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Fresh corn on the cob

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi all! This trick may be an old one, but it's new to me and I thought I would share it. My husband found it on the Internet and it worked great!

We had a local company give us some fresh corn, still in the husks, today. You simply place the corn cob, still in the husk, in the microwave on high for 8 minutes. Remove it from the microwave after the 8 minutes. Be careful, it will be very hot! Hold with oven mits and cut off the stalk end. Holding the silks with your other hand, hold upright and shake out the cob! The corn cob will come out as pretty as you please with very few, if any, silks attached!

The best part is that it cooks the corn cob at the same time! It will be ready to eat once you have removed the husk and silks! I hope you find this as easy to do as we did! Enjoy!

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KALISWALKER 6/11/2014 6:57PM

    Thanks for the tip!

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ADAPTOR 7/4/2013 2:16AM

    That's a cool trick, I want to try it too. I have cooked them on an open fire with the husks on but never microwaved and I didn't know about the holding the silks and letting it slide out part. Nice tip! emoticon

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COMPUCATHY 6/16/2013 10:43PM

    That sounds cool! I've never heard that before...definitely want to try it...I love corn! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the encouragement! Spark on! emoticon emoticon

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MNABOY 6/15/2012 2:38PM

    Sounds great. * minutes per ear?

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ROCKMAN6797 6/14/2012 11:40PM

    Wow, what a great idea Laura!
I usually boil my corn but using the microwave sounds like it might be an easier way!
Thank you for sharing!


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LOPEYP 6/14/2012 7:47PM

    Interesting. How did the corn taste?

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NUTINFANCY 6/14/2012 7:37PM

  I saw that but haven't tried it yet. All the flavor would be there because it wasn't boiled in water, emoticon emoticon emoticon

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THROOPER62 6/14/2012 6:34PM

    Tried it this way delicious

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Much Needed Update

Monday, April 02, 2012

Hello to all. It's been far to long since I have checked in with my teams. Many things have happened in my life in the past few months. Here's a quick rundown!

My MIL suffered a stroke in Oct 2011. She lived in Oregon at the time so there wasn't much we could do from Arkansas to help her out, especially while my husband was busy with harvest. She entered a rehab after the stroke and began to make great strides in her recovery. The rehab hospital was less than a mile from her and her husband's home so it allowed him to visit with her very often. One day during his visit in Nov, he suffered a massive heart attack in her room and passed away. Luckily she was in the cafeteria at the time and did not have to witness everything that was going on. We were reluctant to take her out of the rehab because of insurance issues, so she stayed in Oregon until December when my husband, BIL and myself went out to settle her affairs and bring her home, which is another blog in itself! Until that time, her husband's children had been taking care of her needs. Which I am so grateful for!!!

Now we are back in Arkansas after a week in Oregon, it's the week before Christmas, I'm still not through with Christmas shopping and guess where my MIL is now going to live? If you guessed with my family, you would be correct! Luckily we had a spare bedroom for my daughter to move into and then my MIL took her room downstairs.

That's the rundown on my life for the past 4 months. A little busy and a lot stressed! I have made a mid-year's resolution though to get back with my Spark Teams! All of you make my attitude so much healthier, so I look forward to renewing friendships!

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CATLOVER110 4/5/2012 10:21PM

    Laura, I'm so sorry to hear about what you and your family have been going through. I hope things are getting a little easier as time goes by. I've been away from SparkPeople myself for months, and just came back recently. I'm glad to be back in touch with you. Take care of yourself!
--Hope emoticon

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NUTINFANCY 4/3/2012 12:05PM

  Your story kind of parallels with what I've been through lately and it is very stressful. You need your friends to encourage you, not only in your weight and health, but in your everyday life. Spark mail me if you need a shoulder to cry on.
emoticon emoticon

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LOPEYP 4/3/2012 6:44AM

    Wow Laura. That's a lot of stress. Sorry to hear about your MIL and FIL. I guess you have her settled in now at your house. I hope she is easy to get along with. Good luck with things. Glad that you are back!

