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The green smoothie experiment

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I am feeling kind of blah today. Maybe it's time to go outside & read a little bit. Lola just went out, anyway. I don't know why, it's an absolutely gorgeous day (and I apologize to those of you with bad weather).

Anyway, I was checking email and posts and such, really just trying to waste some time. I was going to go out to dinner tonight, but then I found out the newest sushi restaurant, which wasn't where I was intending to go, has happy hours during the week. Plan changed; I'll do sushi tomorrow.

So, I was feeling tired. Slight headache (yes, I've drunk plenty of water already, almost all 8 glasses). Lonely. Sweet cravings were beginning to whisper in my ear. I don't want to cook dinner tonight!

And then I did a search -- I'm not even sure what I was searching on -- and ending up reading about greens smoothies. I've read about them before, but I decided to give it a try. Basically, you just add greens to your regular fruit smoothie.

Here was my concotion:

1 c soymilk
1/2 c unsweetened apple juice
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 c strawberries
1 c spinach

Keep in mind I hadn't eaten any fruit yet today, and only two servings of veggies (normally I've got a lot more in than that before dinner.

It wasn't bad. You can't taste the spinach, altho it doesn't taste quite like my regular fruit smoothie. And you do have to get past the color, which, sad to say, isn't really all that enticing. Also, I have a Vitamix, which is a very powerful blender. I think that definitely helps. I do love my Vitamix.

I still have my headache, but I do feel better that I made a healthy choice. Wish I could say it gave me a bit more get-up-and-go, but not yet anyway. I will definitely keep experimenting with them.

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SKINNYNANNY 4/6/2008 10:37PM

    what is a vitamix?

Comment edited on: 4/6/2008 10:36:41 PM

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SKINNYNANNY 4/6/2008 10:37PM

    well, that sounds interesting, I think I would have to close my eyes !LOL
hope the head ache went away!

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ANEWCARI 4/6/2008 8:16PM

    Neat!!! I'm going to try some too!!!

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Find your happy weight

Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is a quote that I pasted into my visual collage, which I keep in my journal. So after I journal each day, I look through my visual collage.

One thing I've seen a lot, in myself and others, is trying for a weight that we look great at . . . but can't possibly maintain. I am speaking with the wisdom of about 20 or so years spent "dieting", being a former Weight Watchers leader, and just learning & reading about weight loss what seems like all the time.

So yeah, I did it too. I am very short, 5'1", so I ought to be pretty light, too (I will never be skinny). In fact, I was almost skinny when I got to my goal weight the first time with Weight Watchers. For all of about 5 minutes. Sort of like Oprah and her Optifast diet.

Yes, I looked good. Clothes were even hard to find -- I generally wore a size 4, sometimes even a size 2 or 0.

But I had to nearly starve myself to get to that weight. Not literally; I was never bulimic or anorexic, thank God. But I couldn't eat the way I wanted to eat. And yes, I gained weight. I had to learn to accept that my happy weight isn't that thin, no matter what the height/weight tables say. I have had to learn to accept the fact that I'll never be a size 4 again, even if that's what I "ought" to be. Of course, right now, I'd just be happy to get out of the double digits, but that will take a while. A long while.

So as you're nearing your goal weight, or at it (and no, I am nowhere near mine at the moment), I want you to really think about what your happy weight is. Not the size pants you want to wear (because we all know sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, anyway). Not the weight you weighed in high school or college or when you got married. Not the weight someone or thing says you should be.

What was the weight that you could happily maintain? That allowed you to have a social life, but still be healthy? That didn't make you obssess over every morsel or exercise like a maniac because you'd been "bad"?

That's your happy weight. Make that your goal. And if you manage to lose a little more and keep it off, it's the cherry on top. But if you don't, just let it go. Life is too short to worry that much about a number.

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LISALU910 4/7/2008 4:37PM

  Thanks for your comments on my blog. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees and need someone to clarify things for us.

Going strictly by BMI, I should weigh no more than 142 AT THE MOST to be at the highest end of the "healthy range". So I figure that is non-negotiable. But my "ideal" weight is 117 (the "100 lbs for 5 feet, 5 lbs per inch" formula). That sounds SO LOW although that is what I weighed in my early 20's even after having two children. If I "split the difference" that would put me at 130. I set my goal weight at 135 mainly because it was exactly 50 lbs from my starting weight. (Any more than a 50 lb goal just blew my mind!)

I know what you are saying makes sense. On the other hand, I do worry about the numbers at least from a health perspective. All you ever hear is how a BMI over 25 means you are like 100 times more like to drop dead of heart attack, diabetes, cancer, stroke, etc.

I am willing to do what it takes to at least get in the healthy range on the BMI chart - I'm at 27 BMI now - but it has been a struggle. I am just afraid I will have to struggle for the rest of my life to stay there.

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AMYG67 4/6/2008 1:19PM

  Thank you for saying that out loud, I totally agree with you. You have to find a wieght that lets you have a life worth enjoying, while being as healthy as possible.

