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Why is everything good fattening?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Gotcha again!

I was sitting down eating my dinner of duck (DH brought it for me months ago; it's been in the freezer all that time), roasted brussel sprouts, and sauteed kale. I love roasted veggies. Really, they're almost as good as something sweet. Just simple roasted brussel sprouts or asparagus -- maybe I'm weird, but I've always loved my veggies.

I had an aha! moment though: it's so much easier to grab a piece of chocolate or a bag of chips than to roast up some veggies. Or to butter up a roll. So much of the food that's so bad for us, when it isn't eaten in moderation, is fast food. Not fast food from Mickey D's, but food that we don't have to work to prepare.

I really do love my veggies, and dinner was totally satisfying, but there are times when I don't want to go to the trouble of making them. I've thrown away more slimy greens than I care to admit.

The funny thing is that if you lose weight, you lose some cravings, too. There's even some science behind it -- fat really can make you fat, because it carries some of the hormones that make you hungry. So the heavier you are, the hungrier you are. Which doesn't mean you'll never have a craving again, but you will have less cravings as you get smaller.

Everything good isn't fattening, although the opposite is true: too much of even the good stuff will make you fat, too.

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KUNGFOOD 2/10/2009 7:50AM

    Great post. I'm looking forward to reading your recipes.
emoticon emoticon
I'm eating my way to thin!

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 2/9/2009 10:04PM

    that is food for thought.....however if one cannot connect the brain with the hunger signal, it's hard to tell if one is full or not.....makes it tough; no matter what you eat. Can you tell that my brain and stomach does not communicate until it's too late? I'm a lot smaller now but I still have to rely on portion control - I just can't read the signals. I've always been that way ......someday hopefully I will learn.

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Be careful with rewards

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Today I took the dogs for a long walk at the hike & bike trail -- they were into it, and we walked about 2 hours -- only a bit less than 4 miles, though, we don't walk fast & there's lots of stopping. Still, we did register 90 minutes of aerobic steps on my pedometer, and that' s pretty good.

I wasn't really quite planning that long a walk, but it was cool & cloudy & the conditions were just right. By the time we were done, though, it was way past lunchtime already. Even though I have food at home, fast food was really the only option. I haven't done fast food in I don't know how long. A year maybe? Frozen pizzas (Amy's) tend to be my indulgence.

If you're like me, when you've had a really good workout (although I'm not sure this one really qualified -- still, I had 13,000 steps by noon), you begin to think about treating yourself. With food.

My plan was to have a salad. But as I was driving home, thoughts of Taco Bell began dancing through my head. McDonalds & Taco Bell are right next to each other. Or maybe Taco Cabana -- a step up from Taco Bell. It's been ages since I've had Mexican, and I probably won't be getting a lot of Mexican up in Albany.

I stuck to my guns, though. I ordered a salad. McDonalds really does make a great salad. Only I ordered a Ranch salad, which has cheese and bacon. I don't know why; I guess it had been so long since I'd been there I'd kind of forgotten what they have. Normally I get a Caesar salad. Always with grilled chicken. The Ranch salad wasn't that much worse than the Caesar salad pointwise -- just a difference of 1 point.

I like salads but I so rarely make them. It takes effort! Although now that it's warming up (here, it'll still be cool in Albany when I move), I'll probably move away from soups and into salads. I practically lived on my spinach, strawberry, and goat cheese salad last year. Yummy.

I'm also hoping that they have some good strawberries at the store this week . . . I'm thinking chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine's.

Ok, so you probably don't want to read anymore about food. The really roundabout point of this blog is that we shouldn't use food as a reward. If we've had a good workout, we should refuel with good food and not junk.

It's funny, I really do feel better when I'm eating well. So why can it be so hard to do sometimes?

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STARTSPARKING 2/9/2009 10:19PM

    After being on SP for a year and a half... after ALL these years of trying to get my weight under control.. food is STILL my vice. It's my ONLY vice, but it is definitely a doozie. So much of my life revolves around food. It's how my family celebrates. It's how my loved ones express their love and appreciation. It's how I spend my quiet moments at the end of the day.

