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What other people think...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I wrote this this morning to a friend of mine and wanted to make sure I saved it somewhere.

We were talking about some general insecurities with wearing shorts or capris.

-- I just honestly don't really care what people think anymore. If they want to talk about me... or make fun of me. Thats their issue not mine. I got made fun of so much as a kid.. and dealt with so much bullying and stupidity while employed there at LCG - I think I am just immune to it anymore. The older I get the less I care and the more I realize its the other person's issue and not mine. If I am comfortable and look OK - then screw it. --

As the mother of a 15 year old girl.... I think I say this to her over and over and have for years. Just be yourself... be who you are and don't let other people get under your skin. Don't worry so much about not doing something because of what other people might say. Just get out there and do it. You dont know you can't do something until you at least get out there and put forth the effort.

I think so far its sunk in - because that kid is goofy as all get out and one unique girl and has surrounded herself with a group of like minded friends. So I did something right... even if it doesn't feel like it most of the time. :)

I like how my body is changing as I lose. And I notice is really funny little ways. The way clothes fit is clearly a big one... but one really goofy thing is that I notice it takes less swipes when I shave my legs... My legs are getting more trim.. and firm. I like the way certain things fit now. I like the smaller sizes. :)

I can almost touch my toes again too! I was so close in Jazzercise Monday. Between my weight and my back issues - thats kind of a big deal to me. I haven't been able to touch my toes since Dance team in HS.

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HEALTHYMOM131 2/13/2013 1:39PM

    Good for you! It's funny the little things we notice when we go up or down, isn't it? Raising girls with a good self-image is a big accomplishment. You are doing something right.

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NIKKICOLE83 2/13/2013 1:20PM

    I haven't even thought about taking fewer swipes when shaving. It is so true! Keep instilling those values into your daughter. Even though it seems as if she is not listening, it is being stored in the memory bank and one day she will realize how much of a genius her mom is.

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Presents in the mail!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Today my heart rate monitor came in the mail with my Sparkpeople cookbook. I am excited! I used the monitor during jazzercise today. My average was 138 and my highest was 165. Turns out I am supposed to be between 130-157. So that felt pretty good that I was in the right zone.

It feels good to do something well. I had so much fun tonight and busted butt.

I went thru an angry spell over the weekend.. Like I was furious at myself. Like really angry that I let myself get to the point where I had to work this hard to get where I should have been the whole time. Like what in the world was so freaking bad that let me get to here... I came up with all kinds of excuses... MIkes cancer.. the divorce... Rob.. and then like.. wtf.. why didnt anyone speak up.. So I went from being pissed at myself for getting here.. to blaming other people for my getting there. Hello irrational.

And then Its like.. no... I got here.. I made the choices... I let my self worth tank. No one forced food down my throat.. no one said anything - but I didnt stop and really look at what I was doing to MYSELF.

And now I get to see and look what I am doing to myself... Im putting myself first. I am making better choices (or really trying to).. I am working out 3 times a week.. I am putting my health as a priority in my life and not hiding behind all the excuses and other people.

I got myself here... and I will get myself better... and be better for it... because theres no one else to blame... and theres no one else who can do it for me and no one else who can take the credit for it. This journey is all about me.

Its all about the Jenn.

And thankfully I have a support system around me who understand and appreciate and push me to do that. And that... is awesome.

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    Your blog came up as a new one on the community page. I really enjoyed reading it! Good for you for owning up...I'm still not good at that myself:). Jazzercise is such an awesome exercise program, so keep it up stay positive:) emoticon

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What day is it?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

So I am so confused as to what day of the week it is... tomorrow is back to work.

Today I used the rest of my gift card for amazon. I got myself a heart rate monitor to wear during jazzercise and the spark people cookbook. I love cookbooks. :)

So thats my step for the day towards healthy Jenn.

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FLEURGARDEN 1/2/2013 7:33AM

    I'm headed back to work this morning too. Blerg. At least it's a short week.

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Yesterday... reflections

Monday, December 31, 2012

Yesterday I logged breakfast and then kinda nothing the rest of the day. I logged today what I remembered.

I really liked the comment about every day being day 1.

Tonight having friends over for a big dinner and party for the holiday. So that will be lots of fun.

There was a lot of stress yesterday in dealing with the step son. So that didnt help things.

My jazzercise instructor won on a TV show last night. THAT was awesome to see. Going to miss her though... I hope her studio isnt in California like they showed. I will miss her!

Very fun seeing someone you know on a TV show like that.


Day 1 or 48 days left... depends on how you look at it...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

So back on the wagon with logging food. Since not being on the site, I have been umm... nonexistant in my food logging. Even with the fitbit ap AND the SP ap on my phone. I just have some kind of mental block in using my phone. So... back to that...

There are 48 days left until the cruise. So I am all over that..

I cannot wait to go on the cruise. My goal for the cruise was to lose enough that I can wear some cute sundresses. I hope I can get there. Just gotta keep up with jazzercise and really focus on the food. I think starting next week I might publish my food log to see if maybe can get some feedback. Maybe... maybe not. I know this week is going to be rough getting back into it and really paying attention to it. So we will see how that goes...

Wednesday is back to work day.... dreading the stress levels that day... month end, year end, two plants to close... one which I havent been a part of the close yet and getting my first delve into it. So should be interesting.

Anyway.. its not really day 1...

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RFJSJ50 12/30/2012 9:40PM

    Just keep pushing forward - one day at a time!
Tracking helps me but sometimes I just get so tired of all of this! Then I stop and think about how much better I felt and looked, how much more energy I had before I regained this weight - so, let's keep our goals in sight and keep pushing! I found that the BSG (Buddy Support Group) challenges on the Aspire & Inspire team help me keep focused and accountable. Thank goodness a new one starts Tuesday!
Stay positive and strong.

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NANCYPAT1 12/30/2012 9:30AM

    Every day is DAY 1 and you can make it a GREAT one - you know the routine and you can get back in the saddle quickly - TRACKING really helps doncha know? Good luck on your work challenges.

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