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Instant gratification

Monday, July 27, 2009

I had the idea for this blog a while ago; I didn't know I'd be falling so hard for it myself in the meantime!

I think many of Americans' problems, and not just with weight, lies with instant gratification. It's not the only cause, of course, but it's a big one. We want it & we want it now -- and we feel entitled to it. Or we feel better & we know food will make the pain go away NOW. Why wait when you can have it now? Or should that be why worry about your weight when you can have it now?

These little dog meetups are going to kill me. It's a potluck, of sorts, but I don't eat anything while I'm there. The problem is when they don't eat up what I bring (and I'm not used to that), and then I end up eating it up myself!

Last time my cookies didn't disappear, and so I decided I wouldn't bring cookies this time. I made a sort of nainaimo bar -- similar, anyway -- only with a peanut butter cream cheese mix in the middle. It's a recipe I've been wanting to try out for a while, and I figured this was a good way to try & it out not have much of it myself. Chocolate & peanut butter is my absolute favorite taste combination.

The day started out well yesterday. I had oatmeal for breakfast, and I had a nice salad for lunch -- making sure to eat before I went to the meetup, even tho that meant an early lunch. But there were definitely too many BLTs after the meetup, and there's just been too many BLTs altogether this week. I could blame TOM, but no one puts food in my mouth except me; therefore there's no one to blame except myself.

It wasn't emotional eating, except I suppose the instant gratification part. I wasn't angry or sad or lonely or tired. This is not going to help me lose the weight I gained, tho, and I want to lose it. Today is the perennial new day. I will have to throw the rest of it out, since my husband leaves on a business trip today & can't take it into work. A waste, but better in the wastebasket than around my waist. I'll do it when I go back upstairs. Now that I've written that, I've got to do it, right?

The pleasure of a moment does NOT translate into happiness -- the opposite, in fact. Just as there is not instant weight loss, there is no instant gratification, either, because everything comes with a price. And the price of being heavy is one I no longer wish to pay.

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STARTSPARKING 7/28/2009 2:26AM

    "The pleasure of a moment does NOT translate into happiness..." Words to live by! Yes, we are definitely a nation of instant gratification. That is one of the reasons for our obesity issue. It also explains why so many Americans can't resist whipping out their credit cards to spend on purchases they can't afford.

Thanks for another insightful blog entry.

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 7/27/2009 8:09PM

    Good blog. That instant gratification that I get when I eat a treat, that I know I can't afford (but eat it anyway) is extremely short-lived. Its price takes a while to get over - with added weight (physical and emotional). I've decided that it's not worth the price either. Good for you JLITT62! Good for you!

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LEONALIONESS 7/27/2009 10:58AM

    I know you like veggie foods. Have you considered switching the bacon in your BLTs for Lightlife Smart Bacon? It's much much much lower cal/fat and could be a way to not feel deprived of a food you like while making a healthier choice.

Veggie BL(hold the T) with some non-fat Nayonaise is one of my favorite things. Add some Tofurky and you've got a wicked club that's low fat, high fiber, high protein, no cholesterol. NOM.

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JLITT62 7/27/2009 9:12AM

    Just thought I'd add in case you don't see my feed . . . while I had a tiny bit of the bars this morning before I blogged, after I blogged, I threw the rest out.

Sure, I do hate the waste -- but I know it was the best thing for me. And blogging about it worked! Otherwise I know I would've eaten more of them.

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KEAKMAN 7/27/2009 8:22AM

    First of all...how DARE they not indulge in your tasty goodies?! I am glad that you don't live nearby, or all of your baking would have me putting on the pounds instead of taking them off.

I know how hard it is to throw away food, what a waste of time, money, and energy it seems to be. But you did the right thing if you know they would have tempted you beyond control. I am really proud of you for making that move!

Intant gratification is probably our nation's #1 failing. It has gotten us as individuals, and as a nation, into most of our problems. We want it, and we don't want to work for it. Or wait for it. Or earn it.

Thanks for the early morning lesson!

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SEKSUNSHINE 7/27/2009 7:40AM

    There is a lot of instant gratification, that is not gratifying. Good for you, I don't like to waste food either, but you are right better the " waste", than the "waist"!

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FITKAT2010 7/27/2009 7:16AM

    I take it then, that you ate your peanut butter chocolate bars yesterday?

Please blog about how you did today.


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NO_SNOW_BODY 7/27/2009 5:48AM

    Yes, instant gratification is taking over everything , not just food. We have turned into the fast food country and it is our downfall healthwise. We need to re teach ourselves and continue to teach the younger generations to come

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A fresh meal

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday I dragged DH to a new farmer's market. I pointed out to him that farmer's markets here are only open til the end of October, unlike in Austin, where they're open year round (I'll miss that!). Altho apparently this particular one has an indoor one throughout the winter months.

Unfortunately, they didn't allow dogs, so he had to walk the dogs around while I shopped. Pity, huh?

