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Built to Last?

Friday, December 10, 2010

I haven't written anything in a few days because I frankly haven't had a lot to say. I've just been going along doing my thing. I guess this is a good thing -- no drama or crazy ups and downs -- in fact everything is going along very well. I am still totally motivated and one of my fears is that I'll experience a big "crash" and fall off the wagon. This seems almost too good to be true. Can it last? Please please tell me that it can!!

It's been just over a month since I got into SparkPeople "hard core" and I've lost 15 pounds so far. This is a little less than a quarter of what I want to lose. I'm really happy with what I've done so far and I have found so much help from others on this site. I bought two Leslie Sansone dvds on the recommendations from a message board and I really enjoy them. They are a lot of fun! I've also met some incredible people and call many of them SparkFriends.

So am I still in the "honeymoon phase" of my relationship with SparkPeople? Or, is this a relationship that's built to last? Judging by the success stories and the blogs of others, it sure feels like this could be a long-term commitment. That's what I'm hoping for!

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ADIPOSEROSE 12/20/2010 10:56PM

    I've been on SPARK since February of 2009. I've lost 45 pounds--happily, slowly, and without feeling deprived--and learned a great deal about nutrition, and even more about myself.

This is a lifestyle change, not a "diet."

Tell you what--meet you here next Christmas!

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SLIMTHICK2 12/11/2010 5:31AM

    Don't worry it's built to last your are getting there, having a few slips is just part of the process but getting up and going again is what's going to help us reach our goal. Have a great weekend. All the best. emoticon

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CHARITYCYCLIST 12/10/2010 11:52PM

    I too have been with SP for just over a month & have shown positive results on the scale & in how I feel. Honeymoon period? Maybe, but I'm really pleased with the progress I've been making and don't think I'll be checking out any time soon. I still have alot of weight to lose & I expect to be taking full advantage of SP until I've lost all of it & firmly established the Healthy Lifestyle modifications in such a way as to not even have to think about them, about what a good or poor food/exercise choice is etc.

You might surprise yourself & stick around even after you've met your weight loss/fitness goals! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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A Good Day

Sunday, December 05, 2010

This was a good day. I slept in a little bit and then broke out the new Leslie Sansone dvd I bought (due to suggestions on one of the message boards). It had 1,2,3, and 4 miles. It included using a stretch band. This was a really good dvd. I was only going to do one mile, but I got so into it I ended up doing all four miles plus the stretching. So, I had a pretty good workout.

On Friday night I got a bonus from the boss for my second part-time job and I decided to use it to get a new scale. Our other one was shot and even starting to fall apart. I didn't want anything too fancy so it was very reasonably priced. I was a little afraid that I would find out that the old scale was so inaccurate and I actually weighed a lot more. But, NOT SO! I weighed the same, so this was more good news.

The one thing I think I need to be more cautious of is all the time I spend on this website. I've been on Spark People almost all afternoon. The weather is really bad and I did a major cleaning yesterday, so I had some spare time. I wanted to get some holiday spirit into my spark page, so I experimented a lot with the wallpaper. I also checked out some other folks' blogs and Spark Teams. In general, though, I really need to learn how to be more efficient on the Spark website.

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GR8VIEWS 12/5/2010 9:36PM

    Yes, Spark People can be addictive... Just one more thing to control in our lives - the amount of time spent on the site! Kinda like controlling the amount of carbs or chocolate you eat...

Be well.

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MARYANNGI 12/5/2010 8:56PM

    Spark People can be so addictive! Sounds like your new dvd is emoticon and you got a emoticon workout. emoticon

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ACROSONIC 12/5/2010 8:46PM

    Yes, what is the name of the dvd. Glad you got a bonus and rewarded yourself with a new scale!

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MOMOF2TONI 12/5/2010 6:37PM

    Good blog. What is the name of your dvd? It sounds like a good one. And where is everyone finding all these gorgeous backgrounds/wallpapers??

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SUBSHINE 12/5/2010 6:26PM

  keep up with the exercises and congrats on your bonus - every bit helps especially at Christmas time.

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What Do I Want?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

One of the assignments for the Spirit Team 5% Winter Challenge was to write down all the reasons why we want to lose weight. That got me thinking and at first the ideas came slow. But then it was like the floodgates opened and I could have probably written for hours.