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ROCKMAN6797 4/2/2012 11:56PM

    So glad to see you back Laura.
I was sorry to read about your MIL's stroke and her husband's untimely death. Life can be quite a challenge at times. I am glad that you are back and we look forward to your supportive comments.

emoticon emoticon

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Inspire to Perspire!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am asked frequently how I lost my weight. I always respond with "eating healthy, exercise and SparkPeople." It's easy to make healthy food choices each day, but not so easy to find time to exercise each day.

I personally challenge each of you to take 10 minutes each day to start an exercise streak! You can either get up 10 minutes earlier or take time just before going to bed to do something as simple as walk in place.

Whatever you choose to do, I just hope you choose to do something. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up to 30 minutes or more! A few minutes now could really make a difference in how you live your life in the future!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TRACYMUNDAY 7/27/2011 12:01AM

    Thank you for writing this! I have been running like crazy today doing things that I got home late and I am tired and planned on just going to bed because I have to get up and run again tomorrow. Well you just encouraged me to at least do a little bit of something tonight before I go to bed. Thank you!!!

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FRANCIE-N-BELLA 7/26/2011 11:36AM

    You're on!!! Come join in our new Fling the Flab-Get Fit-n-Fab Challenge starting Aug. 8th. Sign-up is Aug. 7th.!!! emoticon

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SHEENADEE 7/24/2011 11:35AM

    Great advice! Thanks for blogging.

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KELLEEH 7/24/2011 11:27AM

    I love the whole concept of streaks, and I love that Sparkpeople helps us track it!

Woo Hoo!

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COMPUCATHY 7/24/2011 8:08AM

    I LOVE your set response to the question about weight loss...I'm "stealing" that! It's such a clear, quick, exact way to put it! You're right, finding the time to exercise is often a challenge....but one we must rise to. Doing the Jack LaLane challenge is really helping me to focus on this area and "get it done." Thanks for sharing! Spark on! emoticon

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ROCKMAN6797 7/23/2011 8:26PM

    That is the same response I give to those who ask me for my secret for weight loss! emoticon Often I sense that my response is not the response that they expected (or wanted). I get the feeling that they are disappointed that I don't have a big secret fix. emoticon
I agree that it can be difficult to find the time to exercise each day. I think that you have to be "selfish" and make the time, even it is small increments, to exercise on a daily basis. Remember you are doing this to regain/keep healthy.
I accept your challenge Laura and hope everybody else who reads this blog does so, too!


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2BEHEALTHYAGAIN 7/23/2011 8:23PM

    I'll take you up on that challenge! I'll get it set so I can track my streak. I really need to get back on that exercise wagon. I WAS up to over 100 minutes a day, but haven't been doing much of anything the past few months. Sometimes when you slack off it's hard to get going again.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOPEYP 7/23/2011 8:19PM

    It is amazing how starting small can turn into a habit. Good point! emoticon

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Please Read

Monday, April 11, 2011

One of my Spark Friends posted this blog that I thought was good enough to share. If you like it as much as I did, please like it.


I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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MICHAEL712020 5/18/2011 8:57AM

    Very good blog. Glad that you shared it. emoticon

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WHIPPEACHZ 5/12/2011 1:12AM

    Awesome blog, thanks so much for sharing!

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MNABOY 4/18/2011 9:42PM

    thanks for sharing, the blog paste worked

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EGRAMMY 4/11/2011 10:31PM

    I could not open it. When I do it I copy and paste it into "add a link" just above the blog I write.

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DARINGR8LY 4/11/2011 6:42PM

    For those not able to access the link. Copy and paste it into Word or notepad and take the line return out. Then copy and paste that into your browser. Everything should work.

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ROCKMAN6797 4/11/2011 5:54PM

    I am trying to cut and paste and having no success? :(

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 4/11/2011 10:24AM

    The link isn't working - you must go through "add a link" for it to work - but I copied and pasted. You can always edit to add the link.

I read it and "liked" it! Thanks for sharing!!

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2BEHEALTHYAGAIN 4/11/2011 10:20AM

    Laura, the link works fine! It's a great blog!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NUTNFANCY 4/11/2011 10:06AM

    I read the blog and she is telling the truth, we SURE do need each other to hold us up on this journey!
emoticon emoticon

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JLWOF1 4/11/2011 10:02AM

    Ok, I've never posted a blog with a link before. Is the link working? If not, could someone please advise me on how to insert the link so that it will work? Thanks a bunch!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hi all! Well, my challenge to blog everyday this week has not gone to well. I missed 2 days blogging, 1 being my 1 year Sparkversary! I actually wanted to write a blog that day, but I was so busy helping my husband I never had the chance!

