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Friday, June 10, 2011

First off, I'm contemplating a race this Sunday. I'm only contemplating right now because:

1. TOM. Actually, it's started a bit early, which makes me lean towards doing it because it shouldn't be bad by Sunday. Thankfully mine don't last long at all anymore.

2. The weather. Pretty good chance of rain at some point on Sunday; don't know when. But the temps should be pretty good.

3. The distance: longest race to date at 8 miles but I know I can do it.

4. Except for the fact that I haven't run for a bit more than a week . . .

Well, it's day of race signup only so I'll make my decision Sunday. On the plus side I actually know where it is & know there's a bathroom there . . .

These aren't freebies, but I think they're interesting so I'll pass them along. As always, I don't accept kickbacks from any of these! Sort of wish I COULD make money that way.

The half marathon guide from nomeatathlete.com is live & it only costs $17. Definitely buying that one, despite the fact that I already own one of the bonuses.

Men's health 6 weeks to a 6 pack for $4.99 looks interesting, altho I think I'll pass. It's available for iPod, iPhone, iPad, nook, or kindle, so I downloaded a sample - gotta love getting samples from the kindle (you do know you can read kindle books on a laptop, right? And there are a ton of free ones!).

I looked at the free PDF I mentioned a few blogs ago . . . it's for an upcoming program called Shapeshifter. You get a week if the program free, essentially, and I must say it looks really interesting. I especially like that it's not just exercise, it includes nutrition & your mind, too.

So there you go, some stuff to explore if you dare.

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LEONALIONESS 6/11/2011 7:05PM

    Hey lady, I ran a marathon on the first (read: most awful, most bad shaky stomache) day of my TOM. ;) You can totally do it!

Looks like my Oct. marathon might hit TOM too. Sigh. This one was the June 5th. Oct. marathon is on the 9th. Just my stinking luck! I have a half on the fourth of July, too. What the hey, uterus? I should have had you removed when I had that tubal! You jerk.


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LIBBYFITZ 6/10/2011 9:52PM

    emoticon emoticon

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TEMPEST272002 6/10/2011 6:59PM

    I can see why you're waffling, but none of your reasons are enough to stop you if you * want * to participate. So that's really the question... do ya feel like it?

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NATPLUMMER 6/10/2011 10:42AM

    Sounds like it will be fun if you decide to do it. It's great that you know where there is a bathroom....for a race that long, I would think it's essential.

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A healthy lifestyle = freedom

Thursday, June 09, 2011

How often have you embarked on a healthy lifestyle only to regret everything you couldn't have? Because let's face it, even tho I'm a firm believer in everything in moderation, I also realize that I'm just never going to be able to eat the way I truly want to.

Or does just the thought of moving make you tired? Much as I love the feeling I get from moving my body, let's face it, I have better things to do with 1+ hrs a day.

And don't get me started on how much time making about 90+% of my food from scratch takes . . .

As I did some light hiking at Red Rock Canyon & walked the Vegas strip for hours, tho, I came to realize that my healthy lifestyle, for all the time involved - and yes, it's time consuming- has set me free.

*I am free from wearing jeans in 90+ F heat

*I am free to walk in a dress without pantyhose

*I am free to eat to be satisfied instead of to the point of making myself ill

*I am free to wear a cute bathing suit - even a bikini! - instead of hiding in black

*I am free to make wise choices that will help me power thru traveling

Yes, in exchange for my freedoms there are things I do have to give up. It is worth it.

What will you willingly give up in exchange for your freedom?

How has your healthy lifestyle free'd you?

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RATFINKROB 6/10/2011 10:04AM

    Freedom to run with the kids!

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NATPLUMMER 6/9/2011 10:08PM

    Excellent blog.
I am free to take the time to do something for myself.

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DINGALLSTOO 6/9/2011 5:46PM

    good points, I am free from most of the pain in m knees!

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FRECKS96 6/9/2011 5:29PM

    My lifestyle has freed me to carve out time for myself.

One thing I need to give up is the time I spend in front of the computer. It's hard to break the tech tether though.

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HALFFAST 6/9/2011 3:00PM

    Yes, Freedom! That's a great way to describe it! I agree!

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TEMPEST272002 6/9/2011 2:21PM

    Free is exactly how I'd describe how I feel with the weight loss. Like I've released myself from carrying all that excess weight (literally & metaphorically) and now every aspect of life is easier. Like you, I put a lot of time into taking care of my health - but every minute is worth it.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 6/9/2011 2:17PM

    emoticonIt is soooooooo worth it to feel freedom.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 6/9/2011 1:48PM

    Pictures! I want pictures!!! emoticon

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TAMIJOWILL 6/9/2011 1:46PM

    Thank you i really need what you had to say today. My freedom is what is important to me. Working toward that healthy life style is not easy but necessary for me thank you again. emoticon

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Mostly venting & grocery store find

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I'll start with the GSF: amy's now has light & lean frozen dinners! I never eat frozen dinners any more, even amy's, but you know I had to buy a couple. My store had a couple of mexican & one pasta dinner. The sodium was below 600 mg, so not great bit not horrible, either.

