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New motivations

Saturday, November 12, 2011

We just got pictures back from our son's wedding, and I'm actually pleased with how I look. I never like pictures of myself, but these turned out OK. Added to all of the compliments I got at the wedding and since, and I'm feeling pretty good about my progress.
After the wedding, we all (my son and his new wife and I) ran into a little dieting slump. With all of our focus geared towards looking our best for the big day, when it was over, it took a little of our excitement out of eating right.
Now I'm ready to get back to business, and really work towards even greater results!!!


We got through my son's wedding!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My son's wedding was on Saturday, and it went beautifully! We had a perfect day - 80 and sunny. Really unusual weather for northern Minnesota this lat in the season, so we were very fortunate. It was an outdoor wedding, at the top of our ski hill, with beautiful views of Lake Superior. Many people told me it was the nicest wedding they had been to; a beautiful service, great food, and a nice reception. We caught up with a lot of friends and relatives, and really enjoyed the whole day and evening.
I didn't make it to my ultimate weight goal for the wedding, but at 145, I felt SO much better than I would have if the wedding had been a few years ago and I was 182! I was close enough to my goal that I felt good, and it seemed that people really meant it when they said I looked good. The right dress helped, and all of my family helped me make that decision, so I felt it was flattering. And it was black, which helps!
Now my son and his new bride are on their honeymoon, and I have a week off to relax and get our lives back to normal. We've focused on this wedding for so long, it's a relief to think of other things again! I look forward to getting the pictures and remembering their beautiful day, and the beginning of my son's new life with his beautiful wife!


A dreary, rainy day

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is my week of vacation, and it's not turning out how I'd planned! I took a week off mainly to potty train our two new puppies (cute as little teddy bears!), and to clean house and get some things done in the yard.
On Friday night my son called to ask if I could watch their dog (a very hyper Labradoodle) while they go on vacation from Sunday to Thursday. I couldn't say no, but I wasn't thrilled about the addition! Our tiny little pups are scared of the huge "monster" dog, even though she's nice as can be to them - she's just so HUGE in comparison, everything she does startles them!
Now today it's been raining all afternoon. So much for potty training! They've just been sleeping all afternoon, and I can't blame them. Plus, another high note, this morning they just kept throwing up over and over again. First one pup, then the other. I think it was from eating too much grass and weeds, which they seem to search for like it was chocolate! At least we've been sticking to the kitchen, and before the rain started I kept the patio door open. They were actually pretty good about getting outside before they got sick, at least half the time :) And there was no carpet to worry about, at least!
So that's been my day! Hope everybody else's has been better! The rain is stopping, anyway - we may be able to get outside before there are any accidents!


Enjoying the Supreme Workout!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Wednesday I'll be halfway through the Supreme 90-Day workout, and I'm enjoying it so far. I can tell I'm getting stronger, especially in my arms. I can do more push-ups, with better form, and faster, than before. I can also use 10-pound weights for a lot of the workout, when in the beginning I didn't think I could use anything heavier than my 5-pounds. I'm enjoying pushing myself with every workout, and haven't missed one yet.
I can't say I've lost weight yet, but that's because I've struggled with my diet. I tried the diet that comes with the workout, but found that I was eating everything healthy on the diet, plus my junk food besides. So I'm still trying to work those issues out. Snacks are definitely my downfall, and I'm trying to cut out the junk, even if it's low-fat and low-calorie. That's my number one goal.

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JOANLR 7/11/2011 9:40PM

    I know, it's hard to follow the diet, isn't it? I feel healthy when I do, but like you said, it's time-consuming to prepare the meals. Especially when my husband won't eat the same foods! I'm just trying to add some of the meals into my diet. emoticon

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ANDROMEDA1967 7/11/2011 8:15AM

    I'm enjoying the workouts as well. I am up to day 27. I also have not lots tons of weight but my weight also has not fluctuates as much. I also struggle with the diet. I haven't tried to follow the eating plan as laid out. many times, it's just too much food for me to eat or I don't have time to realistically prepare those meals. So, I try to eat as clean as possible, but I definitely do not always succeed.

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Stumbled on my week of vacation

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm just coming off a week of vacation, and I didn't do so well with my eating! I went to my Mom's for 4 days, where it's always hard not to over-eat. She always has sweets, big meals, and too much good food! And worst of all, being around all that food only makes me want to continue to over-eat once I get home! So, I'm slowly getting back to my normal eating. I probably won't be totally back on track until next week, but I'm not going to be too hard on myself. I have been keeping up with my Supreme workouts every day, not even taking all of the rest days they program in. So that's been going well! Now if I can just take some of that determination and harness it for my eating habits!

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JOYFULDAWN 6/27/2011 6:38PM

  I like that you are recognizing what went not so well but more importantly giving yourself credit for where you are succeeding. My friend always tells me we learn from love and encouragement not shame and blame. So good for you. Your eating will get back in line and way to keep up with the exercise. Because of your encouragement of me I am taking the dog for a run, so you helped two of us out! Congrats on being halfway to your weight loss goal, what a tremendous accomplishment that is, the going may be slow but look how far you have come. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you,

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