It hurt a lot to write down some of these things because they are embarrassing and made me feel a bit ashamed. Anyway, here is a partial list of why I want to lose weight (in no particular order):

-- I want to not feel like crying when I go shopping for clothes.
-- I want to not feel nervous that I might break a chair when I sit down.
-- I want to be able to walk up and down stairs without having my knees hurt.
-- I want to sit on the floor and get up again without looking like a fish flopping around on the floor.
-- I want to be able to get off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications.
-- I want to be able to wear a bathing suit when I go visit my son in Southern California.
-- I want to wallow in the satisfaction of having set a goal and reached it!


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TKDGIRL49 12/10/2010 5:54AM

    Wow.. can I relate...Awesome blog! emoticon

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ACROSONIC 12/3/2010 6:29PM


Go Spirits!

In April, I had a lot of pain: arthritis in knees, etc. Couldn't get on the floor easily at all. Went to a yoga class and felt so awkard rolling to get up and down.

Joined SP at end of June, have lost almost 20 pounds and worked out daily. Only occasional knee pain now. Can get up and down off the floor easily! When I my back went bad a month ago (see my blogs) and I was off exercise for about 2 weeks, the old stiffness in my knees came back. I was so happy when I could start exercising again.

I still do yoga, and don't have to roll around awkwardly (well, only occasionally). I'm still not very flexible, but have made progress and it feels great!

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BUGGYS 12/3/2010 3:07PM

    Sounds familar...you can do it! emoticon emoticon

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SANDY3169 12/3/2010 10:05AM

    Amen to all of those listed. You can do this. ((hugs))

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DARKFLAME2009 12/3/2010 9:00AM

    great reasons! emoticon

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LIZZYP609 12/3/2010 7:26AM

    emoticon great blog!

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New Month

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wow, hard to believe that November is gone already. But a new month means a new chance to make some positive changes. I'm very excited about the 5% winter challenge. It's my first one, so I want to be a good teammate and do my very best to lose 10 pounds.

I walked today, even though it was pouring rain... and that was before it started snowing! I used the treadmill yesterday and got to 10,000 steps. My normal goal on weekdays is 6,000 steps, but I think I'll aim for 8,000 starting with this challenge. I did over 8,000 today and there is still some time left.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ACROSONIC 12/3/2010 6:14PM

Go Spirits!

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BUGGYS 12/2/2010 3:01PM

    Great news on the walking...it will get easier and easier!!! emoticon

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1BEACHWALKER 12/1/2010 11:51PM

    Good for you. I did a 2 mile walk today. I am not used to it and my feet are killing me- and I have new shoes! I have bad knees so walking 10,000 steps will probably be down the road for me, but I sure admire that you can do it. We are on the same Spark Spirit Team and I wanted to come in and see your blog! Keep up the good work! Connie

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MOMOF2TONI 12/1/2010 10:51PM

    I'm impressed!! Way to go!

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SPARKIE1964 12/1/2010 9:04PM

    10,000 steps is awesome! Keep walking.... emoticon

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Looking Up Today

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things are looking much better today than yesterday. I got up pretty early for a Sunday and got a brisk 45 minute walk in. Between that and doing housework and other things I managed to walk over 10,000 steps.

I also brought my mom's treadmill home with me. She's been trying to get rid of it for a long time. I have been using the treadmill at the gym during lunchtime, but they are almost always being used and I hate to wait for other people, especially when I don't have a lot of time. We'll see how this goes. I put it in the living room, so it is definitely handy.

I also spent a lot of time today on SparkPeople checking out some of the motivational message boards, blogs and success stories. These always help me and give me some good ideas for things I can do to stay on top of my game.

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BUGGYS 11/29/2010 10:43AM

    I switch off between an ellptical trainer and a treadmill...didn't have room in the family room so they are now bothe upstairs in one of the kids old bedrooms...our new exercise room...have to look in there more often so I get the workouts I need! emoticon

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MOMOF2TONI 11/28/2010 8:49PM

    You go girl. (I used to have a treadmill but it was too large for my living room and made so much noise that I sold it.)

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MCSNYDER1 11/28/2010 8:37PM

    Sounds like you've had a busy, productive day! I love my treadmill, but it's downstairs. I sometimes have to make myself go down there. My living room is just too small and crowded to hold it.

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