Ok, be warned, rant below (which is why I'm blogging twice in one day).

DH, as I mentioned, almost had to walk home from the airport cause I was driving & I just couldn't take it anymore. He has been traveling a lot, is under work & family stress, but everyone has their breaking point & after his negativity - during a week & a half vacation where most everything went right & he only had 3 working days.

They opened a new self serve exit from our airport. He's been waiting for this for a year - right now you have to drive practically back to the terminal to exit - and was eager to try it.

Only when I got there the darn machine refused to take the ticket. Apparently it got demagnetized. He acted as if I'd done it on purpose & just pitched a hissy fit - and that's when I told him he could get out & walk home & he suggested *I* had anger management issues.

I've got a pretty good temper, too, but the reality is I don't fly off the handle as often or as quickly as he does & I'm just sick of it. Especially in the car!

It is only about 5 miles to our house; really he could've used the exercise . . .

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RATFINKROB 6/9/2011 9:54AM

    God, men are such *%$#! Oh, wait a minute I'm one of those creatures. Maybe it was just the testosterone talking, or maybe that was his way of expressing his love for you. Does everything have to be the guys fault? Let's just blame Mother Nature. We can't help it if we are all born hairy, aggressive, and have our knuckles dragging the ground. Are you sure you haven't been talking to my wife? Because I swear that was her fault emoticon

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KARBIE18 6/9/2011 9:12AM

    I can't even manage to work the self-checkout at the grocery store, so I doubt if I'd be trying that at the airport. Sorry about DH's pissiness - my DH can definitely get like that, but, fortunately, it's not usually really directed at me. I've had to learn not to take it personally. I'm not always very good at it, though.

I don't usually buy frozen dinners either, but have been tempted to at times. You're right - the sodium doesn't sound too bad. Hope you like them.

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TEMPEST272002 6/8/2011 7:58PM

    Sorry you had to be on the recieving end of hubby's rant. We often lose it with the people we feel safest with... but that doesn't make it any easier to take when you haven't done anything more than be there. Shoulda made him walk!

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STIPER23 6/8/2011 3:54PM

    Ugh! How many times have I been through that!?!

Have you tried the dinners yet?

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BARBARASDIET 6/8/2011 3:32PM

    Sigh--I wish I had done that so many years ago!

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EOSTAR_45 6/8/2011 2:32PM

    Vent away! And I agree the walk would have done him some good.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 6/8/2011 2:14PM

    Glad you got it off your chest - MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can be emoticonsometimes. Hope your day is improving.

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DEE797 6/8/2011 2:00PM

    I dislike those machines for exactly that reason. Sorry dh didn't enjoy his vaca. Sounds like the walk would have done you both some good.... emoticon Will have to look for those Amy dinners here. I like keeping some on hand for those times when I forget to plan.

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JAMGIRL8 6/8/2011 1:55PM

    I'm sorry, reading this, I nearly spit my drink out! The walk probably did him good, and you too!

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NATPLUMMER 6/8/2011 1:52PM

    I often eat a frozen meal for lunch at work and it's usually Amy's. I like the light and lean.
That is aggravating...both the ticket and the outburst. Yes, he should have walked home. The exercise may have helped his mood.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 6/8/2011 1:26PM

    I have problems with those magnetized strips too! So infuriating, but no one's fault. Vent away - apparently his vacation didn't do him much good. SIGH....

Are the new Amy's dinners one portion or more? That's one of my beefs about those frozen dinners.

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SHEILA1505 6/8/2011 1:15PM

    I'm sorry - but ROTFLMAO!
I once had the problem that a parking ticket got wet in the car (bottle of water had leaked) and the attendant had to come up 5 floors to open the machine to sort it out !!:D


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NSV, swimmer's knee, & freebie

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I signed up for this but haven't actually downloaded it yet: www.shapeshifterbodyredesign.com/lau
. It's a bodyweight program - as in ST that doesn't require anything other than your own weight. Plus supposedly some nutrition info. It's free, but I've no doubt they'll be trying to sell you something at some point . . . buyer beware.

Despite getting a fairly good night's sleep yesterday, I am tired & totally unmotivated today. But I've fed the boys, scooped litter, swept the laundry room, got breakfast together for DH & started what will be the first of many loads of laundry already.

Gotta try to squeeze in some ST before I go pick up the dogs, not to mention the obligatory grocery shopping so we can eat.

So walking around Vegas for literally hours on Monday my right knee was bothering me slightly. And my hip bothered me a bit too - I often lay in tree pose in bed but that bothered me a bit.

