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WIN Reflection 8/28/13

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh my am I tired again today. Barely any sleep last night. First the dog hears something around 11 and goes bonkers (I went to bed at 9:30 for once), then I think around 1 am it started storming like crazy (apparently Brighton, which is about 40 minutes from me and right about where my moms lives, got it really bad, not sure yet if just straight line winds or an actual tornado), then Jason gets home, then the dog again then 45 minutes before my alarm is to go off Jay peed the bed and I had to strip him and his bed. So I got up and did my before work routine which went fine, leave and traffic is backed up on 94 so I decide to take the back roads to 23 which was horrible too. Took me 3 times as long. I ended up being 15 minutes late. Tried called them for like 30 minutes (15 minutes before I had to be there) and there was nothing. I figured they may not turn on the phones until 9 but it turned out the phones were down for the storm. So I got my bosses cell phone and stayed half hour over which they told me not to worry about. But I didn't want to do that, especially so new. Work went well, came home and relaxed with hubby. He left for work and called me a lil while later to tell me some guy flying around him, going at least 100 (Jason was going about 80 he said and the dude way flying), weaving in and out of traffic. Oh did I mention he was on a crochrocket? Right in front of Jason he sees a bunch of gravel and the guy was down. Jason along with a bunch of others did stop. It turns out that he was cutting off this other guy in a car and clipped the other guys front end and lost control. Jason said he was wearing a full helmet for his face and head so he couldn't see his face but his arms were roadburned bad and he was not moving. He was breathing really hard. Jason had to go to work and left since ambulance was on the way and their were others who saw the accident better. He said that was something like he has never seen before. Hoping I head something on the news or an article on it. Enough excitement for 1 night. Relaxing the rest of the night and heading to bed early!

*BLC 22 ended today:
-lost total of 2.6lbs
-1st 6 week 8.25 total inches
-2nd 6 weeks 2.5 total inches
-total inches lost 10.75 inches
-Haven't went down in clothing sizes though...must be my pear shape :(
-Created a new post in weight tracker thread for interim perion
-continuing like I am still in the challenge
-Goal for interim 158 or 6.6 lbs (avg 1.65lbs/wk)

*Revised my goals and program spreadsheets

*Updated my sparkpage

*Summer 5% ends in 3 weeks. I have 9.35 lbs to lose and I know that will not happen.
-Revised goal is 159 or 5.6lbs (avg 1.87lbs/week)

*Goals for the week:
1. lose 1.87lbs (for next 3 wks then 1 lb the 4th)
2. 30+m Cardio 5 days
3. 3 ST sessions
4. Finish up to do list
5. Prepare for school
6. 30+m cleaning 3 days
7. Track food daily
8. FM goal 250

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NEW-CAZ 8/29/2013 2:38AM

    oh my word!

Great job on the challenge emoticon emoticon

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JUSTME29 8/28/2013 7:03PM

    Wow - what a day for both of you. I guess the storm brought out the wackos.

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 8/28/2013 6:51PM

    WOOHOO! Great job on the challenge! YOU WIN! You lost a lot of inches, some weight and have good solid goals for the "rest" period between rounds. I'm wishing you the best of luck.

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GODZDESIGN95 8/28/2013 6:46PM

    Best wishes! I hat to see the challenge but I guess some ned the rst LOL. I have to keep going. I am down about 8 pounds and off one of my meds this round was awesome!

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WIN Reflection 8/21/13

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

*I am tired today. Been going all day. Grocery shopping, school clothes shopping, still need more things for the kids. Got over whelmed after we went to Justice. Craziness in my neighborhood again. House got shot up a few streets down, teenagers apparently. I didn't hear anything. My cousin called me and said when he was driving past along I94 he saw bunch of cops along the freeway with machine guns. I wasn't home at that point. All men were caught I guess by 11am. Back to work tomorrow.