As I stated earlier, I celebrated my 1st Sparkversary on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 this week. Since I began my journey, I've lost a total of 78 lbs. When I stop to think about that, it's really mind-blowing. My husband asked me several days ago if I am happy with my new size? Although I am, I told him that wasn't my main goal. I more excited to be able to now play with my children without getting winded. Having my cholesterol under control without being on medication. Having more energy and not feeling the need to take an afternoon nap every day! Just feeling better in general and learning to love exercise once again. In fact, on days that I miss my walk, I feel like a part of me is missing!

I'd like to thank all of you, my very wonderful Spark Friends, for helping me along my journey. Without your support and motivation, I'd have never made it! All of you guys and gals are great! I look forward to year 2 with all of you!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HILLRUNNER 4/1/2011 6:14PM

    I'm late at wishing you a happy sparkversary! You have done amazing and here's to another wonderful year for you!

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FINEFETTLE 1/31/2011 9:09AM

  Congratulations, Laura! I am so impressed with the level of commitment and success that you have had in the last year. I know that you will be able to maintain and will continue to be an inspiration to all of us on SP!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BISCO_ 1/23/2011 3:52AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOPEYP 1/22/2011 5:35PM

    happy sparkanniversary! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 1/22/2011 5:35:32 PM

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TEACHEROF4TH 1/22/2011 2:05PM

    You definitely have your heart, mind, and spirit in the right place! Awesome non-scale related goals (although those huge scale "victories" are sweet!) Happy Spark-versary! Keep your amazing effort going!

R> emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DUFFYDYER 1/22/2011 10:45AM

    Awesome! I'm so happy for you that you are much healthier now than you were a year ago! 78 pounds lighter is great! Cholesterol under control!!!! More energy!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!

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KLUVSTFORMERS 1/22/2011 5:01AM

    happy sparkaversry, hope year 2 is JUST as GREAT!!!! emoticon

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BARNABABY1 1/21/2011 10:12PM

    Happy Sparkversary!!! You are an inspiration to all of us!! Here's to a wonderful 2nd year!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ROCKMAN6797 1/21/2011 9:59PM

    Once again happy first Sparkversary!
When you really think about it it truly is amazing the many benefits one receives by losing weight. Besides the physical transformation the things you can now do are immense. And not only do you benefit but your family benefits, too. Your kids must be so giddy with joy that their mom is able to play with them! I know my son is. Laura, you are an inspiration to us all! I find it absolutely satisfying to be part of such a supportive community. All of you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your blog with us. I look forward to reading more.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VALERIEMAHA 1/21/2011 9:42PM

    First things first -- HAPPY emoticon

The longer I'm on SparkPeople the more blown away I am by ALL that it offers. It is so powerful in so many ways...and one of the CRITICAL ways is, of course, that support and motivation from SparkFriends that you spoke of.

And talk about being inspired...THIS DEFINITELY DOES IT:
"I more excited to be able to now play with my children without getting winded. Having my cholesterol under control without being on medication. Having more energy and not feeling the need to take an afternoon nap every day! Just feeling better in general and learning to love exercise once again."

Spark on, my friend!

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CATLOVER110 1/21/2011 9:37PM

    Happy Sparkversary! Congratulations on all your success during your year! emoticon

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    Oh my GOSH, Laura! You lost 78 lbs this year? I am amazed. Sitting here with my mouth open.


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CALGAL10831 1/21/2011 9:07PM

    Great blog. Happy anniversary. The time goes by so fast, when you have great friends helping you through difficult times. It's amazing how we come in to this with a weight loss in mind and end up with so much more.

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CHERYEGRACE 1/21/2011 8:42PM

    Congratz on your weight loss thus far! What an accomplishment. It's good to know that you feel the benefits of all the hard work rather than just see them. Your story is a great motivator, so keep up the good work! emoticon

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