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Refocused . . . I hope!

Friday, August 05, 2011

So I spent some time thinking about goals, what I should focus on & what's not working for me.

What's not working:

-No definable goals. Duh! Better to make them even if you don't meet them - at least you're working towards something.

-No schedule of rewards. Always a hard one for me, but it's important.

-Chocolate nut butters. Really, they are still pretty healthy, but chocolate needs sugar to be palatable. I'm ok with a little bit of sugar in my life, too many little bits just drives me to want more sweets.

-Sweet snacks. See above.

What I should focus on:

-Morning yoga. Makes a difference in my body, my spirit & my energy level. Does NOT have to be every day, but at least 3 x week. Hopefully more.

-Savory snacks. See sugar musings above.

-Extra core work. If it's warm enough, want to wear a bikini in Miami.

-Journaling. Like actual pen to paper. Amazing what insights you can gain when you do that.

Goals & rewards:

-Simply lose weight this week. Going down to see the family tomorrow, to take my niece, my folks & my sister out to lunch to celebrate her high school graduation. The restaurant they've chosen doesn't have nutritional info - never a good sign. I've already pretty much decided I'm going to have a quesadilla - I know, not the healthiest option, but darn it, I don't think I've had one since we moved from austin. Already planning around it. Something as simple as that could derail my goal of losing weight this week - but not if I'm careful.

Reward: rent movie on my iPad.

-Get below 140. Would like that to happen before we go to visit the inlaws at the end of the month (which is a challenge in & of itself).

Reward: another movie rental?

-Maintain weight while visiting the inlaws, which is very difficult for many reasons.

Reward: use massage certificate that I have.

-Get below 138, which would be my lowest weight to date. I di not have time goals for most of these goals - simply doesn't work for me.

Reward: new shoes?

So how bout you? What should you be focused on?

What isn't moving you in the direction you want to go?

Do you have concrete goals you're working towards?

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LEONALIONESS 8/5/2011 3:19PM

    Goal currently? Get it so my skinniest size 27s fit well again. I have three pairs and each are slightly different sizes. The lightest wash is the biggest, the darkest is the smallest. Doesn't matter they are all the same brand/style/cut, that wash seems to make a difference.

My bootie and thighs have reshaped with all the running I've been doing, so they all fit a little differently. I'm averaging 40 mpw now when last year I was doing more like 30 and I've gained 2 inches (up to a 35˝) in my hip measurement without adding any fat to my hips, really. I don't tend to store fat on my lower body, I'm a tummy fat girl and my waist has stayed pretty stable. I think it's all butt muscle. I've built up my quads, too, and have a bulge of muscle above the knee now. So, can't really get the jeans to fit my new, slightly more awesome butt/egs better but I can work on trimming the belly a bit more to make it a nicer fit there. No muffin top, nothing like that, just snug. Working on it! Cross training and adding strength to up my burn.

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DISPATCHER04 8/5/2011 3:12PM

    Great blog! Lots of food for thought! :)

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SA9CHI 8/5/2011 2:38PM

    Am refocusing too! Finally went to WW meeting on Tuesday and it's given me a push to focus on my goals. Just discovering new foods, filling foods for snacks that take the edge off of hunger.

Have a wonderful weekend! emoticon

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    I am now on a week by week basis. I set mini goals and challenges and strive to reach them.

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NATPLUMMER 8/5/2011 11:19AM

    A quesadilla does sound good. I haven't had one in ages. There are definitely worse options.
I think the new shoes goal will motivate you...I know how you are about shoes.
Maintaining sanity while visiting the inlaws is hard enough ;-)

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PEACEFULHOME 8/5/2011 10:27AM

    I don't set a time for goals either. You have inspired me to refocus and set some new ones with rewards.

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TEMPEST272002 8/5/2011 9:48AM

    Good insights into what's not working & what you need to refocus on. Over the past year, I've seen that you're generally consistent with your eating & exercise - which means you're really going to have to focus to get these last couple pounds off.

I have to agree about the quesadilla possibly derailing your weight goal. Remember this is a restaurant, not home... so added fat, lots of added salt. How many days between eating & your weigh in do you have to recover? How bad do you want that pound loss?

I wouldn't say this to just anyone, but we've been friends a long time now... Having the quesadilla is exactly the kind of "one off" decision that keeps you maintaining instead of losing. I think you look fabulous at the weight you are, even in a bikini. But if you want to lose just that little bit extra... well, you know what it's going to take, right?

I sure hope I haven't offended you by saying that, but I think you're the kind of woman who appreciates it when her friends tell it straight.

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DOGMOMMA2THREE 8/5/2011 9:42AM

    Well, you know that I've mentioned setting goals and rewards in several of my blogs but I can't seem to do it! Sounds like you are doing great all the same!

