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UNDER 200 !!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today I reached a milestone. A BIG one. The evil doctor's office scale conceded and I am UNDER 200 lbs! I haven't been able to start with a 1-- for years! Well, I mean... my drivers license starts with a 1... but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, I did it. 198.4 per the doctor scale. I (duh) took off my shoes, but I was still wearing clothes. This is really a big deal because over the past few months, it has been VERY difficult to eat right and exercise. First, I hit a plateau and then I quit tracking my food and the scale started to creep upwards. I was TERRIFIED. I was up to 208 (from 202) and I knew I had to get back on the bandwagon and fast.

I'm not going to make it to 100 lbs lost before I turn 30. The reality of that hit a few months ago - right around the time I gave up for a while. I just... I don't know, I don't have a good excuse or explanation for falling off track. I just did.

For the past month or so, I have worked really hard. I dropped 5 lbs quickly and the next 5 came off slowly. I feel like I'm back in control and back in my routine.

I've got another 24 pounds to lose before I reach 100. I won't make it in the 75 days that I have left before my birthday, but I'm going to try to bang out as much as possible by the end of the year.

Things I would like to build:
- Abs
- Cardio/Stamina
- Thighs

How will I do it?
- Abs
- 15 minutes of Abs 3 days a week
- Cardio
- Add 2 days of Indoor Cardio per week (Tennis is ending)
- Thighs
- Lunges, Squats 3 days a week

Things I've done well to get under 200:
- Arm Strength
- Between TRX class and Yoga, my upper body is in great shape
- Scheduling Exercise Time
- I set up my schedule and I stick to it.
- Diet
- Planning meals and making smart portion choices

I don't know that this is all that inspiring, but I feel like the more focused I stay on the "How," the more likely I will be to execute this strategy.

Keep pushing, friends!


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ANRRN12 8/27/2013 11:08PM

    OMG emoticon That is super fantastic! You can totally hit your goal in 75 days, but don't beat yourself up if don't. The most important thing is that your DOING IT! Congrats on getting to ONEderland!

I'm not sure exactly what you do but varying your routine may help. I am a huge fan of Turbo Jam and anything kickbox...super fun and major calorie busters!

emoticon emoticon

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SILVER_WOLF1221 8/27/2013 10:16PM

    emoticon emoticon

You got this! be proud of whatever you can lose before your birthday. You'll be one step closer no matter what!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOTHEPRO 8/27/2013 10:13PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUEPERWOMAN 8/27/2013 9:02PM

Wow, that is so ONEderful !!! You go, girl !!

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STARFISH1961 8/27/2013 8:59PM

    Oh that is so great , I am about 30 lbs. away from the 100's and I cant wait! I want to reach it by Thanksgiving , however its been really hard for me lately since they have lowered my calorie range recently & I need to bump up my exercise routine as well. You will reach that goal even if its late ! And so will I ! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 8/27/2013 8:57PM


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TCHANEZ 8/27/2013 8:45PM

  Congratulations! emoticon

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FANNISHMOM 8/27/2013 8:32PM

    Congratulations! That is a great victory. emoticon

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ARNETTELEE 8/27/2013 8:27PM

  That's great!

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SERENITEE29 8/27/2013 8:25PM

    Fantastic job! Keep it up :)

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STARFISH1961 8/27/2013 8:16PM

    Oh that is so great , I am about 30 lbs. away from the 100's and I cant wait! I want to reach it by Thanksgiving , however its been really hard for me lately since they have lowered my calorie range recently & I need to bump up my exercise routine as well. You will reach that goal even if its late ! And so will I ! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GEEFUN 8/27/2013 8:16PM

    What a GREAT accomplishment!! Live on the feeling knowing that success is there today and will be as you continue your goals! Yay to you!!

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ANGELFMABV 8/27/2013 8:11PM

    emoticon emoticon Hitting onederland is such a wonderful milestone. Keep up the good work you are worth it!

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NIKO27 8/27/2013 8:08PM


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POOKASLUAGH 8/27/2013 8:08PM

    Great job! Woohoo ONEderland!

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Catching the Elusive 6-0!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

214.0.... Check it off! I've hit the 60 pounds down mark and it feels GREAT!

On the changes to my program:
The Lose It! app has been fantastic - I have been great about tracking over the last 6 weeks.
I added new classes this month to mix things up. A Monday night class called "On the Ball" and a Wednesday TRX class are my latest efforts to shake things up. I want to really focus on training my core.

Stats Stats since joining SparkPeople!!!!
Pounds: -60.0 (!)
Waist: -15 INCHES
Exercise: I started with 10 minutes on the elliptical. Now, I'm able to swim a mile in 40 minutes, dance a whole zumba class, and do 2 atomic pushups on the TRX (but I'll get better at that!)
Personally: I'm more confident, more driven, and I have WAY more energy.
Professionally: I landed an AMAZING new job that I love. I never would have gotten this gig without the confidence that I have developed over the past year.