Like you said, I really do feel better when I'm eating well. Yet it is so hard because food is so much of my life. I AM a work in progress... and always will be.

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MTER67 2/8/2009 4:34PM

    Mmmmm...spinach salad. Mmmmm...chocolate-dipped strawberries. You are always making me hungry! Not to mention making me realize that I must be an awful cook because *I've* never once made a spinach salad with strawberries and goat cheese!

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 2/8/2009 2:47PM

    Yeah, that's funny, eh? Rewarding ourselves with food - we work so hard to get and keep the pounds off but we still go back to the old rewards? It's only natural. Mind you, when I started my journey, if I rode the stationary bike for half an hour, I would reward myself with a 1 point chocolate - whatever works, eh? Good post.

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It's not a race!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Not even against ourselves. I have a confession: I only change my ticker when my weight goes down; I don't change it when it goes up -- I know that eventually it will go down again, and it alawys does, so so far it's worked for me.

I can see, though, that I am not on track, at the moment, to make my next goal of 135 lbs by the end of May. Of course, that's still almost 4 months away, so who knows?

I also know that by eating less, or maybe eating differently, I might be able to lose weight faster. But I'm interested in permanent weight loss and a sustainable lifestyle, not quick weight loss.

Don't get me wrong, if I could have both -- in a healthful way -- you better believe I'd be grabbing it and holding on tight!

I haven't lost a whole lot of weight in the last month and a half. But I feel as if I have. And maybe I have -- maybe I've changed the way my body looks. The scale says I've only lost 2 pounds, which really isn't terrible. Yet the same jeans that gave me a mild muffin top just 2 months ago are completely comfortable now.

Here's something even weirder, but in a good way: shopping is just as much trouble now as it was when I was heavier. Because now everything fits! I stopped off at a store today because they were having a fairly decent sale. I really wasn't planning to spend much, if anything. Yet I walked away with 2 velour tops at a real steal, and 2 tshirts that are totally cute (and unfortunately seemed to be the only 2 things in the store not on sale -- how do I do that?). I also put back a couple of tops that didn't cost that much, but I already ended up spending way more than I'd planned to anyway.

But it feels good! It feels even better to look in the mirror and be so pleased with my body.

I'm always reevaluating the way I eat, too. Today I brought a protein bar with me. This one was a new one I hadn't tried before, and a bit more caloric than the ones I normally stick with. When I go shopping after my WI, though, I don't get to eat lunch until very late, and sometimes I get really hungry. I figured that most likely I wouldn't have an afternoon snack because of my late lunch. Only I realized when I got home that I wasn't really all that hungry. That small bar had really filled me up -- something that would never have happened several months ago. It was, in fact, my lunch -- and totally satisfying. So I just had a snack of fruit, yogurt, and granola a few hours later.

I don't really like to have protein bars instread of "real" food, which is why I usually stick to ones with less calories (normally around 200 calories) and have them as a snack. But it's nice to know that on the rare occasion when I don't really have time to eat, I can turn to something smaller & convenient to fill me up -- and although it was expensive for a protein bar, even on sale, it costs way less than a fast food drive through would have cost me.

It's hard not to want to lose that 2 lbs every single week (not that I ever lose 2 lbs in a week -- well, hardly ever). The real question, though, is that if this is a lifestyle, why are we in such a rush? A rush to be "done", as so many say? Because we're never done. This is it; it's our life; and we better enjoy it now.

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STARTSPARKING 2/9/2009 10:00PM

    I have lost much of my motivation and vision around the holidays, so this was definitely a great blog for me to read as a reminder. I've backslid so much, but thank you for reminding me that this is NOT a race.

Congratlations on all that you have accomplished so far, and I have faith that you will continue to succeed.

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MTER67 2/8/2009 3:36AM

    Yay, I am so happy that shopping is becoming a much more positive experience for you (except for the spending part.) I am also glad to see that you are rewarding yourself with new things as you continue to lose the weight. It is not a race, you are right...Even if it was a race, the tortoise always ends up winning!

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 2/6/2009 7:52PM

    Good blog. These days I'm realizing (for me anyway) that losing every week is habitual and addictive..when does one stop?...I'm struggling with that these days - do I need to lose the last 2.8 or am I "done" with that phase of my journey. I'm trying to think that I'm done.