Last night's meal came directly from the farmer's market: grilled steak, grilled corn on the cob, and sauteed Swiss Chard. Yum! Our first grilled corn of the season. I believe in trying to eat local as much as possible, so I wouldn't get corn until I could get local corn here -- which is an edge over Austin, where apparently there were no corn growers, because sadly there was never fresh corn at the farmer's market.

This is part of why the people in Europe stay slim -- they walk everywhere, and on their way home from work, they stop at the market and pick up fresh ingredients for dinner. The fresher food can be eaten, the more nutrients it has (which is also why I buy corn the day I'll be cooking it).

It's too bad they don't allow dogs, because it happens to be a really nice farmer's market; nicer than the one we've been going to -- which does allow dogs, though, and is closer to home. I used to regularly take the dogs to the farmer's market in Austin, then take them for a nice long walk afterwards. They love farmer's markets -- you never know what you might be able to pick up off the ground!

Speaking of the dogs, I have to share this story. Yesterday was one of those days where it seems DH and I were just at each other's throats all day (he is leaving on a short business trip tomorrow; maybe that's part of it).

Anyway, he cut the lawn, something he's been putting off doing. Granted, it's been raining a lot, but he's had more than one opportunity to do it lately. He wants me to take over the lawn cutting, and that just isn't going to happen. It's great exercise -- and he doesn't get much. He also had 7 years when we first got married with no lawn cutting because we lived in a condo -- while I worked full time with lots of overtime, and did all the household chores, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. -- he got away with murder then!

Anyway, back to the story. So, I was making something to bring to our little dog meetup today, and then I got on the treadmill to run. I knew I wouldn't finish before he came in, so I wore the headphones so he wouldn't have to listen to "Mamma Mia" blaring. He comes in and promptly changes the channel. I was not happy -- and it escalated to some yelling on both sides. I think Chester was coming to me either for my protection or to protect me, but he tried to get on the treadmill while it was going 4 mph and just slid off the end and then was scrambling to get on.

I was actually scared he was going to hurt himself, and didn't really quite know if I should stop it, but it did stop on its own eventually. In retrospect, it was pretty funny -- sort of looked like a road runner's cartoon. He's never, ever done that before.

They may need to learn to walk on the treadmill this winter (it can be done!), but not at 4 mph!

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KEAKMAN 7/26/2009 10:10AM

    Your dinner sounds great and I am glad that you have found another farmer's market that you like.

Isn't it interestng that things we find scary or upsetting at the time are funny after they are over? I hope Chester does learn how to run on the treadmill with you! That would make for a great picture!

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Don't supersize me!

Friday, July 24, 2009

There is an internal war going on in our house. DH always wants to go somewhere or order from somewhere that has a deal; I want to eat healthy. He's all about the money; I'm all about the quality and portion size.

Take the other night, for instance. We ordered pizza. Yes, I do eat pizza on a fairly regular basis. But he always wants the large pizza -- because that's what the coupons are for. One of the things I really like up here is that you can order personal size (or small) pizzas from almost all the pizza places, and that's what I want -- instant portion size control.

The personal size pizza cost $6 at this particular place, and it's enough for 2 meals for me. The large pizza cost my husband $13, and it should be enough for 4 meals for him -- so the costs aren't really any different, but the cost to his waistline is astronomical (especially since I can't convince him to get anything other than pepperoni). A slice of large pizza is at least 3 times the size of a slice of the personal size pizza.

My bottom line: what is the cost to you down the road? Yes, it would have been cheaper to share a pizza -- I could have had half without pepperoni -- but the cost to my waistline isn't worth it. Yes, I could have had only 1 slice, and I probably would have been okay, but chances are I wouldn't have been satisfied with 1 slice.

Because sometimes satisfaction comes from perceived portion size -- with the personal pizza, I ate 3 slices. That probably came out to just a bit more than 1 slice of the large, but it seems like more.

My health is worth it to me.

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LEANVIXEN 7/24/2009 10:46AM

    I agree with you. I'm not a big pizza eater, but I've noticed that all of the deals are for something like a $5 large pizza. I live alone and frankly I don't want to have a whole bunch of pizza lying around. I see it as more of a waste to spend the money on a whole pizza when I'm only going to have one slice. Especially if my health would be better if I had a $6 salad that was only one meal! Stick to your guns. Maybe when DH sees how lean you're getting he'll change his tune and focus more on his waistline!

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EOSTAR_45 7/24/2009 9:43AM

    I hear you. Its like save money now and then struggle to lose the extra pounds. In the end, it's not worth it. Good for you for sticking with the personal size

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KEAKMAN 7/24/2009 8:40AM

    We have settled on a similar solution: he gets what he wants, I get what I want. I am happy to cut coupons for him and go where he likes, but I order what is best for me. Like you, to me one slice of a large pizza looks like so much less than 3 slices of a personal sized pizza. Same with other foods. I have learned which restaurants put "senior" and half-sized portions on smaller plates so that it looks like a I have a plate full of food, not this lonely little bit all alone on a sea of china!

