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Thank God for BHT & artificial colors!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am not overly fond of food shopping. There is one store in the area that delivers -- but then I would miss the one redeeming benefit of food shopping -- to my mind, anyway -- beyond the obvious benefit of having something to eat in the house: the treasure hunt.

I LOVE finding & trying new things.

I am a bit of a food nazi, however. I don't eat foods with HFCS, splenda, artificial colors . . . you get the picture. Most of my foods are whole foods, but not all. You have to pick your battles.

And that is how I found myself in the food store today, staring at a box of Kellogg chocolate crave cereal . . . telling myself the ingredients didn't look so bad . . . til whoa! BHT! Food colors!

Did you know almost all marshmallows have food coloring? Geez, do marshmallows really need to be snow white?

BHT! It's a fairly common preservative that is also a known carcinogen. Often used in pet food. And no, I wouldn't feed it even to my dogs.

Which is probably just as well. I've recently, over the last couple of months, started eating cereals again, on occasion, for breakfast. But do I need a chocolate filled cereal? My stomach assures me I do; my brain knows I do not.

I did pick up more Snackwell caramel corn - I only eat that maybe once a week; it seems to be working for me. This time I added chocolate pretzels. I like using that for running on occasion, but I've been known to eat too many. I'm not a big fan of 100 calorie packs, but in this instance it works for me.

Course I was eyeing the chocolate chocolate chip cookies . . . Maybe next time . . .

Who'd have thunk preservatives & artificial colors could be a good thing?

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LJCANNON 7/20/2012 9:24AM

    emoticonGreat Attitude and Good Job on resisting the "Poison". Nothing wrong with the Occasional Chocolate Pretzel.

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TEMPEST272002 7/19/2012 7:39PM

    Saved by poisons! lol I've never thought of grocery shopping as treasure hunting before. That's a great perspective I'll have to adopt.

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NATPLUMMER 7/19/2012 4:24PM


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SKINNYPOWELL1 7/19/2012 2:09PM

    emoticonI love a treasure hunt at the grocery store also, it's amazing the things I've tried lately. I love the 100-cal choc covered pretzels, but I only have one pack within reach or I tend to want to have another pack.

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SLIMMERJESSE 7/19/2012 1:33PM

    The store I shop at is food with no preservatives or artificial anything. Fresh and Easy. I love it so much. Great prices as well.

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VA Beach & Valley Forge

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Before we get to the photos, baby it's hot! Austin hot. Seriously. Sat's group run was canceled due to thunderstorms (altho I got it done - in the rain). Last night's track workout was canceled due to heat - like 90 at 7 pm. I did mine on the treadmill.

My butt was killing me from the leg workout the day before -- almost completely squats -- all sorts of different squats. Oddly enough, it feels a lot better now that I ran. But today will be another legs workout. And core.

Since I realized how much I was sitting around, I've made it my mission to make sure I do SOMETHING every hour. It may be as simple as decluttering, but my house is getting neater & I am way less tired.

I am also making sure to sip more water in the afternoons. I may get in 8 glasses of water by noon sometimes if I have a long run, but then I'd go hours without drinking anything figuring I was good. Now I make sure to continue to sip water no matter how much I've already consumed. Interestingly, I'm sleeping soooo much better too. Could dehydration actually cause insommnia?

Dunno, but I'm keeping it up because I simply feel better overall. Little things really do add up.

I don't really have any photos of VA beach. We took a couple from my room, but I looked pretty frightening in all of them. Really, there isn't much to see. It's a beach. A really nice beach, but you know what a beach looks like.

One of my favorite things in the world is to walk/run barefoot through the surf. Too bad I live like 4 hrs from the ocean (and almost always have -- or further). Sigh.

As you know, we got together with my spark buddy SKINNYPOWELL1 for dinner. We got together for a run the next day & then they invited us to come to Norfolk with them for a sunset cruise. Something no doubt we would've never have done on our own. It was fun (except for the stomach cramps poor SKINNY got).

Yup, that's DH and I on the cruise in my profile photo. And here he is watching the sunset.

I hadn't really noticed til SKINNY pointed it out, but VA beach had dolphins as a theme; Norfolk had mermaids.

But we couldn't get away from NY. It seemed to follow us everywhere. SUNY has a maritime training program. Who knew? And here's the training ship.

Williamsburg will have its own blog. But that was our next stop. Then we met my 2 besties from high school in Tysons Corners. I hadn't seen them in 12 yrs.

I moved down to Laurel, MD for my first job. My friend Nancy (the blond) was going to graduate school in Richmond at the time, so we'd get together occasionally. My other friend Maryanne got a job in MD about 9 months later. They've lived there all this time . . . while I've lived in 3 different states since then.

Yes, all my friends in HS were tall. I never really think about it until I see the photos.

Getting out of the DC was a nightmare, but we managed to miss the killer storm that robbed them of power for days.

We'd never been to Valley Forge (and didn't want to drive 6 hrs after the 3 hrs we'd already put in that morning) so we stopped there overnight & quickly toured the park, which is quite nice, the next morning.

There were lots of runners & walkers in the park -- and it was a heatwave then, too -- I saw one girl running with a top I really liked. DH actually offered to stop so I could ask her where she got it, but I'm not quite that crazy. yet.

The memorial arch.

A "little" perspective.

I've always thought PA has some of the most beautiful countryside in the US. Sure, I've been lots of places in the US that are spectacularly beautiful, but there's just something about the rolling hills of PA. And Valley Forge was no exception. Which I found ironic, considering what went on there.