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Sports Challenge

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I think it was on my 1 Day Challenge team that today's challenge was to enjoy a sport. And that was a toughie for me. I'm really just not into sports at all. Of course, you do what appeals to you, and I don't have to do it -- but I thought about it, and finally came up with a sport -- agility (for the dogs). I have to run around while I'm getting them over obstacles. Today is gorgeous, and we haven't practiced in forever.

You can see the dogs doing agility practice in my blog :


I took the dogs to the farmers' market this morning. They love it. Lola, who tends to be reactive around other dogs, never even notices them because she's too busy trying to make sure the ground is crumb-free.

I got spinach, baby lettuce mix, macaroons (no sugar; they use agave); and these this site that makes awesome gluten-free sandwiches. I got a veggie muffelatta and a chicken hatch queso -- plus, yes, a gluten free brownie. A girl's got to have a little fun.

Then I walked the dogs over to Petsmart, which is about 3/4 miles away, and then back. I'd also walked them around the block before leaving, to make sure they were "empty", so all in all, I got quite a bit of walking in -- over an hour, not counting the time meandering around the farmer's market.

Just about time to get that chicken hatch queso sandwich &head outside for lunch!


An Aha! Moment

Friday, April 04, 2008

I voluteer at a friends' small cat rescue on Thursdays. And as I was driving up yesterday, I had an aha! moment.

My parents, neither of whom have been thin for many, many years, are very judgemental about other people's weight (my own included). They are always commenting on a celebrity who has gained weight, or even just someone on the street. Always talking about them negatively.

Now, I have read Tolle's "A New Earth,", front to back, but I am also rereading it and taking the classes -- but have fallen behind because of life at the moment, so I'm still working on Chapter 3.

But suddenly I had an aha! moment. I think my parents are talking about other people's weight as a way to make themselves feel better that they aren't thinner and aren't trying harder.

And it's hard to get that voice out of my head, too. There was a lot of "you'd be pretty if you just lost the weight" when I was growing up. And there's lots of congratulations when I'm thin, and lots of silence when I'm heavy (like now).

Plus I find myself being very judgemental about people's weight sometimes. too. Not always of course, and usually with total strangers. I'm always looking at other people and comparing myself to them. Which is silly, I know, because thin isn't everything. Thin doesn't necessarily mean happy. I also know that when I get to my goal weight, all my problems don't magically disappear.

So it's something I continue to work on. And I was aware of this in myself beforehand, but didn't really think about where it came from and why my parents are that way. We're always learning and growing!

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SULTRYDAY 4/4/2008 4:37PM

    What a great realization. WTG.
Awareness of our own judgmental voice so that we can hear that voice compare and make us 'better than or worse than' someone else is a good step. Good for you.

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SKINNYNANNY 4/4/2008 4:06PM

    we model what we know, now you realize that you have been doing something that you don't like in your parents, and maybe you changing it will get them to change it too. maybe not, but what a great aha moment for you. thanks for sharing!

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JUSTDUCKY1405 4/4/2008 2:16PM

    Awesome awakening moment you had there. I am going to share this in Awakening, under the best of sparkpeople's blogs.

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GAYLLYNNE 4/4/2008 10:28AM

    Aren't those moments great. I'm reading (well actually I have that book on CD which I don't recommend because the author speaks in a very boring monotone) that book too. It has a lot of insight into our inner selves and I can see how it will help not only the weight loss but the maintaining of that loss in our lives. You sound like you really are starting to know who you are and I hope you are very proud of your personal accomplishment and goals. I'm learning to "let go" too. Aha!

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Sweet Salmon Rub

Thursday, April 03, 2008

One of the teams I'm planning to join had a challenge of sharing something beautiful. Ok, I don't think this qualifies as beautiful, but it is pretty. I took a photo of the dogs in our wild roses patch out back. They're weeds, really, but a weed is simply a flower out of place, after all.

This recipe was taken from Ellie Krieger's "The Foods You Crave", and just modified slightly (which is why I haven't submitted it as a recipe). But it was really good, so I thought I'd share!

1 lb salmon fillet
2 tbsp dark brown sugar
1/2 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
Pinch salt (or to taste)
1 tbsp oil

1. Preheat oven to 375

2. Combine the sugar, chili powder, cumin, and salt & mix

3. Rub dry rub onto salmon (not the side with the skin)

4. Drizzle oil over the dry rub, and rub in if you want

5. Bake 25 minutes, or til done, depending on the thickness of your fillet

Servings: 4

I'll be experimenting with this in coming weeks, seeing how little sugar I can get away with. It's only about 300 calories, even so; works out to about 1/2 tbsp per serving

I want to thank those who have recently sent sparkgoodies -- I'll be getting to you! I've been a bit behind lately.

But I'm beginning to feel more like myself, and my energy is coming back. I did joggin intervals while walking the dogs on their morning walk today, when just a few days ago just a 20 minute walk was a real effort.

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    Yummy! I think it is time for a little Salmon! My husband does something similar to your recipe and you reminded me of just how tasty it is!

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