And as we have already discussed, there is nothing I can do about my DH's portion sizes and food choices. SOMEtimes I suggest we order a meal and split it and he actually agrees, but not often. If I point out the cost savings that is usually the kicker for him....$12-15 for the two of us instead of double that (although like you I have learned to ask for a to-go box immediately, and I put half in the box before I start to eat so there is no question of how much I will eat - so my meal turns into two for me).

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    I don't order pizza delivery because I'm caught between the "only should eat this much" and the "but look how much more I can get for a dollar". You're doing well to be able to limit yourself - there are some temptations I just can't handle yet! emoticon

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A weight update

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I stayed the same at my WI today. Oh, there are all sorts of excuses, as there always are: maybe that pizza last night wasn't such a great idea; TOM should arrive next week, and I'm sure feeling the cramps with the impending arrival; and I forgot to take my pedometer out of my pocket (so in reality, I must've had a small loss.

What I'm really at a loss for is why I gained the weight. I didn't do anything different that particular week, no massive pigout, plenty of exercise, etc. etc. In fact, I'd venture to say I ate more this week, and I didn't gain an ounce.

When I blogged about doubt, there's always that niggling fear in the back of your mind that you really haven't made good choices, and that it will catch up with you one day -- I know without a doubt that isn't true. I still can't explain it, and considering just how long it takes me to lose 3 lbs, it's incredibly frustrating. Altho I wouldn't be surprised if there's a sizable weight loss after TOM has left, but I'd also be surprised if it's 3 lbs.

I went shopping this afternoon. Shopping is such a pleasure now. I've always loved to shop, but it's so frustrating when nothing fits. That is definitely no longer the case. In fact, I can see vanity sizing everywhere, because I'm often wearing a small and sometimes an XS on top, and I know I am not truly an XS. But whatever; it feels good.

I even got a pair of shorts, which was one of the main aims of this shopping foray. They aren't perfect -- shorts are incredibly hard for me to find, no matter how much I weigh. The waist is too big, the legs (they're those kneed length shorts, but not a wide leg) are a bit tight, but for $25, they'll work for this summer. It's been so cool & rainy, I've barely needed shorts. In fact, one of my husband's coworkers, who got transferred here from Oregon, joked that it's been rainier here than it was in Oregon! (Yes, that's for you Kate). But it has been very rainy -- we've got mushrooms growing in with the grass.

The rest were mostly just simple tshirt basics, but the colors were really nice & I know these all last a while. I still spent more than I had planned to. So now I need to stay away from the mall for a few months! Altho this was only the second time I've been there, and the first time was last weekend to go to the movies (didn't have time afterwards to shop).

The only thing I added back in last week was the kettlebells, and they are a heavier weight than I've been lifting since I moved here. But even if I am building muscle, my clothes aren't fitting looser.

The body is truly a mystery at times. About the only change I've decided to make is to only have one rest day a week, instead of two. I don't really think that will make a difference, but I'm going to try it. I will mind my BLTs again this week -- did really well with that last week, not so good the previous week -- and I will continue to believe I will get to my goal.

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HEALTHY4JEANNE 7/24/2009 8:19AM

    I retain weight in rainy weather and the week before my TOM.
If it is the little indulgences and BLT's, well only you know if that is what is doing it.
I started BFL 2 and a half weeks ago and journaling faithfully has made a huge difference for me. I am being accountable and the scale is moving.

Have a great day!

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KEAKMAN 7/23/2009 8:02PM

    Hang in there - keep steady, little tweaks, and be patient. Like you said, our bodies are a mystery. Sometimes all we can do is appreciate the fact that they work!

(sounds like some serious rain you've got going...meanwhile we have 90+ degrees!)

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More to love

Thursday, July 23, 2009

That, apparently, is the title of a new reality tv show. It claims that the average American woman is a size 14/16 now, and basically, it's the bachelor with plus sized woman.

I am not sure how I feel about this. While it is nice to have "real" woman on tv, I can't help but think it's an exploitation. But then, I don't watch reality tv unless it involves singing or dancing or I suppose cooking (are cooking shows the original reality tv?), and I think it's pretty much all exploitation. I don't really understand people's fascination with it.

I am all for loving yourself at any size, altho it's a trick I've never really mastered myself. My biggest problem with being heavy is that it just isn't healthy. No matter how fit and fat you are, you just don't have as much energy when you're heavy as you do when you're thinner.

So what do you think: good idea? bad idea? want to get on the show?

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KEAKMAN 7/23/2009 11:51AM

    Considering the vanity sizing of America, those 14/16 women are really what - 16/18? 18/20? (I know, I am still one of them) I'm not a fan, I think most reality shows are silly - so I think it's just another bad idea. I don't think it will tell people it's ok to be overweight. I do think it will open these women to some ridicule. But I may be wrong. And I may just be in a cranky mood today! (dratted car!)

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FITKAT2010 7/23/2009 8:04AM

    At a size 8 now, I wouldn't qualify.

I don't watch TV.

Do I think it is a good idea? I think also it is giving the ok to accept a condition that is unhealthy for the most part.

If you are a 14/16 and are athletic and healthy that is one thing. If you are huffing and puffing getting out of the chair, like I use to be at 2X, then getting active on SparkPeople will help.

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