*Up 2.2 lbs this week. No surprise after TOM came this weekend and my sweet tooth and bread cravings were horrible. But using it as motivation and going back to shred. Starting from week 1 this time and will do the 6 weeks in order.

*NSV: lost some inches though...down a total of 2.75 inches. Waist 0.5, thigh 1.0, Bust 0.25 :( I would like to keep those LOL, Abdomen 1.0

*Met 4 out of the 8 goals from last week (cardio, project list, cleaning, FM goals)

*Goals for this week:
1. Lost 1lb, 5.6lbs to meet BLC23 goal
2. Revise goal list for 8/28
3. 30+m of cardio 5 days
4. ST 3 days
5. Continue Project to do list
6. GMAT 1 day
7. 30+m cleaning 3 days
8. Shred week 1
9. FM goal 200

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JAZZEJR 8/23/2013 9:19AM

    OOoo! Scary! Stay safe--you've got a great goal plan. emoticon

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BBONET 8/22/2013 8:09PM

    WOW! Glad to hear you are OK, hope nothing else happens around your neighborhood!! Back to school is stressful-especially getting the kids ready, but this to shall pass. Great NSV loss, feel proud and celebrate--the rest will fall back into place!! Hope you have a good rest of the week! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FLORIDASUN 8/22/2013 8:01AM

    Holy moley...hope this disturbance calms down! I'm sending you white light and love! The world has gotten SO volatile with all of the economic tensions lately. We hear about lots of crazy things happening here in FL where I live and it's downright unsettling. You are doing GREAT on your inches lost...just keep your eye on the end prize and thats a HEALTHY YOU...I'll be cheering you on and our whole Teddy bear team is RIGHT with me! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 8/22/2013 2:53AM

    SO scary! Just glad you're safe emoticon

emoticon on your NSVs, you'll soon lose that temporary gain, emoticon emoticon

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GODZDESIGN95 8/22/2013 12:21AM

    Sorry to hear about the gun shots that is scary. What a world we live in. I am 52 almost 53 and tom I only get 6 times a year. I find that I crave food a lot less. I hope you get back your mojo. emoticon

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JUSTME29 8/21/2013 10:30PM

    That's really scary. I'm glad you weren't home when all that happened.

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BESCATS 8/21/2013 7:30PM

    Don't beat yourself up, you will get back on track when things settle down. A tough time for Mom's of school children.

You have some very good NSV's, so be proud of yourself. You met half your goals, that's better than not meeting any, so keep that in mind. With your busy life right now, perhaps you need to scale back your goals a little.

Good luck. emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/21/2013 7:30:54 PM

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 8/21/2013 7:26PM

    **HUGS** At least you know the cause and are taking positive steps to combat the problems. Good luck & have fun!

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WIN Reflection 8/14/2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Afternoon/early evening friends. Hope everyone is having a great day.

*Today was my first day at work! I liked it a lot. I have been having lots of anxiety and depression over going back to work even though I really wanted this position. It was really hard to go back to work! Even just part time. But I really liked it! I felt comfortable. I liked the people I work with. I have a great office with MY NAME on the DOOR!! Yes you hear right! I was super excited. It was just so professional and fancy! LOL

*Need to go over my notes for today, and look over the employee manual, take my bath and get my clothes/snacks ready for tomorrow. I am happy to say that I will get 30 min walk in M-F just walking from the parking structure to work and back each day through downtown Ann Arbor! So that's awesome!

*I weighed in this morning and thought for sure I would be up. I was the same so I will take it! I didn't hardly exercise and I ate whatever. However I did eat a lot of freggies. I reached for a fresh peach, pear, grapes or clementine when I got a sweet tooth most of the time! That's an NSV right there! Especially for me around TOM!

*I didn't reach my goal for my bday. So onto my next goal for the ending of BLC 22. I still have 7.4lbs to lose in 2 weeks...NOT going to happen. All I would really like is to break out of the 160's again! So my goal is 3.4 lbs over the next 2 weeks!

