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What is it going to take?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Today, I saw photos of myself from last week's staff party. The same shock, the same shame, the same determination to stop the upward spiral RIGHT. NOW. that I had from photos of 30 pounds ago - 20 pounds ago - 10 pounds ago.

I'm uncomfortable. My stomach gets in the way when I lean over. I have rolls on my sides. My clothes pinch and bind. My underwear waves like a flag on the clothesline.

What is it going to take?? When will getting comfortable and healthy and feeling good about myself matter more than the (indisputable) bliss of laying on the sofa and eating? I am ALWAYS regretful after.

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JODIELA200 8/31/2013 7:24PM

    Thanks for the ideas! I have some spark streak goals, but what is a vision collage? It sounds good. If those awful pictures of myself at the staff party can motivate me, maybe a collage of goals would be effective too! emoticon

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PENNYPEARLS 8/31/2013 2:27PM

    Set some spark streaks to help you accomplish the small goals. That will start the momentum going. Make a vision collage and refer to it daily to help inspire you. You can do it. Once you start losing you will want to keep going. emoticon emoticon

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Staff parties

Saturday, August 24, 2013

So last night was my company's 10th Anniversary party. The whole thing was food-oriented - we spent about three hours in a cooking competition, cooking six dishes and being judged on our teamwork and results, then sitting down to a huge buffet of what we'd all made.

I did very well!! When we arrived mid-afternoon, we were served muffins, which I had one of. Maybe it was being busy the whole time, but I didn't eat more than a taste or two here or there while the cooking was going on, and only modest portions when we ate.

The cake did me in a bit, though - they served small slices and it was so good I had a second piece and made sure it was a corner with lots of the fabulous icing. :)

Overall I'm pleased, though. That and 30 minutes on the cross trainer made me feel pretty good about my day.

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JODIELA200 8/31/2013 9:42AM

    I work at a school! So of course, the party is education-based. :) I'm so glad it went well - those situations are often disasters for me.

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LOVEPURPLE2 8/24/2013 11:35PM

    First of all, where do you work? That's a cool type of staff party!!! Good for you that you didn't overdo the tasting. Everything in moderation. emoticon

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Paper journals vs. blogging

Monday, August 19, 2013

So, I was an avid journaler. Think boxes of journals, going back to when I was 14 (I'm 47 now!) Locked up, since I seriously considered suicide if anyone ever read them. Journals that kept me sane, worked out my relationships in, fantasized about my crushes in, and kept me company when my closest friends moved away.

Can a blog compare? Of course, my journals were completely private, and while I don't expect the government to be following my every word or even others on this site to care what I have to say, it's not private.

But... the internet is anonymous, right? If anyone ever does read this, what are the chances they will ever know who I am in real life? Or be anywhere near my side of the globe if they do?

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JODIELA200 8/31/2013 9:43AM

    Thank you! I'll see if I can find it. I'm a bit lost here!

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PENNYPEARLS 8/19/2013 8:44PM

    There is a spark team for those interested in journaling. It is called Inner Journey. There is a link on my spark page under my teams. Welcome to Spark People! emoticon

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Planning meals

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Okay, so I'm not bad at this.

Every week I plan the next week's suppers. I hate standing in the kitchen at 5PM, grumpy and hungry, trying to find something to cook, or trying to put together a meal with one or more ingredient substitutions. I just need to pick a recipe from the list I put together and shopped for.

Breakfast? Cheese sandwich, almost every day. Or leftovers.

Lunch? More leftovers.