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Different strokes for different folks

Friday, May 01, 2009

My husband & I have very different views on unpacking. I try to choose boxes with items I think I need -- you never really quite know what is in a box, despite what it's marked, however. My husband just wants to plow through it all & get it over with.

The problem with his method, to my mind, is then I end up with a whole lot of things I don't really need yet that I have to find homes for, even if they're temporary homes. The problem with my method, to his mind, I'm sure, is that it's slower.

It's amazing that they can pack up your entire household in a couple of days, and it can take you weeks, if not months, to unpack it. Of course, sometimes you're trying to fit a round object into a square hole or visa versa, so to speak.

So basically he's totally annoying me. And he's obssessing about setting up the tv, when I wish he'd pay a bit more attention to the dogs (there's already been one accident).

What has any of this to do with weight loss? Some people just want the weight gone, and they don't really care how they go about it. Others, like me, are more willing to take the slow and steady route. Different paths do work for different people, and we do have to realize that what works for me might not work for you.

And in the mean time, where was my bottle of patience?

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MTER67 5/2/2009 3:35AM

    Interesting parallel! Did you label any of the boxes "Unpack First" and pack it with all your essentials while you were still in TX? I am a little bit like you and a little bit like your husband. I start out trying to be organized and methodical and then eventually just start tearing open boxes and hurling paper everywhere! When you do a military move, the packer are required to "unpack" anything I ask of them. I usually have them unpack my kitchen...that way I don't have to deal with unwrapping each and every cup on my own!

Good luck with the unpacking AND the husband! There is nothing more stressful than setting up house!

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KEAKMAN 5/1/2009 11:07PM

    You are so right - we all have our "way" of losing weight and getting healthy. What works for you might work wonders for me, too, or it might get me nowhere. The key is to recognize when it isn't working and switch gears.

I guess I would put my hubby in charge of some room or rooms that I didn't care about, let him unpack his way, and do the ones I care about my way. Good luck finding a happy medium!

Oh, and your bottle of patience?? I think it's in one of those improperly marked boxes....

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 5/1/2009 8:10PM

    Oh I hope you can find a common unpacking method between the two of you soon - been there too - it can be frustrating. For the first few days we would unpack the necessities - set them up - kitchen, bed, bathroom, clothes and yes the TV. Then we would unpack room by room - usually by plowing through the boxes we had in them (they were labeled by room). When it's all done and the boxes are gone, everyone feels so much better.

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Phase 2 complete

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a quick entry; more later.

The dogs were real troopers on the plane. Everyone -- and everything -- is now in their new home. Of course, there is nowhere to cook or eat, just mountains of boxes everywhere you look.

My biggest problem right now is the kitchen. My old kitchen was literally about 3 times the size of this kitchen, and it was full. Obviously, everything ain't going in the kitchen here. But right now just trying to plow through the boxes is a challenge because there's really just nowhere to put everything. We'll figure it out, but I really do wish I could wave a magic wand and have everything in its place.

It's gonna take weeks, and I am totally exhausted. It was a grueling week of too little sleep and often not enough food. And I still need to get some food in the house.

We went out for sushi last night. Sushi 3 times in one week -- now that's what I call eating. We tried a place that is literally within walking distance from our home -- it's like a dream come true (only with 2 houses, now we can't afford sushi so often!), and it was pretty good. There's also a chocolate dipped fruit place in that little strip mall, and a bagel place. Bruegger's, so nothing really special, but maybe I'll be able to convince my husband to walk there on Sundays sometimes when the weather is nice.

And boy, we sure lucked out with the weather. It's been beautiful. The one hot day was when we were flying with the dogs. It didn't rain on our stuff.

The neighborhood seems very nice. Very quiet. Our next door neighbor is an animal lover like me, and she seems very nice. It's very walkable with the dogs, unlike some of the neighborhoods we looked at. Unfortunately our house happens to back up to a Chrysler dealer, but it's mostly screened out by fence and trees. The yard isn't fenced in yet, not completely, and that is a pain. I definitely hope we can tackle that soon!

Gotta get some lunch going. Gotta find out when I'll be able to get to a WW meeting . . .

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 4/30/2009 8:00PM

    It must be nice having everyone and everything in one place! Glad to read you are exploring the neighborhood already and have already met the neighbor. Sounds like there is a lot to do within walking distance.

Take a breather when you need to - you've had an exhausting last couple of months....chip away until you get the energy to tackle it full-force. Have a rest and a few naps to catch up. Enjoy your new home.

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KEAKMAN 4/30/2009 4:30PM

    Glad the dogs survived and you are starting to settle in. Now you have two choices.....go buy groceries and then tackle the kitchen like a crazy woman until it's done, or set yourself a number of boxes to tackle each day until you get it done. Of course that means more eating out, which might not be so great.

One day at a time....it will all be together soon!

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The cats are so NOT into flying

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It has been a long, long few days -- with more to come! -- but we all arrived at our new home yesterday. Despite being drugged, Simba started meowing pretty much the moment we got in the car & didn't stop until we arrived home almost 12 hours later. He also came awfully close to clawing his way out of his carrier. Oddly enough, if I could have taken him out of the carrier, he probably would have been quieter. He did manage to hurt his eye in all his contortions, but I think it just needs a little time. I did feel sorry for the other people on the plane, but luckily we happened to be surrounded by quite a few cat lovers.

