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Interesting article.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Hi. I was perusing through the message boards, looking for advice on what to do with myself, and I found-probably not by accident, an article on self-sabotage and "dieting"-or in my case, trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. I will add it to my favorites momentarily. Everything in the article pertains to me, I was doing good, then I slip, it's a constant. But something in the article really hit me-a number of years ago I had a terrible depression and went for therapy. My therapist, Susan, said I had a lot of negative thoughts that I'd convinced myself were true, like "I'll never be able to hold a job and support myself", or "I'll never have any friends", or "I'm going to be depressed forever". She said she saw nothing in me that suggested those were true, but I'd kept telling myself these horrible things over and over until I really believed them. She gave me alternatives, positive things to say to myself about myself, and to look for evidence these things were true. And there was no evidence I was a loser. My point is, I changed myself by CHANGING MY THOUGHTS ABOUT MYSELF, AND BEING CONSCIOUS OF THOSE CHANGES. I am gainfully employed, have a number of good friends, and am no longer depressed. This article sort of says to do the same thing regarding self-sabotage and weight. "Act as if" (a favorite mantra of Susan's) helped enormously, I'd do it all the time, and still do it, so I want to apply it to my weight loss. "Act as if" you were a thin person, what would they eat? They'd exercise today, etc.

I'm sorry this is long, I just wanted to get it down. And for those of you wondering about last week, I did eat sensibly that night and exercise. See I can do it, I just have to work on myself. I appreciate all your good thoughts, I'm sorry if I'm acting like a baby, I just find this so hard...oh, and I'm a whiner too.


I slipped.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In the interest of fairness, I should post not only the positives, but the not so positives as well. Today, I overate out at lunch. I had the choice to eat positively for my body, but made a conscious decision not to. I own it. I'm sorry to my body and mind. I have an exercise tape session planned with my sister for tonite, as well as plans for a nice, lighter dinner. But I do understand plans are great, but I must follow through-and I'm promising all of you I will. I feel better I wrote this out. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity.

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GRACEANNROSE 1/30/2008 1:46PM

    We all slip, you are not the only one, trust me! It's okay.

It's good that you can come here and be accountable to yourself and otehr in the same boat as you. Let us know how things go at dinner tonight!

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1 Down, 116 to go!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ok, it's only one pound-but it was MY pound, and I lost it-and I ain't lookin' for it neither. I lost a pound. It's working! *sniff* I'd like to thank the Academy...

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AMAZINGAMAZON 1/30/2008 12:10PM

    That is too adorable!
Yes, it is your pound that you lost and I'm sure that we wont be seeing any "Reward, help me find" posters around looking for that pound!!!
One at a time!! Great job!

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I'm Doin' It!

Monday, January 28, 2008

And it's not easy! But I did well not overeating this weekend-and then today at lunch, I brought from home a nice, well-porportioned healthy lunch and ate it, but honestly, it took every bit of willpower I had not to run to the drive-thru-but I know this will be soooo much better for me in the short run and, most importantly, in the long run.

On another note, I bought recently from QVC a very popular walking tape, tried it last nite for the first time, and I did it! It nearly killed me but I did it! I highly recommend it.

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MAINEROCKS 1/28/2008 8:35PM

    You're doing great! Keep it up!

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MOMZILLA52 1/28/2008 1:36PM

    Good for you, now keep it sound pretty motivated, and that is a super thing.

Best to you

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Lunch Challenge

Friday, January 25, 2008

I DID IT!!!! I have to admit it was hard-I have bad cravings but I just didn't want to let anyone (myself especially) down. I can't believe it! And my body feels so good for not having overeaten.


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