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A fresh week.

Monday, April 09, 2012

There's something about Mondays . . . but not the way most look at it. I see it as a fresh start, a way to feel new without doing anything at all! Oh, I AM doing things, eating right, working out, staying calm and such but today just FEELS awesome in other ways. I feel like the Spark is igniting all over again and I'm rarin' to go!

So to my dear Spark Buddies I say "Welcome to this new week!" Love you, love life and want everyone to feel this good about things!

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PHEBESS 4/11/2012 8:19AM

    And here it is Wednesday already, LOL!

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1CRAZYDOG 4/9/2012 8:32PM

    Glad that spark is flaming! That's the way to do it.

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DEBBICZ 4/9/2012 1:38PM

    Thanks!! I loved that post and I feel the same way. Kinda like being reborn! It's fresh, it's new, it's exciting and I'm looking at a beautiful day. Glad to hear that from you also. Have a good one and keep up that positive attitude and posts!

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Still Lurking Around the Place

Monday, April 02, 2012

Yes, I'm still lurking around, just haven't been posting much lately. Miss and love you guys, hope to see you more in the coming month. Why? Because after a little health scare (BP spikes to dangerous levels) I am taking a month or so off work to regroup, get back into serious fitness and to look for a job with less stress.

Last week, after another confrontation with my boss that he refuses to address a problem employee, I was driving home from work and just felt funny. Dizzy, light-headed and a headache, I pulled into a Fire Station and asked them to check my BP. Shocking numbers confronted me - 208/122! The sweet paramedic/FF looked at me and said "ma'am you're going to die. Please let us take you to the emergency room?" I declined, said my doctor was right down the road so I went to her office. To make a long story short I did end up in the emergency room later that night. After an evening of observation and a stack or prescriptions I headed home with a very frightened husband to say the least.

So . . . here I am. A few doctor visits later, blood-work, tests and a BP machine at home to keep an eye on things, I am doing OK. A very different perspective on things to say the least. I now am VERY careful what food I put in my mouth, what events I give effort to and most of all WHO I let bother me.

I am in search of a new boss but for now I am enjoying the five precious weeks I have to get better. I chose the time, and thankfully its all paid for (Thank God State government is generous with its time off policy!) and feel like this time is a gift to regain my health and start over.

I'll be blogging more, this is just letting you know I'm here and more rarin' to go than ever!

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THRASHEJ 4/7/2012 10:03AM

    wow, scary for you! Did they feel that you had undiagnosed chronic high BP? Meaning, what was the predicted cause of the hypertensive episode?

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DEBBICZ 4/3/2012 4:16PM

    Wow - God was looking out for you and got you in the right place at the right time. Glad everything basically turned out ok and you are on the road to recovery and changes. Keep well and good luck on your continued journey! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/3/2012 2:14PM

    Feel better and it's a darn good thing you stopped to have your B/P checked!

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My first 5k!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just finished my first 5k! My daughter, her husband and a few of their friends (average age - 23) and me. Had a great time, beautiful weather and lots of fun chatter. The walk along Tempe Beach Park was perfect, if every day was like this I'd weigh 96 pounds and run marathons once a month!

Ah, but enough about that. Life's good. Stress at work is at an all time high but I'm facing it head on and smiling at the end of every work day. Well . . . OK, maybe not till I get home and take off my bra but you know emoticon

My wish for you is that you have a life filled with joy and sunshine. One healthy habit begets another (always wanted to use that word in a sentence!!) so take things slow but keep moving forward. Sending love to YOU my Spark friends!


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    Congrats on your first 5K that must be an AMAZING feeling of achievement:)

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DEBBICZ 2/28/2012 5:44PM

    Good Job!! And thanks for the encouraging words!

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SCRAP317 2/27/2012 10:51AM

    Yay! How good that must feel! xo

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LISABOULDER 2/26/2012 10:49PM

  Beautiful blog post


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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 2/25/2012 6:57PM

    Good for you, congratulations!