Gizmo, the skittish cat I thought would freak out, was pretty much a little angel. You'd barely know there was a cat in there. He was drugged as well, but I think he was just so terrified he just nested right into his carrier.

We also had to carry them a long, long way thru JFK to get to the rental cars -- Giz rode on one of those carts (we never used those, but this was one time I was glad they were available. I carried Simba, yowling all the way. My arms are sore today! He's a 13 lb cat.

The drive from JFK home was very long. I let Simba out of his carrier, and used the seatbelt leash we have for the dogs -- he was already wearing a harness (you have to take them out at security and walk them thru the metal detector), and he was quieter during the ride (but still let us know about it).

Simba has pretty much made himself to home already -- since my husband was already here, I was able to mail up quite a bit of stuff, and I did mail up one of their favorite beds & a mat, and he's been camping out in the new bay window. He's also been jumping down thru the railing almost 6 ft from the top to the bottom floor . . .

Giz is doing well, altho he runs under the bed sometimes. We have a platform bed, so he's never had the chance to get under a bed before. He likes to hang out on the stairs (another novelty), and curl up with me on the bed when I'm there (we rented a bed til our stuff gets here).

I logged a lot of miles this week -- pretty amazing considering my only exercise was my morning walks. I was still racking up 12,000 - 15,000 steps a day until today. I took an exercise break today. I might go out for a walk tomorrow before we leave for round 2 (got to go get the dogs).

I met one of our neighbors this afternoon while she was out with her massive dog -- quite literally, it's an English Mastiff. Which will seem pretty comical with our little chihuahuas. She seems very nice.

Quite literally our entire house is now on a truck -- even our cars! That was a first for us; they filled up the entire truck withjust our stuff, which included the cars, which they drive right in. We're still discussing where things should go here.

I did really well with healthy eating right up until we left. Actually, yesterday we just didn't get a chance to eat much. I had breakfast at the hotel -- a banana and toast with peanut butter -- then a protein bar for lunch, and another for an extremely late dinner and that was it. I was more exhausted than hungry.

The next few days will be more challenging, since I wont have a lot of time to be cooking as I'm unpacking. I feel as if I lost another couple of pounds this week, but those could go back on quickly if I'm not careful, and exercise is probably going to be somewhat sporadic for a while, too. I'll keep on trying my best, as usual.

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KEAKMAN 4/27/2009 2:19PM

    Hooray! You all made it to your new home and are settling in!

I am sure it was just as hard on you as it was on the cats to make that plane ride, but you all survived and now get to explore your new world. Hope you find fun things to love (although I'm not sure crawling under the bed will give you the same rush!)

Enjoy the settling in process, and don't forget to start eating.

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STARTSPARKING 4/27/2009 6:21AM

    I'm so glad you and all your pets have arrived at your new home. Good to hear that your neighbor seems nice. Hopefully soon you will get better acquainted with her and other neighbors. I hope things will start settling down and become less chaotic soon.

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TRECECOOKS 4/26/2009 8:02PM

    So glad that you are here!! I look forward to getting to know you better!!

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 4/26/2009 6:34PM

    Glad to hear you made it! Phew, the cats had an experience, eh? Glad to hear they are ok. Yeah!

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MTER67 4/26/2009 6:09PM

    Yay! You made it! I am very excited for you. I think I am extra excited because I am getting to that point myself where I just want to be "done with it." I want to be in my new place already with all the chaos and upheaval behind me. Unfortunately, I still have all that ahead of me!

I remember flying with our dog one time. She is small enough to go under the seat and we watched her little sharp teeth working on the zipper from the inside. It was pretty hilarious actually--the little white choppers were all you could see as they slowly worked on getting the zipper open. She would have escaped and terrorized economy if we hadn't kept watching! My husband is going to fly with her at the end of May and drop her off with my brother in FL. That way she won't have to fly during the hottest part of the summer (late July is when we are going, I think) and we can take our time and visit different places on our way back to the states.

Hope the rest of your "settling in" goes well. Glad the pets are enjoying all the new play spaces!

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Life was simpler before computers

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I could've written a blog earlier, if our computers hadn't slowed to a crawl. We actually had long periods of downtime today in between bursts of activity (they started packing us up today).

I started my day off with intervals on my treadmill, and sure enough, since my treadmill is now loaded up with boxes, that will be my last use of it in this home. That was it for my concentrated exercise today -- just 30 minutes of jogging & walking at about 15 minute miles overall. Yet I still racked up over 11,000 steps today.

I have spent the last year trying mightily to declutter my home. I have donated bag after bag of clothes and books. It seems I have still failed. And we still just own way too much stuff. Way more than we had when we moved down here. Granted, in those days we only had 2 cats (who had no beds, few toys, and no scratching posts -- hardly the cat utopia my cats enjoy today), I hadn't had a business and we only owned one computer, I hadn't started to paint. Now my home is just overflowing with books, with computers & computer paraphenalia, and so on. I'm not sure I'll ever dig myself out.