*I only met 1 goal (prepare for first day of work) that I set last week. I had a lot of things going on this week...mentally. So I think that really hindered my motivation. But now I am feeling a lot better about things!

**Goals for this week**
1. Lose 1.7lbs, 3.4lbs in 2 weeks
2. 30+m cardio 5 days
3. ST 3 days
4. Work on my home project to do list. To be completed by end of the month.
5. Study GMAT 1 day
6. Stay in calorie range
7. FM goal 150 minutes

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MAGGIE101857 8/18/2013 7:52AM

    So happy that the job is starting off on a happy note!!!! emoticon

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EJOY-EVELYN 8/15/2013 9:55AM

    Congratulations on reaching for the right foods even when you're not tracking well. This is the foundation for developing some truly superb healthy habits. Congratulations on the job that is working well for you on so many levels. I was just reading a Forbes article one of my Facebook young friends sent me filled with 20 Things That 20-year-olds Don't Get. It's great for every age range (and I'm retired!). Here's the link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonna
r-olds-dont-get/ Hug, hug -- Evelyn

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2BEABETTERME 8/15/2013 9:53AM

    What a relief to have the first day go so well! The anticipation is the worst!

Keep up the great work!

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NEW-CAZ 8/15/2013 2:56AM

    Glad you had a good first day! Love your goal setting and your attitude. Sometimes events transpire to interfere with what we want to accomplish, resetting goals and keeping pushing on is the way to view it emoticon emoticon

Good luck in your new job!Have a good day hun emoticon

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JULIEANNCAN 8/14/2013 10:27PM

    Yay! I'm so glad that your first day went well and that your name is on the door. :) I'm glad you're not being too hard on yourself about your goals because we all have setbacks from time to time. I hope you're doing okay with anxiety and depression. I deal with those as well. If you need to talk, I'm here. I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

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ADRIENALINE 8/14/2013 8:45PM

    So happy your first day was great and that you are eating your freggies. The rest will follow if you keep up the happy attitude.

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GODZDESIGN95 8/14/2013 8:02PM

    Hi how is shread going? I am doing grear. i am off one of my diabetic meds and down 12 pounds this go round. I am looking forward to the next round.

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 8/14/2013 6:49PM

    WOOHOO! Glad you really enjoyed your first day. I wish I could work part time. I think I'd be able to get more stuff done at home, but then again... I'd probably just sleep. LOL

Love your goals for this week. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HOPE you enjoy(ed) the day.

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PCOH051610 8/14/2013 6:03PM


Personally, I think you are doing great and I'm so glad you like your new job. It is easy to get so anxious over the start of something new, isn't it? I work part-time and only then from September to April, and even though I LOVE my job, the first weeks of transition always cause me to get anxious and a wee bit depressed.

Can I ask one favour of you? Please eliminate the word "only" from your accomplishments! With all that is going on in your life be proud that you did one thing!



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WIN Reflection 8/7/13

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Good Evening everyone. Sorry this is so late. I have been procrastinating. PMS is killing me so that means TOM will begin next week which is not when I need it too...so speaking of next week...

emoticon You are looking at the new Part Time Accountant for Hobbs-Black Architecture. I GOT THE JOB!!! So SO HAPPYYYYY!!!! I start on the 14th. For the first few weeks have to only come in on the days the lady who is leaving will be there. For next week W, TH, F 7:30-1 (I am coming in early since kids are camping next week), then the next week its only TH & F 9-1, last week in Aug is W, TH, F 9-1, I am not working the first week of September since we are all going back to school then on Sept 9 I begin my regular schedule of M-F 9-1. My husband and I have also agreed that if the job does start interfering too much with my school or the kids then I will not stay in the position but we are sure it should all work out. DH is supposed to start helping more around the house so we will see how that goes. LOL...

