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Step it up

Monday, December 01, 2008

One of my spark buddies was commenting on my metabolism one day -- and not in a good way! Yes, I don't seem to have the best metabolism in the world. Never have.

But it's been extremely eye-opening since I bought my pedometer. Most days I don't have trouble getting in my 10,000 steps -- and beyond. Unfortunately, that's because I walk the dogs an hour an day most days, and then do anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of exercise DVDs, 5-6 dyas a week.

Seems like an awful lot, doesn't it? Sunday is my "rest" day. I only walk the dogs, and I only walk them once since there is no mail to get. And yesterday I logged a dismal 6700 steps. That tells me that I need all that exercise, because my typical day is rather sedentary. Granted, I was rather tired so I took it easier than usual even for a rest day; I've had other rest days where I've almost made my 10,000 steps.

Today, however, I had my 10,000 steps done by noon. That was walking the dogs, doing a 25 minute exercise DVD, and doing my food shopping in three different stores -- usually I stick to one store, but today I needed to hit three for various items. I still have to do my strength training, and take the dogs to get the mail. Should be a good day!

I love my pedometer, am Omron HJ-112 that I bought on the recommendation of several SP team mates. Although apparently I should have waited, because now it's only $19.99 (I bought it at $24.99). It was a reward, though, so I don't regret getting it when I did.

Today on Cookbook Maven:


A review of Vegan with a Vegeance. I even have a couple of photos of recipes I've made.

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STARTSPARKING 12/5/2008 1:07AM

    I know on a few occasions we have discovered we have quite a few things in common. I am a couple days late, but apparently we both wrote about our pedometers earlier this week. Oh, I was SO happy to finally find my constant companion inside my couch lining!

Besides the steps I accrue during my exercise classes, I am actually very sedentary. I am glad that you have no trouble getting at least 10,000 steps on m0st days. I also love my pedometer, an Omron HJ-720ITC. It also went down in price after I bought it, but I'm worth it. emoticon

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 12/1/2008 7:55PM

    Wow, those are a LOT of steps, even on your rest days - Kudos to you! I don't think I ever got up to 10,000 a day when I was wearing my pedometer but that was over 6 months ago.....wonder what it would read now that I have more energy? Way to go JLitt62!

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Depending on yourself

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Because when all else is said and done, who can you really depend on? Sure you can depend on other people, hopefully, but you are truly the only person you can depend on.

How many people depend on other people for their sense of self-worth? To feel loved? To feel appreciated? To feel successful?

I'm not saying you shouldn't depend on other people; of course you should. But it starts with you. If you don't feel successful, why would someone else see you as successful -- although we are often harder on ourselves than on other people, so others might view us as total successes while we feel like big, fat losers.

Every time we depend on someone else to make us happy or feel appreciated, we are giving that person an awful lot of power. Happiness begins with us. When we're happy, we make the other people around us happier. We are back to the snowball effect.

If we depend on ourselves to make us happy, rather than on other people, then losing other people of course will make us sad, but it won't cause us to lose ourselves.

My husband left this morning for a business trip (gee, could you tell?). It's a trip to Japan, and those are always hard because it takes him almost a day to get there and we can't talk while he's on his way. And even once he's there, he's so busy with work and jet lagged, that our conversations tend to be rather brief.

Yet I'm okay this morning. Sometimes I feel so incredibly lonely once he's left; today I'm okay. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he was home for a week and only went into work for a few hours on one day.

I can't pin my happiness on my husband, though. Of course I am happy to be with him, and of course I feel good when he compliments me. But he can't complete me, only I can do that. Stop waiting for the other people in your life to complete you.

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STARTSPARKING 12/1/2008 3:25AM

    I know the expression "my better half" is supposed to be a sweet expression, but there are two things I don't like about it. First of all, like you said, spouses should compliment each other, not complete the other. Secondly, neither spouse should be considered BETTER than the other.