Simba spent about 5 hours meowing non-stop except when I went in there on the packers' breaks to spend some time with them. He finally did quiet down in the afternoon. Tomorrow I may try sedating them again, since the half dose we tried on Monday didn't even touch him. And maybe they'll be quieter. If we don't lose them amongst the boxes first. They can now explore all those closets they were never allowed into before.

The dogs are at the place we normally board them -- summer camp, as we call it, so they're having a grand ole time. Blissfully unaware that their day is coming, too.

Yet computers have also made this move easier. They've allowed me to find a got pet sitter, a new place to board the dogs, several groups that look interesting to join, and more.

Do I have a point? Not really. Was up way too late (for me) last night, but should get to bed at a decent hour tonight. They pack up the computers tomorrow . . . we'll be moving into a hotel for a couple of nights -- but leaving the cats at home -- should be interesting.

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TRECECOOKS 4/23/2009 7:18PM

    I am looking forward to your arrival!! I know that moving is heinous, but it will be worth it, and you'll have us to help you unpack!! What is your arrival date, by the way??

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EOSTAR_45 4/23/2009 11:53AM

    Hope you got a good night's rest. And good luck with the move. You have done a really good job keeping up with exercise and healthy eating even in this busy and hectic time of packing and packing and packing :-) Keep it up!

Looking forward to pics of the new place once you get settled in.

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MTER67 4/22/2009 11:03PM

    I dunno, sounds like your "clutter" is really just evidence of a busy, full life. You have grown a lot in the years since you moved in and your "collections" have swelled to accommodate that growth.

Sounds like you are still sane and coping well. I can't think of anything more stressful than watching your life get wrapped in paper and packed in boxes. Throw pets into the mix (or kids) and it's maddening. But you sound like you are on top of things and--dare I say it--almost upbeat?

Hope the next couple days go smoothly for you (and all the cats and dogs, too!)

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KEAKMAN 4/22/2009 9:24PM

    It sounds like you (and the cats) are handling the stresses of all the changes pretty well. Naturally they (and you) will be upset, but everyone is still speaking to each other, so that is a good thing. I wonder if they'll have a giant cat party on the nights you spend in a hotel and leave them home alone......

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 4/22/2009 9:19PM

    I got tired just reading your blog - hope you sleep well tonight after your fun day today. And, you didn't fail at uncluttering, just think of what it could have been like if you hadn't uncluttered as you did. Sleep well!

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Sometimes you do have to say no

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I had a frittata for breakfast this morning; I had the same thing yesterday. If you don't know what a frittata is, basically it's an unfolded omelette that you finish off cooking in the oven. So I get my protein and some veggies first thing in the morning.

I confess, tho: it's not what I wanted, either day. In fact, I have one last waffle to eat -- I'm gonna have that tomorrow. And after that, I'll probably indulge in some sweet breakfasts, but in a controlled manner. I bought a couple of scones at the farmer's market a couple of weeks ago and froze them. The British might roll over in their beds, but I put some peanut butter on my scones (even better -- these are chocolate scones); I find the protein takes the edge off the sugar crash.

I had my frittatas, tho, because I know I needed a healthy breakfast to power me through these busy days, and to stave off sugar cravings.

And did you see today's DailySpark? It's about whether or not you should have a cheat day. Most people say they don't, and I'm with them -- cheat days imply that you're on a diet. If it works for you, great; we all have to find what works for us.

Altho one responder seemed way to restrictive -- a slice of pizza every other month, or a bowl of ice cream every other week? That wouldn't work for me. I have pizza pretty much weekly. I usually make it myself these days, so I have control over it. Before that, I was using a healthy frozen pizza. It will be interesting after the move, tho, because there's a large Italian population in Albany, and there are plenty of good Italian places. I will be trying them out, but I'm also going to have to reign in my husband. Good thing I like pizza better than he does!

Yesterday was hard. I was tired and had way too much to do, and it didn't all get done. I'm sure today will be a repeat. I was soooo hungry at the end of the day. Was it real hunger? I think it was, although I certainly have a whole soup of emotions swirling through me right now. I only ate one extra thing that I hadn't planned: a Kashi granola bar, so no biggie there; it's just that it was already a pretty full eating day.

Anyway, there are times to indulge, and times when you just have to be strong.

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KEAKMAN 4/21/2009 9:11AM

    Very smart to think about all that your day holds, and then "breakfast" accordingly. And peanut butter on a chocolate scone sounds wonderful! If you are being very busy/active with the move, you probably can "get away" with eating a bit more...more exercise = more calories burned. But just a little more.

How are your critters handling all this uproar and change in the house? Hope you all are finding time to be quiet and relax.

(oh, and I lived in Philly for a few years - talk about great Italian food places on every corner! enjoy the pizza!)

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 4/21/2009 8:05AM

    I agree, a cheat day would imply being on a diet. It's all about moderation. Mind you I have days when I don't feel like tracking anything but always pay for them in the end.....

Hope your day today is better than yesterday. When is the big day, it must be getting awfully close?

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