New short term goal: I leave for vacation in 10 weeks: I'd love to hit the 199 mark before I leave for vacation, but I would be happy with dropping another 10 between now and then.

Thank you, SparkPeople! You have changed my whole life. emoticon

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RUNKIMRUN 2/18/2013 12:45AM

    Congrats! That is amazing!!! Keep up the phenomenal work!!!

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EASTENDCLAM 2/17/2013 4:34AM

    WOW! That's great! Shaking things up with new routines is a good way to stay fresh and motivated. After reading this I'm not surprised you landed a great new job. Your positive attitude and high level of energy would be an asset to any organization.

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GORIANA 2/17/2013 12:41AM

    emoticon emoticon

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KATRINAKRAUT 2/16/2013 11:53AM

    So cool. Time to change the icon to "Lost 60" pounds!!!!!!!, How exciting is that! hold your chin up high!

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New Year, New Successes!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm officially back in the swing. I'm back down at my low and I'm feeling good. I've been tracking all food for the past two weeks and it's going well. I am actually using the Lose It app. It's got a barcode scanner (which is really convenient!) for food and it gives me a daily calorie budget similar to the Sparkpeople range.

I've already talked two friends into using this app because it's so user-friendly. For me, tracking all the food is the key to weight loss success. I know how to make it work for me. I just need to stay the course!

All the best to my fellow sparklers!!!

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DUMBBELLE84 1/18/2013 11:54AM

  Hey, I was wondering where you've been! Glad things are going well and you've discovered a new tool to help you!

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Stress & Anxiety! (yes, of course it's about a boy!!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm sorry I've been so absent! I didn't completely fall off the wagon, but I've certainly distanced myself from it. I'm re-committing today. I am back.

Things have been a little wild for me lately - I started a new job last month, I am going crazy about a guy. We're not together. We're just friends, but I'm too scared to ask him if there could be something more to this - READ - I am over-analyzing this to death and there's a 98% chance that he's just not that into me. Having said that, I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster.

I have gone back to some bad eating habits, but I had continued exercising for the most part. That all changed when I hurt my ankle 2 weeks ago. It was just a sprain, but I was off it for about a week. I gained 5 pounds that week and now I'm up a total of 8 lbs from the 216 I hit in September. Obviously, I need to change this course NOW!

Until my eating is under control, I am back to tracking everything I consume. I will log my workouts and get back to pushing myself further and harder.

Also, I have always been lazy about strength training, but I am committed to AT LEAST one strength training exercise every week during lunch. I am also adding yoga at least one day a week during lunch.

I've had so much success with SparkPeople, I know I can fix this and get back to LOSING!

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PICKIE98 11/13/2012 12:45PM

    I sure hope this guy turns out to be a keeper! How do you like the yoga?

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Did they make these seats bigger?

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I went to watch Skull Session before the OSU-Miami game yesterday - last time i was there was November last year. I remember the experience as being a great show, but the most uncomfortable 2 hours of my life. First, air does not move in St. John's Arena. Second, it was build in a decade that people had (evidently) much smaller rear ends than they do now. Wow - those seats are tiny.

Anyway, yesterday it was a solid 100 degrees in there - I feel terrible for the band kids in those wool costumes! So it was a sweaty hot mess for everyone, but I was too excited to notice - because I was relatively comfortable in the seats!!! It's not great - I mean it was still a small seat. BUT - it's a small victory and it makes me excited to go back next year to check out the fit!

I wish you all more comfortable seats in the future and a safe and happy LABOR DAY!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 9/3/2012 5:05PM


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DUMBBELLE84 9/3/2012 3:43AM

  I can totally relate to being uncomfortable in seats. Can't wait until I start going back to some of the places I was at before where I had a problem. Good for you, that must have been really exciting!!

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BETHIEBOOPS 9/3/2012 3:26AM

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is an AWESOME victory!

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CHRISI2012 9/2/2012 10:20PM

    I had a reverse experience the other day when the seat felt extremely smaller. Congratulations on your success. You're such an inspiration.

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    About 15 years ago, I went to a restaurant with friends - they had captains chairs at the tables. I had to ask to change to a booth with benches because I didn't fit into the chair. Last month, I went there for dinner - & I fit! Great feeling, isn't it?

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FENWAYGIRL18 9/2/2012 6:43PM

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you made you smaller! Isn't that the best feeling ever?????????? when u realize you once were so uncomfortable in a seat and then the next time your in it u have some room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment edited on: 9/2/2012 6:44:59 PM

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