I hope your husband has a wonderful business trip in Japan and will return home safely to you soon. emoticon

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SQUIRTZIE 11/30/2008 7:20PM

    What a wonderful blog. Great insight. Something for everyone to think about.

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Weighing in on weighing in

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I want to thank everyone for their support yesterday. I know that you are probably right, that the scale will reflect better next week my healthy habits this past week -- but every time the scale goes up when you feel you've eaten well and exercised enough, you (or at least I), can't help wondering. Did I really eat healthy? Did I eat too much, or too little? Did I exercise too much? Did I make unhealthy choices?

Sometimes I'm so confident that I am doing the right things, and at other times I'm riddled with doubt. I want someone to take me by the hand and hand me a simple equation: eat this, not that, exercise x amount each day, and you'll lose weight. But it's never that simple, is it? The weeks we lose we think it is; the weeks we gain we doubt ourselves.

I no longer give the scale the power I once did. Yes, I was disappointed yesterday, but that doesn't change the way I eat or exercise. Because I feel, as I wrote, that I did the best I could. I won't throw up my hands in the air and figure why not eat what I want because it's not working anyway. Because the truth is it IS working, only not always the way I expect it to.

To weigh or not to weigh? That's the question, isn't it? And here's my answer: weigh once a week. Weigh at the same time, on the same scale, each week. If the scale doesn't say what you want it to say, review your week. Maybe you'll discover something you can do differently going forward. Maybe you'll decide you are doing the right things, and you just need patience.

I used to think that weighing made me nuts. I'd play games, not eating or drinking beforehand to try to weigh as little as possible. I still play games, but not with the eating or drinking. I know things will even out as long as I stick to my healthy habits. But I might choose not to wear earrings if it's been a while since I've lost weight. Or I'll wear the same jeans every week (although this week I actually did wear a different pair of jeans).

I've come to realize that the scale actually is my friend. No, it doesn't always tell me what I want to hear -- but do your friends? Sometimes it tells me what I need to hear, just like a friend, even if it hurts. Sometimes it tells me things that I just know aren't true, like some friends. I'd still rather go through my life with my friends, even when they tell me something I need to hear that hurts, than alone.

Sometimes we need breaks even from the best of friends. We need a little alone time. That's why daily weighing usually isn't a good idea.

"Facing it always facing it that's the way to get through. Face it!"
-- Joseph Conrad

Today on Cookbook Maven:

Turkey Day

Photos of my Thanksgiving dinner, and where the recipes came from

Simple roasted brussel sprouts

My recipe for roasted brussel sprouts

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 11/29/2008 5:26PM

    Your Thanksgiving Dinner looks good - your coconut cupcakes look divine! Yum! Thanks for sharing.

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I enjoyed myself

Friday, November 28, 2008

I gained 1 pound at my WI today. Yes, I admit to disappointment. But I really think I ate well all week, including yesterday. It's just one of those things. Maybe it's because I ate less for most of the week to save up for my holiday meal -- that's a pattern I changed a while ago, because it doesn't seem to work for me. I seem to do better eating more evenly throughout the week.

Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was the day before my WI. Since it was just me and my husband, I got to plan my meal myself. No appetizers, only one dessert, a healthy meal overall. Still, a slighter larger meal than I probably eat before most weigh-in's.

And maybe it's just because. I enjoyed my meal. It was a healthy meal, except for the dessert, and even that wasn't too bad. And I definitely earned it, with an hour of walking and another hour of exercise DVDs.

Sometimes when I gain, I can look back and see little things I could do better. Truly, this week, about the only thing maybe I would change is eat just a little less turkey. And I know that a few extra ounces of turkey -- even with the skin -- wouldn't cause me to gain a pound. A few extra ounces everyday, even though turkey is healthy, could.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Not only that, I can really appreciate the changes in my body, too. I have a long way to go, still, but I have a come a long way too, and I will never forget where I started. I appreciate the me I am today.

