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It's Time to Set New Goals

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yesterday was the end of our little Biggest Loser competition, which has been a big source of motivation for me. Not that I was in it to win, but just the constant checking in, thinking about it, and talking about it with others. Now that that is done (I lost 10% and came in 2nd, by the way), I feel the need to reset my goals.

1) I have more weight to lose. My new goal is to lose 14 pounds by the end of June.

2) I still have the 5k coming up soon and will keep training for that. I'm not sure about running beyond that. I guess I need to iron out my workout plans beyond April 30. I'm planning on starting to bike a lot through spring and summer, but I don't want to totally abandon running either. Would a weekend run be enough to maintain the running? I know that bike commuting last year was pretty exhausting, so I can't imagine running on a day that I'm biking. Hmmm, will have to work this out.

3) Toning. I've been slacking off on toning, and I definitely need to add some variety. I'm going to restart yoga and start doing some toning videos.

4) Meditation. I've been meaning to attempt this more seriously, have tried it a few times, and have been reading about it. I need to set aside some time for it every day and DO IT.

5) Sleep. I don't get enough sleep. Must Get More Sleep.

That's probably enough to focus on for the next two and a half months.
*** Lose Weight *** Bike/Run *** Tone *** Meditate *** Sleep ***


5k Progress

Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'm pretty fired up about my 5k training run yesterday. See, I'm preparing to run a "real" 5k end of April. I am a total newbie runner and am thrilled with every bit of progress I make.

Every Saturday I've been running a 5k on the treadmill. Really almost all of my running so far has been on the treadmill. With these training 5ks, I walked when I needed, but have been aiming for less walking, with the eventual goal of running the whole 5k on April 30. My times were improving until I got sick:

43 >> 42:08 >> 40:08 >> sick >> 44:52 >> 41:42 >> YESTERDAY (my first outdoor attempt at a "training 5k")

I mapped out 3.1 miles in my neighborhood and took off. Again, I told myself I could walk if I had to, but try not to. Coming up on 1 mile, I was seriously thinking I needed to rest, but then I remembered how hard it is to start again after you've given your legs a rest.

My other difficulty is I always get a runny nose when I run. Usually I stop running and walk long enough to blow my nose. But I thought this is dumb -- surely I can run and blow at the same time. Turns out I can. So I kept on running.

Midway through I wasn't sure how much longer I could run, but mentally I just felt like I needed to push myself. So I kept on running. When I was within the last half mile, I knew I just had to push through it, and I did! Running into a strong wind, I was so proud of myself for running the whole thing!

My time?

37:38! My best time yet!

I have 4 more weeks to prep for the actual 5k. I would love to bring that time down a bit more!


A Day of Rest

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday is becoming not only my day off from exercise, but also a relaxing and reconnecting time for our family. I love it! No pressure to do stuff. Just be and enjoy. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Smile.


Today Is a New Day

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's time to shake things up, I do believe. I've been doing really well, but the weight is stuck, and I'm feeling kind of blaaaaaah. Maybe it's spring fever (minus the warm temps). Oh yeah, that's called CABIN fever. I'm just sort of sick of the same old same old. It's time to try something NEW.

I actually had a fantastic run today, which was a very pleasant surprise after a more difficult run Saturday. I felt GREAT running tonight! I had been getting a little nervous about being ready for my upcoming 5k, but this makes me more confident that I can do it! Yeah!


First Hurdle

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've been dieting and exercising in earnest since January 4, 2011. For a solid two and a half months I've been 100% motivated and dedicated. Until just a few days ago.

Honestly I've been disappointed with how slowly the weight is coming off and how slowly I'm making improvements with my running. I'm thrilled to be losing weight and running... but... I swear if I were 20 years younger I would've lost twice this much by now.

So I've been in this mood to just throw it out the window for a day. Take a short vacation from obsessing about my food intake. I'm rationalizing it this way: Your body gets in this diet mode of eating so perfectly all the time. Maybe, just maybe, having a piggish day or just a piggish moment and then returning to good eating would shock your body into losing again. Obviously I have no scientific evidence to back this up. But it seems reasonable.

So I let myself rekindle a favorite old evening snack a couple nights ago -- while watching Biggest Loser, no less. I made a big bowl of popcorn and ate it all up, a 300-calorie surplus for the day.

That was enough. I don't want to blow it all to hell.


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