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DRJJ2004 8/5/2011 9:31AM

    Whenever I make goals...I never seem to hit them..therefore I don't. I do have a new kind of focus though. I asked a friend of mine for some help..cuz I'm just not getting anywhere...and I think it just might be working. So I am focused on the road ahead. I've been very diligent about water, tracking, excercise and food so I'm hoping that I'll just take off running. :O) We'll soon see.
Glad to hear that you're refocused...you'll hit your goal. I just know it!!

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RATFINKROB 8/5/2011 9:20AM

    I do set goals each month and have long term goals. Not always sure they are the right goals, but sure do set them :)

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BSEANACAIN 8/5/2011 8:55AM

    me too
I need to refocus
i am mindless on this sight
just collecting points emoticon

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Focusing on the right things

Thursday, August 04, 2011

At my WW meeting today, my leader talked about being unfocused thus summer. That got my attention. I don't think I'm unfocused, but am I focusing on the right things?

I am not writing down daily, weekly, or monthly goals - and I haven't in a long time.

I've gone back to mentally tallying my water instead of actually recording it.

Sugar has probably crept in more than it ought to.

But I've also been thinking today about celebrating successes rather than obsessing about failures.

I chose to have some coconut ice cream (the kind made with coconut milk, not cow's milk) last week. A pint should be 4 servings, but being the volume eater that I am, it's only 3. But I tracked each serving as 1 1/3 serving.

I really didn't want to track my popcorn the other night, probably because I knew it wasn't the best decision for that moment, but I did.

I've done morning yoga 3 times this week & somehow that just makes me feel better.

I've given my core some extra attention this week.

Still, I've really got to think about what I SHOULD be focused on to move me forward. Epwhat do you need to be focused on?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BARBIETEC 8/5/2011 5:25AM

    What I think is the hardest when I am dieting is to DRINK WATER!!!.... :)

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    I track my water by having 4 water bottles, sad I know! emoticon

I too have switched my focus to celebrating successes.

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TEMPEST272002 8/4/2011 2:11PM

    Smiled at the water estimating - I'm right there with you. lol Being 100% with the tracking is a biggie. emoticon I tend to make better choices overall when I'm tracking. Looking forward to hearing what you came up for August goals.

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NATPLUMMER 8/4/2011 12:17PM

    I like the idea of celebrating successes rather than obsessing about failures. It think we should all do that more often.
One of my favorite guilty pleasures are those So Delicious mini ice cream sandwiches...they're good because they're portion controlled.
Yay for morning yoga!!

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SLIMMERJESSE 8/4/2011 12:10PM

    I have also switched my focus to celebrating successes and not worrying about failures. (but not ignoring them totally either) Have a wonderful day. Hope Simba is doing better.

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Am I too hard on myself? Or not hard enough?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

That's the $64,000,000 question, right?

Much of July was spent at the higher end of the range my body has settled into & I felt every pound. I felt so bloated. My face looked so bloated - doesn't take much for my face to look bloated.

We're only talking 3 lbs tops here, but when you're as short as I am it can really make a difference.

There didn't really seem a reason for it. Every time I hear someone complaining about eating terribly and still losing weight, while I'm happy for them, it still makes me pea green cause it sure feels as tho I can do everything right and still gain weight.

I continue to grapple with whether or not I eat enough for my activity level. I get better at recording BLTs all the time. Yet I remain stuck.

Well, the good news is that, to me, I look much less bloated. I did yoga in the morning for the second day in a row - altho I broke my green smoothie streak of about 2 weeks yesterday. Replaced it with popcorn. Well, I am human, after all.

I'm just rambling here. Seemed like a good topic but just isn't coming together.

Here's a chuckle for the dog lovers out there. Have the dogs stop & sit before we cross a street. Sometimes they get a treat, sometimes they don't. This morning I reached down to give Chester his treat & he wouldn't take it. That NEVER happens.

Then he spit out the crabapple pit he'd ben hoarding for God knows how long & took the treat.

Simba update: he seems back to normal (about $400 & many gray hairs later). We went to see the specialist my vet recommended yesterday & I LOVED her. Why couldn't she be a regular vet?

She supported my decision not to vaccinate Simba - even before he got so sick - and offered to write a note to my regular vet, altho I don't think that would really alter his views. She said she wished more owners would stand up to vets that way. She supported the acupuncture - hardly surprising since she does it too, but she didn't try to take over that aspect of his care.

There really wasn't much she could do right now, but said when/if he has a flare up, call her & she'll get an ultrasound. Unfortunately it needs to be during an episode.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TEMPEST272002 8/3/2011 9:49PM

    Funny the dog hoarding the pit. Dog always gets a particular guilty look when she's hiding something in her mouth. Glad Simba is feeling better. As to too hard or not hard enough - that is the 64K question, isn't it? I go back & forth on it too.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 8/3/2011 3:01PM

    Glad to hear Simba is back to his ole self, I know you are relieved. Also glad you found a great place to take him IF the need arises. Hope your day is fabulous.

