually having lunches provided for us. I was thinking about my lunch sitting there waiting for me to come and fetch it. I thought, "I'll just eat the fruit and put the sandwich in the frig for later." This was only two and a half hours after eating that mammoth muffin. I fetched my lunch. I ate the fruit. I felt kind of hungry... So I ate half of the sandwich and put the other half in the frig for later.

All day I've been marveling at the fact that you can eat such a large, high-calorie treat like that, and it's like nothing. I never eat 500+ calories for breakfast, and yet today when I had that on top of my light breakfast, I was still hungry for lunch!

Just goes to show: Choose your foods wisely. Those treats we crave are so deceptive. They're really only good in your mouth. They do no good whatsoever in your body. They don't even bother to fill you up so you can eat light to compensate. Lesson learned. I'm not saying I'll never eat treats again, but I need to limit them and budget the rest of my day too accommodate such a splurge.

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JODROX 5/30/2011 1:38PM

    Great idea! I agree it's all about planning ahead, as I obviously didn't do that day we went to Perkins. And it's all about getting back in that mindset. I'm getting myself there again - did pretty well this week! Thanks for your comment!

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STANBUSH 5/30/2011 12:41PM

    Hi... saw you in the new Team Leader forums. I know how repetitive it sounds.. .but if you will get some ziplock snack bags...and put measured portion snack bags of healthy alternatives in your ?purse?pants?... you can eat without guilt all day long. I make mine up on Sunday and carry them all week long. I don't worry about that sandwich calling my name, or the muffin that stretched my calorie intake... I just worry about the snacks. And..btw... I don't look at calories at all (unless I'm on a plateau)...

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First 5k

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I did it! I did it! I did it!

It's one of those things you have to shout from the rooftops! After 4 months of very dedicated training, I ran my first official 5k yesterday. It was quite the momentous occasion.

The day before the big event, I started slipping into a deep preoccupation. Gradually everything else competing for my attention was shunted aside. All I could think about was the race, the weather, what should I wear to deal with the probable rain, every possible thing I needed to remember to bring along (not much, but was I forgetting something?!?!?!). I probably slept about 3 hours the night before the race.

The day of, I got up plenty early to have time for a light breakfast and lots of water and time to digest and get ready and get there on time to get my packet and meet my running companions.

Rain, rain, go away!

I met my sister Jana and friend Cheryl. They're experienced at these 5ks and are quite a bit faster than me, so we weren't planning on sticking together, but at least starting together. Then we found Christy. We all headed over to the starting area, and before we knew it, it was time to go!

Instantly, I lost Jana, Cheryl, and Christy, which was fine. We never planned on sticking together. I just thought it was funny that we separated *at* the starting line. I never saw any of them again until the finish.

The rain was unpleasant, but not the worst thing in the world. Today was much colder and windier, so I was very glad our race was yesterday instead. The half marathon and marathon were held today. Brrr! But yesterday the rain really wasn't much of a bother.

The bother was the breathing! The whole entire race I felt like I wasn't breathing properly. I couldn't get a good breath. I was doing the 3:2 ratio, but still, it was pretty bad. I tried to just put it out of my head and get on with it, but it was mighty uncomfortable.

Part of the reason for my shortness of breath was probably that I was running too fast! I was truly trying to pace myself. Take it nice and easy. The first stretch had a slight incline. I'm not used to running hills. As we approached the first mile marker, I saw the big digital display showing the elapsed time: 10 minutes!?!?! That's waaaaaaaaaaay faster than I normally run AND going uphill! So I knew I had to slow it down a bit.

I kept plodding along. At the starting line, I couldn't get my MP3 player to turn on, so I ran without music. I listened to the conversations around me and kept counting out my breaths 1-2-3-1-2-1-2-3-1-2. I knew Jana and Cheryl were way ahead of me, but I thought Christy, in her white jacket, was right behind me. So every time I saw someone in white starting to pass me, I turned to see, just sure it was going to be her. Then I thought I must have missed her and she was way out in front of me too. Just keep breathing.....

At the 2nd mile marker, I was at 22 minutes, so I had slowed down, which was good. Despite the difficult breathing, I had the presence of mind to be grateful that I didn't have a side ache or knee problems, and the rain was letting up. Everything was okay. I had to blow my nose a few times, but I refused to stop or walk. Just keep going. Keep breathing.....

I was running right behind a couple high school girls for a while. That was nice having someone set the pace. Later when I looked at the map, I didn't even remember turning left toward the community college. I really was just focused on the people around me and moving forward. As we got closer to the end, I looked around more. I think then I was able to relax a little and appreciate that I was almost done. If I had gotten that far, I knew I could finish it. And I was pretty sure I would have met my time goal since I started off so fast.

We ran by my work building, and then as we got closer to Riverside Park, I could hear the people up ahead cheering. That was a nice boost. They weren't cheering for me but for others way ahead of me. Still, it made me feel determined to muster up the energy to finish strong. Now was not the time to slow down!

As I ran into Riverside Park, someone in the crowd shouted, “You’re almost there! Good job!” I smiled and kept on trucking, and the next thing I knew, I looked up and there was my mom standing in the crowd struggling with her umbrella. She didn’t see me, so I shouted “Mom!” at her and waved. I rounded the northern end of the park and ran toward the finish line. I could see the clock up ahead and knew that I was probably going to beat my time. And then I saw Mom, Dad, Jana, Cheryl, and Carrie cheering me on, and then… I crossed the finish line! 35:54!

Christy *was* right behind me! I was so excited for both of us! We did it!!! It was not easy, but what a great feeling to set your mind on a goal and work so hard on it, and then DO IT. It’s very empowering to know that you can set your mind to something and achieve it.


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