Jay had his kindergarten screening this morning. He got to see sissy's old kindergarten teacher who remembers him and Evie well. I hope he gets her. She is great! But all the teachers are there! I love that school. He was a lil shy but did well. Tomorrow morning he has to get a filling on that cavity. Then I have lots of laundry and packing to do for the kids. My stepdad is picking them up Friday night and they will be home the following Sunday the 18th.

My bday plans have changed. I found out they are opening the new Cheesecake Factory here in Novi, MI on the 13th. I am a cheesecake freak. Kids always make me a cheesecake (no bake lol) for my bday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory in Chicago back last September and all we got was a slice and it was phenomenal! We are eating there this time. Unfortunately no LBD since it is at a mall (which I think is stupid) but I have a really cute outfit (new) that I am wearing. Then we are planning on seeing the new Jen Aniston movie...Can't wait!

Week 5 of Shred was ok. I didn't cheat much! Not enough to make me feel guilty. Some days I was so busy I missed meals and snacks so I would end up eating a totally different kind of dinner. But healthy! I realized that I am not 9lbs away from goal, I am actually 6 and after todays weigh in I am 5.2 for meeting next weeks goal. Which I know will not happen. Just too much. I have to realize I am a slow loser and its healthy! Only met one goal from last week and that was my cleaning! So I know I have to realize that my goals need to be smaller and more attainable! I am down this week 1.2lbs. I thought for sure I was up because I have been feeling very bloated and I am irregular again. I think it is PMS or the flax seed. Not sure :(

Goals for this week:
*Lose 1lb, 3# even better, 5.2 to meet next weeks bday goal
**30+M Cardio 5 days
***ST 3 days
****Prepare for 1st day of work
*****Study for GMAT 1 day
******30+m cleaning 5 days
*******Follow Shred week 6
********FM goal of 175 minutes

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PCOH051610 8/11/2013 5:54PM

    Congratulations on the new job! I agree, try it and if it gets too much make a decision then. You are doing great!

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 8/8/2013 1:40PM

    Congrats on the new job! I'm so happy and proud of you for doing your best to meet your goals but relaxed enough to let it go if something happens that you can't do it all. Love your goals for this week.

Have fun with it all.

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ADRIENALINE 8/8/2013 1:07PM

    Congrats on the new job! If you want it bad enough it will all work out!

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2BEABETTERME 8/8/2013 7:46AM

    Congratulations on the job! I hope it works perfectly for your family's needs and that you enjoy what you do! It's great that you get to ease into it and be trained by the person who currently has the job.

Way to go on the weight loss!

Have a great week!

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FLORIDASUN 8/8/2013 7:36AM

    Woo...hooo on getting the job! Fantastic when so many people are still having trouble getting employed. I'm sure you'll make it work...those are GREAT hours and not so overbearing as a full time job would be.

Woo hoooooo on the weight loss...we are proud of you and the fact that you met even one of your goals is GREAT!

I emoticon the Cheesecake Factory too...we have one down here in Naples and it's in a mall too. Must be something about that for bringing in traffic?

Keep on keepin~ on little Bear..you have GOT this!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 8/8/2013 2:31AM

    emoticon on getting the job! I think you'll fit right in!

emoticon Have a great day emoticon

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MUSCLE-UP 8/8/2013 12:46AM

    So wonderful, you got the job. I think you are going to enjoy it. Excellent number on the scales today. Look at you! 1.2 lbs. down this week. Shred is probably the main culprit for your weight loss. Keep going emoticon emoticon

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JUSTME29 8/7/2013 9:45PM

    Congrats on the job. I hope you'll be able to manage it, you're already juggling so many things. With the kids back in school and hubby helping a bit more around the house I have no doubt that you'll manage it.