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RATFINKROB 8/3/2011 12:49PM

    I think we are all switching between to hard and to soft on ourselves. If I every figure out the correct balance I'll write a book and become rich and famous.

By the way, if I was pea green I would go see the Doctor ;)

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XRAYLADY65 8/3/2011 12:08PM

    Ihave been on a plateau forever and quite cant shake it... its the last 4 pounds I need to lose too... not sure what I can do...

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    I use to have a hard time with my food tracker even though I was eating clean and healthy. I show on my tracker at the high end, but I also know that I eat very lean, I cut off all the fat before I cook foods. I also eat a lot of fruit and veggies, some that I think probably have more carbs than the tracker logs. I now listen to my body more, it has helped a lot. I drink some water at first hunger pangs then I eat when I am hungry and not by the clock.

Love the dog story!

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NATPLUMMER 8/3/2011 10:15AM

    I'm glad you're less bloated. I hate that feeling and totally know that it only takes a couple of pounds....there is no where to hide them. I feel you on the being pea green when people talk about eating terribly and still losing...doesn't happen to me. It seems like losing doesn't happen to me, actually...not recently anyway.
Ooooh...popcorn sounds good.
It seems like he's had that crabappble for quite a while. Yay for a treat :-)
I'm very glad Simba is feeling better. Hopefully there won't be any more flares in the near future. The vet does seem like a winner.

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TWINKIEQUEEN 8/3/2011 10:07AM

    the dog hoarding the crabapple pit was funny........sometimes, "they" say, you need to switch to different exercises to get you body going again....the body will adjust and know what to expect from a regular routine so you've got to surprise it now and again....????? good luck to you

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SLIMMERJESSE 8/3/2011 9:39AM

    For a long time, I wrote about my "forever plateau." No matter what I did, there were no wgt. changes. So I've made peace with this and continue to do the best I can to eat healthy and exercise. At some point, I might hit on the factor that is keeping me at plateau and be able to change it.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 8/3/2011 9:19AM

    Get out of my head!
Yes, plus or minus 3 lbs is huge when you're small. (I always used to say short, but have been corrected so many times, I'm trying to say small and really mean it!)
Glad Simba is holding his own. emoticon

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It ain't over til the fat lady aches & ramblings

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

As I've noted before, I will never have 6 pack abs; I'd have to eat really, really clean to achieve that. But my abs aren't terrible & my obliques are quite good. But they all get fluffy if they aren't paid extra attention - almost every day.

Doing an extra 10 minutes - sometimes 15 - of core work a day makes a HUGE difference. It's the only muscle I think you can safely work out everyday, altho there's a lot of different opinions on that.

I've neglected the abs for a while & it shows - to me - anyway. After just a week of getting back to the extra work I think I'm already seeing some results.

Speaking of neglect, somehow my morning yoga practice went out the window this summer, too. Could that account for the fluffier arms? Dunno, but I'm going to try & find out. I know I'll never have the cut arms I'd like til I drop those last few pounds - the muscles are there, there's just too much fat covering them.

This morning, since I was awake early anyway, I got up & did 10 minutes of yoga. Which is all I do most mornings. I do other, longer yoga practices a few days thru out the week. Some for my core, some for my running, but a little yoga is good way to start the day.

I've woken up tired in the mornings for much of the summer. Is it the weather? The heat? Lack of that morning yoga? I really don't think I'm overtraining. We'll see if getting back to my morning yoga makes any difference in my energy level.

All those little choices so add up. Like choosing my avocado chocolate mousse last night instead of the planned for prograde craver (a dark chocolate PB energy bar). Both are treats, both are semi-healthy options, but the avocado mousse is the healthier choice - to my mind. And really yummy (google it if you're interested - even DH likes it).

But the sweets are why I won't get those 6 pack abs. Breakfast this morning was CCK's cookie dough boatmeal. Second breakfast was her Chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes - chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2011/05/05


Topped with dark chocolate almond butter.

Chocolate is just one of those things I'm not willing to give up, but I do eat it in small doses. Thru out the day. If I just didn't have a sweet tooth, like CCK, maybe I would get those 6 pack abs. For now I'll keep the chocolate, but I'll keep working on those abs, too.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DDOORN 8/2/2011 1:43PM

    I try to remember to do just a little ab-work while lying in bed before drifting off to sleep by doing some pelvic tilts and stomach scrunching. Sometimes while driving too!


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KANSASROSE67 8/2/2011 1:06PM

    Interesting to hear your take on the ab thing. That's the one thing that I let go first when I'm out of time. If skipping even a day or two makes a difference, I'm in trouble! I'm going to try to be more dedicated to that 15 minutes of my day...thanks!