Is there such a thing as swimmer's knee? I swam every single day. I didn't run - went back & forth in my mind a lot about that but in the end decided to take the week off running. Didn't even do a whole lotta walking except when we were at the park & on the strip. More on the actual trip later, when I've had time to look at my photos & pry some that I want from DH.

As I walked up the strip in the 90 degree heat in a dress on Monday, I realized that while my thighs still rub together slightly, not enough to make me uncomfortable - and that's a major NSV!

And I totally crave at least some healthy food . . . I craved fresh veggies a lot & stole fruit from buffets til we were able to stop at a grocery store. And even tho the breakfasts I brought with me involved oats in some form, I was totally craving some hot oatmeal this morning, despite the fact that it's actually hotter here than it was in Vegas, especially when you factor in the humidity!

Have you noticed any healthy cravings lately?

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KARBIE18 6/9/2011 9:20AM

    I crave strawberries. Yum!

Nope, never heard of swimmer's knee. I think NATPLUMMER's suggestion sounds logical.

Way to go on the NSV - that's a big one!!

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TEMPEST272002 6/8/2011 7:34PM

    I'm a huge blueberry fan too, though fruit of any kind will do me. I also think the tired is from coming back home... or from facing the mountain of laundry that comes post-vacation. Hope you're having a great day!

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KANSASROSE67 6/8/2011 12:12PM

    We're eating lettuce, spinach, radishes, beets and turnips from the garden now, but I'm starting to crave cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet corn. Another few weeks...!

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NATPLUMMER 6/8/2011 12:11PM

    Let me know how the bodyweight program goes. I want to get through my lifting weights program before I change to anything else.
Travel will make you tired, at least it does to me.
Maybe it was the shoes you were wearing. I assume you were not wearing athletic shoes with your dress. Or maybe I have shoes on the brain.
Yay for NSV's!!!
I often crave fruit and veggies when I'm traveling.

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FRECKS96 6/8/2011 9:44AM

    Yay for fresh produce and NSVs!!

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DRJJ2004 6/8/2011 8:52AM

    Fresh blueberries!!! I've been eating quite a bit of fresh fruit and veggies lately. I can't wait until the garden starts producing!!
I hope you find your energy somewhere today, my friend!! I hate it when I feel that way. Maybe a power nap sometime today??


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He calls it high maintenance . . .

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

. . . I call it maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I'm at the airport, waiting for our flight home. I only ate breakfast out once the entire time we were away - this morning. I brought all my breakfasts with me. Nothing can wreck your waistline like eating out ALL your meals. I had my snacks with me, too.

I had breakfast this morning cause it'll be a long day of flying & little opportunity to eat, so I didn't want to start the day off starving . . . which is how I found myself sitting in a cafe by myself at 5:15 am eating a veggie omelet.

A veggie omelet which I requested without the sour cream, but with one whole egg and the rest egg whites. That's what my husband calls high maintenance, just because I ask for what I want - I won't settle for just whatever.

For most of the trip we were stuck out in the middle of the dessert, where the conference hotel was. It didn't really present a lot of food temptations, I got to swim every day, & I got to relax.

But if you want to be bombarded with food temptations . . . I think that's the definition of the las Vegas strip. It would tempt a saint's motivation. I did finally get my decadent dessert (only my second dessert of the trip) when we went to the Wynn buffet last night. A WARM, fudge brownie - I still only ate half, especially since I also ate half of the crepe filled with whipped cream & topped with chocolate sauce as well.

Even if it wasn't as good as the crepes we had outside notre dame - even if those were made by a machine & that was made by hand by a chef who spoke with a french accent.

I considered doing a nutritional consult at the canyon ranch spa attached to the hotel . . . Balanced against shopping . . . I bet you know which won. Maybe when I'm back in December, but I suspect it won't happen then either.

I did, however, find the perfect location for an after-HM treat: there's a serendipity on the strip now. For those who don't know, serendipity is a restaurant renowned for their outrageous, big-as-your-head frozen sundaes. I've never actually been to the one in NYC . . . well, it's an option, anyway. But as I already said, there are lots of options.

Never be afraid to ask for what you want & speak up for yourself.

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LIBBYFITZ 6/8/2011 5:17AM

    emoticonwith asking for what you want in the ommlette!

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HEYRED221 6/7/2011 5:55PM

    I saw that Serendipity the last time we were there too, I didn't know what it was - we don't have them in New Mexico. But I heard many people talking about it - we stayed away from it :-)

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TEMPEST272002 6/7/2011 2:21PM

    Sounds like you made really great choices while you were away. Great job!

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NATPLUMMER 6/7/2011 11:39AM

    There is nothing wrong with ordering it the way you want it at the restaurant.
How was the brownie? Worth it?
Hmmm....nutritional consult or shopping? We've got months to decide :-)
As long as Serendipity has things other than frozen desserts, I'm game.

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