So I will keep on keepin' on, firm in the belief that my healthy habits will carry me along to my goal weight someday.

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 11/29/2008 10:05AM

    I agree with the others - it's probably fake weight from not eating enough during the week and then eating a bigger meal the night before WI, or from water retention (salt). Keep on, Keeping On - you are doing well on your journey - you'll get there.

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STARTSPARKING 11/29/2008 5:15AM

    I agree with others that you did quite well and that you will soon see that pound disappear. The most important thing is that you made sensible choices and have no regrets. Keep up your great work!

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MTER67 11/29/2008 3:39AM

    It sounds like your Thanksgiving was a success and I agree with the others here that that one pound will most likely disappear in the next couple days. (And it will probably take a couple other pounds with it when it does!) Congratulations on having no regrets and appreciating who you are today. That is really the most important thing, don't you think?

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KARBIE18 11/28/2008 5:01PM

    I'm thinking that the pound probably DID come from the extra volume of food. It's FAKE weight, and with all that exercise you did, will disappear along with even more weight.

You're doing great, and I believe in you!


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SQUIRTZIE 11/28/2008 4:43PM

    Good for you!! emoticon emoticon

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Am I a control freak?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And why that might be a bad thing.

I guess I can be sometimes. My husband wonders why things have to be done my way -- in the kitchen, with the dogs. Well, even he admits I've done a pretty good job training the dogs, so it's working -- why wouldn't you listen to what I have to say about how to handle them?

The kitchen? It's mine. I don't tell you how to do things (although considering you're always asking -- don't ask if you don't want to listen to what I tell you!). When you start doing the majority of the cooking (like when hell freezes over) then you can arrange the kitchen the way you want.

He can be pretty controlling in his own ways. Like always telling Lola to lay down when we're in the car. I don't care if she stands, sits, or lays down as long as she's quiet (and hasn't tangled her leg up in the leash that buckles her in).

Still, being controlling isn't always a good thing. Sometimes we have to give up some control. Accept a less than perfect job so that we might have some me-time, for instance.

We have a tendency to believe that only we can do things the "right" way. And that can lead, partly, to our weight issues. Because when you never let anyone help you, you don't have enough time for yourself. To let people in, sometimes you have to give up that control, accept a less than perfect job, and THANK them for it. Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving, after all.

I admit this IS still something I struggle with. I keep working on it. At least I know it's an issue, and that's always the first step.

On Cookbook Maven today:

I bought the Oliso Frisper vacuum sealer yesterday. My thoughts on it at judysworld.net/cookbook/2008/11/olis

My first thoughts on my newest cookbook purchases, Table for Two and Angel Foods at judysworld.net/cookbook/2008/11/tabl

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KARBIE18 11/28/2008 12:08PM

    Came by to thank you for commenting on my blog, and saw this one. I can totally relate - I definitely AM a control freak. Especially about where things should be in the house. I really have to work hard to let things go, but I am succeeding more and more. In the scheme of things, the things that annoy me really don't matter. One thing that I can't compromise on is clutter, though. I may not push the issue anymore WHERE things are put away, but I definitely insist that they are. I get downright claustrophobic when there's stuff all over.

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 11/26/2008 7:38PM

    It's hard to learn but once you release some control and accept other's contributions without criticism (we all have our own definition of perfection) it's freedom! It take a while but it is definitely well worth it. And, others really appreciate it too.

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MTER67 11/26/2008 6:44PM

    I struggle with this, too. Not so much in the kitchen, where I would be happy to give up control (and when he applies himself, my husband is a far better cook than I), but mostly with my kids. If I let myself, I would probably do all their projects for them and manage every aspect of their lives. As they have grown older, I have realized that this is neither a good thing, nor even possible. And all the while I am living their lives, there is no one actually living mine. Again, not a good thing. It is good to want to control aspects our lives--there is safety and security in doing that--but you are right that we have to let some of it go. Otherwise, we get stretched too thin.

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving! Hope yours is great!

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