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WIM Reflection 7/31/13

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello everyone,

I was up this week :(! Only 0.2 of a lb but still my goal was to lose 2lbs. I know what it is...it is ME! I am my own worst enemy. I was not a very good Shredder this week 4. I did a lot of extra snacking. Frankly I am surprised I wasn't up a lot more! But I see where my faults are and I know what I have to do to fix it! I must move onto week 5 with my head up and keep focus! I NEED TO PRACTICE SELF DISCIPLINE. So I have tightened up today. I created a new spreadsheet that will better help me plan the weeks worth of food. I printed my shopping list from Shedders website for week 5. I am preparing for a shopping trip tomorrow and I AM NOT including those dreaded 100 cal snacks. I made my to do list for August and this time including my goals set so far so I can have it right in front of me and I can check it off as I go! I am 9lbs away from my bday goal which is in 2 weeks. I see a lot of people losing quite a bit of weight these next weeks so hopefully if I commit as they do I will see better results and get as close to my goal as possible!

My goals for this week are:
Loss of 2# (need to actually lose 4.5 this week and next)
30+m of VIGOROUS Cardio
ST 6 days (MWF: Core, TTHF: Upper/lower body
Follow my Shred week 5 menu/fitness plan
FM goal for the week: 250+ minutes
GMAT Materials 3 days min
30+min of cleaning daily

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MUSCLE-UP 8/6/2013 4:24AM

    I think this will get you near or right at what you want to weigh on your birthday. I forgot, you are an accountant, you can figure these things out.

I think it,s going to be close. Only pronlem is if the 100 calorie boxes know to sneak
in. Otherwise this is solid gold.

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ADRIENALINE 8/1/2013 6:11PM

    Great goals. I know you can do it except even if you can eat and exercise perfectly 4.5 lbs is a huge order. Moderation is the key! Listen to Jonnie. She knows!

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KISAKATT 8/1/2013 2:01PM

    Good luck with your goals this week! It is nice to recognize and hold yourself accountable for your slip ups, like snacking. I try to keep gum on hand for when I want something sweet or I'm just bored. You got this!! I see that your "goal" is 2 pounds, but you really want to lose 4.5, make sure that even if you "only" make your two pound goal, you celebrate with some positive self talk! 4.5 is kind of a big number for one week, but I'm positive that you will make progress and that's what counts!!

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JUSTME29 8/1/2013 10:47AM

    I've been having a tough time with not snacking too. Those are nicely laid out goals.

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JAZZEJR 8/1/2013 9:51AM

    Hey Girl, triple up on your veggies (substituting for some meat & carbs) and you'll drop those 4 lbs! I make veggie/fruit smoothies for breakfast every morning and a chopped salad for lunch. Yesterday I had fish and broccoli for dinner. The key is consistency until you get down to your goal!

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FLORIDASUN 8/1/2013 8:08AM

    Fantastic goals! I have a 7 p.m. cut off...no food after! Unless it's the Friday/Saturday night group..and we don't even meet til around 6:30 p.m. then have appetizers and THEN go out to eat. Not good...not good at all...but it is only one day a week...so I cut myself a break in the name of being social! emoticon

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JULIEANNCAN 8/1/2013 12:41AM

    You have some great goals and sound really organized and motivated! emoticon

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2BEABETTERME 7/31/2013 10:02PM

    There are so many better choices for snacking than those prepackaged ones ( I do keep thin addictives cranberry almond snacks from Costco on hand for when I am on the go).

You are dedicated and on track. Keep up the great work!
emoticon emoticon

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PCOH051610 7/31/2013 8:18PM

    I admire how dedicated you are! A spreadsheet sounds like a step in the right direction.

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 7/31/2013 6:39PM

    Great job on recognizing your downfalls and working on them. I love your plan for the next week. Good luck!

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EJOY-EVELYN 7/31/2013 5:41PM

    I, too, was caught by some snacking (late night is the worst)! I'm hoping I can concentrate on other activities, brush my teeth, get to bed a little earlier, and avoid that late night snack. Fortunately, the house is nearing snack free, so now I must forego the junk food aisle at the grocery store.

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NEW-CAZ 7/31/2013 5:32PM

    emoticon goals emoticon emoticon

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