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I have no energy, no appetite

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why as soon as it starts getting nice I get sick? It went from having a horrible stomach ache for a few days to having a sore throat, barely having a voice, after putting the clothes in the dryer I am so tired and broke out in sweats. I didn't get any cleaning done. My husband fianlly went out and mowed the front grass. Which only took about 5 minutes but was in pain. I tried to get him to let me but "no I am almost done". So I mowed the back. It took me a little longer and It was just like last year when I was reallyout of shape. But I got it done. That was all. I went and laid in bed for like 4 hours then finally got up and did some homework. I wish I didn't have class today.
I don't feel like eating either. All I want is some orange juice. We are all out. emoticon

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HEALTHYKRISTA 6/13/2011 6:53PM

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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TRACYG0625 6/13/2011 2:49PM

    I hope you feel better soon! It is a bummer to get sick when it is finally nice enough to get outside!

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7356WILMA 6/13/2011 11:39AM

  Hope you get to feeling better soon!! listen to your body if it is telling you owwww! Take it easy today, tomorrow will be better!!

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CLIMBERS_ROCK 6/13/2011 10:21AM

    I hope you feel better soon. You should probably not push to do so much. Your body needs to focus its resources on helping your get well.

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Saturday was lovely

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My daughter had her fist dance recital yesterday. IT WAS AWESOME! She (and her class) did an awesome job. I was so proud. We were done all day so when we got home we sat around and watch movies and relaxed. I needed to do homework but I said forget it. I didn't log back in here yesterday or do any homework. It was relaxing, I needed it! emoticon

Now today not so lovely, need to do housework, yardwork and homework. WORK WORK WORK WORK. I thought Sunday's were supposed to be a day of rest????!!!!!!



Friday, June 10, 2011


I DID IT! I completed my first month! Now I haven't lost any weight yet but I do have to say that overall I am feeling better, I can tell (especially in my calfs) that I am starting to tone up, and I CAN WALK UP THE STAIRS AT SCHOOL WITHOUT BEING WINDED!

To think at the beginning I could only stand doing the 10 min a day exercise and now I can do 30 min cardio(even though I haven't had a chance to do it yet today, will though shortly), 2 toning videos per day, I am tracking my food and making better food choices (and I measure everything!!!). In the last month I probably have had 5 coke zeros at the most. Which I was drinking 1-2 cans per day. I drink A LOT of water. I have always ate veggies/fruits but now I am making sure I get at least 5 serving per day. Before it was only like 1 or 2 a day.

I have came along way since I started. Despite getting upset on Wednesdays, I am very proud of myself for coming this far.


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__IZZA__ 6/10/2011 8:11PM

    emoticon It's so good that you can appreciate other successes than weight loss. emoticon

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7356WILMA 6/10/2011 4:56PM

  Great Job!!!! Sounds like you've got it down!!!

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Neverending day

Thursday, June 09, 2011

So I have been running ALL DAY, NON STOP! And I am still not done. Got a homework assignment due by 11:59 tonight, haven't even looked at it yet. Wasn't home this morning to do my exercises so I was just going to put it off. I felt guilty plus when I looked it was just upper body toning so I just did easy quick stuff. We had to kill some time before my daughter was out of school and we didn't want to go home so we walked arund the stores so I used that as my cardio for today. I hope that is not cheating ;).

Homework time!

Have a great night!


I have had it! I hate Wednesday's!!!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I am done with that evil scale! I just don't know what on earth I am doing wrong! I have been here a month now but I have not lost 1 pound. This the same thing that happened to me before. I did it for over a month and nothing finally I just said forget it. I have been working my butt off and my butt (and belly) are not coming off! I don't get it.

How do you do it? Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?

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JESSNSTONE 6/8/2011 10:07AM

    Don't give up! I have recently hit a plateau too and am looking for some advice. Some suggestions I have heard are to make sure I am strength training, and watching sodium intake. Also, if you have been doing the same cardio routine for awhile, it may be time to switch it up a bit. Adding intervals is always a great place to start. Good luck, and stay strong!!

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ERIN4771 6/8/2011 9:31AM

look familiar? it's from your page...you have been at this for a month, you HAVE to give yourself time to adjust, it's not going to happen overnight...are you tracking all your food/ calories? what how about protein/ carbs/ fat? remember, the quality is what counts, not the quantity....
how is your strength training going? are you doing 2-3 times/week?
what type of cardio are you doing? are you changing it up? all these things add up, and it is going to take some time, but, if you stick with it, it WILL happen...i was at 155lbs, at one time, we ALL have a starting point, BUT, you can and you will succeed!!
now, step away from the scale, and also remember, that is not the only way to measure progress, and you are NOT the number that shows up on it emoticon emoticon

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JSALERNO 6/8/2011 9:19AM

    I didn't lose a pound for almost 3 months you just can't give up. If I had I wouldn't be at SP. Just keep going. I'm supposed to lose 7 more pounds by the end of the month for my vacation. If I don't hit it I'll be disappointed but I'll exercise while on vacation and try not to gain it all back.

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