Good post - thanks for making me think - yet again. And BIG thank you for coming to my call for support - as you said I'm trying to relax and I'm still chewing all the feedback I received - but it helped a great deal.

Glad to hear that shopping is fantastic for ya! Way to go!

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JUDITH1654 2/6/2009 7:01PM

    Yep, I wrote something similar on one of my blogs - "I'll lose slow and be fit for life - not just to reach a goal. "
Once we realize that this IS a lifestyle change, we can stop and enjoy along the way.
Good for you for recognizing that and thank you for sharing and reminding us all of that very important fact!
I really enjoy your blogs. Keep up the great insight!

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How thin should you be?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On the Today show today they had a segment on twins -- how one can look older than the other. One of the points is that the heavier twin looked younger.

Which is not to say that you should be fat -- and they did emphasize that -- but that extra fat carries extra estrogen, which helps give the skin more elasticity. And I blogged just the other day about how Susan Weed suggested you'll have an easier menopause transition if you're carrying an extra 10 pounds.

While I think an extra 10 pounds is probably a tad excessive, a few extra pounds might just be what the doctor ordered -- assuming that you don't have health problems, of course.

There's a happy medium somewhere between too thin and too fat. It isn't a number, it's how we look and feel. Yes, I do have a final goal weight in mind -- but I'm far enough away from it that I'm willing to be flexible about it. My ultimate goal weight will be one I can hopefully maintain while still being satisfied with my life.

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    Hmm... A few extra pounds can make someone look younger, huh? Unfortunately, most of the time what we see is obesity making people appear much older than they really are. I agree that there is a happy medium somewhere, and it has to be a goal weight that can be maintained while still being able to enjoy life. Thanks for a great post, my friend.

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 2/4/2009 7:55PM

    Hmmmm, definitely food for thought. I've been trying to get back down to my personal goal weight since after Christmas and having one heck of a time. Yes, I gained 0.8 this week (last week I gained 0.4)....maybe I should rethink that goal weight- if it's giving me this much frustration, perhaps I should just maintain where I am. I'd still be 7 pounds under my WW goal weight. Definitely have to think about that. Thanks.

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MTER67 2/4/2009 4:39PM

    I remember hearing that once years ago (when I was still too young to really care): that women have a choice as they get older. Put on a little weight and their faces will stay fuller and they will appear younger or stay thinner and keep their figures, but their faces will begin to look older and gaunt.

Self Magazine had a thing in a recent issue about finding your "happy weight." It might be a little more than what your ultimate goal is, but it is the weight that your body is happiest maintaining. I feel like I am at my "happy weight" now. I don't desire to lose or gain anything right now, but I do wonder what menopause has in store for me. My mom had a rough go of it and I wonder if it will be the same for me when the time comes.

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Nothing tastes as good as loose jeans

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Just a quickie today. Couldn't really think of anything to say til now.

Ever heard the saying that nothing tastes as good as thin feels? I just modified it a bit.

The jeans I bought a couple of months ago -- some were just a little tight, one was really tight -- are now all comfortable. Except for maybe a couple of minutes after they've just been washed and dried.

It feels so wonderful to know that I can buy tight clothes, and they WILL fit eventually. Unlike all those jeans I just donated that never even got worn.

Because a couple of pairs were a new, more form fitting cut, I worried a bit that they would never be comfortable; that I'm just not "cut out" for tighter fits. But I guess I am, because they're comfortable now.

I didn't get to weigh in last week, but I know I've lost some weight, even if the scale won't show it this week.

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    Congratulations on fitting into jeans that didn't feel comfortable before! Such a great feeling, isn't it? I'm so happy for you! emoticon

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 2/3/2009 7:36PM

    Good for you! It is something special to be wearing jeans again, especially form fitting ones! Yeah you!

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MTER67 2/3/2009 7:08PM

    Yea! Good for you! Comfortable jeans DO taste good...especially since so many pairs ride up in annoying ways and you never realize that until you've paid big money for them and worn them once or twice. Congrats on shrinking to fit YOUR jeans. Before long you will be back out on the hunt for an even smaller size!

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