Me in front of Washington's headquarters. Trying to salute, not quite pulling it off.

And that's a wrap for now. Don't forget, little things really add up in all walks of life!

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NATPLUMMER 7/18/2012 6:32PM

    Yay for being more active and hydrated. They certainly can't hurt.
Great pics!! Yes, they are tall.
Looks like great fun.

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TRI_BABE 7/18/2012 4:17PM

    Nice Pics! Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing!

And I like your idea of doing something every hour! emoticon

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SKINNYPOWELL1 7/18/2012 1:07PM

    I am so happy that I got to meet you and that we got to spend some time together getting to know each other. You are such a wonderful person. I am glad you enjoyed your trip, even with a lame VB tour guide, lol,. Looks like the rest of your trip was fun filled also.

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KANSASROSE67 7/18/2012 11:25AM

    Sounds like a fun time...thanks for sharing your pics.

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SWIMLOVER 7/18/2012 9:35AM

  I loved reading your blog! I loved the Great pictures! Thank You for sharing with us!

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SLIMMERJESSE 7/18/2012 9:29AM

    Great pics. You look so cute in the ruffle dress. Have fun!

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It's ok to take a break - just not a sabbatical!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I was thinking about this as I was cleaning the kitchen this morning. My routine is to clean it while the cats eat. I have to keep an eye on them because simba can be finicky & may need a sprinkle of treats.

I hadn't been cleaning tbe kitchen in a while . . . Not daily as I should. Just like I was spending far too much time sitting. But I knew I'd get back to the habit, just as I've got back to tbe habit of making sure I don't sit for TOO long.

It helps that I've been sleeping very well, with just a few exceptions, for the first time in weeks & week's. I don't know what tbe difference is, but it sure does help.

You may need breaks from time to time for whatever reason - just make sure they're not sabbaticals & don't feel guilty, either!

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BARBARASDIET 7/17/2012 4:44PM


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SKINNYPOWELL1 7/17/2012 2:12PM

    Glad to hear you are finally sleeping emoticon being sleep deprived takes it out of ya. Hooray for your new cleaning energy, when you're done would you drop by and do mine, lol.

You are so right about taking a break, not a sabatical. I tend to have trouble with the two sometimes and if I break too long, it just makes me lazy.

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NATPLUMMER 7/17/2012 2:05PM

    So true!!
Glad you're sleeping well. That's excellent!!

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SLIMMERJESSE 7/17/2012 8:57AM

    Very true!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 7/17/2012 8:55AM

    I would love a sabbatical, not from exercise, from work! I guess I should be careful what I wish for - I want a paid sabbatical. As if.....

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Yoga in a dress? Why not?

Monday, July 16, 2012

This morning was H3: hazy, hot & humid. I woke up too late to do a very early morning run. So I did something I don't do too often in the summer: ran before I walked tbe dogs. I knew i didn't want to run later . . . I also knew I could get the run in & the dogs walked before it got too bad if I hustled.

So I ran. Came back, had a quick snack of a banana & PB, then walked tbe dogs. Came back, had a snack of an apple & cheese, chilled a bit, then did lower body ST.

I continued to alternate relaxing & tackling chores throughout the day . . . I'd changed into a dress by this point (did I mention the heat & humidity?), but when I came back in from sitting outside with the dogs for a while & it was still fairly early, I decided to do some yoga. In my dress. Why not? I'm the only one here. Tbe cats & dogs don't care.

Who says things have to be done a certain way, anyway? Don't let conventions & "shoulds" hold you back!

And that's how I squeezed running, walking, ST & yoga into one day.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NATPLUMMER 7/16/2012 7:28PM


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SLIMMERJESSE 7/16/2012 4:35PM

    Woohoo, good for you!

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SKINNYPOWELL1 7/16/2012 4:09PM

    Hope it wasn't a dressy dress, lol emoticon I love the fact that there are absolutely NO rules when you are home alone. Way to go in getting it all done.

I'm sure this pose could be a little challeging in a dress emoticon

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Turning a blind eye

Friday, July 13, 2012

Isn't it funny how we can see others' faults in bright technicolor, but turn a blind eye to the same faults in ourselves?

I watched DH do little more than sit around watching tv when we got back home & he had several days off - and listened to him complain about being tired.

I was sleeping well, but feeling really tired. It was so easy to feel superior because at the same time, of course, I was training for my upcoming HM.

There were all sorts of other reasons to feel tired: the long drive, the heat, hormones. It couldn't possibly be that I was mostly sitting around on my butt when I wadn't completing my scheduled workouts, right? Of course not!

Because I eat right & I exercise. Never mind that I enjoy sitting on the couch with my iPad or laying on the couch watching What Not to Wear.

So yesterday I just did it. I felt tired in the afternoon. Step 1: grab a glass of water. Because I may drink 8 glasses of water by 10 am, but I have. Nasty habit of then not drinking anything for hrs.

Step 2: tackle some decluttering in my bedroom.

Step3: add in some ab work & forearm exercises after my treadmill run (because it was 90 degrees out).

And I felt so much better! Still tired, but energized. Weird, huh?

Just do it!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TRI_BABE 7/15/2012 11:01PM

    YES! But I have to take some downtime too. LOL else I get more tired. LOL

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    emoticon emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 7/13/2012 12:52PM

    You nailed it!!

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SLIMMERJESSE 7/13/2012 9:25AM

    Nice new photo of you guys. Have a happy day.

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