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XRAYLADY65 8/2/2011 11:44AM

    gonna try your avocodo mousse... i love my cootage cheese chocolate mousse...

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REDEMILY 8/2/2011 11:13AM

    Oh yum... That breakfast sounds SO AMAZING.

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NATPLUMMER 8/2/2011 11:06AM

    Getting back on the yoga track might just do the trick.
I don't think anybody should give up chocolate ;-)
Those pancakes sound divine. Maybe next weekend ;-)

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DRJJ2004 8/2/2011 10:40AM

    It seems as if I've been tired this summer too, when waking up in the morning. Last summer I was up before the alarm and getting stuff done around the house. Must be the weather.
And in reference to the chocolate...I'm with ya!! I'm not willing to give it up either...but i do eat it in small doses as well!!
Have a great day my friend!

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SKINNYPOWELL1 8/2/2011 10:15AM

    Chocolate is definitely something I'm not willing to give up either - all in modernation of course. emoticon

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RATFINKROB 8/2/2011 9:49AM

    Good luck with the abs. I have been working on mine of late. Having well defined abs seems to be an art form or just plain magic. You have to find some mystical balance between food, strength training, and the cycles of the moon :)

I have yet to find the my balance.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 8/2/2011 9:47AM

    Never give up the chocolate. Avocado Chocolate Mousse? Gotta check that....

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BBK1933 8/2/2011 9:28AM

    Keep working on those abs! Temporary setbacks are just that--temporary. Plus, you are managing your chocolate well. Good luck!

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Getting your money's worth

Monday, August 01, 2011

DH is always angling for a deal. Usually we eat out once a week, on the weekends. He kept asking me where I wanted to eat out . . . I think he felt that food would soothe all the stress I went thru with Simba last week (who thankfully SEEMS back to normal now, leaving me with the ongoing problem of finding a vet I can work with - it's not easy when you move!).

So anyway, quite frankly going out to dinner was the last thing on my mind. In the end, I suggested I get a veggie roll from one of the pizza places & he could get a sub - he doesn't like the pizza from the place where I like the rolls.

But he always has to feel that he's getting a deal. So he got chicken wings, too. At least they were plain, not fried & had no sauce. Why can't he see that just because you're getting something for free it's not freeing you from feeling like crap because you eat crap?

Now, I'm not saying that chicken wings are evil. Truly, I think even the unhealthiest food (which isn't chicken wings) really can have a place in a healthy lifestyle . . . occasionally. I also find that the more healthy foods you eat, the less you crave the junk.

Just don't think you're getting a deal when you get free food that isn't healthy. Free unhealthy foods = a shorter lifespan - or a longer one that isn't thriving, which might as well be a shorter one.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JUSTDUCKY1405 8/2/2011 4:31AM

    So TRUE! And very well put.

Happy to see your faithfully blogging!

Thanks for the chuckle.

Reminds me off my husband... its only 5 bucks. Well 5 bucks adds up, if you keep only spending 5 bucks... lol.

Likewise to the fat on my ass... lol.

It was only one sundae... and I got a good deal... ;)

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    Great blog!

As I was reading your blog I kept thinking of those commercials for boxed frozen pizza that now comes with cookies or wings. Bad on bad doesn't help us.

I love that comment: You can lead a horse to water!

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TEMPEST272002 8/1/2011 11:51AM

    For years my healthy friends talked about the benefits of good nutrition & exercise. Yet, somehow, I never really heard it. It was only through my own experience that I made the connection. Then I felt like a idiot for not getting it sooner. You can lead a horse to water...

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NATPLUMMER 8/1/2011 10:32AM

    "Free unhealthy foods = a shorter lifespan - or a longer one that isn't thriving, which might as well be a shorter one. "
Amen, sister!!
I am glad that Simba is doing better now. I hope he stays that way.
Good luck with the vet. We like ours but haven't had any health issues to deal with yet.

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KISSFAN1 8/1/2011 10:15AM

    I'm glad your cat is doing better. Your husband sounds like my father. He has always been one of those who people who believes in getting his money's worth, especially with restaurants. I remember him getting very upset with me growing up if I didn't eat every single thing on my plate at a restaurant even if I was stuffed. That really upset him deeply I suppose because of the way he grew up with 6 siblings and no father for most of his life.

He has acted that way towards my children when they ate out with him and I had to say something and let him know that there was something called a "doggy bag" and we could take it home with us for another meal, but that I wasn't going to get my children in the mode of cleaning their plates if they were full.

I don't like wasting food either, but eating beyond when you're full or even if it's free, is not always good.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 8/1/2011 9:45AM

    I like that you pointed out just because it's free, doesn't mean it's totally free. There is definitely a price for eating unhealthy foods.

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