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CHRISTYBUG 2/25/2012 5:42PM

    That's awesome! Congrats!

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Back from Vacation - Recap

Friday, February 10, 2012

Yes, I know its a website for being healthy but sometimes being healthy means being happy to (ok all the time but you get what I mean I hope) so this blog isn't about "diet" as much as it is about saying how great a vacation feels and how much it refreshes a body and mind.

We left last week and flew from Phoenix to Orlando. I had lived in Orlando for 15 years, leaving in 2004 so this would be my first time playing tourist. First stop - Publix! Let me say how jealous I am of anyone that gets to shop there on a regular basis! Grabbed our supplies and headed for the hotel. One fun thing after another - Downtown Disney, lunch with friends, Kennedy Space Center, lobster dinner, sailing on Tampa Bay, Disney's Animal Kingdom, a little fun time along International Drive and many more details too numerous to post. (Pictures on FB if you want to see, I'll accept the friend request if you say "Spark!" :-) in the request -
pe=3 is the link and I also believe in keeping SP & FB separate!)

Enough boasting, now on to life. I had to give up Sparking about a week before the vacation because I was sick, working to catch up before vacation and then being away from computers on a regular basis and I can say that every day I was away I felt like I was missing something in my life. What was it? My support system of course! My fellow Spark People - YOU are what make this place what it is! There is no other place quite like this and for that I am thankful and oh so happy to be able to be back with you.

The damage? Not too much pound-wise but we'll see how I feel once I get back into a workout routine tomorrow. We walked all over the place so exercise was always a part of my day on vacation but the week before when I was sick was spent laying on the sofa gasping for breath - working out was the last thing on my mind. Cough & sore throat settled into my lungs - thank God DH has asthma and a breathing machine! Back to breathing and rarin' to go so look out posters - my smart (and supportive) comments are back!

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DEBBICZ 2/13/2012 5:31PM

    Great to have you back - and in such great spirits!! Glad you had a good time! emoticon for vacations!

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JERZGURL_NAN 2/10/2012 7:53PM

    WOW - so excited that you got to Florida - not that you needed to go find warm weather - lol - in fact you probably have warmer temps in AZ!! We are about to plan our trip soon. DH likes to go the first of May and we pretty much stay on site at DW the entire time. Last year we went up in the hotair balloon at DownTown Disney - that was fun.
Good to have you back and sorry I have not kept in touch here, not sure what happened other than the Biggest Loser Team Challenge I've been on. Have a great weekend and get and stay healthy - we are expecting snow tomorrow - hopefully I'll still be able to get to Zumba in the am.

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See you on the Flip Side

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sometimes life gets in the way . . . isn't that what AllState says? And yes, a little AllState has come into my life. Let me explain briefly. Work has been hectic - lots of personnel changes and investigations going on - and vacation starts in a few hours. ALthough I love Spark and will NEVER leave I won't be seen for a few weeks or so. NOt leaving and defintely NOT giving up the healthy lifestyle! Just letting all those that know me that if you don't see me around for a few weeks not to panic, I am not sitting on my couch with a 1/2 gallon of Ben & Jerry's and a two litre of Coke, I'm just out experiencing life! We have a full week of vacation in Orlando (For those that have been you know there's things to DO there!) and I am still recovering from being sick so catching up at work and home (how much dust and clutter can two people make I ask you??? Apparently a LOT!) so . . . love you, miss you, will be "sparkin' in the background" but only for a few weeks. I expect to report back on all the wonderful success probably about the 15th of February.

Keep posting fun things on the Boards, and remember You is Kind, You is Loved, You is SOMEBODY! XO ~ June emoticon

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DEBBICZ 2/2/2012 3:01PM

    Have fun and see ya when you are back!!

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SCRAP317 1/31/2012 7:50PM

    Have a great vacation! BTW...loved the movie and the book! xo

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GENEALOGYGAL 1/31/2012 11:19AM

    Have the best time ever! I loved the words you quoted from The Help! emoticon

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 1/31/2012 9:06AM

    Enjoy your vacation!

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