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I always seem to restart on Tuesday

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mondays are just no fun.

Anyway, yesterday's workout was 30 minutes on the treadmill, and then an hour of yoga. The cool-down phase of yoga was so good I fell asleep on my mat!

Back to the gym tonight for more treadmill time and some weights.


This week's schedule

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Starting in the middle of the week on a TUESday.

6:00 - 6:20 - Treadmill
6:30 - 7:30 - Yoga
7:30 - 8:00 - Treadmill

8 week measurement date: October 21.


You're Beautiful!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My college kid pointed me to this webpage the other day.

At first I thought, aww, who'd feel good just because of a randomly placed note? Then, as I read through the blog, I was inspired to try it. I went into work on Monday and wrote "You're Beautiful!!!" on a Post-It note and stuck it on the ladies' room mirror. Then I forgot all about it.

Just before lunchtime, my co-worker came into the office and asked if I put that note in the bathroom. She said she'd been feeling bad all morning, and that it brightened her day. Another lady said it made her feel good too!

So, my friend, or stranger, I want you to know that you are beautiful, too.

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WAHZOE 6/28/2009 3:52AM

  I put some up at church and one of the ladies said that with my craft skills i could make something much more beautiful, so I did. I spent an afternoon at my craft desk and now there are a pile of beautiful "you are beautiful" notes in my handbag ready for the next time i need them.

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Watching the weight peel away

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My new healthy habits are starting to payoff. Since I got back from Orlando, three weeks ago, I've dropped 10 lbs. Even my oblivious husband noticed that my shape is changing. He's not one to hand out compliments (hence my Other Goal of "Receive a compliment from my husband" once a week), so I know things are working when he comments.

Anyway, what is ten pounds, you ask? Well, this ten pounds means that my elbows don't bump my sides when my arms swing. When the next ten goes, I'll let you know what's different then.

(oh please oh please oh please let there be a next ten, and a next!)

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NOMI_822 6/29/2009 9:42AM

    Congrats on your ten pound loss. Just keep going with those healthy habits and you'll soon be at your goal!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TWOCANS 6/27/2009 4:55PM

    I like that "1 compliment a week from the hubby;" congrats on the 10 lbs-every 10 DOES make a difference! emoticon

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I beat the candy bowl!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Unlike some people, I don't really have willpower coming out of my ears, you know? The chocolate winks at me, in its flirty way, and I just melt. How can I say no to that rich, dark voice? To make it worse, somewhere in my childhood, I decided that I had to eat two of anything small. Two oreos, two Hershey's kisses, two, two, too fattening.

There's a guy in my office who keeps a candy bowl on his desk. For the past few years, every time I walk past his desk, I stop and grab TWO Dove chocolates, or TWO Hershey Special Darks, or TWO Kisses. I HAD to, you see. It wasn't my fault, because it was just my OCD.

Earlier this month, though, I was visiting my fit friend, who asked me if I'd join her in the Seaside half-marathon next year. It's a girls' weekend out, she said. We'll rent a beach house, and hang out and have a great time, and run 13.1 miles in the freezing Florida winterland. I agreed, which means I have to get fit now. I had to form some new habits fast!

I can't diet. I've tried. Dieting is depriving yourself of things that you like, and I can't do that to myself. I thought I might try the Slim Fast plan, but that's got two main drawbacks. First, It's not a lifestyle change. Second, drinking a chocolate shake makes me crave more chocolate! Realizing this was my breakthrough.

All these years, I've been saying to myself that can have something sweet, it's just one (or TWO) and it won't make a big difference. But what I've learned about myself - after 40 years of observation - is that I have no shutoff valve. AFter the first taste of chocolate, I am hooked, and have to down one after another. There is no satisfaction, just a need to maintain the flavor.

So. I decided.

I don't like chocolate.

I just don't. It's grainy and tasteless, and overly sweet. I have no need for it. Now, when I go by my friend's desk and see the chocolate bowl, I don't have to believe the lies that the chocolate tells me. It doesn't love me. It's just using me. For the first week, the chocolate kept taunting me. When it got too intense, I would pick up a piece - ONE - unwrap it, and throw it in the garbage. Ha! I am in charge! Not the chocolate!

Now that I have mastered the chocolate, I feel strong, and happy with myself. I can finally win this battle.

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JOBEIBI 6/27/2009 8:46PM

    Thank you, Nomi!

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NOMI_822 6/27/2009 9:23AM

    I love your attitude. What a cute blog! Thanks for reminding us all that we can beat that candy dish and have that healthier lifestyle! emoticon

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